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Looking for your True Self (II)


August 5, 2012
(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

In our real lives, we all play roles defined by our plots, such as government civil servants, judges, police officers, businessmen, teachers, thieves, hooligans, and so on. These are not our true selves, but unconscious roles that have been arranged precisely for everyone according to the conscious needs of the plot, so if someone were to ask who you are and you answered that you are a mechanical engineer, that would be wrong.

Look into a mirror. Do you see yourself? The image that you see has to be wrong because all forms are seen inaccurately; you cannot see yourself by the image of your form. The one in the mirror is not your true self at all, but only a false representation. Compare your images at the ages of eight, eighteen, and forty-eight. They are completely different because they are all illusions; none of them are really you.

Look at the people around you; some are giving impassioned speeches, holding guns tightly, making films, singing and dancing, handling official business, fighting and quarreling, catching thieves, selling goods, and some are preaching. All are just acting and role-playing; none are their true selves but most are biological robots who are running according to their programmed procedures.

Your true self is completely free. When you feel unfree, you are not your real self. You have to go to work on time to make a living, do business to make money, be a police officer to catch bad guys, or do your job according to your superiors. Then, you have to maintain the support of your parents, buy a house and a car, get married, and have children. When you make choices, you have to consider the wishes of your family and others around you and you have to remember traditional ethics and customs. Ultimately, you can never be your true self. You have to consider the expectations, demands, and constraints of the people around you as well as the cultural values and customs that society adheres to. You want to go one way but you have to choose another. If you do not, then you will have too bare guilt and pain within your heart, be angry, assume a feigned manner, pose as a person with high morals, and say words and do things against your will or worse, you will face immediate problems with your food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, illness, and death. So, you would not have been living out your true self, but only playing the role that you have to play according to the program which has been designed as a social plot.

You want to be free in your heart but you must live within constraints because you are trapped within the program; put into the plot. Cattle are driven into sheds, pigs are driven into pens, and people are driven into circles of other people. Those who are supposed to dig holes, dig them; supposed to fly, fly; supposed to be herbivores, graze on grass; supposed to be carnivores, eat meat. All are hard-pressed to escape from the bonds of the Three Realms but can only be bound by the Five Elements. The script requires that ninety-nine percent of the people do not to know the truth because if it were widely known, then the play could not be performed.

A news story reported of a migrant whose wife had affairs at home when he was at work and eventually gave birth to a child. He did not know the truth and raised the child into adulthood, but as the child grew, he developed less and and less like him, so he had a paternity test run. The DNA test result proved that the child was not his and threw him into a whirlpool of pain and trouble. Once the truth was known, a comedy became a tragedy. King Oedipus in ancient Greek mythology and legend married his own mother unknowingly and innocently, and took her as his queen. Had he not learned the truth, he might have enjoyed his warm family, but when they learned it, the queen killed herself out of shame while Oedipus blinded himself and went into exile.

Once a truth is learned, its consequences can be terrible. What would you do if you learned that you had protected something that you should have destroyed or that you had tried to ruin something that you should have been grateful for? It would be useless at that moment, even if the pain and repentance broke your heart. A pig could not live for even a day if it knew that the reason it was bred in captivity was to be slaughtered for food. If ninety-nine percent of humans knew who they really were, then our whole social system and order would collapse and the human world as we know it would no longer exist.

How do we find our true selves?

Continue to “Looking for your True Self (III)�.

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Looking for your True Self (III)
August 6, 2012
(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Have you watched movies or TV shows? Actors call other actors "Mom" and "Dad"; are they really their parents? Of course not! They were acting and none of the roles that they played were real; they were disguised. Someone is crying; are they really sad? Someone is killed; is the actor really dead? No and no; they were fake and everyone is fine. Everything in the play is false and nothing is real; otherwise it would be unimaginable how many actors would die on a battlefield of a war scene. None are actually dead because they are only pretending to be so.

Acting in movies and TV shows is acting, but how many people are acting in real life? People pledge their love to husbands and wives for whom they no longer have feelings, they defer to their bosses with smiles though they hate them inwardly, and they scold the United States viciously but rack their brains to send their children there. People lust after men or women in their sleepless nights but then act as guards of public morality and condemn others for acting on their lust. So who is not acting, who are not actors, and who live out their true selves? The truth is that everyone acts. Why are you acting? Because survival forces you to do so. Acting is a survival skill for living, but since it is all just acting, nothing is real, everything is false. Therefore, everything that we see in human society is false; nothing is real because everyone is acting.

You might say, “It is not all acting, some of it is real, my mother gave birth to me; that was not acting, it was real", and I will ask, "Your mother gave birth to you? Are you sure that she is your mother?". " The son had been the father and the daughter had been the mother", so who is your mother? You do not even know who you are, so how can you know that it was your mother who gave birth to you? Besides, how many mothers have you had; how many times have you been born since the beginning of time? Has the same woman given birth to you each time and has no other women ever given birth to you? Maybe the woman who gave birth to you five hundred years ago is your daughter in this life; can you say that your daughter has never given birth to you? Therefore, it is hard to say who has ever given birth to you: your mother, your daughter, or your lover. Of course, if we limit everything to within this life only, then of course it is your current mother who gave birth to you.

