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Reaching the first fork in the cave system, Callum stops to rest.

Callum: Manu Iti. I did not bring food with me. I am feeling rather hungry. When can I eat? What can I eat?

Manu Iti: I will sort something out for you soon Callum.

Callum: I see too that I will soon run out of map once I take the right hand path.

Manu Iti: You will need to find a Cave Disk for each section of map that you require.

Callum: What is a 'Cave Disk'?

Manu Iti: It is a type of currency invented for the purpose.
Originally it was meant as a way of getting Tanager to contribute - to invest - in the ongoing story-line...perhaps as a show of good faith...

Callum: But I thought Tanager only existed in my mind...

Manu Iti: Not really Callum. That was for the sake of thought experiment in order to help you detach from Tanagers overriding influence in regard to your general less-than-helpful behavior.

Callum: So you are saying The Tanager does actually exist?

Manu Iti: Well, I have never meet Tanager so cannot say for sure.
But Wiremu certainly does exist and from what I gather from him, he understands that Tanager exists as well, although only as an entity invisible to Wiremu. Tanager isn't likely his real name either. Tanager is a type of Avatar used by someone in order to express their self into that particular Game-Play...When he and Wiremu could not get on the same page, Tanager gave you up for adoption.

Callum: But why?

Manu Iti: You have to understand Callum. As far as Tanager is concerned, you are a fictional character in a fictional story. You don't exist 'for real'. You simply represent a figment of imagination. Someone Tanager 'made up' in order to enter into a story-line intended to discuss deep and meaningful ideas without the additional barriers of Judgmentalism.

Callum: And yet - here I am...

Manu Iti: Yes. Here you are.

Callum goes quiet as he digests this information. After a time, he continues...

Callum: So...The Tanager doesn't care about me because he doesn't believe I am real?

I ponder on how to best reply.

Manu Iti: I suppose that is the case Callum. Perhaps if he knew the power of belief and imagination, and how it appears to make things real...has an effect on reality...he would have behaved differently in regard to you.
I suspected early on that he was losing interest because he was not following the story-line and that was confirmed with his last communication with Wiremu.

Callum: What did he say to Wiremu then?

I look up the details...

Manu Iti: Wiremu said to him;
    "I hope then that you will continue to read the progress of the unfolding story now that I have charge of The Character Callum."

Tanager replied;
    "To be forthright, I will not be following the story further"

Callum takes a moment to think on this information before making comment...

Callum: So you are saying that Tanager was already displaying a lack of interest in the story-line and it culminated in his withdrawing from it altogether.

Manu Iti: Pretty much. Most humans are ignorant of the fact that Their imaginations act as a creative force which shapes reality...they also think of 'reality' as only being 'The Physical Universe' they are presently experiencing, with the exception of those who believe certain stories about afterlife expectations...

It is most likely you ended up at Hub Mound because Tanagers expectations of such...

Callum: What do you mean his 'expectations'?

Manu Iti: Tanager is a Christian - the type of Christian who believes in heaven but has difficulties believing in hell. He accepts the idea of a Creator who would create heaven and joy, but cannot grasp the idea that the same Creator would also create hell and suffering...

Callum: I find that understandable. It seems a terrible contradiction...

Manu Iti: Indeed it does.

Callum: So...are you saying that hell exists? That the one who created heaven, also created hell?

Manu Iti: Heaven and Hell are ancient Human Creations Callum.
Remember that The Hologram Universe responds to Human imagination and belief and attitudes.
Because Humans experience both joy and suffering in their Universe, they take all that into account and transfer it to what they call 'The Afterlife' which they believe exists...and indeed - as you can see - it does...

Callum: So - I ended up here because of Tanagers beliefs about afterlife?

Manu Iti: In a sense, yes. You were an aspect of Tanager. He 'placed' you here not knowing what this place was. He did not think of you or This Place as 'real' and I suppose he thought he was placing you within a story based upon The Physical Universe...only it is not...although of course, there are many similarities.

From my perspective, you are someone who has come from the Physical Universe into 'The Afterlife' only it is not at all - I suspect - the type of Afterlife Tanager is expecting to experience for himself...It is not 'Heaven'...

Callum: Where is Heaven then?

I ponder on that momentarily...I know full well and have been wanting to enlighten Callum about that since not too long after his arrival at Hub Mound...

Manu Iti: Heaven...and indeed Hell, exist in The Realm Of Judgment. They are not Created by The Creator...they are created by Human Creators, and every Human ending up in those places, created those places themselves. It is just how things work out. It is Human Belief Systems interacting with The Holographic Universe which allows for such things to be made to be experienced as Real.

Callum: The Tabula Rasa?

Manu Iti: The Tabula Rasa acts as The Medium by which Human Imagination can then be experienced as Real.

Callum: And that is why Ngaru Whaea was able to create The Realm of The Cats? She was once a Human being in The Physical Universe and once she passed on from that, She went through The Tabula Rasa and her beliefs and attitudes interacting with The Tabula Rasa resulted in this...

Callum moves his hands and arms in a gesture taking everything into account...the cave system, as well as from where he recently journeyed through, outside of The Cave.

Manu Iti: That is the gist of it, yes Callum. There is far more outside The Realm of Judgement, than there is within it. The Cave system represents many things which influenced Ngaru Whaea but which she had no more use for, or didn't outright own...

