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I Have an Ideal

Xue Feng

(Translated by Transn Ltd. and Edited by Kaer)

Following the footprints of immortals, sages, oracles and saints, I have crossed and trekked numerous treacherous mountains and rivers. Roaming all through the wilderness of soul, I have been spreading the message of the Greatest Creator. The wishes of god and Buddha and the expectations of oracles and saints have converged to form my ideal, which is as clear and bright as the shining sun and can be food of thought for you to meditate over.

Human beings have been trekking along a long path soaked with blood. Jesus and Sakyamuni have revealed to us that in the universe there are many higher spaces of LIFE and have earnestly and tirelessly admonished us not to go astray from the great road of LIFE. Numberless immortals, sages, oracles and saints have exerted their utmost effort for the happiness of mankind. Their souls are still shining brightly over us, warning us not to act against the law of nature and wishing us to live a happy life.However, blinded by the dense fog of “civilization”, mankind has been straying further and further away from the great road…

I want to kindle a beacon of hope to light up the endless darkness, bringing mankind a ray of hope. I want to create an oasis out of the vast and isolated desert, offering an auspicious and harmonious habitat for LIFE on earth. I want to build a land of spirit and soul out of the boundless ocean of flaunty material prosperity, leading to the land those people who yearn towards the Greatest Creator, love LIFE and nature, and possess beautiful human nature and soul and making them eternally severed from the abyss of sufferings. I will shepherd them safely to the Thousand-Year World to enjoy the wonderful time of the millennium.

The people favored by god and Buddha are still miserably shackled in spirit and soul. In this bustling world overrun with desire for material acquisition, people with a purer and better heart are more prone to spiritual and psychological tortures, and cannot afford even a moment of peace and quiet. Every place reeks of putrid smells. What meet the eyes are wickedness and evils that have gone unpunished. Man’s tremendous amount of legal articles and religious teachings are powerless to avert the depravity of morality and the prevalence of wickedness. The viciously misleading evil soul and the junk thought have taken up the throne of truth.

Despotism has not only caused the loss of personal and spiritual freedom for the governed but also has caused the governing class to be trapped in the quagmire of desperation, without any hope to obtain the true freedom of LIFE.

I want to tell people that the plight of mankind does of lie in the material aspect but in the spiritual aspect. The wasteland of spirit and soul is the real source of human suffering. Seeking the homestead for spirit and soul is an urgency for mankind. The blind pursuit of material acquisition is only analogous to quenching one’s thirst with poisoned wine or stopping water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back. Thus such acts will cause the ruin of not only the earth but mankind itself.

An era is a demoniac era if the dignity of a person is determined by the amount of money he has earned and the social position he has attained and if the value of man is not measured by his moral character and good deeds. A society is an evil society if it allows its subjects to become upstart through speculation and plundering instead of getting rich with honest and diligent labor. A government is a despotic and satanic government if it spares no effort to force-out new thinking, attempting to lock people in an ignorant and barbarian and savage world. A nation will be one void of wisdom and oriented toward insanity and destruction if it does not advocate dedication and love but blindly instigates its people to use violence.

Man’s worry originates partly from ignorance and partly from selfishness. Because of ignorance, we have invited demons in but shut the door against god and Buddha. Because of selfishness, we have chosen wickedness but abandoned righteousness. A lot of good ideals and kind moralities are often snuffed out in the cradle. The desolation of soul is the optimum soil to breed junk thought and religious plague.

Today people are engulfed in information. Television, networks, newspapers and magazines, books, and lectures are infusing mountains of information into us, far more than we can digest, thus causing the indigestion, malnutrition, and ill health. The pursuit of knowledge has become a morbid thirst. The more we attempt to swallow down unthinkingly, the less we understand. Various media have become the fertile soil to cultivate ignorance and manic and blind adherence.

Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual perception, those literati have made up rancid articles under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality, and promoting benevolence, and under the disguise of adhering to “belief”, cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism…They have fabricated so much cultural garbage and so many spiritual drugs that it is impossible to clean them all up. The roughly manufactured scum has become our daily food for thought, which has directly distorted our values, destroyed our human environment, and polluted our pure heart.

Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual sense, those literati hangmen worship those rancid articles as classics under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality,and promoting benevolence, and under the disguise of adhering to “belief”,cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism… As for those works of wisdom, which shine resplendently with thought, they look down upon them as “heresies” and wielded their cultural butcher knife toward them without hesitation…

The Chinese people, on the one hand you have been heaving sighs that China has become a land deserted by the Greatest Creator, but have you on the other hand acquired the broadness of mind to include great wisdom? Can you recognize it when great wisdom really “descends from heaven”?

I have an ideal that the Greatest Creator may enter China and the human world, that Christianity and Buddhism may regain their prevalence here, and that humanity may be restored on the beautiful land.

When conspiracy and tricks prevail over truth, justice is taunted, enthusiasm meets with contempt, reverence for the Greatest Creator is regarded as ridiculous, oppression and bully are viewed as inviolable power, the hoodwinked masses are meanwhile branded as ignorant,freedom is slandered, life is trampled, right and wrong are reversed, black and white are confused, and good and evil people mix together, then in such situations we have no choice but to search the source of LIFE. Only in this way can we pierce through the indistinct murk and see the light. Only in this way can we steady the steer in the turbid and turbulent waves and ultimately reach the ocean of LIFE.

In this unusual time of superficial prosperity, when actually crises are lurking everywhere, we are not yet in the position to sing praises of the virtue or merits. At a time when the journey is rough and treacherous, flattery and conservativeness cannot salvage us. Now it is not yet the time when “the bank of injustice” has gone bankrupt completely. Any non-action and dawdling will only speed up the approach of “doomsday”. We will only eventually lose our beautiful homestead and splendid future if we are only capable of destruction and are incapable of construction, if we don’t know how to repay other people’s favors and are only bent on vengeance, and if we only want to acquire from others and do not know how to dedicate to others.

For many centuries, man’s blind behaviors have dug out an abyss, which can engulf us at any moment and thus should be filled up. The sooner it is leveled up, the better it would be.

Reverence for the Greatest Creator and adherence to his road is our only hope, because only in front of the Greatest Creator can we have equal human dignity; because we should worship the Greatest Creator so that our mind can possess soul, our knowledge be transformed into wisdom. And only in this way can we understand the meaning of LIFE and embark on the great road of LIFE.

You may lock yourself up in the ivory tower, lose yourself in the piles of broken papers, and engross yourself in the so-called academic research, thus placing yourself outside the social issues. In so doing, you seem to have entered a serene heaven. However, can you expect any egg to remain intact if the nest is overturned? Poke your head inside a cave,leaving your hindquarter exposed and fancying that what is not seen does not exist. Can you derive from your research any great achievements that may do any good to humankind?

The unrealistic teaching or “truth”that blindly preaches pursuit of happiness of future life is absurd and wicked. A person always wearing a smile is relentless at heart; a person always with tears is cruel at heart.

Children are suffering starvation and cannot afford education; the poverty-stricken have no money to treat their diseases. However, we are manufacturing various kinds of luxury products, and building one after another lifeless skyscrapers. Isn’t this a mockery and blasphemy against LIFE?

If our neighbors have no freedom, we ourselves cannot obtain complete freedom. If our brothers are suffering starvation, we cannot swallow the dainty food in our mouths. If people in the remote areas are crying, we will not be able to enjoy quietly the comfort and luxury of big cities.

I have an ideal. I will lead those who truly yearn towards the Greatest Creator to Lifechanyuan, and transform the jarring hullabaloo into a fraternal movement, and play a convivial symphony of LIFE.

I firmly believe that mankind can certainly walk out of the dark canyon and the wasteland of spirit, and enter an unprecedentedly beautiful field. I firmly believe that soul will prevail over flesh and that people will eventually obtain the freedom of body and mind and the serenity of LIFE.

This is not a golden fantasy for the remote future. The majestic tides are surging with mighty momentum. Among their broad bosoms are contained colorful gems that can decorate man’s life and make it more noble and beautiful. When the unexpected supernatural incident comes,the mysterious power shall strike people’s heartstrings, the vast fields will take on the splendid coating, the polluted rivers will become clear and pure again, the turbid sky will be changed into expanses of colorful clouds, and the free rhythm will reverberate in each inch of the land.

Eternal virtue remains with Jesus Christ!

Supreme wisdom is ascribed to Sakyamuni!

Eternal glory belongs to the Greatest Creator!
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Confessions of Lifechanyuan

-Everyone is equal before the Greatest Creator

Xue Feng, Xianhe Celestial

The physical energy or Tao of the Greatest Creator treats everything of the universe equally with no preference on any population or individual. Everything depends on the operation of Tao, such as whether we have the successful career, whether our families are harmonious, whether countries are prosperous and whether human beings can share the peace and tranquility.

If one follows Tao, one will be prosperous; otherwise one will perish. Troubles will not find you unless you are looking for them.

Lifechanyuan was born at the end of the 5th Years of the Sun and it is the last summon sent by God and Buddha to the human beings on the earth. Lifechanyuan thinks that the Greatest Creator dominates the universe, that God and Buddha are the messengers of the Greatest Creator, that human are the favorite children of God and Buddha. The universe shares the same body with life, and life coexists with the universe. life exists when the universe exists; no life no universe.