When someone pointed at Mary and said to Jesus Christ, "Thy mother and thy brother seek for thee", Jesus answered, "Who is my mother or my brother?". "Whoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, my sister, and my mother�. Jesus Christ was real, he was not acting, he was living out his true self.

Where is your true self?

As long as you want to remain a person, you will never find it or know who you really are. That is, if all your activities are centered around survival, catering to others, your society, your times, and traditional values, and if you still desire money, power, reputation, and sexual satisfaction in your mind and still want to be outstanding, to glorify and illuminate your family name, or to win glory for your homeland, as long as your mind abides “somewhere� or is tied by someone or something, and as long as you still have desire, demand, hatred, jealousy, resentment, fear, worry, and anxiety from within, then you will never find it either.

So, how is the true self to be found?

Continue to “Looking for your True Self (IV)�.

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Looking for your True Self (IV)

August 9, 2012
(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The universe is the big stage for LIFE, it exists for LIFE, it is full of LIFE, and it is full of vigor and vitality. The levels of LIFE are in various poses and have different expressions from low levels to high ones and both visible ones and invisible ones. All gradually unfold and perform on the big LIFE stage of the universe which constitutes the magnificent and colorful great universe.

From an individual LIFE to groups of many LIVES, all things are designed and arranged in strict proportions. Take people for example, everything in our bodies is designed in proportion, such as our numbers and sizes of eyes, bones, hands, and feet. The roles and life-spans of each LIFE and each group of LIVES are designed and arranged based on proportions and needs. At the same time, each LIFE group exists in a certain program and belongs to its own species. All LIFE survives in certain programs and will have to enter other ones after they leave their current ones. For instance, the animal world is a LIFE program, human society is another, and the celestial world is still another. When people depart from the human program, they will enter and run in the program of either the animal world or the celestial world.

As long as one’s role is fixed, as long as they run in a certain program, then none of their LIFE is their true self because everything has been determined by the plot of a script. It is like shooting a TV series; each actor must play a certain role according to the script plot. Even if you have some wiggle room, you will still have to follow the general script. The true self is completely free and is not subject to any outside control. If everything is done based on outside requirements rather than personal free will and is constrained by certain outside powers, then they are not the lives of true selves.

In the universe, there is no total freedom except for that of the Greatest Creator. No LIFE can enjoy total freedom. There are different degrees of freedom; the greater the degree of freedom is, the easier it is to find one’s true self and live out their true self, and vice versa. Let us consider a pig and a human. Pigs have less freedom than humans and are subject to the restrictions and controls of humans, so pigs cannot live out their free wills. They live for humans and thus can never find their true selves. Humans have more freedom than pigs, so compared to pigs, humans can live out much more of themselves. Actually, humans in general who live in marriages with families have less freedom than those who live in the New Oasis for Life. The former live passively while the later are free from the shackles of marriage and family programs and free from many of the constraints of the thirty-six Mazes of LIFE; thus, they have more freedom and can live out more of their true selves.

Lower LIFE levels have less freedom and higher LIFE levels have more freedom. For instance, each of the Plant World, the Animal World, the Mortal World, and the Celestial Beings world have more freedom than the ones before them. It can be said that the worlds closest to hell have the least freedom but those closest to heaven have the most. Therefore, one has to strive for the higher levels of LIFE space. The highest level is heaven and that is where true selves are. The more freedom there is, the easier it is to find one’s true self; the less freedom, the less true self. In the entire universe from the material world to the nonmaterial world, the most real place to find one’s true LIFE self is on the Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World because it is the place where LIFE is free from all programs, is no longer playing a scenario role, and everything is self-decided. There is only the self; the designer, the arranger, the director, and the screenwriter are all the self.

We can thus arrive at the conclusion that one can only find their true self in heaven. Pigs cannot find their true selves as pigs, and similarly humans cannot find their true selves as humans. The only absolute way to find one’s true self is to become a Super Celestial Being.

How does one become a Super Celestial Being?

By following Tao and bringing oneness to Tao and to the consciousness of the Greatest Creator to achieve self-consistency. This is how we find our true selves.

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Our Primary Prayer


(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

To the supreme master of the universe, Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

You are the cradle of LIFE and the birthplace of wisdom and I sincerely thank you for bestowing LIFE upon me. I am but a blade of grass between mountains, a grain of sand in the oceans, and you blessed me with spirituality so that I can enjoy the wonders of nature. I used to be obsessed with the mortal world and was unaware of what truth, goodness, and beauty are, or what falsity, evil, and ugliness are, and my words and deeds had often offended heaven and earth, counter to your will. I repent deeply and beg sincerely for you to forgive me for my sins; I am willing to be your servant, to follow the way that you guide me, and to receive punishment for my transgressions.

Beloved Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

Thank you deeply, for you have always understood my heart and have shown mercy on this tiny LIFE of mine by allowing me to enter Lifechanyuan. No matter how boundless the universe is, it cannot exceed your supernatural power; no matter how deep the rivers are, they are shallower than your wisdom.

