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JCviggen wrote:Well I only replied to what you said in the post above mine...if I was arguing against something you already "covered" then I suppose you were repeating yourself as well :)

My handle has some connection to that aircraft, in the 90s SAAB (automotive) produced a limited series of the 9-3 turbo that they gave the name "Viggen" after the aircraft. I was a teenager at the time and quite liked the car, my initials alone were too short (and common, heh) to serve as a nickname on the internet so I added the viggen and i've just kind of stuck to it since lol
Not sure I fallow your line of reasoning, but no matter.
I used to have a 96 Saab myself. Interesting car. Like I said I just wanted you to be aware of what has already been said so we don't cover ground again, but with this topic it is wishful thinking. So I will attept to address any point you make from here on.

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