The Greatest Creator has arranged 36 pass of Eight Diagrams Arrays in the vast universe and in this way everyone's life can own an infinite good future. The na?ve Christians have the thousand-year world; the Taoists with noble morality have the ten-thousand-year world; and the Buddhists who reach the non-form state can directly enter into the Elysium World. One can enter into the supreme life space or not depends on whether one can decode the Eight Diagrams Array of the Greatest Creator.

The difference of people does not lie in their social position or their wealth but in the purity of spiritual nature. The higher the purity of spiritual nature, the truer the belief; the dirtier the spiritual nature, the faker the belief; the higher the spiritual nature, the more advanced the thinking; the lower the spiritual nature, the more bigoted the thinking.

In the human society, the spiritual nature of Celestial Beings, saints, sages and wise men is high and pure, and they are the people with great wisdom among all human beings. People have to possess three minimum conditions to survive in this world: namely, love the Greatest Creator, love Nature and love human beings themselves. Without above three conditions, people are not qualified to live in the homeland created by the Greatest Creator.

Lifechanyuan firmly believes that the current human is reveling at the edge of cliff and may fall into abyss in any unguarded moment. Human beings should understand their existing purpose on the earth, origin and destination. The Greatest Creator, God and Buddha have spent billions of years to build such a beautiful homeland; and since then there are human and civilization on the earth. However, human has polluted this homeland into a dirty and filthy waste yard for just thousands years; the Greatest Creator has arranged messengers to the Mortal World to enlighten human, but masses of people still ignore it and refuse to admit their errors. The wisdom of human is enough to govern themselves and the earth, while more and more people begin to ignore the Greatest Creator, lose their own nature and ruin the earth. More than that, people still try to kill each other, fight against each other and adopt a hostile attitude towards each other; they try to strife openly and secretly even among brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, husband and wife, mother and daughters. The current human civilization is moving towards the end and it is necessary for human to have a thoroughly introspection on their own civilization.

Lifechanyuan rings alarm bell for human, which for some people is musical sound for others may be death toll. What one hears is musical sound or death toll completely depends on their spiritual nature. Lifechanyuan still believes all the natural and ecological disasters are not caused by the Greatest Creator, God or Buddha but by the bad consciousness and conducts of human; the illness of each person is not caused by nature but by imperfectness of personal soul and spirit; the problem of ecological collapse is not caused by the system but by the trouble of human nature and spiritual nature. Only from the perspective of human nature and spiritual nature, people can obtain the thorough understanding on the numerous plights and various natural and man-made disaster currently faced by human.

Different people have different spiritual natures. The deeper one involved into the secular society, the easier his spiritual nature is deceived; one is easy to go astray if he does not follow the great Tao but blindly self-refine and self-improve. Lifechanyuan is the homeland of human spiritual nature with the heart of Christ and Bodhisattva, and it comes to the Mortal World with the great love and pity of the Greatest Creator, God and Buddha in order to spread the Tao of the Greatest Creator. This homeland contains the wisdom of human and sows the hopes for humans; it is also willing to become the spiritual courier station for everyone on the way moving towards the beautiful future. Lifechanyuan still believes neither science nor religion can offer the intact answer for various abstruse puzzles of life, universe and human life confusions faced by human beings. Christianism gets to know the origin of life but can not understand the final destination of life; Buddhism gets to know the final destination of life but can not understand the origin of life. People in the religious conscience possess the spiritual nature but are short of reason; and the people in the scientific community possess reason but often are short of spiritual nature. The big wisdom needs not only spiritual nature but also reason. Only the Celestial Beings, saints, sages and the wise men in the human world are the ones possess the great wisdom with both reason and spiritual nature. And only they understand the microscopic world which can lead to the macroscopic universe; similarly the macroscopic universe can also lead to the microscopic world. The apices of the microscopic world do not exist in forms of fundamental particles, nor in form of string or superstring but operated in form of nonmaterial. Thus, they are the people who can percept the Greatest Creator in the depth of the microscopic world. Thereby, in human world only the Celestial Beings, saints, sages and the wise men understand not only the origin of life but also the final destination of life.

Lifechanyuan thinks that the despotic dictatorship system is the root of social disasters and the free democratic system is not really a panacea. Only by following the Tao of the Greatest Creator, human can bid farewell to hunger, illness, pestilence, crime, natural disaster, violence and war forever and move towards natural peace, composed freedom, healthful happiness; only this system can guarantee human beings with a good protection of themselves and the existing homeland-the environment and the belongings on the earth, realizing the harmony between human and Nature and safeguarding a good future for human beings and everyone. Lifechanyuan thinks the present life of human is the result of their past and everyone's present is the result of his own past; only when we understand this can we keep a serenity mind, instant wisdom and stop complaining everything around us and find the right direction to the right path. In order to get a good future for human beings, we need to think deeply; we can not let out your hatred with no reason and can not represent ignorant and shallow casually for temporary gain and loss, our own private interest and various kindness and enmity.

We need to "establish the true belief" in order to build a good future for human. Yin Zhenqiu sighed: "All evils and all the roots of illness today was the result of lacking true belief" "We do not establish the ultimate goal among all goals; we do not establish the highest principle among all principles; we do not form the highest faith among all faith; we do not set up the ultimate standard among all standards." "Without the ultimate goal, how can we choose specific way of life? "Without the highest principle, how can we set up the specific principle and to abide it invariantly and willingly?" "Without all these, our life will definitely be blind, empty and absurd" We need to "forge a new humanity" in order to offer a good and beautiful future for human.

D.H. Lawrence proposes: To survive, we need to work together and digest all the knowledge of human as a whole; we must work hard to integrate a wide range of knowledge together and synthesize a great variety of languages into a huge and refreshing symphony; a variety of human nature must be cast into the furnace so as to obtain a new humanity. Please remember that what we need is not out of any private requirement-not personal requirement from any one of us. What we need is not for honor or self-satisfaction but a huge driving force of all people; with this we can create a great mankind and a free nationality including the personal freedom… One person can not work out a brand-new nationality, so this will depend on all of us. In order to reach this goal, we should work together with one heart. .. At that time, there will be a lot of people who are going to cast off the shackles and until smash all fetters. In order to provide a good and beautiful future for human, we should give up our own prejudice and convention, and extinguish the envy, selfness, rage and hatred of our mind to light the bright beacon of sincerity, braveness, kindheartedness and magnanimousness in our hearts; we have to open our minds and walk out of fog to meet new friends, to accept new consciousness, to sow new values and to embrace new life.

Lifechanyuan thinks that human is in the eve of "the biggest change and opportunity for a millennium", and this will be an era, in which wind and cloud is surging, an era of big change and big transition, an era calling for sages and wise men and an era exploring and pursuing the infinite space-time. The clouds in the sky do not come from nowhere, neither does Lifechanyuan. The birth of Lifechanyuan is an exhibition coming from the nature's mystery and supreme theory of the universe, and a necessity of the development of human spiritual nature and wisdom. Human beings have to believe in the Greatest Creator, revere to God and Buddha and respect life. Everyone whether Celestial beings, saints, sages, wise men or ordinary people, whether emperor or common people, whether elites or the masses, whether the rich or the poor, whether Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists or the witness of Johovah, the members of Falun Gong, members of Krsna consciousness movement, communists, whether the freemen or the prisoners, whether human or livestock, birds, animals, flowers, plants, flora, fauna etc. should be respected and loved.

The Great Contour is shapeless and the supreme wisdom is boundless; "without the supreme wisdom, one can not understand the Tao of the Greatest Creator". Lifechanyuan wishes all the Celestial Beings, saints, sages and wise men of the Mortal World to experience the secret of the Greatest Creator's Tao so as to obtain a tiny space in Lifechanyuan and to give relief and help to all people with your spiritual nature and wisdom. Wish the Greatest Creator grants psychic energy to you! Wish God and Buddha bless you! Lifechanyuan wish all the people who pursue the Greatest Creator, worship Christ, revere to God, Buddha, Celestial Being and Tao; whether Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists or the witness of Johovah, the members of Falun Gong, members of Krishna consciousness movement can obtain enlightenments and new life from Lifechanyuan. Wish the Greatest Creator grants psychic energy to you! Wish God and Buddha bless you!

The Greatest Creator will show concern, love and watch all of people with no difference who are busy running about for their own cause and life all day long, no matter you are the noble monarch or the humble common people; no matter you are rich with million dollars or as poor as a church mouse; no matter you are a man of great talent or you do not even know ABC; no matter you are superstars, officials, white collars or migrant laborers wandering all over the world; no matter you are communists or democratic persons with ideals and integrity; no matter you are free men or a criminal prisoner… Lifechanyuan will always open its door and expect the arrival of you before the year of 2013. Wish you can open your mind before the Greatest Creator, God and Buddha, can obtain enlightenment and new life from Lifechanyuan.