I am willing to repent and become a new person:

1. I will support and honor my parents, care for my wife, love my children, and create a harmonious and happy family

2. I will lead a simple life and no longer pursue illusory things

3. I will no longer compete with others

4. I will no longer drift through life and waste my time

5. I will love life deeply and maintain my health

6. I will love nature and never cut down grass and trees at will, kill creatures, or discard filth

7. I will no longer allow the ignorant to waste my precious time or allow meaningless things to deprive me of my physical and spiritual freedom

8. Bathed in the light of your wisdom, I dedicate myself to self-cultivation, proceeding with neither hesitation nor regrets

Almighty Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

I no longer misunderstand you with my own shallow knowledge; please forgive my previous ignorance and stupidity. I am a mere mortal now and know little about the universe, life, and nature's mysteries, so I need some time to understand them before I reach the realm of wisdom. I pray for you to give me health, wealth, and freedom; may you keep my loved ones safe and give me more guidance so that I will be transformed and reborn and overcome all worldly thoughts in order to attain sainthood as soon as possible.

Omnipresent Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

I am eager to receive your supervision to test me at any time and in any way. When the rosy dawn bathes the earth and the red sun rises from the east, your servant will have risen up, cleaned up, and begun a new day of life in good spirits. Frustration, failure, displeasure, and dissatisfaction have left me and I will let nature take its course and not chase success stubbornly. I want to enjoy every little bit of my life, even in the face of all misfortune, with a smile. When the bright moon hangs in the sky and the wind blows softly across the field, your servant will have washed away all the dust and dirt around and will be reading and meditating under a lamp.

Supreme Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

I pray to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, and Mohamed (PBUH), and approach you with self-improvement. Please accept your servant and fulfill my wish!


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Our Intermediate Prayer


(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Master of all gods, Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova:

You are the prime mover of the universe, the energy center of the supernatural world, the spring in the desert, the beacon in the fog, and I sincerely thank you for endowing me with wisdom. After several years of self-improvement and self-cultivation, I can see the structure of the Earth's universe clearly, understand thirty-six dimensional space, and know the reasons and processes for the rises and falls of LIFE in different spaces so that I can escape the wrong path in order to sense the true meaning of life. I have acquired knowledge about LIFE, learned the purposes and values of time and space, and seen a much larger, more wonderful, and more perfect universe than I had previously imagined. You have shown me thousands of worlds that I will never fly over even at the speed of light and across millions of years of time.

Oh my Lord, Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova:

Since I have known you, I have always lived in a state of inspiration and excitement. I cannot express my gratitude and praise or extoll to you in words; just see the biological wave around my body, my amplitude, my wavelength and frequency have been completely transformed!

Oh Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova who has created everything in the universe:

I can achieve perfect human nature with your favor and transcend over vulgarity with your patient guidance. I have renounced material desire, conquered death, and transcended time and space. After only a few years in the mortal world, I have learned the realm that ordinary people never attain even after dozens of cycles of samsara and across hundreds of years. The key factor for my leap of spiritual quality lies in my full and sincere faith in you. As Jesus taught us, "If your faith were only as great as a grain of mustard seed, then even if you tell a mulberry tree to be uprooted and planted in the sea, it would be done�. This is the truth; where faith comes, iron and steel melt, cancer disappears, demons are defeated, and even heaven and earth can be reversed.

y gratitude and praise or extoll to you in words or from the biological wave around my body that my amplitude and wavelength have completely transformed!

Oh Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova who has created everything in the universe:

I can achieve perfect human nature with your favor and transcend over vulgarity with your patient guidance. I have renounced material desire, conquered death, and transcended time and space. After only a few years in the mortal world, I have reached the realm that ordinary people never attain even after dozens of cycles of samsara and across hundreds of years. The key factor for my leap of spiritual quality lies in my full and sincere faith in you. As Jesus taught us, "If your faith were only as great as a grain of mustard seed, then even if you tell a mulberry tree to be uprooted and planted in the sea, it would be done�. This is the truth; where faith comes, iron and steel melt, cancer disappears, demons are defeated, and even heaven and earth can be reversed.

The perfect Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

In the past, I thought that a blissful state of life should be described as seasonal rain falling after a long drought, meeting an old friend in a distant land, holding a loved one on a wedding night, or as a name that is listed as a winning candidate, but now I know the infinitely splendid wonderland that exceeds the above by a thousand times, even ten thousand times. Every cell in my body is joyous and excited; every nerve in my body sings and dances. Oh, Greatest Creator! All that I have attained is from your gifts; I could never have entered this splendid wonderland without your wisdom. Once again, I sing praise to you, extol you, and thank you sincerely.

Heavenly and Benevolent Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

You have polished and refined me from a rough rock to a shining gemstone and have guided me from a confused, troubled, and low realm life into a pure, carefree, and top-grade one, and freed me from the shackles and fetters of the ordinary and allowed me to sense real relaxation and pleasure. In the past, I was sad when I encountered troubles, complained when I was set back, was frustrated when I met obstacles, and was negative and pessimistic when I experienced adversity; I was so childish and ridiculous! It was you who cleared the thick fog in front of my life and made me see clearly that people are just wandering around aimlessly and disorderly in the mortal world so that I could understand the law of causality and find the best way of life.

