Why don't the Jewish people believe in the New Testament?

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Divine Insight wrote:
Goat wrote: That's right..one thing about Judaism, it is not an 'exclusive religion'. The Jewish faith is how the Jewish people connect with the divine. They don't claim it's the only way, and that other people have their own way.
How can you claim that Judaism isn't an 'exclusive religion'?

Don't the Jews also go by the Ten Commandments? Doesn't this God proclaim that he is a jealous God and that thou shalt have no other Gods before him?

How do you interpret this to not be exclusive?

Do you think that there are multiple Gods for other people other than Jews?

Do you think that the gods that other people worship are actually the same God just interacting with different cultures in different ways? If so, why isn't he demanding exclusivity from them and proclaiming to them that he is a jealous God?

Why aren't all religions in the world then based on this same jealous God?

Doesn't the Jewish doctrine itself proclaim that God has a very special relationship with the Jews (actually with the Israelites) and that they are his chosen people?

How can this not be seen as an exclusive religion with all of this type of rhetoric?

Isn't this God even supposed to send a messiah to Israel specifically and from there create peace with all nations?

It seems to me that Judaism is totally focused on the nation of Israel. How can you say that this isn't an exclusive religion to the nation of Israel?
First of all, the Jewish religion is not 'torah only'... but rather there is the oral tradition. When I say that it is not an exclusive religion, I am saying that 'The Jewish faith is the way that the Jews chose as a path to the divine. However that does not say that is the only valid path to God.

Even the Christians have Jesus coming back to Jerusalem to remarry his Bride of Israel.

To be perfectly honest Goat, the more I talk about these religions the more they sound as absurd as Greek Mythology to me.
Yet, your beliefs are so much more reasoned and logical. Right. Uh huh.
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Goat wrote: Yet, your beliefs are so much more reasoned and logical. Right. Uh huh.
I don't really have any "beliefs". Other than it appears to me that many religions on planet Earth appear to me to be highly superstitious fables.

I think that most reasonable people accept that the ancient Greek religions are mythology. Most people don't question this at all.

Yet they continue to cling to these Abrahamic religions that contain almost the very same types of superstitious beliefs.

The Greeks had Zeus as the "God of Gods".

The Herbews have Yahweh as "The Jealous God whom thou shalt not place any other Gods before".

The Greeks made blood sacrifices to Zeus and company.

The Hebrews made extremely similar blood sacrifices to Yahweh.

My question is this: If the Hebrew God is true, and the Greek God is a myth, then why does the "real creator" of this universe just happen to be so much like Zeus?

Why would the "real creator" of this universe just happen to also be appeased by blood sacrifices just like the Gods of the Ancient Greeks (which we all now believe to be total mythology)?

It would seem to me that if the Hebrews were onto some actual real God he would have been dramatically different from the Greek myths. But no, that's not what we see. What we see is basically a carbon copy of Zeus for all intents and purposes.

So if we are all so thoroughly convinced that the Greek Zeus is total mythology why do we even give the ancient Hebrew myths any more credence?

Isn't that a legitimate question?

You point to the Jewish culture and proclaim, "But these myths have been with us for 3500 years".

That's supposed to mean something? :-k

It doesn't mean anything at all to me other than to suggest that people are very slow to discard their ancient mythologies.

And then we have religious throughout the rest of the world that are so dramatically different altogether.

My question becomes this:

If there is only one creator of all humanity, why are there so many dramatically different religions throughout the world?

Why did the Asians come up with such dramatically different ideas of what God might be like?

If there is one creator why is he focusing in on the Jews? What's wrong with the rest of the world? Do they have bad breath or something?

And if it's the "same God" then why is he inspiring and interacting in such dramatically different ways with these other cultures?

Something's amiss here.

The atheists are probably right and those of us (including me) who wish there could be something mystical and magical about reality are probably wrong.

That does seem like a bit of a shame. But then Santa Claus wasn't real either and we all seem to have survived that hoax. ;)
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