Who is your intended audience?

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Who is your intended audience?

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Post by Zzyzx »

As we post in these threads, to whom do we ‘aim’ our comments?

My intent is NOT to defeat or convert debate opponents (who are likely to be locked-in to their positions) but rather to present ideas to readers who evaluate our comments while seldom or never posting themselves.

At the very bottom of the Forum Index (main page) there is a summation of who has visited the Forum. In addition to listing “Users past 24 hours� (34 right now), another statistic is “Guests past 24 hours.� That figure right now is 377.

Notice that this is comparable to addressing a large room full of people.

What do they see? What makes a favorable impression on them?

Some may be impressed by emotional appeals, clever debate tactics, fancy footwork (ducking and weaving, distractions), flaming come-backs, clever retorts, etc. Others may be more interested in sound arguments backed-up with verifiable evidence.

If you stop claiming knowledge of invisible, undetectable unicorns, I will stop challenging your claim. Same goes for gods

ANY of the thousands of "gods" proposed, imagined, worshiped, loved, feared, and/or fought over by humans MAY exist -- awaiting verifiable evidence

For a quick tutorial on science vs. religion, compare modern internet weather radar to ancient religious beliefs and superstitions about weather

"Demand money with the threat of violence and you'll get arrested. Do it with the threat of eternal damnation and it's tax deductible"

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Post by John Bauer »

The intended audience of my posts is primarily the silent readers (including guest visitors). I like to imagine that my posts can give someone food for thought, or play some part in reframing a nagging problem, or highlight important questions worth contemplating, or enable someone to recognize a logical fallacy in their reasoning, or challenge someone to think in new ways, and so on. The mere possibility of it makes the effort worthwhile. (As for the participants I am engaging directly, I have no intention of converting them. I am not here to convert anyone. I simply enjoy the fruitfulness of debate, and the practice I get in communicating as a writer.)

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