Wish the Greatest Creator grants psychic energy to you! Wish God and Buddha bless you! The Greatest Creator God and Buddha is with us! Let's travel together with the wise men and run to the mysterious future filled with vitality, freedom, peace, agility and beauty.

April 25, 2004

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You will have Everything When You Keep Lifechanyuan Values

Xue Feng

Do you want to have a new family? Yes, you can have one. Once you keep Lifechanyuan values, you can have a warm family with many brothers, sisters and relatives; Chanyuan has everything that the traditional family owns and also has everything that the traditional family does not own.

Do you want to have numerous lovers, girl bosom friends or confidants? Sure! Once you keep Lifechanyuan values, you can possess many lovers and confidants who are armed with super talent, natural and handsome, beauty and sentiment, elegancy and civility; at that time, you will sigh with feeling that human life is so fine and it is not enough to live other several generations.

Do you want to have a good undisturbed environment with tranquil, tasteful atmosphere? Sure! Once you keep Lifechanyuan values, you can enter into Home without Marriage and Family which is characterized with idyllic beauty, where everything is just like the things in the Heaven and the thousand-year world; and you even don't know how to make a dream.

Do you want to cast off loneliness and hope to chat or amuse with somebody? Sure! Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can share the happy moments with many lively, humorous, funny, people who are characterized with beautiful hearts and cheerful words.

Do you want to obtain the free care and thoughtfulness of the angel like nurses when you are in poor health? Yes, you can have all these. Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can have an ideal recuperating environment to help you recuperate as soon as possible and resume your infinite vitality.

Do you want to have a good environment in your declining age so as to spend serenely your last years with much cares of others? Yes, you can have all these. Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can leave the Mortal World without any regrets and enter into another land of idyllic beauty with cheers.

Do you want to win a way out and to acquire a new lease of life when you suffer from natural and man-made disaster and become desperate on human life and future? Yes, you can have all these. Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can win a way out and acquire a new lease of life and rebirth with the youth vitality.

Do you want to own the spiritual, mental and physical wealth? Yes, you can have all these. Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you will be rich on your spirit, mentality and material; and yon will not feel anxious, worried, melancholy and terrified; and you will not worry about your future.

Do you want to live a colorful and interesting life? Sure! Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you will live such life as welcoming the rising sun with the sound of piano, saying goodbye to the sunset glow with the sound of a vertical bamboo flute, wakening up at midnight for thinking of arts and leading to a secluded spot through a winding path.

Do you want to sit quiet in the meditation room to self-refine yourself, to detach from your ordinary framework, to obtain the supreme authentic wisdom and 64 kinds of magical powers so as to reach the five level dhyana to wander through the unusually brilliant big world? Sure! Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, somebody will guide you to fulfill all these.

Do you want to listen to the instructions of the contemporary experts to open you telegnosis immediately to sublime your life qualities? Sure! Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can obtain the personal imparting of Saint Yang, Saint Yin and Four Heavenly Kings; in this way you can understand the instructions of Christ and Buddha at the tremendous pace, digest all these instructions immediately and become an outstanding generation of master.

Do you want to go to the Heaven, the thousand-year world to share the thousands of years' life of Celestial Beings? Yes, you can fulfill all of these. Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values and live according to the Lifechanyuan values, you can understand everything of the thousand-year world; and your consciousness will resonate immediately with the consciousness of the Celestial Beings in the thousand-year world in the same frequency; as the opportunities are ripe, you will directly reach the thousand-year world to fully enjoy the infinite beauty of life.

Do you want to go to the Heaven and the ten-thousand-year world to enjoy acme of beauty for thirty thousand years? Yes, you can have all these. Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can travel over the most splendid scenes of the universe, taste all the magical melons and fruits, master the flying skills of hovering in the sky with a relaxed and happy mind.

Do you want to go to the Elysium world, Celestial Islands Continent to metamorphosize the big world to create something out of nothing? Do you want to live in this way for billions of years? Sure! Once you keep the Lifechanyuan values, you can possess the earth-size Celestial island, in which you are the heavenly king to do whatever you want to do; furthermore, you can share the infinite fun with billions of Super Celestial Beings.

What do you want to have?

Isn't this the woolgathering of Xue Feng? Does he deceive us?

The Celestial Being LaoTzu offers the right answer: "When the highest types of men hear the Tao (truth), they try hard to live in accordance with it. When the mediocre type hear the Tao, they seem to be aware and yet unaware of it. When the lowest types hear the Tao, They break into loud laughter If it were not laughed at, it would not be Tao."

Don't you believe this? Fine! See what you can gain in the end by departing from the Lifechanyuan values!

July 6, 2008

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Love is a Precious Gift That the Greatest Creator Bestows to Human Being
Lifechanyuan Perspective on Love

Xue Feng

Nature is so lovely and pleasing because it has so many colors; human life is so sentimental; it is such a wrench to leave the world because there is love. Nature would be monotonous and dull without color; human life would be dull and cheerless without love.

"What is this love? Why people would die for it?" The British prince "loves the beauty more than the power" In the story of Butterfly Lovers, Liang Shanbo jumped into the crack of Ju Yingtai's grave without any hesitation. Romeo came underneath the window of Juliet every night singing the song "Nightingale". Most musicians and artists in Europe and some great writers in Russian created enduring masterpieces inspired by their love in heart. The Prince Charming in the fairy tales has inspired innumerable girls' beautiful dream for future life. A Maid From Heaven descended to the mortal world for marrying Dong Yong in pursuit of love. The Jade Hare descended from the moon to the mortal world for a good match. The beautiful courtesan Du Shiniang threw her jewel box into water because of the loss of love. Yin ying took risk in love with Scholar Zhang. The maiden from an official family gave up comfortable life for love; young married women complained about her sheltered life. The gifted youth dueled to death for love, which would ever make all heroes wet their sleeves with hot tears. Love has made countless men and women bow in homage, and they would rather die for romance than live without love. White Snake, Green Snake, fox, and spiders which succeed in self-refinement made effort to establish a passionate connection with handsome young man in spite of Fa Hai, Masters, Sun Wukong the Monkey King, and Taoist priest's struggling to break the pair up. Love makes people to toss and turn in bed; love makes people unable to fall asleep; love gives people the strength for searching their lovers crossing through thousands of miles away; love makes people pine away day by day and deplore for the rest of their life because of missing a good chance in love with the beloved; and love makes many people lay down their lives.

Love, is a precious gift that the Greatest Creator bestows to human beings.

Jesus and Sakyamuni are just like beacons for people in their way of happy life. They are the most respectable men in our heart. Nevertheless, one is God and the other is Buddha, and the original intention of the Greatest Creator will be distorted if human nature is required according to the principle of God and Buddha. The Greatest Creator designed the appropriate penis and vagina as well as their corresponding position. Physical contact makes peoples passionate, orgasm makes people fascinated. Missing one's sweetheart would make him/her feel meal and drink flat, but seeing one's sweetheart would make him/her rambling and incoherent in speech, speeding up in pulse, and glowing red in face. Isn't it beautiful? Is it necessary for us to set up hedges and difficulties for blocking people's real love?

Suppressing love is a destruction of human nature and a revolt against the Greatest Creator.

Somebody said "Liberty and love! These two I must have. For my love I will sacrifice life, for liberty I will sacrifice my love". But what I don't understand is that, what use is liberty if you abandon life and love.

Chairman Mao is a great man I admire the most. But during his time of governing, too much suppression of love suppressed the teenagers' longing for pure love as well as destroyed the most gorgeous part in human nature, and it distorted the most beautiful and normal psychological state in human nature. The "memorial archway for chastity" is still constraining people from the normal state given by the Greatest Creator, and it is actually a stain in human nature.

I wish human beings could reflect on the love culture reasonably and including religion doctrines and one should think of love in the level of human nature rather than raising yourself in God's or Buddha's standards. That is to say, the first thing we should do is to be a human, and to be a human is the original intension of the Greatest Creator. It is only after being a human can we be qualified for enjoying the high level space of life which had been prepared by the Greatest Creator.

Without passionate love, we are not able to feel the great love of the Greatest Creator and understand the Greatest Creator. Therefore, whoever refuses the feeling of love is actually refuse the Greatest Creator and violate the law of the Greatest Creator.

Lifechanyuan advocates " childhood love and always in love for the rest of their life", because this kind of monogamous marriage is the noblest and purest, the most beautiful and the most stable love ties. I wish everyone in the world could enjoy this kind of love live.

Lifechanyuan objects to "prostitution and whoring", because it besmirches love ties and it is only a trading, and a vulgar taste based on physical desire; it does not belong to the list of love. If prostitution and whoring became popular in society, the tragedy of ancient Rome would reappear.

In order to clear up the source and originality, promo human nature, decrease tragic incidence and encourage real love, Lifechanyuan would like to put forward the following propositions concerning love:

1. Ethics of love

Ethic refers to the order of seniority in the family hierarchy which is linked by kinship.

