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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:46 am  Healing wounds of the East and the West of the world Reply with quote

Won’t recognizing Muhammad as a Spirit of Truth result healing of Earth?

One may like to read:
“Muhammad as Spirit of Truth: A Christian Testimony Against Islamophobia” by Ian Mevorach

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Re: Healing wounds of the East and the West of the world

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Monta wrote:

I don't live in Israel while Refusnics do and were involved in millitary operations.
I don't have a reason to denounce their claim.

Nor do I. If they don't want to fight, that's up to them. I have a friend who was of your opinion till he went to work in Israel and saw the other side. Yes, children are killed but it would seem that Hamas sometimes shoots Palestinians who attempt to leave their threatened homes. Israel gives warning of impending action; then telephones; then issues further warning before taking action against rockets DELIBERATELY placed near children. You report that children have been killed. Who is to blame? Should Israel just allow the rocket sites to exist? She did for a while. On humanitarian grounds she let them build hospitals and houses by allowing supplies through. The materials were used to build tunnels under Israel from which to make attacks. Israel is the only democracy in the region. It must be hell.

I'm pleased the Editor is protected. He'd be sentenced to death in some other states surrounding Israel.

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