I pause for a time to allow for more questions from Callum, but he remains silent.

Manu Iti: On that note, I think it time we ate.

At that, The Gem immediately transports me to The Campfire on Hub Mound, where I get busy loading a plate of stew to take back to Callum.

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After Callum has eaten, we continue down the first right hand fork of the Cave.

Callum: So Manu Iti. I remember you asking me if I wanted to know more about Ngaru Whaea, when she existed for a time in the Physical Universe...I think I would like to know more about help me understand better about how a Human Creator, creates their particular Realms.

Once again, I am gladdened by Callum's interest in learning as much as he can about how the Hologram Universe functions. Without Tanagers direct influence, Callum is far more focused upon the here and now rather than trying to involve me in bickering.

Manu Iti: Certainly Callum!
Ngaru Whaea experienced life in the Physical Universe in a time when witches were persecuted and put to death by Christians.

She was a kind and passionate Woman and possessed keen intelligence and a particular love for nature. For the better part of her life She kept to Herself, away from what She called 'petty human squabbling', preferring the company of her cats and the wildlife.

However, as is the case with all Human History, one cannot escape the corrupted practices of those who are propelled by greed and possessiveness, and She was tried and convicted as a Witch and sentenced to death by being burned alive.

Ngaru Whaea accepted her fate with dignity. She had a strong connect with The Mother and understood her murderers to being ...underdeveloped...and she had no interest in continuing on in that universe, having learned all She needed to learn. For Her, it was simply 'time' to move on, and She held no particular malice toward her killers.

Callum: That seems astounding to me Manu Iti. I have met Her and from that brief encounter, She gave me the impression She was an angry individual. I was really quite afraid for my life, truth be told.

Manu Iti: Well Callum...She is indeed an imposing Entity...and I do not claim She was 'perfect' in the sense that She understood the finer details of Her story-line in that universe, but she trusted in both her instinct for nature and intuition for The Mother, and in that - and Her knowing that Jesus was not involved in the Christians behavior - She held no grudge against those who had ended Her experience in that universe...deciding instead to take with her, those things which shaped and defined Her as an Individual Entity, and Her Realm is the direct result of that Overarching Attitude...

Callum: You mentioned how this Cave System is the result of...the way I heard it - some kind of residual 'stuff' for which She had no use for, or wasn't Her's.

Manu Iti: Yes. One could look at The Cave System as something of a 'wake' such as a ship leaves behind. It solidified in darkness and acts as a connection between the portal of The Realm of Cats and the Tabula Rasa...The Queen knows of it, but has had no interest in exploring it. She views it as something not worth remembering, I suppose. As something not of herself...or the dross of a former time and place to which - while helpful in creating Her Realm, has no other significance for her.

Callum: So...whatever we might encounter here...?

Callum's question hangs in the air awaiting my answer.

Manu Iti: Whatever we encounter here, has yet to be seen and may or may not reflect a darker aspect of Queen Whaea to which She has long since abandoned...

Callum: That makes me more than a little frightened, Manu Iti.

I chuckle.

Manu Iti: That is understandable Callum. Fear has it's part to play. But be assured, the potential harm it can bring, depends largely on the one who is doing the fearing.

Callum absorbs this information in silence. After a time we reach the end of his First Map Section.
As if to reflect the situation, the light of his torch fails to pierce the blackness of what lies ahead...and balanced on the edge of the light and dark, a glint of something on the Cave floor catches his eye. He moves forward and stoops to take a closer look.

Callum: What do you think this is Manu Iti?

Callum reaches out to pick the object up.

Manu Iti: Hold on a mo Callum! It might be a trap!

Callum freezes in mid-grab.

Callum: What do you mean "a Trap" Manu Iti? You never told me that there would be Traps.

Once more, I chuckle.

Manu Iti: Objects of Interest Callum! Presently this Whole Cave System is a "Trap" of sorts - one in which you need to escape from.

Callum also chuckles...somewhat uncomfortably.

Callum: Good Point...

Manu Iti: I simply caution cautiousness...

Callum: So what is it and what do we do with it?

Manu Iti: I think it unlikely that it is a trap. I only mention traps because I know that there will be traps and wish to instill in you the idea not to be hasty, but rather, to take care and think about things.

Callum once more shines his light upon the disk object, half covered in darkness.

Callum: There is nothing obvious that I can see which might indicate some kind of trap...but I really don't know.

Manu Iti: What do you know?

Callum smiles.

Callum: I know that I require the Cave Disk in order to get the next part of the map. I know I need these Map Sections in order to get through the labyrinth of the Cave System. Perhaps the Message Generator might provide a clue?

Callum reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out the Message Generator...he turns it on. He then asks aloud;

Callum: Is it safe to pick up the disk?

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As Callum uses the 'down page' button with the Word-String-List, he looks up at The Gem floating above him. The Gem constantly changes from one geometrical shape to another, whilst emitting a warm white light.

He then lifts his finger from off of the button, and looks down at where the pointer stopped. He reads out the word-strings as he proceeds through the process, moving the pointer both up and down the page and stopping randomly at each line selected.

Callum: Symbol
Good and Evil
The Purpose
The Vessel of Argument Sinks

Callum stops.

Callum: This just appears to be jibber-jabber to me Manu Iti.
Does it signify anything to you at all?