For example, there are two brothers here, the elder brother and the younger brother, and the elder brother married a woman A. if the younger bother married marry A's niece after his bother's marriage, then he would violate the principle of ethics, because there would be a confusion in addressing, should A's niece call the elder brother's wife auntie or sister? Another example, a woman's father in law had adultery with the woman's sister, also violates principle of ethics, because there is confusion in addressing for the woman's sister: would she call her sister's father-in-law uncle or brother? Another example, the younger brother fall in love with his brother's mother-in-law's sister. This incident violates the principle of ethics too, because it is against Chinese traditional family tree- it is inappropriate for the elder brother to call his brother's mother-in-law's sister as sister-in -law or call his brother's wife "auntie".

So, for the love affair in kinships, if there is no confusion in the form of address, then the principle of ethics is followed; otherwise, it would violate ethics. Love affair conducted between brothers and sisters of the same kin would be against ethics too, because it is also inappropriate for a man to call his sister wife, or a woman call her brother husband or lover.

Violation of the principle of ethics is against the principle as human. How could a man belong to human beings if he violates the principle for human?

2. Love civilization

Love civilization refers to the behavior of expressing love must be proper in time and location, and can not be expressed regardless of location, especially those places against the principle of ethics.

For example, in public places, different people are here together, mother and son, father and daughter, untie and nephew, father-in-law and son-in- law, grandma and grandson. If somebody hugs and kisses his/her lover passionately and they have very intimate behaviors, it would violate love civilization. Expressing intimate love in front of older generation or younger generation is also against love civilization.

Those who are against love civilization are really inhuman and are worse than pigs and dogs.

3. Proper age for love

Love relationship refers to both man and woman fall in love with each other and further have physical relations, which especially refers to the relationship between adults not otherwise. Due to its influences on body, school work, and future life, lover between an adult and a girl under age17, or a boy under age 18 would violate the rule for love age. Whatever the reason may be, the adult is enticing the young for sin. As far as the pure amour between boys and girls, it is a normal physical or mental phenomenon, and there is no point in making a big fuss about it.

4. Love relationship

Love relationship refers to the amour affection between men and women. It should be proper in ethics, civilization, age, and also exclude those behaviors making business in the name of love. Love relationship should confirm to human nature, and the intention of the Greatest Creator to create human beings. Age has nothing to do with love relationship (adult), and people of 80 could have love relationship with people of 20 as long as they are proper in the principle of ethics.

5. Love's diversification

Each one is an individual in human society: some may be cold while other may be warm-hearted; some picky, some omnivorous; some incompetent, some energetic. So it is impossible to create a unified rule for the model of love. Love is something very personal. Love only one, good, love more than one, fine; it is nothing wrong to shift love from one to another or to remain single all their life. It is the business of nobody so long as it suits human nature and pleases the couple concerned.

6,Love morality

The love relationship bearing no-harm to other people's love relationship is called love morality.

This is really a tricky problem. Let's illustrate this from the famous novel of Song Dynasty Water Margin, on the relationship of Wu Dalang, his wife Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing. From the traditional morality point of view, Pan should be faithful to her husband all her life and her love affair with Ximen Qing was against the traditional doctrine for married woman, because she should not have inordinate ambitions for another man. But from the human nature point of view, it is too cruel for Pan, because her faith met the satisfaction of Wu at the cost of her own feelings. So, what should she do? Could she be satisfied with her life? It is too cruel for a physical and psychological healthy woman with lustful desire to be loyal to her husband who is rough and tough, even unable to meet her sexual desire. So, the love relationship for Pan and Ximen is reasonable, and she had the right to pursue her love; but for the case of Ximen, the situation is different, because his behavior would hurt the love relationship of Pan and Wu and it is contrary to the love morality; therefore, tragedy was inevitable. So, in this story, Pan was the victim of Ximen's desire. Wu's behavior is against love morality too, because his relationship with Pan hurt Pan and Ximen's love, so he should bear consequence.

It is easy to criticize Ximen Qing, while it is difficult to criticize Wu Dalang, because the love relationship between Wu and Pan is earlier than that of Pan and Ximen; compared with Ximen's powerful position in society, Wu belonged to the weaker. Show sympathy to the weak is human nature. The human society would change to the world of animals if there is no sympathy shown for the weak.

So what to do? What should Wu Dalang do? The marriage of Pan and Wu required that Pan should restrain or suppress her love desire with Ximen Qing; and after all, Wu need Pan to look after him and it is likely that he would be single all his life if Pan left him. Of course, if any moralists are willing to persuade your daughter or sister to marry Wu, it would be a perfect solution.

Wu Dalang needs our concern because we are human beings; and Pan also needs to be taken into consideration because it is human nature. We would not allow the powerful man bully the weak and allow the weak bully the powerful man; neither should we destroy human nature for the benefit of the weak.

So, is there any proper solution?

Let Pan suffer all her life? Definitely not!We will save Pan Jinliang from her jail.

Ask Wu Dalang to eat such humble pie helplessly? Of course not! Human society should be a happy place for everybody.

Pan's freedom would be Wu's tragedy while Wu's freedom would be Pan's tragedy. Then how to avoid tragedy while being free?

Wu is pitiful if he got divorced with Pan. And Pan would commit bigamy if she left with Ximen and Wu's fate would be more miserable.

The only solution is an emancipation of mind. Pan might tell Wu her desire and feeling honestly, and Wu should had a clear understanding about his ability. He should love Pan and understand Pan's sensation. An agreement can be reached: Pan should be allowed to enjoy "wild fruits" to Wu's insufficient supply while performing her duty as a wife.

Ximen Qing, on the other hand, was very rich. He should know that if he wanted to maintain a stable love relationship with Pan, he must be fair with Wu and bring him no harm; he might choose to take good care of Wu's life at the expense of material things. If all of the three people in this case agreed with each other, they would live in peace and Pan would be satisfied both in body and feeling; the love relationship between Pan and Xinmen would result no harm to Wu either, and then there is nothing against love morality.

If Wu agreed to get divorce with Pan, it is fine. But if he chose neither to divorce Pan nor to accept the above suggestion, he would end up with nothing in his life. Suppressing human nature is strongly discouraged in Lifechanyuan.

On the other hand, if Ximen Qing also accepted the above suggestion, everything would be ok; but if not, if he acted just as he pleased because of his wealth, he would also end up at a court or in prison or being killed by Wu Dalang's younger brother, Wu Song.

My dear friend, do you have any good idea? Why not bring out for discussion?

Every individual is different. No one is in the shoes of the other. So we should set rules or morality based on human nature, which should not serve only for a certain group of people, whether they are poor or rich, weak or strong, the minority and the majority.

Most people are atheist and materialist. According to their point of view, there is no previous life or next life in any sense and a man dies just like a lamp goes out. Because people can only enjoy one time of life on earth, they should live their life to its fullest. No matter how beautiful the reason might be, there should be no sacrifice of human nature, and one of the most magnificent part of human nature is love.

Deprivation of people's nature occurred during the Middle Ages in Europe and the feudal society in China. Those shopworn scholars assuming to be moralists apparently, those well-fed and prosperous high officials and noble lords, and those churchman who did not know the real truth of the universe, they never thought about the emancipation of human nature especially the human nature of ordinary people. Those people who frivoled their youth away in dissipation for following the outmoded conventions and customs, and some ignorant old people; they did not want to break the magic formula on the young generation. Each time when love trouble occurs, they would say: "Endure it. We have endured all our life. You see we have survived all these endurance, isn't it?" What did you say? You'd better shut up! You men wore two pigtails, you women wrapped your feet, must we young generation do the same as you? A fox without the tail is not a good fox, and a lifetime without love is not a good lifetime either. People should not only live for survival but for life.

Love morality is just like this: as long as their love does not bring harm to other people, it is moral.

Let's make analysis on several love case and love phenomena according to love ethics, love civilization, proper age for love, love relationship, love's diversification, and love morality.

1. Mr. Yang Zhenning and Ms. Wong Fan's love

Mr. Yang was 82 years old while Ms. Wong was 28 years old when they got married. Is there any problem with their love?

1. Does their love violate the state constitution or law?

2. Does their love violate any love ethics?

3. Does their love violate violate love civilization?

4. I Does their love violate the proper age of love?

5. Does their love violate love relationship?

6. Does their love violate love's diversification?

7. Does their love violate love morality?

If their love goes against or violates any of the above items, it should be blamed; if not, their love should be protected, should not be reproached at least.

I do not know exactly their story in detail. But seeing from the hearsays on the internet, we know that their love story neither violates the state constitution or law nor violate love ethics, civilization, age and morality. Ms. Wong's reply to the journalists shows that their love is based on mutual love and respect, which means that their relationship conformed to the requirement of love relationship. Although Mr. Yang is much older than Ms. Wong, their age still within the proper age of love. Therefore, the love relationship between Yang and Wong is definitely reasonable.

We should not only accept it but should encourage it as well.

They broke up the constraints of traditional concept under great pressure, made a good example for a lot of aged people, and sweeping all obstacles and creating other outlets for the love practice of the old men.

Such a great disparity of age did not stop their love, which displayed a beautiful and broad love scene for the old people. It is really a beautiful scene for those old men who may enjoy the possibility of obtaining a twenty-year-old girl's love

The comfort brought to the old people is that it is absolutely possible to "dance the tango on the edge of death."

It displayed the beautiful part of human nature.