Peerlessly wise Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

Although I have transcended over vulgarity, comparing my wisdom with yours would be like comparing an oil lamp swaying in a storm to the mighty sun. My wisdom is like drops of water percolating through seams in rocks, while yours is like the roaring ocean. I pray for you to guide me, spur me on, encourage me constantly, and bestow more wisdom upon me so that I will be able to climb the towering mountains that prevent me from perceiving my nature and appreciating the magnificent view of other amazing worlds.

Insightful Greatest Creator:

I have just reached the first floor. Though I have achieved perfect human nature, Satan will never stop tempting me; he will allure me and deceive me and I might commit sins. I pray for you to forgive me continuously with moderate punishments so that my sins in this life will be offset in this life. No matter how rough the future might be, I will continue along my journey of self-cultivation even though it is very long and never stop self-improving even though the goal is very far.

Most kind and merciful Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

I pray to you in the name of Jesus Christ and approach you through self-improvement and self-cultivation. Please accept your servant’s request and fulfil my wish!


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800Values for New Era Human Being(3rd Edition)


A new era for humanity will begin on New Year’s day of 2018 and it will last for a millenium. The first thirty years will be a time for soul purification and the elimination of outdated consciousnesses. A large scale purification will be necessary for humanity, mainly soul purification. Those consciousnesses which are not suitable for the needs of the new era will be eliminated. The following ten years will be a transition period – the traditional production and life modes will be replaced by new models. After that, humanity will enter a harmonious era when all religions will unite as one, favorable weather will prevail throughout the year, and everyone will enjoy happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives. This new era will last till the end of the year 3017.

Humanity will soon enter the Lifechanyuan Era. The thousand-year new era is unveiling. The “800 Values for New Era Human Being� reflects the essence of human wisdom. It not only points out the direction for human development, but also indicates the detailed ways to sublimate everyone’s LIFE. These values are grace bestowed by the Greatest Creator. They are the teachings of gods, Buddha, celestial beings, and saints. They are also the result of painstaking efforts made by ancient saints and sages and they reflect beautiful visions that humans have been dreaming of.

There are twenty (20) parallel worlds and thirty-six (36) dimensional spaces in the universe and every LIFE has an infinite space in which to develop. The Earth where humans live is called the Human World. It is the transfer station for LIVES from higher and lower spaces and the battlefield of gods, demons, Buddha, monsters, celestial beings, evil spirits, animals, and humans. It is normal in the Human World to see all kinds of bizarre and motley disputes and sufferings. Everyone born in the Human World has to undergo a smelting of the heart and pain of the spirit. Eventually, cattle will go to their sheds, pigs will go to their pens, Celestial beings will go to their fairyland, and Buddha will go to the pure land.

To welcome the new era, we have already made preparations in theory and practice. The theories are Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus. The practice is the production and life mode of the Second Home that Lifechanyuan has developed in China over the last eight years. The third edition of the “800 Values for New Era Human Being� is a highly summarized and consolidated version of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus; it is their essence and includes basic principles for everyone in the new era to understand and follow.

The history of mankind is one of suffering. It is full of wars, unrest, hunger, pain, anxiety, sadness, and fear. This is caused by the unhealthy cultures of all nations and its viral production and life order. Now we need to bring order out of chaos and remold cultures and orders. I am the great spiritual guide who was born in western China and who was identified by Boriska Kipriyanovich, the boy from Mars. I have come to guide human beings into a beautiful era which will last for one thousand years, will end the history of suffering, and will let them live in a new and happy world.

Everyone who reads the third edition of the “800 Values for New Era Human Being� is special and is blessed by the Greatest Creator; anyone who misses it or is not interested enough to read it is not blessed. Those who read it shall contemplate it carefully, take it seriously, cherish it deeply, and practice it actively. If you do so, you will see how right it is and how valuable it becomes over time. Its value is far from mundane and will bring unbelievable returns.

To gain, you first need to give. No matter how you discover and read the third edition of the “800 Values for New Era Human Being�, you need to pay one dollar. Please send your payment to the Lifechanyuan International Family Society.

May you begin a new life trip.
May peace and joy be with you.


December 1, 2017

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800 values(1-30)

1.Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.

Take a broad view and you will see the faraway mountains are fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan and a new LIFE will begin.

You will see clear scenes of paradise.

2.Revere the Greatest Creator, revere LIFE, revere nature, take the Way of the Greatest Creator.

3.Let everyone live well: the aged, the children, the widowed, the orphans, the disabled; not only ordinary people, but presidents as well; not only the rich, but prisoners in jail as well, even livestock, domestic fowl, and wild animals.

4.Three quarters of all criminals are not inherently criminal, but are forced into their situations by an unhealthy culture and the program of production and life which have been established by people.

5.What is the best state for our survival? The core is simply this: take the way of the Greatest Creator and establish governments which govern nothing. The more that governments manage and care, the worse our survival will be.

6.The more laws and regulations that there are, the more problems that will arise, especially the stronger the repression of human nature is, the stronger the containment of subjective initiative and creativity will be. It is as if to tie up people’s hands and feet with ropes and then shout for them to hurry and run!

7.Closure will lead to ignorance and backwardness, and rigidity and death as well, for a person, a nation, and society, too.

8.The Earth belongs to all humanity. People should be allowed to flow freely throughout the world and not be restricted by political borders.

9.A global government which is able to coordinate global affairs should be established.

