This subforum is open to all. It's purpose . . .

To discuss Jewish topics and issues

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This subforum is open to all. It's purpose . . .

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. . . is to discuss and debate Jewish topics and issues. This sub-forum assumes the ongoing validity of Judaism; anyone can post here, but it's not the place to discuss, for example, whether Christianity has supplanted Judaism or ought to.

Now let the discussions begin. O:)

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Hey there

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[font=Arial]Hello I am new to this Forum...

I would like to Present an idea to You. If I AM Out of Line. Please Correct me.

Hallelujah.... Glory and Light / Lucifer to God / Ya- Whea

Halo........A luminous circle, usually prismatically colored, round the sun or moon,

Hologram......Illuminating AN object with coherent light Halogen..... lamp...LIGHT

Aladdin...Allah'Din ...ONE WITH a magic lamp OR LIGHT OR FIRE

Allah..... The Pagan Arabian Moon God. of Mohammed's TRIBE And Family.

Allah' Uzza ..... The Daughter Mediator / Messenger of Allah...Mohammed's TRIBE And Family god.

Allat..... Also The Daughter Mediator / Messenger of Allah...Mohammed's TRIBE And Family god.

HALLAL. Or Hay-Lale' .....a Hebrew word. In..... Isa 14:12 '/ Hebrew # 1966 and 1984 הילל and הלל

Meaning - (in the sense of brightness); The morning star: - Lucifer IN English Bible Translation ...

SHINING OR BRIGHT OR GLORY to shine; to boast; glory, give [light],


Hallucination.... visual~ illusion,- images.

Haloid.....Form of a halogen Haloscope or Halometer.... Instrument to read bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo Halogenation....... Creation of Halogen substance

Halesia - A tree with white bright flowers. Halite - naturally occurring crystalline shine

Haliograph - using mirrors and light for communications Heliography - photographic process in relation to exposure to light

Halothane....... A vapour fluorine that is unstable in light

Haloing....... A circular band of colored light around a light source

Halon-......carbons used as fire-extinguishing agents.

Halation.....tricks of lighting. Hallucination.... visual~ illusion,- images.

Alligator.......The REPTILE animal Alligator a Large Lizard Who Basks and Pleasures Itself in SUN LIGHT and LIGHTs Warmth

Lucent.......Giving off light Luscher.....light-absorbing testing

LUSCA....... Italian.Baby name.... Meaning: Bringer Of Light. /

Lucifer Lucifer...... an Italian word meaning Light

Lucien.........Italian.Baby name. Lucent....... .Giving off light;

luminous Luminescence The emission of light Lucentis....... Loss of light.

Luculent - bright; shining Lucis - light Lucifugous - light- shunning or avoiding

Lucerna lamp) oil lamps Luzerno - glowworm (the plant was so called in allusion to its bright seeds);

Luciform- Having, in some respects, the nature of light; resembling light

Lucid- suffused with light

Leucine- a white crystalline essential amino acid Lucite - rings -a synthetic organic effected by light

Halleluja - Allah and Lucifer to God....

REMEMBER God is Lucifer and Allah. Light, Glory . Brightness .. and Warmth and excitement of spirit,

Allah AND Lucifer are not GOD ..

I don't mean to be Blasphemous . But LOOK at the ORIGINAL Meanings of Hallah / Allah and Lucifer.

And they Mean Light, Glory. Brightness and Attraction.


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Post by dianaiad »

crexyourfiction wrote: [font=Arial]Hello I am new to this Forum...

I would like to Present an idea to You. If I AM Out of Line. Please Correct me.

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