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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:39 am  ☆ Can one/men Change Predictions!!? ☆ Reply with quote


Hi non-fool people both Theists and atheists.

I was mentioned that i'm a Tiger-year born and have avarice to sending/writing so much stilted and useful/authentic/powerful and since i have avarice, then I think with myself that: now I decide do a thing[writing/working/typing/saying/...],
Then I tell myself, o' now you wanna do that, then it's the better if add a few some more..
Then frequently after any additional, i want to add a bit the more while i come out from myself and see Oh! so much patience should i have for these many things..
i cancel/withdraw that haha Smile
Unless when i feel it is very important/necessary Neutral Confused
Then i see that as my duty to do

One of them is Bada'
Bada' is one of the most important difference between Shi'a-sunni beliefs in Islam
That sunnies condemn us for that..
Even several fool priests of Shi'a deny that like them!!!

What Bada' is
Bada' means an Event/happening is foretold from
    God/Prophets/Messengers or
    Magicians/Spirituals or

Then it wont be done!! because of your own/others':

It's one the most important things that I looked at beliefs of Shi'a versus any other beliefs!

Question for Debating
    What is view point of your beliefs about that!?
    Whether this is Justly/Fairly or not, and why/how!?

Post BBCode URL - Right click and save to clipboard to use later in post Post 11: Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:53 am
The especial secret and private Knowledge of God!

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[Replying to post 10 by Yusef]

According to Shia Hadiths, all predictions of all the Prophets, Imams, Predictors, Magicians, Astrologers, Jinns, Evills, Dreams,... are changeable but 5 happenings before coming the Saviour!
    1. Murder of Nafs al-Zakkiyah
    2. Rising of Sufiyani
    3. Swallowing of the desert Bayda'
    4. Rising of S. Yemani
    5. Coming of Dabbat-ol-Aradh

And others were/are/will be Badaable!

On the Timeline, it means the time/period of these 5 events, all the layers content the event!
But about a concept such as the Anti-Christ there are several layers with different qualities of his/its coming ALSO in the same columns, there are many layers with withdrawing of its/his coming!
Well, what the better if we choose a method of politics/spirituality/life/humanity that with that we can make it or we can choose those layers that there isn't the anti-christ within!!
For the 3rd world war the same..
For all evil events the same!

Yusef wrote:

Yusef wrote:

Other explanations offered are also mystical in nature. A hadith by Imam Muhammad al-Baqir e.g. is narrated in which he attributes the aforementioned esoteric knowledge of Asif ibn Barakhia to the Asma 'ullah or the "names of God", another widely discussed topic in Islamic philosophy and mysticism and even kabbalah:
"The Almighty's greatest name has 73 letters (or parts). Asif ibn Barakhia knew only one letter of it, which enabled him to traverse the earth in the blink of an eye. We Shia Imams however possess 72 of them. And the last letter is concealed from all creation and remains a secret to only the Almighty Himself."[5]

The only Decoders of All Holy Books:
ref:Rising of Sufiyani the Dragon of the Revelation of John

    ◎ The All → Encoder[God] → Holy Books
    ☆ Holy Books → Decoders[The Prophet & 12Imams] → Hadith
    ○ Hadith → Detectors[Scientists/Scholars] → The All


Here i quoted what the Greatest the Names of God is:
ref:Re: The secret private especial Knowledge of God!

Show these posts to the nearest Movie Maker you know and ask them to teach/explain you what the Yusef has said to you
Then they themselves realize that immediately and explain for you with the videos they make and both enjoy that solve a great concept Wink

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Parallel lifetimes of everyone and the predestination

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[Replying to post 11 by Yusef]

We solved a great part of the crossword puzzles of the Facts/Truths by this concept means Bada'.
And in fact we didn't solve!! And it was been solved by the Twelver[S.A.A.A] and we just DETECTED their DECODING!

A corner of this great concept there is a row/column that we wanna fill that by this concept Bada' that is solved..

    Shi'a Hadith
    ...there are for everyone 2 independent houses in the next world! One in the Paradise and one other in the Hell! And when one goes to Paradise, then the Angels show him his house in the Hell and he will be happy that was passed a way and changed himself to a way that made far from the way of this house and made him on the way of this house in the Paradise that he exists... also one who take him in the hell show him the house of paradise and he will be regretted and sees the paradise's house and begrudge of his own and people of paradise's own that why he was made himself on the false way that be in the hell's house now...

It shows clearly that those infinite tracks of the Timeline that are upon together PARALLELED, many of them are ended to the hell and many of them are ended to the Paradise and it depends on themselves [FreeWill] that select/choose/edit/change/turn which group of the tracks!
Since the same NOW! we can change and turn to those groups of the tracks which take us toward the paradise.

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Re: Parallel lifetimes of everyone and the predestination

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[Replying to post 12 by Yusef]

With these reasons/arguments i provided, we understood/realized that
    those who condemned us for:
    1. god doesn't know and isn't aware about the future
    2. god will be remorseful sometimes
    3. god doesn't have mighty to change events/happenings
    4. god forces bad people to badness
    5. god selects good people to goodness
    6. predestination of everyone has been written before his/her born by god
all are wrong!

Suppose i sit in the house and say god everything has written for me will be done and i don't go out from the house!!
Also suppose i get a weapon and take that toward people and murder all and say if god doesn't want, it wouldn't be done!!
Haha.. how much foolishness

First of all thank God for these knowledges
Second pray for me the most humble servant of God
Third, show the people these arguments and its rewards will be written to you also automatically as will be written for me too. Exactly such as a pyramid and a business pyramid that one who is on the head of pyramid, all the bellow levels make reward for him logarithmic.
Although there is Shi'a-Hadith about that[pyramid], but the wisdom says the same too.

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