10.Democracy is the pursuit of mediocrity. Strong, wise leaders should be in charge to carry things out, have the final say, and accept all the consequences.

11.Today’s real problems can not be solved with historic experience, but only with open and creative thinking.

12.Those who contemplate new solutions with traditional values are reactionaries resting on their laurels.

13.The judgement of right and wrong should be based upon these four essential standards: fact, science, logic, and spiritual perception,not according to the words of the ancients.

14.Meritorious statesmen are prone to be the greatest resistance to advancement.

15.There is nothing good about spirits and deities; fortunes and disasters, and all furtive and sneaky things are bad.

16.The western way of managing state affairs according to laws is so inexorable, while the oriental way of ruling states by men is so complicated, that neither methods are effective. States need to be ruled in compliance with Tao.

17.All affairs that are put into the public domain reflect the best solution to all problems.

18.What programs are bad ones? All programs are bad ones if they prevent people from leading happy, joyous, free, and blessed lives, but make people feel anxious, miserable, annoyed, dreaded, and worried.

19.Mankind is facing multiple crises, and the core one is the crisis of the soul.

20.What money can buy is not precious, but what money cannot buy is a treasure.

21.Preaching, in and of itself, cannot reach its goal; it also needs the corresponding program as its supplement.

22.Man falls into five categories:

(1) Ignorant persons are driven by instincts

(2) Laities are driven by desires

(3) Mortals are driven by sentiment

(4) Sages are driven by rationality

(5) Saints are driven by spiritual senses and saints are celestial

23.Man has six senses: visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory (taste), tactile, and spiritual.

24.The sum of positive and negative energy in universe is always zero, therefore what everyone pays is always equal to what they gain.

25�Life is a short journey of LIFE in the human world.

26.All the preaching and orders that make people happy, joyous, free, and blessed are moral, all of those that prevent them are the opposite.

27.We should pursue three great treasures in life:

1). Soul wealth

2). Spiritual wealth

3). Material wealth

Soul wealth is the most important and should be pursued first, then comes Spiritual wealth, and third is material wealth.

None of these three great treasures are dispensable and a life without any one of them will be imperfect.

28.Man lives to pursue happiness, joy, freedom, and blessings. All of our activities are centered on this goal. If we ignore this goal of the existence of life, we will be putting the cart before the horse, whether it is studying for a doctorate’s degree, marrying to found a family, establishing a company, pursuing of an official career for more money, or self-cultivation. Pursue happiness, freedom, and pleasure, and fully enjoy all your blessings along your journey through life, and hence love life, love being, love nature, and feel gratitude - this is the moral of being a person and also the major value and significance of life.

29.The highest realm of life is to read extensively, have the world in mind, cure severe illness, make vigorous effort to improve situations, benefit people, and help to create a paradise where all people will live harmoniously with each other. The highest realm of LIFE is to self-improve and self-refine, release souls of people from purgatory, become a Celestial Being and achieve Buddhahood, and realize Supreme Authentic Wisdom.

30.The easiest habit to form and the easiest to ignore, but the most harmful to life and LIFE is the habit of accepting favor and forgetting to feel gratitude.

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800 values(31-60)
31.That which is most easily obtained is the most precious. We must be very clear-headed that what comes by easily is very precious. We should not think that what we have gained easily is of little value. Rather, that which is most readily available is most precious. We should regard them as favors from the Greatest Creator and we should take this principle as the valuable book of life.

32.The eight (8) secrets of life are:

(1) The more one pays, the more they gainï¼›

(2) The uglier one’s soul is, the more painful they feels

(3) The more perfect one’s LIFE’s structure is, the more beautiful their appearance will be;

(4) The more words that are given, the greater the loss will beï¼›

(5) The more beautiful one’s soul is, the brighter their future will be;

(6) The more one is possessed one is, the more trouble they will sufferï¼›

(7) The stronger one’s self-persistence remains, the further one will be from Tao

(8) The more willing one is to pursue shortcuts, the longer their journey will be

33.The eight (8) mysteries of life are:

1) Ask for the Greatest Creator at a critical moment

2) Say �No!� to avoid disaster

3) Sensation is more reliable than wisdom

4) Capture stimulation from information the first time it is offered

5) Confession can release karma

6) Obtain truth and Tao from the evasive and elusive

7) Enter the Spiritual pure land and unite with Tao

8) Dialogue with the Greatest Creator directly by reading the books without words often.

34.The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force.

35.Live for happiness, joy, freedom, and blessing, but not for doctrine, truth, state, political party, organization, religion, or family.

36.The eighteen causes of life’s suffering are:

(1) Incorrect values of life, LIFE, and the universe

(2) Selfishness

(3) Greed

(4) Laziness

(5) Jealousy

(6) Complaining and resentment

(7) Comparing

(8) Undue ambition for victory and struggle

(9) Arrogance and insolence

(10) Dependent

(11) Infatuated and poisoned love

(12) Possession and occupation

(13) Contention for fame and gain

(14) Attachment

(15) Ambition to transform and control other people

(16) Deviation from Tao of nature

(17) Transgression of laws and disciplines

(18) Consciousness of marriage, family, nationality, state, political party, religion, and organization.

37.Mankind’s present is caused by his past and everyone’s present is caused by their past. The Tao of heaven is justice. Therefor, stop blaming heaven and earth, and stop complaining about society, other people, and the government.