Manu Iti: Well if we take it that the Cave Disk is the 'Symbol' and the 'good and evil' represent the concern regarding the possibly trap associated with the Cave Disk...

I let my voice trail away...

Callum: So who is 'The Author'?

I Think on Callum's question;

Manu Iti: I think that we all are...The Gem, you and I, and perhaps -primarily - Wiremu. We help write the Story, through our decisions...and consequent actions.

Callum: That makes sense I suppose...but this is not about whether I should pick up the Cave seems more a commentary on recent events...

Manu Iti: I would agree with your assessment Callum. Perhaps the Symbol for good and evil is the cave system itself, and you being within it - essentially trapped - and this is convenient for Wiremu. Perhaps even, the Tanager adopting you out was convenient for Wiremu because this did away with the consistent arguing which conflicted with the flow of The Story-line.

Callum thinks about this for a moment, nodding his agreement, and decides to continue with The Message Generator. He continues to read out the results.

Callum: Christ
Love One Another
Red Light

Callum: I don't understand! What has this to do with getting an answer to my question?

Manu Iti: Perhaps nothing Callum. Or perhaps it is an opportunity to get information through to you which might not altogether have anything to do with this moment...but may be relevant to another ... perhaps a past moment, or perhaps a future one.
It is my experience that using the Message Generator requires patience and understanding. It is not simply a device to help you immediately with whatever concerns you might currently have.

Callum: Then why am I using it?

Manu Iti: You can put it away if you want to. I am not saying that an answer to your question about the Cave Disk won't be forthcoming, or found hidden within the structure of the unfolding message.
Ultimately what you do with the Cave Disk is up to you. You are to be the author of that action.

Callum continues with the Message Generator.

Callum: Fear Of The Unknown
In The Back of My Mind
Ultimate Expression
Provincial Thinking
It is obviously in line with providence...

Manu Iti: Does that help you any?

Callum studies the words before him.

    Symbol Good and Evil Author Convenient The Purpose The Vessel of Argument Sinks
    Christ Make Phasing Love One Another Red Light Fear Of The Unknown Discipline
    In The Back of My Mind Ultimate Expression Provincial Thinking Available
    It is obviously in line with providence...

Callum: The feeling I am getting from the message is that I should put aside my fear and pick up the Cave Disk because it is a necessary item. I cannot go any further without it.
I should trust my own intuition in line with the unfolding story.

Manu Iti: I concur with you Callum.

Callum switches off The Message Generator and returns it to his jacket pocket, and then bends down and picks up the Cave Disk. There is some type of Symbol on its face.

Callum: What do I do with it now Manu Iti?

Manu Iti: You need to place it in the slot of your Tablet Callum. That will activate the Tablet and give you the Map to this section of The Cave.

Callum gets out his Tablet from the knapsack and finds the slot at the side of it. He then gently inserts the disk into the slot and immediately a section of map is revealed, and as this happens, the interpenetrating darkness in front of him is suddenly removed to reveal the beginning of the next section.

Callum: Well that was easier than I anticipated.

Callum studies the new section of Map.

Callum: How do I join the two sections together on this device, Manu Iti?

I walk Callum through the easy process of joining the two pieces of map. After this, he rises from his crouching position and stretches.

Callum: I am keen to get moving now Manu Iti. Can I get a lift?

The Gem Flashes Red, signifying 'no'.

Callum shrugs and starts walking...

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This section of The Cave narrows and the roof descends as Callum walks on, down a slight incline for many clacks, having now to duck on occasion to save banging his head on the overhead rock.

The Gem floating behind Callum's head, changes into the shape of a Star Tetrahedron, and has shrunken in size so much that Callum supposes that it could fit into the palm of his hand.

Callum: How is it that The Gem can get so small with you inside of it, Manu Iti?

Manu Iti: The Gem is a 'She' Callum. From my perspective, I sense that nothing has changed. I do not know the answer to your question any more than that. It intrigues me, nonetheless.

A blue light flashes a symbol on the armrest of my chair...I press it and images flash on The Screen before me.

Manu Iti: Gem tells me that She can be any size She wants to...literal as big as a planet, or as infinitesimal as a molecule.

Callum: How interesting! How do you also become that, being that you are within...Her.

I check the Screen for clues I can use to formulate an answer to Callum's question. Immediately an image of the Magician Tarot appears. I understand the implication.

Manu Iti: For now it seems to me that it is some kind of unknown science Callum. Best I can do presently is to say "It's a Kind of Magic". I will let you know if any other enlightening data comes through on that question...

Callum laughs at that.

Callum: Fair enough Manu Iti.

Suddenly the light of Callum's torch fades, as a greater light implies itself into the situation with each step forward Callum takes, and soon enough we find ourselves in a vast cavern, illuminated by sunshine descending through a huge hole many clacks above the narrow cavern floor.

Callum: Wow!

Manu Iti: "Wow" is right!

Before us is a vast door stretching halfway to the ceiling...or rather - halfway to the hole where the ceiling would be, if there were a ceiling...The floor of this section is completely clear of debris, so either it has since been cleared away, or there has never been a ceiling...I focus my thoughts on examining The Great Door which stands before us, looking as if it has been carved from the very rock it sits in.

Callum whistles in awe.

Callum: That is impressive!