Lifechanyuan would like to give support to those love relations same as Mr. Yang and Ms. Wong. We would like to help them in resisting the sandstorm, severe cold and intense heat as well as hail storms from human society, because their love is consistent with human nature, and is also consistent with the will of the Greatest Creator.

2. The love relationship between a director of a bureau in Shenzhen and her subordinates.

According to news from the internet, a director of a public security bureau in Shenzhen had love affairs with many of her subordinates who were most willingly to be so. There is nothing wrong with this director if she did not violate any item of the above love principles because this is her right. A lot of people sneered at this director for her miscellaneous taste for man, Lifechanyuan, on the other hand, believes that, we do not have any reason to suppress her feeling. No matter how many men she might associate with, it is her privacy and everybody has the freedom in the conception and practice of love. She believed that she preferred to live a natural and unrestrained life even at the cost of her life. This is absolutely her own business and had nothing to do with other people. Has this given trouble to us? Lifechanyuan is willing to back this kind of people up. We wish women around the world could break the chains of traditional concept on their human nature and strive for their freedom in love.

3. Couple parties

There was a journal from South Africa which described in detail the situation of couple's parties. It really refreshed people's spirit after reading.

Couple's party means several couples even a dozen couples get together in a club and hold regular gatherings. The married spouses will be separated to form new pairs as one wish or randomly by lot. After the pleasure gathering, each couple would return to their previous family life peacefully.

This kind of relationship between husband and wife is worth of advocating. Every pair of couples would be fed up with each other after living together for many years. If you had been eating delicacies of every kind everyday, whoever you are, you would be fed up with your food no matter how delicious it was. So, make a change for your food, such as a simple food even cabbages or carrots. The family would not be destroyed and the society would not be disturbed too. It is really good for one's health and the family's harmony. So, in Lifechanyuan, couple parties are advocated.

4. Sexual party

A group of men and women, who have the common faith and under the circumstances of no violation for the principle of love, are willing to live together; this is their freedom of love and there is nothing to be blamed for. I wonder why many moralists should blame them severely. Could they formulate a perfect rule to make them live their life more happy? If the answer is not, then, what makes you think that you could interfere with their life style and criticize them? If you can not lead a happy life, better not be the advisers of other's life. It would be much better to give them more understand than criticizing.

5. Unfaithful women and loose women

Once upon a time, I had got my job redeployed. A lot of new colleagues reminded me here that: XX is a loose woman, stay away from her or your fame would be ruined and it would be too late then. These words aroused my curiosity, but you know gossip was a fearful thing and I did not dare to get close to her because it might incur the anger of the mass. By accident after a year, this woman greeted me in public. Oh, my God, what should I do? I thought then, reject her? No, improper, it would be impolite; accept it? No, that is the same as jumping into the fiery pit! I had no choices but to force myself masking like a sacrosanct moralist for answering her greeting and hope her to "stay away from me quickly. Don't ruin my political career. I am a promising a department manager." Unexpectedly, the 'loose woman" seemed unaffected; she was such a shameless person that she did not respond to my indifference at all. She stood there talking to me politely, gracefully, being neither humble nor pushy. Standing almost half an hour listening to her, I found myself grew interests to her speech. In the end, I realized this was really a considerate and unusual woman with abundant sentiment. Her humiliation, her grief and indignation, her ideal and her beautiful dream for future moved me deeply. Her words were logical and reasonable, neither flirting nor flattering. It was not until she said "thanks for your listening" that I realized that, this woman had been hurt by the indifferent, numb and prejudice of the secular society. It is us, not her, with dirty soul; it is us, not her, with despicable nature. She was just like a small white rabbit among the crowd of wolves, being discriminated and insulted helplessly.

What seems to be normal is actually abnormal; what seems to be abnormal is actually normal. Lifechanyuan is willing to redress the grievance of those "loose women" and the discrimination and insult of those people because of their living styles.

As far as some women's unfaithfulness to their husband, it is too complicated for me to illustrate it clearly here. We may leave it for later.

6. Triangle love in a marriage

I transferred from the rural area to the cities, from campus to factories, from a public official to a businessman, from living at home to living abroad. I witnessed so many tragedies and miserable things of families, where innumerable men and women live in the hell without love; they are enduring the great torment physically and spiritually; they are waiting for a salvation and liberation. They are just like prisoners numbly staring at the outside world through cold steel bars, stretching out their hand and crying "Help me. Return my freedom. I need real love."

This phenomenon is even complicated than the above examples, with a reasonable aspect as well as an unreasonable aspect. So, it is difficult to reach a conclusion. If you are interested in this topic, I'll make some analysis someday in future.


Love is a precious gift bestowed by the Greatest Creator. A lifetime without love is imperfect, and love is the most splendid part of beautiful life. Denying love is denying lifetime, and thus denying the Greatest Creator.

Love is the embodiment of human nature. Without love, there would be no exhibition of human nature; therefore, suppression or brutal behavior on love is destroying human nature.

All principles of morality in human society should be based on developing human nature; the morality ignoring love is inhuman.

What human beings should do first is to be human beings rather than celestials, Buddha or gods. The standards for gods, Buddha and celestials are not fit for human beings, and they will ruin and destroy human nature.

Everyone has the right to choose his lifestyle. No one, including religion, political party or government should force people to choose their love style.

Please think about how to live through this lifetime before thinking about the next lifetime

The intension of the Greatest Creator is to enable people enjoy the pleasure of life and pleasure of love; therefore, a men without love life is incapable of understanding the correct meaning of the Greatest Creator, and incapable of revering the Greatest Creator.

My dear friends, go and pursue your love bravely!

Postscript: This article had been finished for almost a year and only a part of it came out in publications. The main reason is that this article might arouse anger among traditional people because of its "corrupting public morals" characteristic. So I dare not be offensive. Today, I read an article written by Mr. Guo Zhiyi in blog: Defense for Yang Zhenning(shocking edition)and got inspired. It is lucky that some of our fellow countrymen still keep a cool head. So I ventured the publication of the whole article to serve as a target for those "honest folks" to criticize.

December 16, 2005

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Lifechanyuan's View Point on Love and Sex

Deiform celestial

Lifechanyuan's view point on love and sex is base on the conformation of physiological structure and the program of spirit consolation, as well as the demanding of the life in Heaven. It is helpful to self-refine and self-improve and finally helpful to get into the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent.

The Greatest Creator creates everything-from sunshine, air, water, salt, mountains and rivers, vegetations and insects, beasts and flyers to human being's five viscera and six entrails, four limbs and hair, etc. All of these are the Greatest Creator's grace and love to human beings. To enjoy the bestow of the Greatest Creator is to love the Greatest Creator; only those who understand this principle and enjoy the Greatest Creator's love can be thankful for the Greatest Creator and can follow the way of the Greatest Creator.

What is the most wonderful thing in your life? What is the most excited and unforgettable thing in your life? It is the love and sex.

How do you feel about your first love? How do you feel when you are passionately in love? How do you feel when you are hugged by the opposite sex for the first time? How do you feel when you have sexual life and acquire climax for the first time? How do you feel when you think of somebody? How do you feel when you are in sorrowful and suffering state and the one you love come on your side? "Couple a day, love forever", Why people are willing to die for love? Why people would risk being rejected and die for sex? It is very easy for people who are physical and psychological healthy to feel the beauty and wonderfulness from sex and love.

The experts have written lots of articles and books about the structure and the function of phallic and genital, and also have written countless articles and books about sexual psychology and the influence that the love and sex bring to human being's spirit and mental. Never mind if you haven't read those, at least most of people have experienced it, isn't it wonderful? But you do feel the ecstasy that the love and sex bring to your body and mind, right?

Love and sex are gracious gift the Greatest Creator bestows to humankinds, are most precious experience and enjoyment. It fits the Greatest Creator's will to enjoy fully the love life and sexual life; it is not shameful and immoral but fair and open; it is the most wonderful wish that worth dreaming and pursuing.

For thousands of years, humankinds' attitude toward love and sex is ambiguous and surreptitious; pretentious and stealthy, sanctimonious which resulted lots of unjust cases; it also sets hedges and obstacles. Although the reasons are complicated and multidimensional, but mainly are as follow:

In order to keep society stable, the authority has to sacrifice and depress humanity;

1. In order to protect the mask of the Sages, survivals of the feudal society enhance the love and sex into the degree of moral and frighten the kind-hearted people.

2. Like giving up eating for fear of choking, people who experience bitter taste on love and sex not only themselves go to the dead end, but also instigate common people to get rid of love and sex.

3. In order to deceive the public, the people with power who enjoy the love and sex thoroughly try every means to spread fallacy and lie to cover up reality; just like people find a gold mine and afraid of losing exclusive right.

4. Those talking about the sour grapes are unable to acquire the love and sex themselves but also desperately keep others from acquiring love and sex.

5. Since people with unhealthy physiology and psychology can't enjoy normal love and sex so they demote love and sex unconsciously.

6. Private ownership makes trouble; because of being afraid of losing partner and hurting children, they stretch the truth and set lots of obstacles.

