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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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I had just turned to look at the sound of Ruthie swimming towards me with a fish in her mouth when a loud voice from the sky startles me. It is my friend, Manu Iti. I cannot keep the smile off of my face, and I'm about to be lost in the joy, but I don't want to hesitate too long to respond. I yell as loud as I can, wondering whether I needed to in this place and hoping I don't hurt his ears.

Callum: Yes, I can hear you, but I cannot see you.

I start to swim towards the shore in anticipation of our reunion

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I immediately hear Callum shout that he can hear me and The Gem focuses the screen upon an area I assume that the voice is sourced from.

I am amazed at The Gems capabilities. It has made the task of finding Callum so much easier!

According to Callum's answer to me, it appears that he cannot see The Gem. I think this is interesting...I speak out again...

Manu Iti: Ah! Here you are! I have had quite the adventure trying to locate you my Friend! It appears that you are safe and happy enough. What do you have with you in the way of devices?

I am aware that my question sounds somewhat out of place but I have been wondering if The Tanager equipped Callum before placing him back in the Hologram Universes.

Then a quiet single bell-sound issues into my surrounds and a symbol flashes on the armrest...I have an incoming message from appears that he has finished his next installment of Notes From The Message...I decide to place these in the "Notes Relating to Threads" section,with the other related data.

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Wiremu: Did you read my notes Manu Iti...

Manu Iti: Yep!

Well - that is to say - I scanned my eye over them...

Wiremu: What did you think?

Manu Iti: I thought you have put a lot of work into creating the data and sorting it. I Get The Impression [atttl] = [_/] The Gem was noted quiet early in the piece - before I knew what it was..."The Right Tool For The Job."

Wiremu: Yes - well spotted! I did no know myself what The Gem was at first until I read about it in The Message

Manu Iti: We have located Callum. I am just now beginning to converse with him...he is with A Wampcat.

...I mean, Wampus Cat...a damp Wampus Cat at that...

I wonder how many times I can say that fast, but then focus...

Wiremu: That is interesting. I have been thinking that for some reason, when The Tanager took Callum out of and then put him back into This Place, somehow that short-circuited The Tabula Rasa and The Wampus Cat and her kitten ended up in The Mystic Forest and Callum ended up in The Cat Realm.

I ponder on this idea, and it seems reasonable.

Manu Iti: So - here is Callum enjoying the company of perhaps..The Father Wampus Cat?

Wiremu: I hadn't thought of that, but yes - I Suppose That It Is Possible. [_/]

Manu Iti: What if they carried such a similar signal that The Input confused The Tabula Rasa and It accidentally separated The Family of Wampus Cats...

Wiremu: Hmmm...that would add an element to the Story-Line I have not considered...

I wonder about that but press on. I notice then, that I have left The Gem Hailing Device open...

Manu Iti: Oh - perhaps The Father Wampus Cat thinks that Callum is The Mother Wampus Cat?

I wonder that because why else would The Father Wampus Cat tolerate Callum's presence when The Mother - not to mention The Child - are missing?

Wiremu: Since any interference with a Creators Creation naturally draws that Creators attention, I Think We Can Safely Say [_/]that this Story-Line is going to get even more interesting.

Manu Iti: Ima Hearingya! [_/]

Wiremu: That is what Her name means, yes might pay to stick around...

Manu Iti: I can do that.

I then think about The CampFire and immediately I am there, hovering over it.

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Manu Iti responds back. He asks me what I have by way of devices. I continue swimming to the shore, waiting to answer him. I then look up and notice a sort of ship hovering in the air that then immediately disappears. I wonder if that was Manu Iti or someonelse. Surely, Manu Iti would not play such a trick on...well, he does like to do such things. Of course, we can still seem to communicate from different places, so I speak out into the sky.

Callum: I have my camping gear, but no electronic devices.

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Whenua o Te Ngeru

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While I am surveying the Campsite, I hear Callum reply that he has his camping gear but no electronic devices.

Manu Iti: Do you happen to have your copy of Act III on you my friend?

I then decide to Take a Closer Look [_/] at Wiremu's notes on The Generated Messages...I would like to discuss them in more detail with him.