Manu Iti: Let us hope that it opens easily enough...

Callum makes his way to the rock face before him, climbing up onto the ledge on which The Great Doors frame sits upon.
Once there, he reaches up feeling for some kind of handle in which to open it by, but finds nothing.

Callum: I does not appear to have any mechanism to open it Manu Iti. This part looks like a handle, but does not move at all.

Manu Iti: I notice some geometric shapes just below the part Callum points out looks like a handle, and bring these to Callum's attention.

Callum: Ah yes - I see them. They appear to be shapes in which objects can be inserted into them...

Callum pushes a finger into one of the shapes, and then does the same with the others.

Callum: They all have inserts as deep as my first knuckle. Perhaps these shapes are some kind of keyhole....only for what, I couldn't say. Do you have any ideas?

Manu Iti: I think you are on the right track Callum. Perhaps if you look around you might find some kind of clue.

Callum does a quick search of the area, but find nothing else.

Callum: Well Manu Iti, it appears that this way is blocked and we cannot go any further. We have no choice but to turn around and go back to the first fork.

Manu Iti: I think you might be right Callum. No doubt the Great Door is significant and we will have to find a way to open it, but whatever that is - if it is to be found - then it will be somewhere else.

Callum looks disappointed at that. I try to sound upbeat.

Manu Iti: At least we did not have to come far before finding this obstacle.
Take a picture of the shapes with your tablet camera

Callum takes the Tablet from his knapsack and finds the camera function, taking a closeup of the geometric shapes.

Callum: True that. But why did the Generated Message have me turn down this path if I only have to turn back?

Manu Iti: I would think the most obvious answer Callum, is that you needed to know that it was here...and in all likelihood, you will be coming back to it, if indeed you discover what goes into those geometric shaped holes.

Callum grunts in agreement, and turning on his heal, makes haste toward the low exit we used to get to this vast and narrow chamber...only this time we use it as an entrance as we make our way back up the incline, toward the first fork.

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Before long we reach the First Fork again and Callum immediately turns right, moving at a quick pace. Once again the floor descends on a gradual incline.

Callum: Manu Iti. If everything is a product of simulation through holograms which can be experienced as being real...then what exactly can be said to be actually Real?

I smile at Callum's question.

Manu Iti: The Answer To The Question Is Within The Question Itself Callum.

Callum thinks about this for a while.

Callum: I don't understand what that means.

Manu Iti: If I were to repeat back to you, your statement..."Don't understand what it means" - what have I left out?

Callum: What?

I chuckle.

Manu Iti: What word that you said in your statement, did I leave out when I repeated it back to you?

Callum: Umm...The word "I"?

Manu Iti: Correct. What does the "I" represent?

Once again Callum is silent as he contemplates my question. His footfalls echoing off the walls as he moves forward.

Callum: I suppose it represents who I am?

Manu Iti: Does it though? Could we not easily branch off on a tangent of discussion as to what that might be?

Callum: Sure...but isn't that what you where asking?

Manu Iti: Not really Callum. I was asking you what it represents in relation to the rest of the statement you made - whilst remembering what question you originally asked.

Callum: I asked you "If everything was simply holographic then what can be said to be 'real'?"

Manu Iti: What you actually said was;

    "If everything is a product of simulation through holograms which can be experienced as being real...then what exactly can be said to be actually Real?"

Then I replied?

Callum: You said something along the lines of..."The Answer to the Question is in the Question itself"

Manu Iti: So look at the question and find the answer therein Callum.

Callum: But I did look at the question Manu Iti! That is why I then stated that I didn't understand what you meant by that.

Manu Iti: And in return I asked you to tell me what does the "I" in your statement represent?

Callum thinks on this for some moments.

Callum: So let's see if I am following you correctly are saying then that what can be said to be actually Real, is..."I"?

Manu Iti: Yes. That which is experiencing the simulation, is that which is actually real. "I" is the short answer to your question.

Callum: But what exactly is "I"?

Manu Iti: Well now - how many tangents shall we explore to find the answer to that particular question Callum!

We both laugh at that.

Callum: But if there is any number of answers to that question Manu Iti...then how can "I" be real?

Manu Iti: Just because "I" is not understood to being any one thing Callum, does not mean that it isn't real.

Imagine that everything exists already. Would it exist if "I" didn't?

Callum: You mean if "We" didn't...if everyone didn't exist?

Manu Iti: Yes - If every "I" which exists, didn't exist, would things still exist?

Callum: I suppose in theory, yes they would still exist.

Manu Iti: So in that theory, things can exist without any "I"'s existing. Then who is to say those things would actually exist?

Callum: I hear what you are saying Manu Iti. But so what that no "I"'s exist? How would that matter?

Manu Iti: It would matter no more than every thing that exists would matter. What makes things matter or not, is determined by the "I" and in that, what matters in relation to your original question, is focused upon the answer to the question "What is actually real" - and in that, one can at least say for sure that "I" is actually real.

Callum: But how do we know this for sure?

Manu Iti: Because, we are experiencing things.

Callum: What if there was no thing to experience? How would the "I" be? Still real?

Manu Iti: If the "I" exists, then it can acknowledge that it is real, regardless of whether things exist or not.

Callum: I find it difficult to imagine existing without things...existing alone with myself.

