The Da Vinci Code

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The Da Vinci Code

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Post by Piper Plexed »

I recently finished "The Da Vinci Code" and I was so enthralled, finished it in 3 day! :shock: I realize it is "fiction" though, there is also much fact. The organizations discussed do exist and the book referenced Knights Templar and Scottish Rite of the Masonic Temple, were depicted accurately (as far as I and my Mother are allowed to know). I am from a long line of Masons, Dad is in the Scottish Rite, so is my Hubby. I must admit there was a part of me that was very excited by the prospect that Jesus truly lived his life as a man, it feels right and really got my imagination going.

The question for debate;
Were your Christian sensibilities offended by this work of fiction, loosely based on fact, or were you happy and charged up like I?

And why?
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Post by otseng »

I decided to get this book and I read it over this past weekend. And I finished it in 3 days also. It's a very captivating book.

Yes, there are facts in the book. And there is also fiction in the book (probably more fiction than fact though).

No, my Christian sensibilities was not greatly offended. Primarily because it was a work of fiction and I treated it as such. I wouldn't say I was "charged up" by it either. It is however a good read and causes one to think.

For a deeper investigation into the blook, I've written a blog entry, The Da Vinci Code.

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Post by Corvus »

otseng, the book was inspired by another that was also fairly popular at one moment in time, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. It's a pretty sad collection of "what if"s and conspiracy theories, and the book apparently accepts the Merovingian claim that they claim descent from Jesus Christ, when in all likelihood, they were just a bunch of snobbish Frenchmen wanting a bit of glory.

The Priory of Sion is also mentioned in the book before it was proved to be a hoax of a Frenchmen out for glory or riches or something. Holy Blood, Holy Grail is supposed to be non-fiction.
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Post by Shild »

This article is a fairly exhaustive (though yet incomplete) description of the inaccuracies, mistakes, and fabrications in The DaVinci Code.

Don't get me wrong. Dan Brown is an excellent author of fiction, but an historian, he ain't.

The tragedy of this book is that people often take its claims seriously, which is a grievous mistake. Brown relies on information which is iffy at best, and is not opposed to making things up if it suits his purposes.
the book apparently accepts the Merovingian claim that they claim descent from Jesus Christ, when in all likelihood, they were just a bunch of snobbish Frenchmen wanting a bit of glory.
The pagan Germanic tribes which moved into France in the first millennium often claimed their leaders were descendants of this or that god. After Clovis converted to Christianity and unified France under one dynasty, it was natural for them to continue their tradition and claim that their leaders were descendants of the Christian God.

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Post by The Tsar »

The book lost me half way through. Became sort of stupid. Too many dun-dun-duns to end the chapters if you know what I mean.

Also, I just found it riding on the gnostic bandwagon. See The Matrix, The Pagan Christ etc.

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Post by Quemtal »

There is a good audio download from the Test all things radio show here:

Personally, I didn't find it offensive so much as I did misguided. I think it's sad becuase there are Christians and athiests alike who will take many of the claims seriously.

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Post by Titan »

The book is exciting and written by a great author. My problem lies not in the content but the reader. There are many highschool students who believe that everything he says is undeniable truth.

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Post by Zarathustra »

Pretty good book, read it last summer. I liked Angels & Demons a bit more, though. da Vinci Code had too many coincidences and things of that nature to really enthrall me TOO much. I feel like Angels & Demons makes the reader think about the scenario more philosophically, than the da Vinci Code tried to, you know? I'm not quite sure how to explain it.

But neither book should be treated as fact in any way.

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Post by officer2002 »

I have read part of Angels and Demons but stopped when there was a descriptive sex scene. I have heard what some things in the books are. One of my sources is a History Channel show about the books. Some of the things that have some Christians annoyed or angered do not disturb me.
Specifically the thought of Jesus getting married does not disturb me at all. The Bible does not say if He got married.
The Catholic Church is accused in the books of hiding information. This is easy to believe. It was the Catholic Church which put Tindale and others to death for translating the Bible into English and/or having Bibles.

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Post by Joshua Patrick »

The Da Vinci Code, it's at the heart of the Catholic Church, it is so offensive it is unbelievable.

The book hits at heart of the Christian faith, specially the Church itself.

Making out that Opus Dei, is some assasination organisation at the His Holiness' disposal. Even when Opus Dei approached the Author not to write lies about them, he did it anyways.

This article, pretty much destroys all the theories he makes. ... i_code.asp

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