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ivysunday wrote:
Zzyzx wrote: Are you associated with 'the Second Home' commune?
Yes, it is now named New Oasis for Life. We have branch in Thiland and headquater in Canada.
Is that a major worldwide movement? How many people are actually presently involved?

When you said “I am looking for the 1-2% of human being who are inherently Chanyuan Celestials�, that would imply 70 to 140 Million ‘inherently’. Is this rational?

What, exactly, is the meaning of “inherently Chanyuan Celestials�?

If you stop claiming knowledge of invisible, undetectable unicorns, I will stop challenging your claim. Same goes for gods

ANY of the thousands of ‘gods’ proposed, imagined, worshiped, loved, feared, and/or fought over by humans MAY exist – awaiting verifiable evidence

For a quick tutorial on science vs. religion, compare modern internet weather radar to ancient religious beliefs and superstitions about weather

"Demand money with the threat of violence and you’ll get arrested. Do it with the threat of eternal damnation and it’s tax deductible"

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Zzyzx wrote: .
ivysunday wrote:
Zzyzx wrote: Are you associated with 'the Second Home' commune?
Yes, it is now named New Oasis for Life. We have branch in Thiland and headquater in Canada.
Is that a major worldwide movement? How many people are actually presently involved?

When you said “I am looking for the 1-2% of human being who are inherently Chanyuan Celestials�, that would imply 70 to 140 Million ‘inherently’. Is this rational?

What, exactly, is the meaning of “inherently Chanyuan Celestials�?
It is worldwide but i don't think it is a movement. Now I think many people know about Lifechanyuan. But people are waiting and looking on. Presently around one thousand members involved. In fact, many come and go.
You will find it rational when the time come. When human society is in chaos.

Chanyuan celestial is basically born, not deliberately cultivated, educated and guided. As long as it is Chanyuan celestial, after reading the collection of Chanyuan Corpus and Xufeng Corpus, you should understand all of it and cooperate accordingly. After knowing the situation of the New Oasis for life, you can immediately feel that this is the home garden you have been looking for. In addition, you will no longer ask and worry about anything.

Below is from Xuefeng: Therefore, I would like to reiterate that I am here to harvest ripe crops, not to solve secular problems. I'm not a doctor who can cure diseases and save people. I'm not a philanthropist. I'm not a master who has magic power. I'm not a super expert who is proficient in everything. I'm not a savior who can save people. I just come to find people and lead them into the kingdom of the Greatest Creator. Therefore, my scope of responsibility is very limited. I come to find only 1% or 2% of human being, 99% of the people's problems have nothing to do with me.
Chanyuan Celestial

All Chanyuan-Celestials in the world belong to one family.

Chanyuan-Celestials of Lifechanyuan come from Spiritual Mountain and are born by Heaven; all of them will return to Spiritual Mountain at last.

Chanyuan-Celestial is the nurse of the Greatest Creator, is the angel coming down from the upper world to the Mortal World; and everyone bears the holy mission of initiating Lifechanyuan era.

With their bodies in the Mortal World and heart in the Celestial Beings World,Chanyuan-Celestials are out of the ordinary.

The number of Chanyuan-Celestial covers about one percent of the total human population; this means there are about 63 million Chanyuan-Celestials around the world. The definite numbers in different races are as following: the number of Chanyuan-Celestials in the white race covers about 2% of its total population; the number of Chanyuan-Celestials in the black people and Muslim people covers about 1%; the number of Chanyuan-Celestials in the yellow race covers about one in a thousand, among which Japanese covers about 5 in a thousand and the population cultivated by Chinese culture covers less than one in a thousand among the total population of the yellow race.

Each Chanyuan-Celestial is a component of the whole Lifechanyuan.

There is not any jealousy, envy or hatred among Chanyuan-Celestials but only love.

There are not any concepts of families, nationalities, countries, religions and political parties but only the scenes of the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Elysium world in the depth of Chanyuan-Celestial's soul.

Chanyuan-Celestial does not pursue sufferings and tortures but joys and happiness.

Chanyuan-Celestial does not pursue exceptional functions but the sublimation of life.