7. Because some unhealthy love and sex bring terrible impression to society, family and individual, lots of people would like to bear a simple diet rather than enjoy delicacies of every kind.

8. It is time to correct people's incorrect attitudes toward love and sex; if we can't solve this problem well, human beings will be ugly, hypocritical, chaotic and immoral forever.

9. What we can learn from Lifechanyuan's values are those: everyone is independent, everyone has his own consciousness; no one can impose his consciousness to other people and deprive other people's right to enjoy love and sex; as long as they are consensual and don't violate ethics and not harmful to public civilization and order, they can do as they wish. You can enjoy unmarried life, but you have no right to restrict other people to get married; you can enjoy monogamy, but you have no right to oppose polygamy or polyandry; you can enjoy getting married, but this can't be reason that you oppose others to get married. The patterns of love and sex are colorful and multifarious, which pattern you choose is your personal affair; everyone has right to choose the best way for himself.

10. Don't say "lewdness is the worst of all sins", in my opinion it is "domination is the worst of all sins"; dominate this, dominate that, dominate love and dominate sex; as long as the domination exists, lewdness definitely will occur; if there isn't domination, there isn't lewdness, there isn't murder among husband and wife, there isn't conflict, cuckold and loosen women, there isn't prostitute and whoremaster either. If there isn't restraint, women will not be unfaithful to her husband.

11. We specially emphasize consensual love, even three, eight or even more people if they are willing. If there is a bit of reluctant, it is not love and sex but molestation and crime, which should be punished by law.

12. Human life is short, do we need to create pain and suffering with our own hands?

13. Basing on the sublimation of life, the more colorful one's love and sexual life is; the more beautiful, civilized and cultivated one's heart is. The more tedious one's love and sexual life is, the more he is out of reason, take unnecessary pains to study an insignificance, hurt other people and society, and the more distorted and more abnormal his psychology is.

14. There are enormous people to participate in self-refinement and self-improvement; I want to ask "why do you participate in self-refinement?" "What is your purpose of self-refinement and self-improvement?" no matter how many ways of self-refinement you have; no matter what is the meaning of self-refinement; a common purpose can be found, that is escape from darkness and hell, and strengthen your life to the Heaven through self-refinement and self-improvement.

15. Where is the Heaven?

16.The Heaven refers to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world in 36-Dimentional Space.

17.It is surely that, as long as you are baptised by the values of Lifechanyuan, and self-refine and self-improve according to the values of Lifechanyuan, more and more people will see the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and Elysium world.

18. How to go to the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world or Elysium world?

19.I can tell everybody for certain, as long as you don't understand love and sex, don't enjoy love and sex efficiently and don't sublime the love and sexual life in Mortal World into the nonmaterial world, you can never get into the Heaven.

20. Love and sexual life in Mortal World is cautious, stealthy, and full of risks. Love and sexual life in the thousand-year world is freewheeling, frank and righteous and without a bit of risk; there isn't family, marriage and lover in the thousand-year world; people in thousand-year world are all celestial beings with abundant feeling and sweetheart between each other. The ten-thousand-year world is better than the thousand-year world; there isn't physical connection between opposite gender; because of the higher vibration frequency of their heart, as long as they have a thought, they will indulge into extreme joyfulness and happiness. The celestial beings in Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent are androgyny and indulge in extreme pleasure at any time (Here I just talk about Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent which have their own characteristics; Buddha knows these.)

21. Now, I want to tell you that, human beings' consciousness isn't pure; anti-material structure of human life isn't perfect. If we want to get into Heaven--supreme life space, we must purify our consciousness; firstly, we should deepen our understanding, should be aware, should transform the pattern of thinking and should self-refine to degree that the consciousness resonate with human life in supreme life space; otherwise, you are not welcome even to my home, let alone get into the Heaven.

22 Love and sexual life are key content in life consciousness. If you want to continue your transmigration in Mortal World, you should treat love and sexual life according to the human being's moral principle. If you want to get into the thousand-year world, you must treat love and sexual life basing on the life pattern of celestial beings in the thousand-year world. Accordingly, if you want to get into the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and Celestial Islands Continent, you must treat love and sexual life according to their way.

23. The problem is coming, how to reach the love and sexual standard of celestial beings in the ten-thousand-year world?

24. Without any training experience, can people having no experience of driving drive a car safely?

25.Supposing you get a diamond in mineral, can you see its heptachromic lights without cutting and polishing? Can you inlay it into an imperial crown or manufacture it into ring, earrings and chest pendant?

26. People of sexual frigidity can hardly achieve orgasm; maybe some people never acquire real orgasm in their life time. How to achieve orgasm? The only way is to transform consciousness and practice more; along with the increasing time of acquiring orgasm, it is easier to achieve orgasm; and along with the increasing frequencies of orgasm, it is easier to be excited; sometimes, as long as you warm up a little, you can achieve orgasm immediately; to the end, it doesn't need the physical connection; some words, an eye contact, even an object or a picture can arousing orgasm; only when you achieve this degree, it means that you are free from love and sex and free from the sexual restraint in Mortal World, as well as achieve celestial beings' standard of treating love and sexual life in ten-thousand-year world.

27. The flexibility of acrobat's bones is the result of long time training. Don't expect you can step to international arena to show acrobatic skills without any training.

28. Lifechanyuan value is a unified entity. Emphasizing only love and sex must be abnormal. Love and sexual life is an effective link in the whole procedure; without this link, the whole procedure can't operate effectively, even result in system halted and paralysis. Self-refinement and self-improvement are both simple and complex. If you want to walk through easily and take any chances to get into Heaven, no way.

29. The above mentioned is only one part of Lifechanyuan's view point on love and sex; if you want to get comprehensive understanding, you must read related articles of Chanyuan Corpus and Xue Feng Corpus.

Oct 31st, 2006

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An Introduction to the New Life of Human Beings-Home without Marriage and Family

Xue Feng

We have set the pattern of new lifestyle for human beings, which is the Home without Marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan. This is no longer an armchair strategist's fantasy, yet it is the reality.

General Outline

To carry out the ideas of returning to one origin with 800 Life Values For New Era Human,to bring human beings into the Lifechanyuan era, in which country, religion, party, marriage, family, conjugal relation will disappear, No one pockets anything found on the road, Doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in", Favorable weather is all the year around. All things on earth are in harmony with each other. Everyone is happy and has good fortune as one wishes. This is the era of Lifechanyuan Era.

Management Mode

Home without Marriage and Family implements the Holographic management mode. The gist of the mode is that no management is the best management. Constitutions, laws, legislations, institutions, commandments, dharma will not be put into practice, and 800 Life Values For New Era Human will be the guideline. Dealing with daily matters with concepts of omnipotence,ever-changing, changes interrelating each other. Stimulating and motivating the qualities of truthfulness, kindness, beauty, love, faithfulness and honesty in human nature, and creating a proper external atmosphere to bring those qualities in full play. All are carried out voluntarily without administrative enforcement.

Establishment of Institutions

Lifechanyuan has 1 institute and 256 branches in the world. President of Lifechanyuan equals to the president of global government. Presidents of the branches equal to the highest local administrative representatives, and they are in charge of planning and arranging daily production activities and life of the branches. Each branch has three major departments: living department, education department and production department.

Property and Life Management

According to the principle of "Having nothing but having all", properties of the Home without Marriage and Family belong to all the Chanyuan Celestial, and they don't own anything individually. The Home without Marriage and Family undertakes the entire daily expenses of each member, provides allowance for the seniors, and brings up the children. Supporting the seniors is no longer the personal matters of sons and daughters, and nurturing children is not the personal matters of parents any more. Everyone does his or her best, and takes what he or she needs. There is no supervision mechanism on spending, neither does strict accounting system. The time one needed, he or she can spend.

Working Arrangement

Home without Marriage and Family doesn't have executive orders or forced arrangements. Everybody chooses his or her job in accordance with his or her hobby, personality, and specialty. Home without Marriage and Family ensures that each member has his or her own job, and works for 6 hours everyday. No one will lose the job. Moreover, everyone just does one thing at Home without Marriage and Family, for reason that this is mutual service system. Each person has a clear division of labor and is responsible for his or her own job. The cook is responsible for cooking, the washer is responsible for doing the laundry, the dustman is responsible for cleaning, and people who are responsible for producing just do the production work. Everyone carries out his or her duty and minds his or her own business. If someone asks for help, people will help him or her unconditionally, and if they don't ask, other people won't get involved in their personal matters. The daily timetable is arranged in person, you may work at night and sleep in the daytime, and you may also get up late and work in the afternoon. You can do everything following your inclinations, as long as you have done your own job and fulfilled your duty.

Relationship of the Members of Home without Marriage and Family

No matter one is tourist guide, president, the relationship between members is like a family. Blood-related relationship is the one between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren; relationship between men is like brothers, and relationship between women is like sisters; relationship between men and women of different ages is brothers and sisters; and men and women who attract each other are lovers. There are no distinctions between superiors and inferiors, leaders and workers, supervisors and supervisees, hosts and guests. Everyone is equal.

