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Second Coming came and went

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Christians talk of a second coming

Well, Jesus had his second coming when he supposedly came out of the cave. But be he did nothing then either. Hung out for awhile and left.

If his second coming is when he will actually ACT like the Messiah then he had his chance at his second coming.

ALSO:. Notice that the second coming idea didn't start until they knew he was going to die it was dead. Do you hear anyone early in the gospels say 'nice to meet you Jesus. Gee sorry you have to die for us'. Nothing like that at all. All the days they wandered around and it was never mentioned. The very reason jesus was supposed to be here for. Die for our sins and no one says anything. Nothing. Why? Because the idea of the Messiah dying and coming back was unheard of. Why even Peter proves this. Jesus said he had to go to jeruslem and suffer and die. Peter said that this shall not be unto thee. Not verbatim but close.

Messiah dying and resurrecting? What else could they say. It was that or say the religion was false.
And how can one call Jesus the Messiah when he hasn't acted accordingly. He has done nothing. Give him the title? Why? He's done nothing to earn it

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