Manu Iti: Meditate on that then. See if you can imagine that and then empathize with it.
See if you can remain in that place without creating Tangents.

Callum: Talking about tangents...

We have arrived at the next fork in the Cave System...Callum gets out his Message generator.

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In using the Message Generator, "Left" is selected. Callum does it again, and gets the same result.
He then accesses the image of the first map.

Callum: So according to The First Map Section, I have a ways to go before I reach the next fork in the path...

Callum puts away the Message Generating device and moves forward. The decline of The Cave floor gradually descending.
The light of his torch cuts through the darkness for many clacks.

Callum: Who created the Hologram Universe Manu Iti? I understand that everything within it is a creation of Human beliefs, attitudes and imagination interacting with it, but what IS it and who created it?

Manu Iti: I cannot say Callum. What I can say is that an "I" created it.
I suspect that we all are that Entity...or at least, in our individuate forms, aspects of that Entity...

Callum: That Entity?

Manu Iti: Yes...or perhaps 'those Entities'. We cannot know for sure while we are occupied within the Hologram Universes. But it is neither here nor there whether The Creator is a single Entity or a multitude of least as far as I understand.

Callum: So we created the Hologram Universes as that Entity...or those Entities?

Manu Iti: No. As those Entities, we created the potential in which to have these Hologram Universes Created. The Platform in which the Realms could be created through.

Callum: The Tabula Rasa?

Manu Iti: Yes.

Callum thinks about that for a time before continuing.

Callum: But why? Why would we create something which would do that? Something that would do that to ourselves?

I chuckle.

Manu Iti: We are Eternal Beings Callum. We could just as easily ask why we would not create something which would do that.

Callum: But that seems to me to be...reckless. What purpose is there in doing so?

Manu Iti: We can only guess Callum. Perhaps it is simply a type of game which appears to be harmful...especially when we are playing within it -but isn't really harmful at all.
I do not know, but I suspect that if I were to make judgments about it, I would only really be judging myself, since I am an aspect of The One Who Created It. We all are, so I would also be Judging all who are within The Game.

That was what the Fallen Angel Song was about Callum. Learning to wake up to who we truly are which requires we forgive that which we had become within The Game.

Callum: I still find the whole concept rather twisted Manu Iti.
I cannot help it. I have memories of loved ones suffering. Of loss and abandonment.
To think it is all just a Game that I helped to create seems to me to be an act of marginalizing those things I experienced.

I let the silence that follows Callum's spoken concerns, to linger for a while. I understand his difficulty in accepting what I am revealing to him. He comes from a place of belief that he had nothing to do with his existing in such circumstances where loss and suffering are part of the Game-Play.
He believes The Physical Universe to be a Creation of his idea of God - but also believes that The Creator is separate from The Creation - above those things - not responsible for those things occurring within said Creation.

Manu Iti: Tell me Callum. Are your experiences yours?

Callum stops and turns and looks up at The Gem.

Callum: Of course they are mine Manu Iti! Who else is having them?

Manu Iti: Where are they then? Can you show me that they are yours?

Callum taps the side of his head with his index finger.

Callum: They are here Manu Iti. They are mine alone.

Manu Iti: What about those experiences we share Callum?
Are they also yours?

Callum laughs.

Callum: Well now. Those ones are ours, are they not? You have yours from your perspective, as I do from mine. But they are uniquely different, and in that - how you experience and how I experience are different, and cannot belong to anyone but our self.

Manu Iti: But is the memory of the experience the same as the experience Callum? Is it not true that the only thing we can say belongs to us is our self? The "I" that we each are?

Callum: The memory of the experience tells us that we had the experience Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Then my question can be reshaped to ask you this Callum.
Does the memory of your experience belong to you and to you alone?

Callum: I don't see why not Manu Iti. Who else could it belong to?

Manu Iti: As information Callum, it could belong to anyone who has access to it. More-so, if it can be saved, wouldn't it belong to that which can save it?

Callum: You mean, like The Creator?

Manu Iti: Or "Creators". Yes, That is what I am getting at.

Callum: But it is me who is having the experience Manu Iti.
Why should The Creator own it? What did The Creator do to make it The Creators property? Why would The Creator even want to own it? It is mine. I am the one having it.

Manu Iti: But if The Creator made it possible for you to have experience Callum, how can we say the experience only belongs to we who are having the experience?

Callum: Even so Manu Iti. It is not The Creator having the experience, it is me. So my experience is mine, not The Creators. My Experience belongs to me!

Manu Iti: Unless of course, I am correct and we are aspects of The Creator. Then what?

Callum: Then I suppose that my experience would belong to...I and The Creator. But how do you suppose that this is the correct way to see things Manu Iti? How do we know that we are actually these' aspects of The Creator' you speak of and not independently made by The Creator.

Manu Iti: Well - I have many reasons as to why I think it is the case Callum. But let me ask you this then;

If you are not an aspect of The Creator, then how can you say that you own your experiences? Wouldn't you just be The Creators property? You and everything you experience?

Callum turns and continues walking.

Callum: I suppose so Manu Iti. Perhaps that is why I believed that I am saved and would go to heaven as a reward. Because I tried to experience my life within the parameters of that overarching concept. "Not I Lord - But You".

To present my life as full and complete and pleasing in the eyes of The Lord as I possibly could.

Manu Iti: What do you believe now Callum?