Chanyuan-Celestial is innocent and pure as crystal, stiff and hard as diamond, powerful and flexible as the flowing water, flexible as the twigs and branches of the spring willow.

Chanyuan-Celestial is sincere, faithful, broad and level, modest, warm, unconstrained, industrious and valiant.

Chanyuan-Celestial does not like solitary life but prefer group life, does not like disorderly chaos but orderly jollification.

Chanyuan-Celestial possesses a simple, kind, elegant and tranquil heart so as to deal with people like a child; Chanyuan-Celestial owns a deep, broad, profound mind so as to get along with people like a saint.

Chanyuan-Celestial possesses the Academician Style of Lifechanyuan.

Chanyuan-Celestial respects and reveres Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu.

The real Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and Taoists are all Chanyuan-Celestials.

Chanyuan-Celestial has telegnosis and at least is a sage in Classification of Population and ranks the first five in the 18 Classifications of Human life.

Chanyuan-Celestial has entered into the non-form thinking state and possesses the abnormal thinking ability.

All Chanyuan-Celestials are equal in human dignity without any discrimination.

The words and deeds of all Chanyuan-Celestials are not driven by the worldly desires but by their own souls.

The criterion used by Chanyuan-Celestial to measure truth, goodness, beauty and faking, evil, ugliness is not to follow the moral norms but depend on one's own cognition on Tao; so, in the profane eyes, Chanyuan-Celestial is not a bad guy, neither a good guy, nor a kind guy; Chanyuan-Celestial follows the code of ethics which are different from the public moral norms.

It is not the constitutions, laws, rules, regulations promulgated by human society but the way of the Greatest Creator that constrains and controls Chanyuan-Celestial.

On the basis of obeying the basic moral principles, everything works on the whole universe fairly and selflessly in spite of race and ages; the relationship between male Chanyuan-Celestial and female is the lover relationship; the relationship between the female Chanyuan-Celestials is sister relationship; and the relationship between male Chanyuan-Celestials is brother relationship.

Chanyuan-Celestial possesses the communism thought.

Facing dangers and pressure, Chanyuan-Celestial will remain calm; facing the worldly temptation, Chanyuan-Celestial remains unmoved; facing the willful provocation and intentional insult, Chanyuan-Celestial reacts to it according to one's own feeling and bravely fight against it under the pressure; facing praise and eulogy, Chanyuan-Celestial is grateful, humble, cautious and always likes to admit mistakes and attribute glory to the Greatest Creator.

Chanyuan-Celestial understands the ways of keeping good health and the secret of life.

Chanyuan-Celestial is thankful to the Greatest Creator, life and Nature.

Chanyuan-Celestial reveres the Greatest Creator, life and Nature.

Lifechanyuan is the only homeland for the soul and spirit of Chanyuan-Celestial.

All Chanyuan-Celestials are aspiring for land of idyllic beauty and willing to devote their intelligence and wisdom for creating one's own land of idyllic beauty.

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31. That which is most easily obtained is the most precious. We must be very clear-headed that what comes by easily is very precious. We should not think that what we have gained easily is of little value. Rather, that which is most readily available is most precious. We should regard them as favors from the Greatest Creator and we should take this principle as the valuable book of life.

32. The eight (8) secrets of life are:

l The more one pays, the more they gainï¼›

l The uglier one’s soul is, the more painful they feel;

l The more perfect one’s LIFE’s structure is, the more beautiful their appearance will be;

l The more words that are given, the greater the loss will beï¼›

l The more beautiful one’s soul is, the brighter their future will be;

l The more one is possessed , the more trouble they will sufferï¼›

l The stronger one’s self-persistence remains, the further one will be from Dao

l The more willing one is to pursue shortcuts, the longer their journey will be

33. The eight (8) mysteries of life are:

1) Ask for the Greatest Creator at a critical moment

2) Say �No!� to avoid disaster

3) Sensation is more reliable than wisdom

4) Capture stimulation from information the first time it is offered

5) Confession can release karma

6) Obtain truth and Dao from the evasive and elusive

7) Enter the Spiritual pure land and unite with Dao

8) Dialogue with the Greatest Creator directly by reading the books without words often.

