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Chanukah sameach. Don't let the light go out.

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Re: Chanukah

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Jayhawker Soule wrote: Chanukah sameach. Don't let the light go out.
Annie always puts an electric Hanukkiya in the window. Three fresh AAA each year to be sure. (Always remove the batteries before putting it away again. Don't want any corrosion.)

Neither of us is at all religious but traditions count. While she unpacks and sets up the menorah I put up my little Christmas tree. (There, I said it! :P :lol: )
Dogmatism and skepticism are both, in a sense, absolute philosophies; one is certain of knowing, the other of not knowing. What philosophy should dissipate is certainty, whether of knowledge or ignorance.
- Bertrand Russell

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Well, have a Rama-hana-kwanz-mas . . . :whistle:

and may matter and motion randomly evolve us, every organism!

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