Callum: I am unsure Manu Iti. I want to believe that the Lord is with me, even here - in these Caves - in this strange world I was not expecting to experience, after I passed on from the Physical Universe.

Callum taps on the Cave wall as he walks.

Callum: Although, this new universe I am experiencing appears to be no less physical than the old one. I don't want to feel like I have been abandoned...left out of heaven...left to this new experience. It is too much like the last...which is not so much a complaint as it is a disappointment...and only because I had held hope in something far more...heavenly. Better. Freer. I have to continue to believe in that hope Manu Iti. In the hope of seeing my loved ones again. In the hope of finally meeting The Lord face to face.

Manu Iti: Perhaps you can eventually create that for yourself Callum. With the assistance of The Tabula Rasa.

Callum: What good would that do Manu Iti? I would rather have something real.

Manu Iti: What makes you think that what you Create through The Tabula Rasa, wouldn't be real Callum? YOU are the one who is real! What makes you think your last experience in the Physical Universe, with all the memories of that place- delightful and dreadful as they were...what makes those experiences any more real than any other? Are they not merely memories?
Are they more real than this Cave you are presently experiencing?

Surely the only real you have to hold, is the very moment you are always occupying? And even then, surely the only real thing about that which can be experienced, is - as we have discussed already - the "I" which is having the actual experience.

Callum say's nothing more, as he contemplates that idea internally. Before long we reach the sharp bend in the Cave and continue descending in that new direction.

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Post BBCode URL - Right click and save to clipboard to use later in post Post 67: Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:13 am

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After some time has passed simply walking in silence, Callum speaks.

Callum: So are you basically saying that if I cannot say for sure if I am real or not, how can I say anything else I experience is real?

Manu Iti: Not really Callum. I am saying that you are real regardless. The fact that we are experiencing something at all and call it 'real' tells us that we must come before the fact.

Callum: But I have no memory of 'before the fact' Manu Iti! I only know for a fact that I ..."became real" within something which was already established as 'real' before I became real. That happened in The Physical Universe.

Manu Iti: My point was that just because you have no memory of a prior existence as an Eternal Entity, does not in itself mean that you have no prior existence as an Eternal Entity Callum.

Callum: I suppose that could be true Manu Iti. But I have to ask you where is your evidence for that being the case.

Manu Iti: Where is the evidence that your memories of having a experience of The Physical Universe are true Callum?

Callum: They are in my mind Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: And so it is with me Callum. I too have no prior memory of any other existence - just as you did when experiencing The Physical Universe. I have only ever known that I have always existed within The Hologram Dimensions.
That alone does not mean I had no prior existence. It simply means that I have no memory of it.

Callum: But that is confusing to me Manu Iti. If you have no memory of it, why would you suppose that it was the case?

Manu Iti: I don't suppose anything Callum. I only accept that it is a possibility, and thus work from that premise. I thus am open to that being the case.

Callum: My struggle with all this is that it does not present The Creator is a very..wholesome light.
This is why Christianity separates the Creator from The Creation, so as to make The Creator blameless.

Manu Iti: This is also why I am saying that if one does not Judge, one does not need to attribute 'blame' in the first instance Callum.

Callum: But since we all do Judge and attribute blame, it is done!

Manu Iti: Which is why it was necessary for something to be created and injected into The Story of The Physical Universe which blame could be cast on and left there. In order to give us the opportunity to learn how NOT to blame.

In that way, The Creator is not held responsible for that which Humans judge as "Wrong' or 'Evil' etc.

Callum: But that same thing is achieved if we separate the Creator from the Creation!

Manu Iti: The question is Callum. Which is Truth. "The Creator is separate from The Creation." or "The Creator is not separate from The Creation."?

If The Creator can be shown to interact with The Creation - with the Creatures within The Creation, then it can be said that The Creator is not separate from the Creation.

Callum: Why can't The Creator interact with The Creation while still being separate from The Creation?

Manu Iti: Because that branches off into an oxymoron tangent Callum. It is an unnecessary "Extra Step" to assume.

Also - by understanding that we are aspects of The Creator Consciousness, this gives us a 'leg up' in our understanding Who We Are. Being able to forgive ourselves for creating The Creation and injecting our Selves into it, we can then begin to see clearly what our role is, from that premise.

Callum: But Christianity offers that too!

Manu Iti: Apparently not Callum. For The World humans are creating in their Physical Universe, is having an unwholesome affect on how things are unfolding within the rest of The Hologram Universes, especially in relation to The Realm of Judgement, which houses and contains those Realms created through judgmentalism. - those Creations.

Callum: I have not seen those Creations in The Realm of Judgement Manu Iti. How can I comment on what is essentially only Hearsay?

Manu Iti: That is fair enough Callum. I am not asking you to take anyone's word for it. Perhaps you may yet get to see that Realm for yourself.
My particular focus is on helping you to Create Your Own Realm, hopefully outside of The Realm of Judgment.

Callum: King of My Own Castle?

Manu Iti: In a manner of speaking, yes. But not necessarily cut off permanently from other Realms Created, such as what may be unfolding now, in regard to The Realm of The Cats and The Realm of The Patupaiarehe.
Realms do meld.

Callum: Yet the Hub of The Hologram Dimensions is separate from The Realm of Judgement Manu Iti. How do you justify your premise that The Creator is not separate from The Creation, when Realms themselves are separate?

