Are Jews worried that their Children turn to Christianity?

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I found this section interesting.

As descendants of Noah I find it interesting how Jewish people would be debating what type of execution was appropriate for the sins committed by non Jews.


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These were, at one time, to be the foundation of actual laws in an actual nation. Not everyone who would live there would be Jewish. What's wrong with having laws that applied to the non-Jews? Should they be under the same laws as others? Different? If so, how? That was the debate.

What's your point? Do you have one?


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Ah, I see. So you think you know something about it.

The Talmud is over 2 million words long; in English, it runs to more than fifty volumes -- over six thousand pages.

And you say it doesn't teach anything? Interesting assumption. You've read, what? Four pages? Five?


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If I went to some Jewish momma's house, and she told me, "Now don't you turn my girl into no Christian, or whatever it is you are", I'd be proud for her.

She's wanting her youngn's to follow her understanding of the world, and that's what it is mommas do. (I say that understanding that Jews are commonly studious, and accepting of change when change is warranted)

I'd much prefer that to, "You, do me the favor and convert my young'n to a religion or set of beliefs I reject". Now that'd be so goofy, I wouldn't know what to think.
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Never had kids, but I'm sure it's a dilemma for a lot of Jewish parents. You want your child to be happy, and if they fall in love with a non-Jew...?

It's harder for the more liberal Jews, I think. I know several whose children have married non-Jews; in every case, at first they were not pleased, but the marriages seem to be working out, and the kids are being raised Jewish. That, of course, is the chief concern. We don't want our people to fade away into the greater society. Among very traditional Jews, the kids are raised to not consider dating anyone outside the religion.

This isn't just about religion. When I was in high school, there was a black girl in my French club that I thought was smart, funny, and rather attractive. I never asked her out; it was 1966 and I'd have to have found another place to live. I do admit that a few years later, I rather enjoyed talking about my college roommate for months and never telling my parents that he was black; their mouths dropped when they met him, but they were very nice to him and never even gave me a hard time about not telling them. I suspect they knew why I hadn't.

Traditional Orthodox solution: Among the very strictly Orthodox (and among strict Muslims), marriages are arranged by the parents. That doesn't mean the kids have nothing to say about it, but one's options are more limited. There's a wonderful movie about that called Arranged, about an Orthodox Jewish girl and a Muslim girl the same age who become friends and have to deal with this tradition. It's very funny and moving and has a happy ending.

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