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PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:33 pm  Musing On The Mother - Act I Reply with quote

{Thinking to myself}

"I wonder why folk have to argue and cannot get along and just see how we all need to work together to make this planet wholesome?"

{Pokes at the fire with staff}

"We humans are like these sparks reaching for the heavenly ones. We need some kind of poke to get us activated."

{A wolf howls in the distance}

"We are all here experiencing this planet in this universe. Yet for reasons not entirely clear, we are distracted by our arguments. Hindered by them, even to the death."

{Places another branch on the fire.}

"Perhaps the fear of our situation would be too much to bear if we learned how to focus upon it, and so we distract ourselves..."
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I watch Manu Iti slide the rock back. Then, off in the distance I see a pair of eyes flash as some night animal must be in search of food. I wonder which one.

Callum: Good. So, what is beyond the gist...

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Reaching down into the Whole, I feel a package, which I gently lift. By the firelight I see I have retrieved a variety of envelopes bundled together with a silver cord.
I replace the rock over the Whole, and return to my seat.

Callum asks me what is beyond the Gist...I ponder on infinity...

The Ruru: Before The Beginning Be aware
"Express your authentic feelings of appreciation to my inmost presence within you and others"
Graphic Changes - The Respect You Give and Receive - Crafted.

Manu Iti: The Heart of The Mother is where Forgiveness resides, Callum.
Restoration replaces retribution. Understanding the deep processes which have taken eons to unfold, and the part we each play in that unfolding, for we too, are aspects of The Mother. Forgiveness is The Key to The Gate. The Way is found...

The Ruru: Code

Manu Iti: The non-Judgmental Algorithm is important to the requires mindful activation.

The Ruru: On the theory of the universe having always existed GOD
Things Will Run Their Course
Overseeing Director of Operations on Earth Near
Independence From What?

Manu Iti: We are all bound in this together, and at one level, we are all the same Being.
The experience of individuality allows us to see each as 'another' - and it appears that we gravitate toward the like-minded as a way of feeling supported with our particular positions...this has its effect in the next level due to Human Belief Systems

The Ruru: Active Think About It Mind/Thought Space
You Know What I Am Saying.

Manu Iti: Forgiveness and assuming the position of non-judgmentalism has its effect - not only in the Physical Universe, but also in the Metaphysical Universe.

I look at the bundle of bound envelopes and wonder what surprises they I do, I notice a shadowy movement to my left...

Manu Iti: Well hi there my faithful friend!

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Manu Iti continues to explain the view and then appears to meet an old friend. I wait for him to greet the new guest.

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Alpha Wolf has called to visit. His huge frame comes into focus as he moves towards me.

Manu Iti: It has been a long time my friend! It gladdens my heart to see you once more!

Alpha Wolf nudges himself beside me. His long black coat shines with the warm glow of the fire light. He lays himself down and stares at the fire, as I stroke his broad head.

The Ruru: Some Old Animus

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I notice a wolf coming and laying itself down beside Manu Iti. At first I am startled, but then I remember my situation and try to calm myself down. Then I wonder if The Tanager would allow me to be eaten or maimed by this creature. He did give me the thought about the owl dying and rising, so I am not sure. Or even if The Tanager is good, what about Wiremu? Wiremu has already done some strange things, and an attack is not that far fetched to make a point. Which leads me to a series of question, although I'm not sure if they are off target from what Manu Iti has been talking about, or if I'm missing some insights he has already given. I ask anyway as the feeling of tension grows within me.

Callum: Manu Iti, I am wondering about the nature of our creator...or ultimately, of The Mother. It seems strange to me that if The Mother is this unity, then why desire to experience the separateness? Why desire to experience harm and brokenness? We rebel against those feelings and try to seek unity and love. Why go through the play? Why the need for forgiveness in the first place?

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As I listen to Callum, I am aware of an undercurrent of fear and concern in his questions and I feel empathy.
Indeed, what are the true motives of our creators, and of The Mother, and why do our creators suffer their play in separateness?
I think of The Void...

The Ruru: 10 Insights Remains Righty Oh!

Manu Iti: The requirement for forgiveness is necessary to the circumstance Callum. That is why.
Thus, the circumstance is under question, and one is left wondering why we exist in a circumstance which we presume could have been avoided...
The presumption then sets up a defense which can be used to NOT forgive, and the defense is created through judgement and the condemnation the judgement manifests.

The Ruru: T-Shirts! A Bit Of A Mouthful!