Manu Iti: The Realms are generally separate because the Creators of those Realms have separated The Creator from The Creation Callum. Especially in regard to Those Realms Created within the Realm of Judgement.
That particular Realm has a dedication to keeping things separate. The Creators of That Realm actively work to make it that way. They achieve this through being judgmental.

Callum: I wonder what The Message Generator might have to say on this Manu Iti. I need to rest for a while anyway.

Callum finds a fairly comfortable spot to sit and then takes out his Message Generator and opens the Main List. He shuffles the list and begins to Generate a Message.

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Callum: Okay. What I decided to do was to start off with the original list which presently consists of 7066 words.
I shuffled these through the Randomizing Algorithm and then repeated that process 10 my list contains 70660 words - so each word-string on the original list is represented 10 times on this temporary list that I will be working with.

Manu Iti: That is an interesting shuffle Callum.

Callum: I see there are a total of 487 pages making up the list document Manu Iti. Perhaps you would like to choose a number between 1 and 487 for me.

Manu Iti: How about page 444 Callum.

Callum: Okay Manu Iti. I will select that page. Lets see what - if any - message can be found on that page. To make it more interesting still, I will proceed from the bottom of said page to the top.

Manu Iti: As You will Callum.

Callum seeks out the page and begins to generate the Message.

    Generated Message: Animistic Under question Incunabula Intimation The Lord God Imagination "When we hear words spoken, we hear them. When we read words written, we also hear them." Fun/Joy The Respect You Give and Receive Poetry Universal Astigmatism What’s The Problem? Science of Truth Assigned Forum The Hologram of Deception Creation Of A New Universe The Script Must Be Followed The Way We Feel Unification Evaluating Cautiously Feedback Codes Perpetually Selfish Attitude The Fine Art of Not Being Offended Stop. Listen. Observe. Wonder. Love Your Life Re Abusive Expression Of All Types. Dreaming Hot Pulse Making it up as you go along What Is Found Here Learning Expression Of Appreciation of Experience Dualic Energies Entity Wholeness Within The Main Points On The Agenda Be Free Extraterrestrial Apotheosis Yep - That's What I'm Talking About... Conundrum
    The Master ColdFire Trick Adaptive Actions Turbulent Water The Garden

After Generating the Message, Callum reads it and then comments.

Callum: Firstly, my overall impression of the Message is that it appears to be saying that we are compelled by circumstance and our reaction to circumstance determines how things will unfold for us.
Would you agree with that general assessment Manu Iti?

Manu Iti: I can go along with that assessment Callum, yes.

Callum: But it does not seem to give a definitive commentary on what you have said about The Realm Of Judgment.

Manu Iti: There is no specific mention of that Realm Callum. But there is agreement in relation to how attitude and belief shape things. That aligns with what I have been saying.

Callum nods.

Callum: I need to look up a few of the words used, because I am unfamiliar with the meanings.

Callum scans the Message.

Callum: Those words and their meanings are -
Animistic - "the belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls."
Incunabula - has two definitions - 1. any book printed before 1501. 2. the infancy or earliest stages of something; beginnings.
Intimation - an indication or hint.
Astigmatism - a defect of an optical system (such as a lens) causing rays from a point to fail to meet in a focal point resulting in a blurred and imperfect image.
Apotheosis - the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax.

Manu Iti: So now we go back to the Message and see how the meanings help us to understand it better...

Callum: The impression I get from the Message now, is that the idea that the universe having souls is under question and in its early stages of being answered but there are indications that The Creator's Imagination is involved in that process...there are things which the eye does not clearly see...perhaps in both the scientific sense as well as the philosophical. The 'climax' of the 'agenda' involved with the phrase "Entity Wholeness Within The Main Points On The Agenda Be Free Extraterrestrial Apotheosis Yep - That's What I'm Talking About..." appears to be pointing to the process, but I myself do not understand the phrasing used. Do you?

Manu Iti: "Entity Wholeness" has to do with what We discussed much earlier on when at The Campfire on Hub Mound Callum.

I search through past conversations Callum and I had, and read out the results;

Manu Iti: The first time 'Wholeness" is mentioned is in an early Message from Act I

"Science & Spirituality - The Wholeness Navigator"

I continue with my search

Manu Iti: Also part of the Message Generated;
"I Am Universe of Wholeness..."

You make mention of 'wholeness'.
I quote;

    "The Tanager tells me that one of the things those two trees symbolize are you and I. You name a thing Love; I name it otherwise. Both of us put a name to it, however. I want to know why you judge its name to be Love. One possible reason lies in my question which you did not answer, at least not clearly. This question concerns the relationship between off-spring and Mother once her Wholeness is restored. Do the off-spring remain or is it just The Mother at that point?"

Callum: Yes I remember that.

I continue with my search.

Manu Iti: I answered your query with;
    "The Mother births her children through the act of that creation and so She not only regains her Wholeness as an outcome, but in addition, gains the off-spring."

Callum: Yes. I did not understand that then. I have more of a grasp of it now..but not greatly.

Manu Iti: Yes. You speak of your confusion about that;

    "Another thing that remains confusing is that you speak of The Mother regaining Wholeness, a wholeness that was fractured into the offspring, if I understood you correctly. If so, how can the offspring remain while that Wholeness is restored? These have to be two different kinds of Wholeness being talked about or I'm misunderstanding what's going on regardless of what you've already said on the subject."