34. The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force.

35. Live for happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, but not for doctrine, truth, state, political party, organization, religion, or family.

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36. The eighteen causes of life’s suffering are:

1) Incorrect values, outlook on life, views on LIFE, and the universe

2) Selfishness

3) Greed

4) Laziness

5) Jealousy

6) Complaining and resentment

7) Comparing

8) Undue ambition for victory and struggle

9) Arrogance and insolence

10) Dependent

11) Infatuated and poisoned love

12) Possession and occupation

13) Contention for fame and gain

14) Attachment

15) Ambition to transform and control other people

16) Deviation from Dao of nature

17) Transgression of laws and disciplines

18) Consciousness of marriage, family, nationality, state, political party, religion, and organization.

37. Mankind’s present is caused by their past and individuals’ present is caused by their past. Dao is justice. Therefore, stop blaming heaven and earth, and stop complaining about society, other people, and the government.

38. To create happiness for mankind and individuals, we must rely on the Greatest Creator as well as on ourselves.

39. The purpose of creation is to please and serve a creator. It was we who created computers, so their purpose is to please and serve us. It was according to the will of the Greatest Creator that we were created and so our purpose is to please and serve the Greatest Creator.

40. From God’s perspective, people are ignorant;

l From Buddha’s perspective, people are evil;

l From Celestial Beings’ perspective, people are short-sighted and stupid;

l From mankind’s own perspective, people are both good and evil but wise;

l From animals’ perspective, people are inconceivable and horrible;

l From plants’ perspective, people are wonderful and great.

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41. Humanity’s tribulation comes from humanity itself. Every individual’s tribulation comes from themselves. The functioning of Dao abides by rigorous logic and order. The equity and impartiality of the Greatest Creator is incarnated in the functioning of Dao. If we cannot understand this principle, the tribulation will never end, and the vicious cycle will continue forever.

42. The most important thing in life is not to try one’s best to possess as much material as possible but to manage to change their thinking.

43. Firm faith in the Greatest Creator, believing in Karma, and putting our best into everything we do are the three magic weapons to achieve carefree lives.

44. Time and energy are the diamonds of life which should be inlaid on the crown. Time and energy should be spent on the place and cause that can best embody the value of life.

45. Life is a journey. No matter how many reincarnations we undergo, even if a thousand or ten thousand samsara in the human world, we will still have only one life in the human world if we have lost our memory. We will not know about our previous lives or ones to come and we will not even know the relations between previous lives and future ones with us or their significance. Only people who can clearly understand their past and can see their future are living in a reasonable way. And only such people can turn tragedy into comedy, enter the realm of freedom from the realm of destiny, and fully enjoy the dainties and regales and magnificent demeanors.

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46. The nature of the world is illusion. Life was originally an illusion. The question is how long the illusion may last. If we can survive for a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a hundred million years in the illusion, then the illusion will be meaningful.

47. To be people-oriented, not to be doctrine-oriented or system-oriented.

48. Perfect human nature should meet these eight conditions:

1) Revere the Greatest Creator, God, and Buddha, and respect other people

2) Have no ambition for victory and no desire to fight for superiority

3) Love nature

4) Be modest, trustworthy, and honest

5) Be sympathetic and compassionate

6) Be able to adjust yourself and remain calm no matter whether you are in prosperity or adversity

7) Conform to the laws of nature and do not seek eminence

8) Love LIFE and love labor.

49. A life without direction is blindfolded and a life without values is perplexing. The affliction and misfortune of life lie mainly in the lack of direction and values of life.

50. Life is either like the sun or like reflective material. If it is like neither, then your life will be completely in the dark and will be as a pile of rotten garbage or a dirty and dark smudge.

51. Everything is but a game. Only the soul is true�Reality is a game. People who are obsessed with it are muddleheaded. People who are happy and pleasant in the game have an awakened consciousness. To own the reality is like the dream of an infatuated person. It is only with a game-playing attitude that you will not miss life.

52. Nothing is of an extraordinary or even a very important matter to life. Only LIFE is important enough to be maintained and cherished. Life is limited and yet LIFE is boundless. Everything in life should be centered on LIFE and LIFE is the core theme of human life.