Manu Iti: Perhaps that is too complex and a story is required...

I think on an experience I went through which helped me to understand this idea more fully...

The Ruru: Sharing data, Find/Discover Department Of Complaints

Manu Iti: Once upon a time I was placed into another's experience, and found myself as a silent passenger observing the individuals life from the individuals perspective.
The individual grew up in a Christian environment but at a fairly early age he rebelled because he could not stand the nature of the story or the idea of the GOD presented through the Christian belief.
As he aged, he grew to hate that idea of GOD, and indeed, all ideas of GOD.
He tried many other things to do with attempting to find sense in the Metaphysical, and even had success in connecting with The Mother through more pagan-based rituals, but in the end he decided that it was simply 'all in his head' and a product of an over-active imagination.
In his later years, he began to obsess in his hatred of GOD - in all ideas Metaphysical - and took this hatred out on those who defended the reality of The Metaphysical.

He lived a good enough life in terms of success measured solely in materialistic thinking, and felt he was 'fighting the good fight' in trying to get others to abandon what he thought of as pointless fear-based superstitions, but the rejection of his efforts only fueled his hate and obsessiveness.

In his late years, he was ticking off his Bucket List, he went sky-diving and enjoyed it so much, that he trained to do this solo and eventually achieved his aim.
Unfortunately his very first solo dive ended in tragedy as both his main and emergency parachutes failed and his life ended when he hit the ground...

I pause as I relived the moment of impact and the events that immediately followed...

The Ruru: Reincarnation Shrug

Manu Iti: The effect was immediate for this individual. He knew with certainty that he was a dead man when his chutes did not open, and he wasn't afraid - but calmly accepting of his situation.
The moment he hit the ground, what he expected - the end of his experience as being - did not happen.

Rather, he was transported through a black void which opened up into a dot of light which then separated into many dots of light which all expanded as he felt himself moving towards the light...
With that, he realized immediately that he was still aware and experiencing existing - something he had convinced himself in his lifetime as a Human Being, was an impossible product of lowly imagination...yet here he was experiencing it anyway...he should be dead and yet he still lived.

This had the effect of triggering his rage at the realization that what he had believed had turned out not to be true, and he immediately consigned the source of his rage to the idea of GOD he had hated so unreservedly throughout most of his Human existence...

His hate-fueled contempt had the effect of instantly manifesting itself as real and unpalatable and in that, the hate took on form and function which he believed to be created by the GOD he hated, not realizing that it was his own creation he was experiencing.
As a result, his hate produced more form and function exponentially.
It was at that point that I could no longer stand being part of his experience and moved out of it to a position where I could observe him objectively.

The sight was not pretty...

The Ruru: Christianity - "a political device created for a specific purpose" ...Liminal

Manu Iti: I wondered at how this could be allowed to happen and was informed that the individual was - as we all are - an Eternal Being who had made judgments which prevented it from learning forgiveness...and the result was that its own imagination - which it had designated as superfluous - was the very engine in which produced his current situation in conjunction with its hatred and contempt and obsession which it had propagated throughout most of its experience of Human Life.

Clearly I could understand that the Being was not aware that it was the creator of its current situation, and I found it difficult to accept at first...until the realization developed in me that what the being was experiencing was indeed... just.

I wondered if it would now and forevermore be this way for the Eternal Being, or if there were some way to help it break away from its situation...the answer I received was that it was indeed possible to assist it, but that it would take a lot of time and effort and still would require the being learn forgiveness and not to be judgmental...a difficult task, given the circumstance it had unwittingly created for itself...

The Ruru: Remove the phenomena and apply science ... Glow Softly...

Manu Iti: Hopefully my story will help - at least in part - to answering your concerns Callum.

I look down at Alpha Wolf Entity, whom I have been gently stroking on his head throughout my answering Callum's question, and see that he has fallen asleep...

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I swat at a flying animal buzzing around my ear. I almost think it whispered something audible to me. It sounded human, but the memory of what it said was instantly vacated.

Callum: This story does not seem to answer my concerns, even in part, but maybe that is my own fault. If The Mother has desired and worked towards experiencing separateness, and that this separation has then desired and worked towards experiencing the unity of The Mother, then this story makes sense. But my wonderings are about the origin of this whole situation. Why did a unity seek separation? Why did love and peace desire to experience harm and brokenness?