38.To create happiness for mankind and individuals, you must rely on the Greatest Creator as well as on yourself.

39.The purpose of creation is to please and serve the creator. Therefore,man is supposed to do this also.

40. From God’s perspective, people are ignorant;from Buddha’s perspective, people are evil;from Celestial Beings’ perspectives, people are short-sighted and stupid;from mankind’s own perspective, people are both good and evil but wise;from animals’ perspectives, people are inconceivable and horrible;from plants’ perspectives, people are wonderful and great.

41.Humanity’s tribulation comes from humanity itself. Every individual’s tribulation comes from themselves. The functioning of Tao abides by rigorous logic and order. The equity and impartiality of the Greatest Creator is incarnated in the functioning of Tao. If we can not understand this principle, the tribulation will never end, and the vicious cycle will continue forever.

42.The most important thing in life is not to try one’s best to possess as much material as possible but to manage to change their thinking.

43.Firm faith in the Greatest Creator, believing in Karma, and putting our best into everything we do are the three magic weapons to achieve carefree lives.

44.Time and energy are the diamonds of life which should be inlaid on the crown. Time and energy should be spent on the place and cause that can best embody the value of life.

45.Life is a journey. No matter how many reincarnations we undergo, even if a thousand or ten thousand samsara in the human world, we will still have only one life in the human world if we have lost our memory. We will not know about our previous lives or ones to come and we will not even know the relations between previous lives and future ones with us or their significance. Only people who can clearly understand their past and can see their future are living in a reasonable way. And only such people can turn tragedy into comedy, enter the realm of freedom from the realm of destiny, and fully enjoy the dainties and regales and magnificent demeanors.

46.The nature of the world is illusion. Life was originally an illusion. The question is how long the illusion may last. If we can survive for a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a hundred million years in the illusion, then the illusion will be meaningful. The past is elusive, the future is elusive, and all the scenes that come to mind when one closes their eyes are elusive, however the effect and influence of all illusions on man are real.

47.These are eight general outlines of human life:

(1) Firm belief in the Greatest Creator and kindness

(2) Diligence and creation

(3) Respect for the old and love for the young

(4) Mastery of balance and never going to extremes

(5) Independence

(6) Maintenance of commonness and no pursuit of eminence

(7) A forgiving attitude toward oneself

(8) Cherishing dreams and climbing steadfastly toward the most beautiful place

48. Perfect human nature should meet these eight conditions:

(1) Revere the Greatest Creator, God, and Buddha, and respect other people

(2) Have no ambition for victory and no desire to fight for superiority

(3) Love nature

(4) Be modest, trustworthy, and honest

(5) Be sympathetic and compassionate

(6) Be able to adjust yourself and remain calm no matter whether you are in prosperity or adversity

(7) Conform to the laws of nature and do not seek eminence

(8) Love life and love labor.

49.A life without direction is blindfolded and a life without values is perplexing. The affliction and misfortune of life lie mainly in the lack of direction and values of life.

50.Life is either like the sun or like reflective material.

If it is like neither, then your life will be completely in the dark and will be as a pile of rotten garbage or a dirty and dark smudge.

51.Everything is but a game. Only the soul is true�Reality is a game. People who are obsessed with it are muddleheaded. People who are happy and pleasant in the game have an awakened consciousness. To own the reality is like the dream of an infatuated person. It is only with a game-playing attitude that you will not miss life.

52.Nothing is of an extraordinary or even a very important matter to life. Only LIFE is important enough to be maintained and cherished. Life is limited and yet LIFE is boundless. Everything in life centers on LIFE and LIFE is the core theme of human life.

53.The universe is holographic and Man is intrinsically blessed with the nature of god, Buddha, celestial, man, beast, and things. The differences in times, environments, family surroundings, educations, and individual efforts have caused some people to succeed in achieving splendid and perfect lives but have caused other people to ruin theirs.

54.A great wish can induce a great life, and a great wish has an incredible effect on life. All who have achieved great results are people with great wishes. Without great wishes, life is like duckweed that drift with the tides. Without great wishes it is impossible to scale the peaks of life and being.

55.As long as one does not know what will happen after their death, it does not matter what kind of life they lead; an honorable one or humble one. In fact, they are only in a death-bed struggle.

56.The human body runs in a program which is set up with eight miracle subprograms:

1) Self-ignition

2) Being rescued

3) Autointoxication

4) Self-healing

5) Magic power and art

6) Going crazy

7) Being possessed by the devil

8) In bliss

When conditions are ripe, these eight (8) programs will automatically start up and operate.

57.Life cannot lack belief. Life without belief is contradictory and confusing. It is a life with neither direction nor prospect and one which is doomed to become a tragedy.

58.People who want to confer benefits onto society must live for themselves first, while people who want to sin can live for others!

59.Such a short life decides one’s trend and the future of their LIFE. Every one of our words, actions, ideas, and intentions shape our futures. Our merits and sins are recorded justly every moment of every day and night. What we reject and what we accept are entirely our own choices.