Life Arrangement

Under the condition of not being luxurious and prodigal, Home without Marriage and Family tries its best to make everyone eat well, wear well, live well, use well, play well. Everyone has one bright bedroom at disposal, which is equipped with spacious toilet and bathroom. Everywhere is spotless and quiet, flowers are blooming and trees are flourishing. People take their meals at dinning halls. The Home also has public recreation room, teaching hall, laundry place, gymnastics, school, medical care center. People mainly have vegetarian food. The dinning halls serve vegetarian food and meat dishes respectively. People can take what they like. There are a plenty of snacks for people to enjoy. Special care is provided for people who need it. People don't gamble or smoke, alcoholics are not respected. The weak have been taken care of by specially assigned nurses. People can use the computers and phones anytime they want. There are no holidays at the Home, anyone who wants to take a day off, he or she can do it. Traveling is decided by members themselves. The Home throws a party each week; everyone can play an instrument, sing and dance to show their talents. When members are gone, Lifechanyuan will take care of it with its own funeral and interment institution.

Everybody has at least one hour of collective study on spirit and mind purification per day, In order to keep spiritual, mental and physical health, half an hour is set aside for exercises in gymnastics.

On Love and Sex

Love is a precious gift granted by the Greatest Creator to mankind, and sexual love is an inevitable path that sublimates human nature to a higher space of life. Love and sexual love are similar to the dance of two hearts with the same tempo. As long as man and woman fall in love with each other, they can do whatever they want, and no one will interfere or gossip. Lovers don't occupy or envy each other; on the contrary, they respect each other's freedom which is higher than anything else. They never do any harm to each other, mentally or physically.


"Honesty prevails throughout society". Normally, people don't lock their rooms and the room keeping public properties in the daytime. Up to now, no one has lost an item.

Each member's bedroom is definitely his or her private space; anyone who hasn't got the owner's permission is not allowed to get in. If someone wants to get in, he or she has to knock on the door first. He or she can come in until after permission.

Sweet and harmonious, people are loving and intimate. No quarrel and dispute concerning interest and hobbies should occur.

Staff members are sent to the airport, train station and bus station to pick up people who join Home without Marriage and Family and people who are leaving. Safety is ensured. One is free to come and go.

Everybody uses civilized language. No one speaks bad words and talks nonsense. Everyone speaks gently with an amiable manner, no one shouts and yells. Unless there are collective activities, otherwise, the entire home is quiet for 24 hours.

Everyone behaves decently and dresses neatly. Vulgar behaviors are not allowed. There are no untidy persons.

Everybody is the owner of Home without Marriage and Family. No one is allowed to reprove, scold, supervise, and force somebody else. Members walk in their own shoes and don't interfere with others. They don't control mutually, but provide services to each other.

Members don't build up a special relationship, their relationship is quite simple.

All financial activities are strictly under the scope of laws and decrees of the national and local governments. Home without Marriage and Family doesn't bring any trouble to national and local governments.

Home without Marriage and Family advocates members should learn the spirit of Lei Feng. When we are outside the Home, we should take good care of the seniors, the weak, the sick, the disabled, widows, widowers and orphans. We ought to put other members' interest before our own, and leaving the convenience to others and keeping the inconvenience to ourselves.

Home without Marriage and Family is made up of Chanyuan Celestial from Lifechanyuan, it is not available to people who are not Chanyuan Celestial. It allows the related governmental departments and sections to come and inspect, permits communications with associations, and allows reporters to report the facts practically and truthfully to the society. We don't admit entry to other people.

The economy of the Home depends on all members. In accordance with national laws and decrees, we gain everything through hard and diligent work. Other than Chanyuan Celestial, we don't accept donations from any organizations, associations and sponsors. Not a penny.

Members of the Home must strictly abide by 800 Life Values For New Era Human, those who don't uphold it will be eliminated from the Home without Marriage and Family.

Home without Marriage and Family is trying to explore a new way of life for human beings. We believe, when everyone on earth lives their lives according to the life mode of Home without Marriage and Family, afflictions of mankind will be lessened, each man's pain will be eased, deterioration of the environment will be curbed; human beings will definitely enter into Lifechanyuan Era which will last for 1000 years.

Aug. 6, 2009

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Ideas on the Material Life Standards of the Second Home

Xue Feng

Canghai-celestial indicated: "If the present standard of diet will be the ideal state of Lifechanyuan Era, the so called best living style of human beings in Lifechanyuan would be still in name than in reality."

This is a very good indication!

In the related articles about Home without Marriage and Family I mentioned many times that, each celestial in Home without Marriage and Family would enjoy a separate bedroom and bathroom, and it would be better with a small garden. The standard of living will be at upper middle level in the world.

Looking from the above ideal standard, Home without Marriage and Family is far behind the previous expectation. At least the standard of a bedroom with a bathroom for each does not come up to what has been expected. In Land of Idyllic Beauty, there is only one bathroom for 30 people.

As far as food is concerned, the standard of living in Home without Marriage and Family has been at upper middle level in the world. You may take a look at the situation in Africa, India, the Arabian countries, the ordinary people in Chinese Mainland and most people in Southeast Asia.

The only inadequate supply in the dietary structure is meat in Home without Marriage and Family. Except that, we are in need of nothing. But, you know, the focus in Home without Marriage and Family is self-improvement and self-refinement, and one of our principles is basically on vegetarian diet. Therefore, the so-called "in name than in reality" standard of living is actually wrong from the want of meat point of view.

Housing quality and hygienic conditions will be improved later, but the diet will be at the present level. Eggs, Chinese Tofu, vegetables, soy sauce and seasonings, steamed buns, dumplings, steamed twisted rolls, deep-fried dough sticks, noodles, and rice are ample for supply. This is enough and it is very difficult for further improving our diet standard.

The housing condition is relatively safe and clean. Most celestials' beds are made of wood, and mattresses and quilts are in good conditions too. So, nothing should be complained about these.

What people wear everyday is provided according to the change of seasons and specific requirement. None of these are of famous brands or in fashionable style, they are very practical.

In the aspect of transportation, Home without Marriage and Family will rent vehicles or sent for those who need. Transportation fee for going business downtown will be paid by The Home too.

In the aspect of communication, internet is available in Home without Marriage and Family; many people have cell phones, and there is no problem about this matter too. (Cell phones are personal properties and the bills are paid personally)).

Undoubtedly, there is a rainy day in the life of everyone. But I had emphasized that we are here pioneers for constructing The Home rather than enjoying; it is not a pioneer's spirit and mind for asking these questions about the standard of living. Moreover, all of us are masters of Home without Marriage and Family and the unsatisfactory part in the Home is related to all of us, not only the guide and the president themselves; we should be all responsible for it.

What I must emphasize here is that all expenditure of the Home now depends on the donations of our brothers and sisters and we can not use them all in improving our living standard. The improvement of life must consist with the material reality, thus it is improper for asking too much in this respect.

There should be a process for the realization of things, especially those impractical demands by now; moreover, enjoyment should be proper to what you have devoted to the construction of The Home, and it is only that what you have devoted must surpass what you obtained is it possible to pay off all the debts which have been accumulated in several generations and realize your dream for marching toward Heaven. Much expectation for high level of life enjoyment with little devotion would be very improper for being a Chanyuan Celestial.

I wish every one of Chanyuan Celestials will embrace the spirit of those people of Red Army who traversed the Long March, the Snowy Mountains and the marshes, will embrace the spirit of the Tang Priest and his three disciples on their way to Spiritual Mountains. We should enjoy high standard life in spirit and mind instead of in material expectations and desires. Otherwise, our enterprise will make toward secular things, to corruption and degeneration.

December 31, 2009

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Viewing the human society mode of life in the future from the prospective of Lifechanyuan

Deiform Celestial

Future human society is called Lifechanyuan Era. The characteristics of Lifechanyuan Era are: no country, no religion, no political party, and no family. "No one pockets anything found on the road, Doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening for no thieves drop in", "Person of virtue won’t be abandoned away from government, Honesty prevails throughout the world." Everyone is happy and doesn’t worry about his daily life.

Maybe somebody will laugh at this by saying: “Wishful thinking!” “Daydream!”, “Fantasy!”, or “Impossible!”

It is right and impossible if it is just preaching or conceiving.

But it can be possible if a crowd of people are making practice and their practice is effective.

First of all, Lifechanyuan has successfully carried out a series of activities without the consciousness of country, religion, political party and family. And there would be no country, religion political party and family if more and more people, regardless of their races, become Chanyuan Celestial.

Maybe some people will find it amusing again,“It is good enough for a small party fun, but it is absolute daydreaming if you want all of human beings enter into Lifechanyuan”

Hi there, you are right. But the problem is that we don’t mean to let all human beings enter into Lifechanyuan right away. As long as hundreds of people on the planet believe in the idea of Lifechanyuan and live a happy life, that will prove a success. And by that time, just think of it, people will try to enter into Lifechanyuan by all means. The scene is just like a drowning man and a straw. You will see it when the time comes.

The mode of future human society life will be the life of Chanyuan Celestial. Many people may not be able to see it in their lifetime, but they can understand it.

Hard to believe, right? Wait and see! The blessed ones will see it when the day comes.