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In listening to Callum's response I am guided by the thought that his questions appear to be based in judgement. It is interesting to me, as I have not encountered any who have - in these circumstances - resisted understanding, to such a degree.
I find it intriguing...

Manu Iti: The story is the only thing I could think of in which I have had personal experience with that which is self created as an experience of harm and brokenness - and true separateness.
I did so in order to contrast between the idea that this universe we are experiencing - and indeed - more so - the universe that our creators are experiencing, are not truly representative of separateness and harm and brokenness. They are partial, as in, they contain elements of these things.
Whereas the story I told - the Eternal Entities predicament - is a self-created universe completely devoid of everything except harm and brokenness and separateness.
I had to give an example which I could point to, and a reason for why such a place exists.

The Ruru: Forgive Hush!

Manu Iti: We can forgive The Silence we have for our unanswered questions - questions asked because we are concerned...and therein our forgiveness, more often than not, we can gain access to a way in which to find our answers...rather than develop anger and hate through judgement, as the Eternal Being did in the story I told to you...

You ask about the source...and why - if the source was a unified wholeness - did it desire to experience not being a unified wholeness...

The Ruru: Hologram Dimensions Suppression Matrix...

Manu Iti: Let me ask you a question Callum...If you were an All Knowing Potential Creator existing alone in Wholeness, and you wanted to experience NOT knowing anything, would you create anything which would allow you to do so, if you knew that you would forevermore be lost to your true self?

Let me provide you with my answer.

"No, I would not."

Therein, if I did create such a place to experience, it must have been because I knew that I would regain full knowledge of myself at some stage while within said creation.

The Ruru: Intuitive Intelligence

Manu Iti: Therefore, since we are all indeed experiencing something created, while it might have elements about it which appear to be separate, harmful and that of the universe our creators are experiencing, and that which we understand for our selves...although - in this place we share now - there is no brokenness or threat...

The Ruru: Think In Terms Of Eternity - Making Up Stories -

Manu Iti: ...there is no logical reason to think that the Source-Creator would create anything to which it knows it would be forever lost within.

I pause to let The Silence speak. In that moment, no thing stirs...even the gentle breeze desists...

...After a long moment, an owl gives a solitary hoot, and The Silence is broken...

Manu Iti: Ultimately the question for all of us experiencing the Creations is - "can we forgive those things we judge to being harmful and broken and separate from our immediate understanding?"

The Ruru: Breasts... Communication List GOD doc.2

Manu Iti: As an invisible entity, through the message board, once informed Wiremu;

    "This can work to make a satisfying world view, obviously. It will not serve you well in a debate, I am afraid."

Such are the judgments in his world...forgiveness and a non-judgmental attitude are a comfort to Wiremu, like The Mothers Milk...

The Ruru: Howdy!

I chuckle - and Alpha Wolf Entity stirs, rolling over onto his back, still fast asleep in whatever dream-world he is experiencing... he looks so cutely vulnerable...almost...

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The wolf stirs beside Manu Iti...or is it a wolf? It begins to look like a small puppy, at least to me, asleep and kicking its paws.

Callum: I agree with you Manu Iti. If the Mother wanted to experience not knowing anything, she would only do so if she knew she would regain full knowledge at some future stage. The Tanager has not allowed me to see why the Mother would want to experience not knowing anything, though, if The Tanager even understands. That's the part that isn't making sense to me. Why would the Mother knowingly put herself in harm, brokenness, lack of knowledge, separateness?

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Post BBCode URL - Right click and save to clipboard to use later in post Post 60: Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:14 am

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Callum's response puzzles me. He tells me that he agrees that if The First Source knew the eventual outcome was going to be alright, then The First Source would embark on the experience of not knowing anything, assured of the eventual outcome...

...but then he asks "why?", as if somehow, it is something one can make a judgement on, perhaps because he thinks it is simply wrong for The First Source to have made such a choice.

The Ruru: For The Best Results

The Ruru is always so spot on with her evaluations. The First Source was looking for results. There was a purpose. This was explained to Callum but he appears to have completely missed it.

The Ruru: The Beauty Of Imagination Smiley face Ghost In The Machine.

I remember the words of the song. Perhaps it is time to sing to Callum once more. The Ghost In The Machine is intimately related to Dreams of a Fallen Angel.

The Ruru: Universal Intelligence Communication Device Magic Those who need to complain Honest Few The Metaphysical Universe Coherence
It is obviously in line with providence...