But first I want to find out more information on The Realm of Cats.

Manu Iti: Gem. I would like more information of The Realm of Cats.
How do I go about getting it?

Immediately I am back overlooking the large Pond Callum is swimming in. Then the Map Symbol flashes on the armrest along with another Symbol;

I touch them both and the data I am looking for appears before me on The Screen.

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I swim towards the shore, hearing Manu Iti's response. He asks me whether I have a copy of Act III with me and then the ship appears over the pond once again. In the same moment I am able to stand up and walk onto the rocky land. I notice the cat off to my left, laying and purring over the group of fish she has caught.

Callum: I don't have a physical copy, but I have immediate mental access to it.

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Wiremu: So what would you like to discuss about my notes on The Generated Message?

Manu Iti: I think I would like to hear what your overall impression is about it.

Wiremu: I think that they are multi-layered - and can be taken to be commentary on This Place and our activity herein, as well as in relation to my unfolding reality, and also I identify commentary to do with YHWHs reality in relation to our own realities.

Manu Iti: So that is the long way of saying that the individual can get whatever they do out of The Generated Message?

Wiremu: Yes - but that is a curious observation rather than a critique.

A small bell sound notifies me of something The Gem wishes to get my attention about. The Screen before me shows The Realm of the Cats in some detail, and it appears that there is a gathering concentration of signals showing, Centered around one individual Signal. I would like to see this for myself, and no sooner thought, than I immediately find myself hovering over a huge mass of Cats of all colors shapes and sizes, many with wings.

One such Cat flies up to The Gem and looks ready to pounce.

Manu Iti: Gem - I think we need to take evasive action.

A symbol on the Armrest beings flashing, and I touch it.

Immediately the threatening cat losses interest in us and continues on its way.

Wiremu: It appears that perhaps Callum's presence in this Realm is drawing attention...

Manu Iti: Perhaps...

I zoom in on the central figure. It is the same as the image I saw onscreen when I called up some data on this Realm - "Ima Hearingya" as Wiremu called her...."Ngaru Whaea" as she is identified in the information I received from The Gem...
"The Creator of The Realm of Cats"...

Wiremu: We will see if they begin to move, whether it is in Callum's
direction or not...

I then hear Callum answer my question to him. He say's he has a mental access to Act III.

Manu Iti: Well that is rather handy Callum. You should be aware then, of everything which has unfolded up to this point.
What do you want to do now?

As I ask. I am studying Ngaru Whaea's features. She sits proudly upon the back of a huge Tiger, watching silently as the Cats of the Realm - great and small- fearsome and cute - gather themselves around her...

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Manu Iti responds and asks what I want to do now. Part of me would love to stay here with Ruthie, exploring these new lands. I look in her direction, or what direction she had been in. She is no longer there. I hope the ship did not scare her away. I also noticed that a few of the fish she caught are missing from the pile. Of course, that she left any for me is a loving gift.

Callum: I have no idea. Do you have any?

I hear a rustle in the distance, which sounds like Ruthie's tale swishing through the undergrowth.

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Callum responds that he has no idea what he wants to do next, and asks me if I have any ideas on the matter...It is unclear to me if Callum understands what has happened as he appears to be...slightly absent - and I wonder if the event which placed him in this situation somehow rattled his brain...or perhaps it was something he ate.

Fortunately he is well positioned and in no immediate danger...

Manu Iti: I think for now at least, you are better to stay right here and enjoy yourself.
There are certain issues which need to be taken care of...

I then remember that Callum said he had access to the information...

Manu Iti: .Oh - I forgot you know this put...and I will return here in a while...

I see Callum's cat friend appears to have left the area...I don't want Callum to feel he has been I ask him...

Manu Iti: does that sound to you, Callum. Are you okay with this?

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Wiremu: Let us try something while we all wait.

Manu Iti: Sure! What do you have in mind?


Manu Iti: I shall add that to The List

Wiremu: Of take each letter of that sentence and shuffle your list and generate a Message through use of assigned single-letters, as you did in entry 3 and lets see what clues might be found there...

Manu Iti: Sounds like a great idea...

