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Unjust Islamic Laws should be repealed

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We should have a worldwide campaign to repeal all of the ten unjust Islamic laws below:

1. Death penalty for apostasy.
2. Death penalty for blasphemy.
3. Death penalty for homosexuality.
4. Death penalty for adultery.
5. Son gets twice as much inheritance as a daughter.
6. Two female witnesses are required to counter one male witness.
7. Non-muslims are not allowed to inherit the properties and money of Muslims.
8. Males are allowed to have 4 wives but females are not allowed to have 4 husbands.
9. Husbands are allowed to punish disobedient wives by beating them.
10. Chopping off a hand for theft.

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Repealing unjust Islamic laws

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Unfortunately, according to Islam, Islam was PERFECT at the time of Mohammed and given by Allah himself.
Something that is perfect cannot be changed to something that is less perfect.
There is no room in Islam for repealing of Sharia Law or that upheld by the Koran or Sunnah of Mohammed.
The Koran or the Sunnah cannot be seen as being a "mistake" an "Error" or "only for barbaric times".
It is for all time.
Modernists, liberals and Western Muslims are mistaken if they think they can bring Islam into the 21st C.
Surah 65:4 is supposed to be the direct words of Allah...and therefore he ordained that a child married before Puberty can be sexually active. Otherwise she would NOT need an iddah or waiting period to see if she becomes pregnant. IF ALLAH SAYS THAT CHILD MARRIAGE IS LAWFUL...there is no-one who can repeal it.

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