This is the nature of the unfolding story - those who are not honest with their lives tend to complain more often than not, and this has its effect when they continue their journey of experience into the next realm...The Children are by and large separate from The Mother, than The Mother is from her Children...

The Ruru: The evolution of the understanding of the idea of GOD

I look down at the bundle of envelopes tied with Silver Cord...intuitively I decide it is time to open up one of the envelopes so I reach for them and carefully untie the binding.

Choosing the top envelope, I break the seal and open it.

Inside I discover a letter some kind - Just the one page...

Reading through the letter, the words give me more insight into how strange my creators world is...


    William: All your particular belief system does is state that we are all 'Satan' as we all exist on this planet Earth.

    One True Scotsman: I accept that Satan is a real singular person. I call people like him Satanic or demonic.

    William: You call people 'evil incarnate'. There is therefore no difference.

    One True Scotsman: If it is true that people only die for their sins, how is it victim blaming to say they earned their death?

    William: People die from the effects of the universe. From what you say of your belief system, they are sinful before they - not of their own free will - incarnate here.

    One True Scotsman: Good rant by the way, no hostility at all, appreciate that.

    William: It was not a rant. It was a rebuke against a moronic, hostile belief system designed for predatory use and upheld and administered by narcissistic tendencies.

    I don't believe that Belief System.

    As with all rebuke, there is an element of hostility - naturally enough, and indeed in this case, well enough deserved. The hostility is against the Belief System itself, so please don't take that personally.

    In actuality your and my positions are similar to a certain degree, but veer off from each other in relation to how we each define our understanding of GOD.

    For example, I think the universe is a prison/holding cell for the wayward aspects of GOD-Consciousness to experience, which affords the opportunity for the individuate particles of said consciousness to rehabilitate, and that this is a step - one of many, toward that ultimate reality.

    Our differences are in how we understand the GOD aspect. Yours hides away, ducks and dives when cross- examined, separates itself from its creation, won't accept responsibility for evil, doesn't consider its own actions to being evil simply because it is 'GOD' even that its actions have been the same as those of evil humans...the list goes on.

    Mine allows for all the time in the universe for the wayward aspects of Itself to, one by one, reintegrate back into the wholeness through processes designed ultimately for the rehabilitation of those particles of consciousness, does not give up on those parts of Itself which through their ignorance and gullibility have one way or another stumbled upon dark areas to investigate and experience which will ultimately allow for them to understand themselves in relation to wholeness as particles of GOD Consciousness.

    No other consciousness exists separate from this - which is another difference of understanding which you and I have - and eventually ignorance and gullibility will cease to be the barrier and oppressive/suppressing instrument that it presently is and historically has been.

    Consciousness is eternally GOD and cannot be destroyed thus transformation is the only alternative in relation to the wayward, however long that might take to accomplish.


The Ruru: Wide A Place To Create Art On The Other Hand One Language Intelligent Network Truth Glad You Asked "Do You Know This?"
Transparent Positive Feedback

I am again reminded of WingMakers...I wonder how such a system as OLIN would help free the creators from their prison systems...when so many do not even realize they exist within a prison...

The Ruru: Exploring Message

I gaze down at the words on the page I hold before me...The Language is harsh - an obvious conversation recorded between two Creators who seem to have similar understanding of a pre-existence, but differ widely in relation to their fundamental idea of GOD.

Obviously Wiremu is the "William" in the narration. He has rebuked the other for putting a shadow on the nature of GOD...perhaps this is an old record, because Wiremu appears to be very judgmental in his expression - not the person I know him to be...

The Ruru: Please - Re Abusive Expression Of All Types. - You Have An Invisible Friend!

Indeed! I had forgotten my fireside guest in my internalizing. I turn in Callum's direction...wondering what more I can say...I decide to ask him a question...

Manu Iti: So my friend...If you were the only Being in existence, and had always ever existed and were all knowing - and all powerful and could create, what would you do?

Perhaps in the knowing, the creating happens spontaneously - to merely think something is to have it come into existence...If you knew that despite the hardship and pain and feelings of separateness, the Children you bore from that, and who also suffered through that, would all eventually come into the fullness of knowledge as individuate representatives of your journey into ignorance, would you not also do the same?

For, is that not The Mothers Purpose? To bear Children out of Love and Gift them with the Life that You Are?

I cannot think of anything more to add which might help Callum understand this idea...then I remember the Ghost song...

Manu Iti: Perhaps while you think on what I have asked you, I might sing another song?

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