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To Utopia! And the Path to that Place as Well

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I think people deserve a future Utopia and with science in hand too, no joke at all!

Here is "Questions to All Politicians Worldwide - Utopia must become a dutiful goal!":

After General election in Sweden, 9. September 2018 - I suggest the following questions to the politicians.

Before elections everywhere in the World.

How do they view Utopia?
How do they want to work for Utopia?
When do they think that Utopia can be achieved? (Countrywise)
What do they think about The 4 Factors? ("Optional")
How do they want to improve people's human rights (UDHR)?
What do they think about improving the legal system?
How do they want to improve the legal system?
What do they think about pistols or revolvers to the general population?
What do they think about pepper spray to the population?
- What should the required age be for this? 14? 16? 18?
What do they think about the lie detectors, 5 methods +?
- Lie detectors can also aid in combatting crimes against environment...?
- Also to the police and the courts?
What do they think about radio-based scanner portals?
- "Against 500 unwanted conditions in human beings"?
What is the specified list for social justice?
Do you think that pistols, revolvers, pepper spray, lie detectors (5 methods +) and radio-based scanner portals can be good for industry and business in general? I'm thinking about the business boom in USA vs. mediocracy in "crooked" Europe...

In addition, of course, come all the usual questions... Environmental protection? Ecological measures? Unemployment? (State-) Budget balance responsibility? Central bank politics? Immigration, also by UN recommendation? The rest...

Prediction: The Left is going to stand out negatively!

The list may well be improved. I'll see what I can add or find elsewhere of information.

Note (1): Our politicians will not get it any easier than in Sweden! (Norway, else...)

Note (2): That will to evil, to torture and murder, to character murder of all people leads to the fact that one is defined as Monster behind the (human) face (Mask of Sanity), Enemy of Humanity! Especially in offices, positions of power and trust, with (much) responsibility, for example, politicians, police, military, lawyers and judges, physicians and journalists and historians (media).

Note (3): The Human Being of Law established! Not the political animals anymore (Aristotle's definition of man as a political animal (zoon politikon)). See here on the blog, Human Being of Law (2013): I can also mention Kantian Moral Psychology for determining accurately the level of ethical/moral mentality in all people!


For the Future of a More Perfect World

The path forward is to vote for right wing politics and keep voting right wing politics in order to increase pressure for the good solutions including The 4 Factors.

Bottom line for right wing politics: freedom of thought, privacy rights, laws and regulations including human rights for business life and private initiative! If they fail this, they are logically replaced along with the socialists and the others.

While on the right wing one must seek to demand the best candidates there for leading and take nominations and offices as or when they get elected. If there is this only answer, we choose the best people! Hurray!

All elections and other political events will decide who are Human Beings with sanity and who are Enemies of Humanity, Monsters behind the faces of human beings. The 5 Factors must happen as the ethical duties run deep!

Of course, the socialists (and communists) will continue to be weak on human rights (UDHR/The International Bill of Rights) and fighting crime, improving the legal system, admitting no learning from those other horrible crimes against humanity usually involving torture and character killing of the youngest and upward!

3 Points for the case to arm the general population with pistols and revolvers:

1. The unarmed Jews before Kristallnacht and Holocaust in Nazi-Germany. Much of the history of socialists involves genocides and mass killings. Just check with history: Stalin, Hitler, Red Khmer, Mao Zedong, etc., etc... All atrocities, as analysis at least, by the fact that people have been unarmed.
2. The financial success, might of military forces (NATO and Human Rights vs. Communism w/o any such) and general character of person in USA by allowing the population their self-defence by pepper spray and guns and other.
3. The fact that sadistic perverts, torturers of children, who can't handle guns (pistols, revolvers) and pepper spray get extra protection if the population is denied this self-defence.

* The 5 Factors: revolvers and pistols, pepper spray, lie detection array (5 methods +) and radio-based scanner portals ("against 500 unwanted ills in human beings") and Best practice psychiatry, the cure for all mental illnesses by steady and trustworthy practice.

All elections and other political events will decide who are Human Beings with sanity and who are Enemies of Humanity, Monsters behind the faces of human beings. The 5 Factors must happen! Against Evil Evil must die!

Tags: CNN UN Humanity UDHR Human Rights Morality Ethics


Rejection of Socialism in Future Politics

It seems important to reject Socialism from politics in order to achieve Utopia.
Socialism has a history of lying and deceit to the voters. It fails to respect Human Rights (UDHR) and its improvement, it fails to respect people's dignity, it fails to respect laws and regulations, it fails to respect the legal system and its improvement and Kantian ethical and moral character in people, especially the children (kindness).

As I write this, I also think it's important to keep the Labour Movement and to win them over to center politics or right wing politics by making a better case for their future than the betrayal of Socialism ever can.

In this regard, on the way to Utopia, The 4 Factors, revolvers or pistols, pepper spray, lie detection array (5 methods +) and radio-based scanner portals ("against 500 ills in human beings") are incredibly important and are likely to never be promoted by Socialism or beyond on the grounds mentioned above.

Indeed, they say the welfare system and the case for all the (very) insane people piling up there, but fail people miserably in all other regards, only to facilitate the character killing of families in the shadows for sustaining evil in the World.


The Blood of Idiot Pacifism

Unarmed people killed under Josef Stalin, twice, also in Ukraine, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong or Red Khmer, etc.

How much blood should the "monster pacifists" have before they realize the best democracy is the one where many are relied upon for justice, honesty, anti-corruption and human rights? Whether they are "monster pacifists" by idiocy or other is beyond me.

As such, it should be evident that all atrocities of the World have taken place or are taking place because of the fact that people are unarmed, have no revolvers or pistols. The fact that they are unarmed generates the most horrible circumstances, also, as we see from history, leading to genocides and mass killings. Note on corrupt military and most certainly corrupt police. Also corrupt military attacking other nations.

Link, Blogspot, Charleston Shooting and Justice - Guns or Not:

Note on the glaring connection of cowards against guns to the populations and Atheism and socialism and communism, in the most unholy union known to human kind!

Tags 2: Against Socialism Socialism Democracy Utopia Progress Moral Progress

So what say you? What do you feel is necessary for Utopia to happen for this planmaking discussion?

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