60.The most urgent issues in life are how to elevate the nonmaterial structure of LIFE - its spiritual nature - toward the development of higher LIFE space directions and how to sublimate our personalities and perfect our spiritual natures. None of us know what will happen tomorrow. One certain thing is that our LIFE structures will determine the future LIFE we will have.

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800 values(60-100)
61.Favor is not debt, but when you are desperate to pay a favor back, you may be forced to sell what you depend on. To avoid such a dilemma, you should not owe others any favors.

62.Everyone has unlimited potential, but the main reason for not giving play to their potential is not because they are born stupid or have insufficient mental skills, but because they have never found their best life track to follow from start to finish.

63.One heavy blow can destroy a person and render them powerless and incapable of recovery. However, it is often the long-term impact of seemingly insignificant charges that bring ruin to people’s lives.

64.Observe the numerous people on the street who are busy coming and going back and forth. Actually we only find two types, those who are pursuing fame, and those who are pursuing wealth. It is normal for the masses to pursue fame and wealth. If we are unable to keep a sober mind, but rather join the ranks of pursuing fame and wealth, we will be bound to connect our carts in front of our horses, delaying our precious lives.

65.Life is so short that big works should be chosen over small ones. Everyone has the capital to take on a big project, this capital is - love.

66.Life is like a play, no matter how long-lived or short-lived, nor whether it gains or loses, succeeds or fails. As one play falls, another rises, rising here and subsiding there. Achieving prosperity in the human world might result in a fall in the kingdom of heaven.

67.Everything has already been doomed. Facing the numerous and complicated life issues, we have only one way to deal with them: keep calm enough to handle all natural events.

68.There is no doubt that people have free will. It is precisely this free will that causes the hesitation, trouble, agony, fear, and sadness in life.

69.One of the guarantees of a happy life is to understand and know yourself. There must be a series of troubles and pain in life. Without understanding ourselves, we would be likely to attribute all the troubles and pain to outside causes and to other people, but never to ourselves.

70.Question: Who writes the script of our life and arranges the track of LIFE?

Answer: It is we, ourselves.

Question: Who is the director?

Answer: It is the program.

71.The shrewd person only cares about an immediate benefit, but the wise one plans for the future.

72.People play all kinds of tricks to hook fish and Satan plays all kinds of tricks to hook people. Fish can not see the people behind their traps and people cannot see Satan behind his traps.

73.Man is absolutely not the result of random evolution,but has been created by angels according to the will of the Greatest Creator.

74.There are no wronged lives or souls in the world. The reasons are eightfold:

(1) The Greatest Creator is equitable and never treats anyone unjustly.

(2) The operation of Tao is meticulous and accurate, “Divine punishments, though slow, are always sure. With big meshes, yet letting nothing slip through�.

(3) Punishments and rewards are meted out accurately by Karma, “There are no gates to fortune or misfortune; you cause your own fortune and misfortune�.

(4) Reality is the projection of one’s own consciousness

(5) Understand that what we are receiving in this life is the result of what we have done in previous lives and that what we are doing now will decide what we will receive in future lives.

(6) The Law of Attraction tells us that those with the same frequency will resonate with each other, birds of a feather flock together, those with the same ideas are attracted to each other, and those in the same boat will share their weal and woe.

(7) The whole of the universe depends on the mind and all rules depend on cognition

(8) The sum of negative and positive energy is always zero, the losses and gains remain in balance, you will gain something when you lose something, and you will lose something when you gain something.

75.Money fails intelligenceï¼›Intelligence fails mindï¼›Mind fails nature.

76.I will not help unless my help is asked for, but I will come immediately if it is.

77.Dharma has no set rules, non-dharma is dharma. Form has no set shape, non-form is form.

78.Keep the main and change the others according to the situation.

79.Low wisdom is characterized by rashness, medium wisdom by competition, great wisdom can be mistaken for foolishness, and supreme wisdom is formless. Solve contradictions with formless wisdom. Dissolve all visible conflicts and contradictions with intangible thinking. Low wisdom is kept busy mapping out systems, medium wisdom is occupied with perfecting laws and regulations, great wisdom is preoccupied with spiritual civilization, and supreme wisdom roams freely and unrestrainedly in the spiritual world.

80.Little changes occur gradually but great changes happen in an instant.

81.Quiet places are free from misfortune, but places of excitement may breed disaster.

82.When you are on the wrong path, the faster you walk, the greater will be your losses to endure; When you are on the right path, you will have taken the best shortcut, even if you encounter temporary setbacks, frost and severe cold.

83.Theories and viewpoints are only suitable to particular times and places and are only applicable to certain conditions. When the environment changes, time and space change, or conditions change, such theories or viewpoints must not be applied blindly and mechanically.

84.Times change, ideas change, lifestyles change, and the relations between husbands and wives should adapt to these changes. Only change is the way to steadiness.

85.Happiness always belongs to those who conform to the trends of the times and act according to changing circumstances, but affliction will always be visited upon those who stick to traditions without considering the changes or even fearing them.

86.Any day might be the last day, so one should always accomplish everything most satisfactorily and leave no regrets behind.

87.Thinking has these eight ladders:

1) Material thinking

2) Image thinking

3) Associative thinking

4) Illusive thinking

5) Visualized thinking

6) Taiji thinking

7) Non-form thinking

8) Holographic thinking.