I shuffle my Word-String List and then work my way through the the spelling of the sentence, starting with the first word beginning with "C"...and read them out as they are selected...

Manu Iti:
Under Question
Mutual Dutiful Expression

I Have My Duty
Neruda Interview Five

The Roles

Adjusted Reality
Livingstone Hall

Out and about in the open

The Solar System

All Is As It Should Be As It Changes Day To Day

Wiremu:What is found there?

I read out the first.

Manu Iti: "Charity Always Loved Lift Under Question Mutual Dutiful Expression"...Something about giving - perhaps the expression of...not sure what the 'lift under question' part alludes to...

Wiremu: We'll watch for that to a giving expression, I note that the sentence "Callum In The Realm Of The Cats" amounts to the same number as "System of Giving Energy" so that is a good clue right there on how best to proceed...

I use my Word2Number calculator to confirm

Manu Iti: Agreed!
The second is...
"I Have My Duty Neruda Interview Five"
I have no idea what that refers to.

Wiremu: It is from a story in my Universe...the one who has the duty is Dr. Jamisson Neruda who defected from a Secret Organization in order to pass on information regarding the organization - specific to the interaction between Human Beings and Extraterrestrial Entities in the swapping of information and's a long story...

Manu Iti: Okay - perhaps we shall see where that fits in with the rest...

"The Roles Heuristic Establishment"

I look up the meaning of the word "Heuristic"... "enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves."

Wiremu: The Roles have to do with us in our stories...we are required to work things out for ourselves...although input from others is not necessarily off the script...what was the last thing you said to Callum?

Manu Iti: I asked him what he wanted to do now.

Wiremu: Therefore you were allowing for Callum to make determinations based upon the situation he is currently involved with in this Story.

Manu Iti: His choices...I too have to know so that I can also make choices...

Wiremu: The Nature of Role-Play Within Story-Lines

I add that to the list...

Manu Iti: Okay - next is "Re-channel Effectively Adjusted Reality
Livingstone Hall Mendacious"

I look up the meaning of 'Mendacious'

Manu Iti: "Not telling the truth; lying."

So we can expect something of that nature? What is Livingstone Hall?

Wiremu: It is a place on top of a hill...I used to live is mentioned in my notes....

Manu Iti: Ah - I thought it sounded familiar...what has that to do with this?

Wiremu: Perhaps a reference to a trick that was played on me while I lived there. We can read in Act III how Callum is a little apprehensive about us due to our sometimes resorting to play a trick in order to initiate a response which we can then analyze.

Manu Iti: Be careful when playing tricks...

Wiremu: Yes...and know that the trick we did play, was not untoward or particularly damaging. I know that the trick played on me was more for my benefit in the long run...I just sulked about it for a month and wouldn't commune with my invisible friends until such a time as I had effectively dealt with it by understanding it In The Light Of The Truth [_/]...

I add that to the Word-String List as well...and do a Word2Number calculation on it...the results are interesting...

Manu Iti: The correlations here are interesting Wiremu...
♦Calculate the English language
♦Aligning With WingMakers
♦Follow The Story-Line
♦In The Light Of The Truth

Wiremu: Yes - it is so important to follow what is actually happening in The Story-Line rather than attempt to change things to suit...

Manu Iti: Okay - next up is...
"Out and about in the open Form"

Wiremu: Perhaps referring to Callum's Present position...

Manu Iti: is...
"The Solar System Heuristics Extraterrestrial"...noting the obvious perhaps?

Wiremu: To do with humans discovering the actuality of their situation in my Universe...and in the broader sense, how each of us have the opportunity to work things out and discover and learn things through our individual and collective experiences...

Manu Iti: I can go along with is...
"Complete All Is As It Should Be As It Changes Day To Day Techniques
What do you think that is referring to?

Wiremu: It appears self explanatory ...It is underlining the progress of the Story developing

Manu Iti: Yes - I agree...Well that was interesting...

Wiremu: Yes - I thought it would be...

Manu Iti:It appears that most of The Cats are now gathered is a wondrous sight to see! There must be a few Hundred-Thousand Cats all gathered out there...

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