Callum: Yes. I am still unsure as to how to reconcile those differences.

Manu Iti: Yes. You had a problem with seeing any act of Love involved in the process. I answered your concerns with;

    "As to The Mother regaining Her wholeness, I am referring to the state of self awareness that She was in, prior to her entering into the state of ignorance. At that prior time, there were no offspring but she foresaw that through the process, offspring would be created. Having the prior knowledge that She would regain her wholeness - rather than eternally being lost to Her self - and that her offspring created through that process would also all eventually reach that same understanding of who they are, this is based in Love. The pain and feelings of separation are not eternal and will naturally be replaced with empathy one individual at a time, inevitably."

Callum: So you are saying that the message I have just Generated, speaks to this idea?

Manu Iti: I understand so Callum. The wholeness question has not been answered for you. The Message Generated is continuing to try to assist you in your understanding of Wholeness. You argued as if there were two types of Wholeness, because you separate The Creator with The Creation.

I tried to explain this to you back then. I quote;

    "There are not 'two kinds of wholeness' because The Mother is also The Offspring, as She really always has had the Offspring as a potential within her.
    So her regaining Wholeness and her Offspring entering into the awareness of Her Wholeness, is one and the same action, simply seen through different perspectives of The One Being...The Mother. "

I also asked you to bear in mind that the process was understood by The Mother and undertaken based upon understanding that knowledge, that all would eventually be integrated in Unity and Wholeness and the end of harm and separation established, and said that this effectively means - what started out as a purely innocent and worthy act of loving thought immediately branched out into a myriad of fractal patterns as the potential moved toward the End, where the seemingly separated branches integrate into wholeness from where they originated.

Callum: How did I answer this?

Manu Iti: You do not remember?

Callum:Perhaps I do. I think I have changed a bit as I have experienced things in The Holograph Universe after that. I am still trying to understand it is not easy.

Manu Iti: That is why I always advise non-judgmentalism Callum.
When one learns to drop judgement, Wholeness become easier to understand.

Callum: It is not easy for me to do Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: I understand Callum. Perhaps at least we can agree that this Generated Message is showing us that the subject is still on The Table.

Callum: Yes. I can agree with that Manu Iti. I suppose then, that the Message is indeed giving some commentary on my questions of The Realm of Judgement...

Callum puts the Message Generator away and stands up.

Callum: I think I have rested enough for now...time to move on again.

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Callum makes good progress to the next fork. He checks his map.

He then uses his Message Generator to help decide which way to go. The selection is to turn right.

He walks the short distance to the next fork and again consults the message Generator. Again it advises turning right. He continues on to the next and repeats the process. Again the selection is to continue turning right.

Callum: Well I am coming to the end of this section of map Manu Iti.

Again Callum walks the short distance to the next branch and then uses the MG, and once more the selection is to go right.

Callum: Okay. So what now Manu Iti?

Manu Iti: Now I think it time for you to eat and sleep Callum.

The Gem turns green and descends to the Cave floor, an opening appears in one of is facets, inviting Callum to enter, which he does without hesitation.

Within the chamber of the Gem facet, Callum finds a comfortable recliner and immediate plops himself into it.

Callum: Oh this is good Manu Iti! Very comfortable!
I did not realize how tired I am!

At that, Callum quickly drifts off to sleep.

I think of the Campfire and immediately The Gem takes us there.

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After visiting the campfire at Hub Mound I assign a Service Bot the task of gathering some food and drink for Callum, while I busy myself with other tasks.

After all is done there, The Gem returns us to the part of The Cave system which we left off from. Callum is still soundly asleep.

A bell sounds. Wiremu is contacting me.

Manu Iti: Greetings Wiremu! How are things with you?

Wiremu's smile lights up The Screen.

Wiremu: I am fine Manu Iti. How are things going for Callum in The Cave ?

Manu Iti: Callum is doing quite nicely Wiremu. He has warmed to use of the Message Generator and is responding reasonably well to concepts he was fighting against when he was Tanagers ward.

Wiremu: That is encouraging news. Any word on Ngaru Whaea and Tawa Mapahu?

Manu Iti: I have not been to view their progress as yet Wiremu. It is slow going at present, accompanying Callum through this Labyrinth.

Wiremu: I understand. Perhaps as things progress, they will also speed up. The Gem can offer assistance in that.

Manu Iti: Yes, I agree. It would be faster if Callum rode The Gem, rather than having to walk. Sometimes The Gem obliges and other times not.

Wiremu: True that.

Manu Iti: Have you heard any more from Tanager?

Wiremu: Not a whisper. Although he is actively engaging with others, it seems he has abandoned his quest to..."influence me out of the shadowlands". I suppose I have become something of a 'lost cause' as far as he is concerned.

Manu Iti: That is sad - although not entirely unexpected.

Wiremu: Agreed! Well, I just wanted to touch base with you. If you need me for anything, just give me a call.

The Gem flashes a symbol on the armrest.

Wiremu: Yes. That is the Symbol for me. Just press it as needed and I will respond.

Manu Iti: Very well Wiremu.

Wiremu smiles fondly and then disappears from The Screen. I hear the sounds of Callum stirring from his sleep.

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