88.Wisdom is divided into these five levels in increasing order:

(1) Human eyes wisdom

(2) Deva eyes wisdom

(3) Wisdom eyes wisdom

(4) Dharma eyes wisdom

(5) Buddha eyes wisdom

Human eyes wisdom is the lowest kind and is based on the material world, Buddha eyes wisdom is the highest kind and is acquired after one has acquired enlightenment and can perceive nature.

89.That which can be imagined in one’s brain has existence.

90. Nothing in the universe is impossible, only something that has not been realized or transformed by thinking yet.

91.To obtain Tao, take no account of virtueï¼›

To obtain virtue, take no account of benevolenceï¼›

To obtain benevolence, take no account of righteousnessï¼›

To obtain righteousness, take no account of courtesyï¼›

To lack Tao, attach importance to virtueï¼›

To lack virtue, attach importance to benevolenceï¼›

To lack benevolence, attach importance to righteousnessï¼›

To lack righteousness, attach importance to courtesy.

92.Forms give birth to souls, but souls can transcend over forms.

93.Mankind has three origins: the origin from the pyramid, the origin from the Garden of Eden, and the reincarnation of the dragon.

94.Negative, passive, and pessimistic words, moods, and consciousnesses will bring pain, misfortune, and disaster. Being alive, one is supposed to be positive, active, and optimistic.

95.The bewilderment of one’s self comes from the bewilderment of one’s consciousness. The bewilderment of life results from the disorder of one’s consciousness. Our sufferings mainly derive from the sufferings of our consciousnesses. All our uncertainties are rooted in our indefinite consciousnesses, in our failure to understand ourselves, and in our failure to understand what we really need.

96.It is only if we express ourselves clearly that the universe will better cooperate with us; If we do not understand ourselves clearly, the universe will be unable to cooperate with us; God helps those who help themselves; never look forward to help from immortals or emperors without your own effort.

97. The greater the energy, the more invisible a thing will be; the smaller the energy, the more tangible a thing will be.

98.The three constituent elements of the universe are:consciousness, structure, and energy.

99.Everyone must build their own soul garden. Jealousy, anger, hatred, complaining, comparing, cursing, worrying, anxiety, fear, falsity, wickedness, ugliness, sloppiness, hypocrisy, laziness, greed, avid possession, forced occupation, desire to excel over others, false exculpation, and other weeds and barnyard grasses must be cleared out of your soul gardens. They must be sowed and planted with sincerity, kindness, virtue, love, faith, honesty, diligence, bravery, unselfishness, devotion, service, care, tolerance, consideration, compassion, mercy, and other beautiful flowers.

100.Affection and romantic sexual love are precious gifts bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator. We are supposed to enjoy fully the pleasures and sweetness of them.

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800 Values (100-140)

101. Jealousy reflects an ugly soul.

102.A mind bent on comparison is a mind bent on wickedness.

103.Vanity is as a cancer cell of life.

104.Complaining is a poisoned arrow.

105.Selfishness is the source of trouble and is a primary pass to hell.

106. Anger is the source of all diseases and is like chronic poisoning one’s self.

107. Anger is an emotional cyclone; to get angry is to get hurt.

108. Laziness is a parasite’s consciousness.

109.Gratitude is the first element to sublimate LIFE.

110. Selflessness is the pass to heaven.

111.Giving and dedicating are the best ways to accumulate treasure in the heaven.

112.Money, power, position, fame, and beauty are the devil’s bait.

113.The more things you possess, the more trouble you will also possess.

114. Health, calmness, joy, contentment, and peace are rewards from the Greatest Creator.

115.You can own nothing and yet have everything.

116.Honesty is the best policy.

117.Once the roots are established, the way will grow therefrom.

118.If a man can correct his body and mind, then the true spirit dwells in it and the great virtue comes out of it. If one can achieve an integrity of body and soul through self-improving and self-refining, then they can have real spirit and great talent and virtue concentrated within themself.

119. Keeping one’s faith is the first priority in life; breaking one’s word is criminal.

120. Being negative is like cutting one’s own and other people’s arteries to release blood.

121. Repentance is an effective way to purify the soul and also a cure to eliminate negative karma.

122.Praying has incredible supernatural power – pray more when you cannot realize your beautiful ideal because you feel trapped by your surroundings.

123.Being cold is a sign of lacking vigor and vitality, and those who lack enthusiasm and passion cannot do great things.

124.Greed is a psychological disease.

125.Arrogance is a devil’s quality.

126.Stubbornness is a symbol of rigid thinking.

127.Truth cannot be found in debates and arguments.

128.Cheating is criminal.

129.Suspicion is psychological perversion.

130.Hate is like poisoning yourself and others.

131.Cursing is wizardry and the cursor will become a demon, so do not curse no matter how angry you become.

132. Hate ruins us.

133.Weak spots with defects are the most vulnerable to injury.

134. Praise shows the richness of one’s soul.

135.Belittling others shows the ugliness of one’s soul.

136.Humbleness is the beginning of progress, sublimation, and a pass to heaven.

137.Trust is like honey and distrust is like a knife.

138.As humans, we need to have religious sentiment.

139.Conducting oneself naturally is the greatest beauty.

140.Do not judge others; be careful about conclusive words before they escape your mouth.

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