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Trump, Climate Change and Economic Inequality

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'tis my belief that the twin existential threats to mankind are 1) climate change and 2) economic inequality.

1) is an existential threat because if you can't feed the populace, or provide them enough water to grow their crops, it is bound to lead to a certain amount of dissatisfaction. Which leads us to

2) which is an existential threat because it is largely the rich countries, and the rich people, who are messing up the climate for the rest of us. The rich have the power, and are determined to maintain their privilege, even while the poorest still hunger and starve. While the wealthy are complacently happy with the status quo, the people want justice. And deserve it. And so the end result can only be conflict, in which the ordinary people are on the side of God.

Accordingly, to avoid this unsatisfactory outcome, we each need to set ourselves the following mission: To live, nationally and individually, comfortably within the constraints of the ecological carrying capacity of spaceship earth, while simultaneously eradicating absolute poverty.

It seems that the US democrats are (finally) realising this inexorable logic, as green leaning Europeans did 40 years ago and more. No wonder the bully Trump has a problem with this outlook. It's a political threat. Not to mention that, were he to provide the required leadership by example, he would need to severely curtail his own profligate lifestyle.

Go, democrats, go! Let's hope the US manages, sooner rather than later, to rid itself of this anomaly of a president.

Best wishes, 2RM

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