Subject: The dilemma of Romans 1
When Paul spoke of all the sin in the world we were “given up to” because we didn’t thank God... I’m a soldier for Christ... Can we rid the world of evil? Nope we must live faithful in its face...

Can I tell you? Some of my hardest convictions come from homosexuals. Those who are gay... Because I imagine a perfect life where power is given to the apostles and homosexuality isn’t even a question. I want to fight my war, and know my battle, and know my enemy... Gayness is a blurry line... I’d rather be hated by the world, though how can you hate someone who is gay? Hatred is a sin. It gives the devil a foothold

Rom 1:8 on is for those under HIS wrath. Jn 3:18 tells us the sinful believers are not condemned, that is, under HIS wrath. Your job is not found in Romans 1 but in Heb 12:56-11.

I mentioned wide is the road and narrow the gate to salvation to my friend who said, "You must think most people are Satanic then?!" I said 'yup' and he looked startled and said something about but you're a good guy and I said well, this is me, this is how I treat the Satanic...

I also told him that it was sign to me that someone was not Satanic but a sinful believer who didn't know it yet that they were close to me and in my sphere.

No hate, stand for what's right, treat others the best you can.

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