53. The universe is holographic and Man intrinsically possesses the nature of god, Buddha, celestial, man, beast, and things. The differences in times, environments, family surroundings, educations, and individual efforts have caused some people to succeed in achieving splendid and perfect lives but have caused other people to ruin theirs.

54. A great wish can induce a great life, and a great wish has an incredible effect on life. All who have achieved great results are people with great wishes. Without great wishes, life is like duckweed that drift with the tides. Without great wishes it is impossible to scale the peaks of life and LIFE.

55. As long as one does not know what will happen to them after their death, they will actually remain in a death-bed struggle, no matter they lead an honorable life or a humble one.

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56. The human body runs in a program which is set up with eight miracle subprograms:

1) Self-ignition

2) Being rescued

3) Autointoxication

4) Self-healing

5) Magic power and art

6) Going crazy

7) Being possessed by the devil

8) In bliss

When conditions are ripe, these eight (8) programs will automatically start up and operate.

57. Life cannot lack belief. Life without belief is contradictory and confusing. It is a life with neither direction nor prospect and one which is doomed to become a tragedy.

58. People who want to confer benefits onto society must live for themselves first, while people who want to sin can live for others!

59. Such a short life decides one’s trend and the future of their LIFE. Every one of our words, actions, ideas, and intentions shape our futures. Our merits and sins are recorded justly every moment of every day and night. What we reject and what we accept are entirely our own choices.

60. The most urgent issues in life are how to elevate LIFE’s nonmaterial structure with spirituality toward the development of higher LIFE spaces direction and how to sublimate our personalities and perfect our spiritual natures. None of us know what will happen tomorrow. One certain thing is that our LIFE structures will determine the future LIFE we will have.

61.Favor is not debt, but when you are desperate to pay a favor back, you may be forced to sell what you depend on. To avoid such a dilemma, you should not owe others any favors.

62. Everyone has unlimited potential, but the main reason for not giving play to their potential is not because they are born stupid or have insufficient mental skills, but because they have never found their best life track to follow from start to finish.

63. One heavy blow can destroy a person and render them powerless and incapable of recovery. However, it is often the impact of seemingly insignificant small-load energy that become the main culprits in destroying life.

64. Observe the numerous people on the street who are busy coming and going back and forth. Actually we only find two types, those who are pursuing fame, and those who are pursuing wealth. It is normal for the masses to pursue fame and wealth. If we are unable to keep a sober mind, but rather join the ranks of pursuing fame and wealth, we will be bound to connect our carts in front of our horses, delaying our precious lives.

65. Life is so short that big works should be chosen over small ones. Everyone has the capital to take on a big project, this capital is - love.

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66. Life is like a play, no matter how long-lived or short-lived, nor whether it gains or loses, succeeds or fails. As one play falls, another rises, rising here and subsiding there. Achieving prosperity in the human world might result in a fall in the kingdom of heaven.

67. Everything has already been doomed. Facing the numerous and complicated life issues, we have only one way to deal with them: keep calm enough to handle all naturally occurring events.

68. There is no doubt that people have free will. It is precisely this free will that causes the hesitation, trouble, agony, fear, and sadness in life.

69. One of the guarantees of a happy life is to understand and know yourself. Without understanding ourselves, there must be a series of troubles and pain in life, and people get used to attributing all the troubles and pain to outside causes and to other people, but never to themselves.

70. Question: Who writes the script of our life and arranges the track of LIFE?

Answer: It is we, ourselves.

Question: Who is the director?

Answer: It is the program.

71. The shrewd person only cares about an immediate benefit, but the wise one plans for the future.

72. People play all kinds of tricks to hook fish and Satan plays all kinds of tricks to hook people. Fish cannot see the people behind their traps and people cannot see Satan behind his traps.

73. Man is absolutely not the result of random evolution,but has been created by angels according to the will of the Greatest Creator.

74. There are no wronged lives or souls in the world. The reasons are eightfold:

1) The Greatest Creator is equitable and never treats anyone unjustly.

2) The operation of Dao is meticulous and accurate, “Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure. With big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through�.

3) Punishments and rewards are meted out accurately by Karma, “There are no gates to fortune or misfortune; you cause your own fortune and misfortune�.

4) Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness

5) Understand that what we are receiving in this life is the result of what we have done in previous lives and that what we are doing now will decide what we will receive in future lives.

6) The Law of Attraction tells us that those with the same frequency will resonate with each other, birds of a feather flock together, those with the same ideas are attracted to each other, and those in the same boat will share their weal and woe.

7) The whole of the universe depends on the mind and all rules depend on cognition.

8) The sum of negative and positive energy is always zero, the losses and gains remain in balance, you will gain something when you lose something, and you will lose something when you gain something.

75. Money fails intelligence; Intelligence fails mind; Mind fails nature.

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76. I will not help unless my help is asked for, but I will come immediately if it is.

77. Dharma has no set rules, non-dharma is dharma. Form has no set shape, non-form is form.

78. Keep the main and change the others according to the situation.

79. Low wisdom is characterized by rashness, medium wisdom by competition, great wisdom can be mistaken for foolishness, and supreme wisdom is formless. Solve contradictions with formless wisdom. Dissolve all visible conflicts and contradictions with intangible thinking. Low wisdom is kept busy mapping out systems, medium wisdom is occupied with perfecting laws and regulations, great wisdom is preoccupied with spiritual civilization, and supreme wisdom roams freely and unrestrainedly in the spiritual world.

80. Little changes occur gradually but great changes happen in an instant.

81. Quiet places are free from misfortune, but places of excitement may breed disaster.

82. When you are on the wrong path, the faster you walk, the greater will be your losses to endure; when you are on the right path, you will have taken the best shortcut, even if you encounter temporary setbacks, frost and severe cold.

83. All theories and viewpoints are only suitable for particular spatiotemporal environments, and are only applicable under certain conditions. When environments change, either time and space change or conditions change, such theories or viewpoints must not be applied blindly and mechanically.

84. Times change, ideas change, lifestyles change, and the relations between husbands and wives should adapt to these changes. Only change is the way to steadiness.

85. Happiness always belongs to those who conform to the trends of the times and act according to changing circumstances, but affliction will always be visited upon those who stick to traditions without considering the changes or even fearing them.

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86. Any day might be the last day, so one should always accomplish everything most satisfactorily and leave no regrets behind.

87. Thinking has these eight ladders:

1) Material thinking

2) Image thinking

3) Associative thinking

4) Illusive thinking

5) Visualized thinking

6) Taiji thinking

7) Non-form thinking

8) Holographic thinking.

88. Wisdom is divided into these five levels in increasing order:

1) Human eyes wisdom

2) Deva eyes wisdom

3) Wisdom eyes wisdom

4) Dharma eyes wisdom

5) Buddha eyes wisdom

89. That which can be imagined in one’s brain basically has existence.

90. Nothing in the universe is impossible, only something that has not been realized or transformed by thinking yet.

91. Dao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, and courtesy:

Having obtained Dao, take no account of virtueï¼›

Having obtained virtue, take no account of benevolenceï¼›

Having obtained benevolence, take no account of righteousnessï¼›

Having obtained righteousness, take no account of courtesyï¼›


Lacking Dao, attach importance to virtueï¼›

Lacking virtue, attach importance to benevolence;

Lacking benevolence, attach importance to righteousnessï¼›

Lacking righteousness, attach importance to courtesy.

92. Heart's feel comes from all the phenomenon on earth, but heart can feel more than all kinds of phenomenon on the earth.

93. Mankind has three origins: the origin from the pyramid, the origin from the Garden of Eden, and the reincarnation of the dragon.

94. Negative, passive, and pessimistic words, moods, and consciousnesses will bring pain, misfortune, and disaster. Being alive, one is supposed to be positive, active, and optimistic.

95. The bewilderment of one’s self comes from the bewilderment of one’s consciousness. The bewilderment of life results from the disorder of one’s consciousness. Our sufferings mainly derive from the sufferings of our consciousnesses. All our uncertainties are rooted in our indefinite consciousnesses, in our failure to understand ourselves, and in our failure to understand what we really need.

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