March 5, 2007

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Welcome to Lifechanyuan the New Home

Deiform celestial

"A lonely stranger in a strange land would miss his family all the more on every festive day". The Home for soul is newly built up, people from all over the world are able to join and become neighbors. We miss someone everyday, yet we may not see him or her very often. Now that the Home is built up, our dream has finally come true. People from different parts of the world come to the Home, and our life embraces a fresh start.

Dear brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers:

Distinguished guests:

Welcome to Lifechanyuan the new home. Let us hold our hands and walk shoulder by shoulder to continue the life journey.

It has been three years and seven months since Lifechanyuan, home for soul and spirit of mankind, was established. Lifechanyuan has gone through many twists and turns in recent years, and now it come to the royal road at last. With green shade growing in the oasis, fountain trickling through the desert, gospel of heaven coming down from the sky, the preface to the idealistic era craved by human beings has appeared on the boundless and immeasurable horizon.

This is a home shared by Buddha, bodhisattva, angels, men and women with pure heats; it is the teaching hall where abnormal thinking and fantastic idea can survive and people getting to know the Greatest Creator, studying Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Mohammed the Prophet and Celestial LaoTzu; it is the passage through which telegnosis being opened, revelation being granted, 36-dimensional space being known, and the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Celestial Islands Continent of Elysium world being entered through temporal transverse direction; it is the starting point of the new era of Lifechanyuan for mankind, the headquarter of ideological structures, the cradle where spiritual masters being given birth to and nurtured, the paradise friends being made and lovers exchanging heartfelt words. In a word, this is the stage we ascend to the higher realm of life.

Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in. Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green. Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin. You will see clear paradise scenes. It has been proved that, having been baptized by the concepts of Lifechanyuan, people are different from ordinary people. They are unique and free from vulgarity, and come out of Egypt of mind. Men's race which is the life nonmaterial structure has sublimated to the life structure of Celestials of heaven. Consciousness has already cruised in the infinite and boundless universe.

Qiankun Buddha explained the body, facies and usage of Tao, Buddha of Taiji conveyed to us that mental state determines life of being and way of life; Foshan Buddha expounded the basic relationship among consciousness, structure and energy. Master Tianlai Celestial told us that targeting at the same aim, different ways would lead to different results. Tourist guide Deiform celestial Celestial proposed that Matter thinking, Visualized thinking, associative thinking, Illusive thinking, Heart-image thinking, Taiji thinking, Non-form thinking and holographic order thinking altogether depict the roadmap of heaven. Buddha, masters, fairies and faeries of Lifechanyuan are also intelligent. New thoughts occur to them everyday. There are hundreds of new notions in Lifechanyuan, which open up a fresh world for us.

Master Nan Ji, Master Ling Yuan, Master Qiao Jun, Master Ji Rui, etc., who have explored and practiced many self-refined ways convey us with their own experience that the self-refined ways of Lifechanyuan are most direct and effective. You have to deepen your understanding first, and transform the way of thinking. The core of Buddhaharma is transformation of the way of thinking. Nothing can't be accomplished, only are those one can't even imagine. The self-refine of Lifechanyuan is not for obtaining exceptional functions. However, we can foresee that there will be many Chanyuan Celestial with exceptional functions appear in the near future.

As long as getting along with each other at the backyard of Lifechanyuan for a while, unfamiliar people will become intimate brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers. Like a family, people will exchange heartfelt feelings, no argument, and no discrimination, no jealous, no doubt, people make joint efforts and combine together. The fact proves that Lifechanyuan is the best home under heaven, and one can never find a better place any more.

Lifechanyuan neither has rules nor regulations, let alone executive leaders. Chanyuan Celestial doesn't shoulder any duty or responsibility. People feel at ease under all circumstance, meet and leave by chance, do whatever they like and go anywhere according to their own will. People's acts are driven by inclinations of heart, yet they never across the moral line. Everyone has a moral court of conscience. They exert self-reflection, self-punishment, self-correction, and self-accomplishment. No one can impose his or her will to any other people.

The aim of Lifechanyuan is to hold high esteem in the Greatest Creator, life and nature, and to walk the Greatest Creator's way. As the highest state of life, we want to initiate Lifechanyuan Era. As the highest state of being, our ultimate goal is to go to the Celestial Islands Continent.

There is no long lane without turning. Passing through the dense fog, crossing the rough way of life, we finally find our home for soul. From now on, life will no longer felt lonely, confused, staggered and pathetic. The scene in front of us is magnificent, and our future is infinite and eternal. We are embraced by telegnosis of the Greatest Creator, and walk on His way. We are vigorous and healthy, and may all our wishes come true.

Confucius said when he was by the river time passes like this water.. Time is precious! Time is money, yet you can't buy it with money. The year 2013 is not far away, dear beloved, I love you, and we love you, don't hesitate, opportunity knocks but once. Come on! Let us take life as a game, join each other and travel to the Celestial Islands Continent to enjoy the eternity of life.

Oct. 2, 2006

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Build a Spiritual and Soul Homeland

Xue Feng

Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.

Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new life begin.

You will see endless good fortune in future world.

Lifechanyuan is a mental and spiritual habitat, a spiritual homeland for people who are ordinary, kind-hearted, honest, hard-working and knowledgeable, a college to understand the meaning of life and the significance of human life, a transfer station leading to supreme life space. When you feel incompetent, exhausted and gaunt and confused, you should take time to Lifechanyuan to listen other people's understanding of human life, to experience the peaceful atmosphere, to see if there are unworldly higher beings.

There are 36-Dimentional-Spaces in the universe; every space is a huge world which include supreme life space, low life space and middle-level life space. Lifechanyuan will present people the mysteries of every life space. Through explaining the universe, time and space, Lifechanyuan will escort people to set foot on the road of super space and run to another beautiful and attractive life world.

Human life is full of misfortune, suffering, regret and helplessness; troubles and worries tangle us all the time; many puzzling mysteries of human life make us feel contradictory; unpredictable situations and unexpected good or bad fortune make us anxious; undesirable and troublesome things often make us sleepless; disease and hunger often threatens us; from time to time the complicated and changeable interpersonal relationships entrap us into the painful abyss, survival competition oppress us, make our tired body lost in a miserable swirl after another. Why is human life like this? Why can't we get out of the trouble? Why can't we control the track of our own life? 几千年来,智慧的

For thousands of years, intelligent people look for answers; Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed and LaoTzu make painstaking effort for us; Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong, Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln exert their utmost efforts for us and try to build a peace world in where everyone is equal and happy; Moses, St Paul, Mahavira, Zoroaster , Manes, Fatuomonei, Dante, Saez and other Sages undergo hardships to lead us into a joyful and happy family; However, the true answer seems far away from us, it still needs to take a long way to get closer to the shore of the truth.

The development of the science provides us the key to the truth. Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Faraday, Stephen Hawking and other scientists pave steps to the door of the truth for us; Edison, Rockefeller, Henry Ford and Bill Gates create necessary utility tools for us; Plato, Ibn Sina, Zhu Xi, Aristotle, RenéDescartes Bacon, Adam Smith, Rousseau, Voltaire, Malthus, Darwin, Freud and other masters provide us necessary tool of rational thinking. Now, it is time to carry on the past heritage and open up the future, to rectify our foundation and to purify our origin, to absorb the essences of human intelligence and to develop a new era.

Lifechanyuan not only solve the problem that if there is the Greatest Creator, the origin of the universe and life, the necessity and incidental, the karma, the previous life and the future world, the God, Buddha and Celestials in the universe; but also arrange the best way to people, strive to liberate you from suffering, lead you to develop into supreme life space and make your life bring out beautiful flowers in the everlasting space. I hope people who want to self-refine in Mortal World could participate in Lifechanyuan, such as hermits, religionist, president, Nobel Laureate, billionaire, scientist, entrepreneur, litterateur, public functionary, teacher, worker, farmer, rank-and-life soldiers, merchant and homeless tramp; as long as you can explain a question about universe, space or life and your theory can't be demolished, you can make contribution to Lifechanyuan.

Lifechanyuan doesn't belong to a country, a nation, a religion, a political party or an organization and individual. Lifechanyuan isn't a religion form, so there isn't special ceremony and demand; Lifechanyuan isn't a company, so it doesn't participate in activity aiming at profit; Lifechanyuan isn't a political party, so it doesn't have constitution and doesn't participate in any political activities.

Startup words

A ship full loaded with new life is sailing, a new era is coming!

We are in an era of economic growth, material prosperous, spirit poor and heart gloomy, an era which pay much more attention to reality and materialization, and an era of lacking belief.

Cultivate conscience, educate mankind, seed civilization and enlighten spirit which are every sage's glorious mission; it is the calling of the era to build a mental and spiritual homeland.

The greatest thought is rational thinking; the rational power is the most powerful power among humankinds. Compare to the 36-Dimensional-Space, human beings are in a very limited world; so we need to tell ignorant people the vast space system; and let them know the principle of "Why am I being me? What do I live for?"

First of all, a great era must be guided by a great thought; if there aren't powerful supports from the mental and the liberation of the spirit, the economic development can but result in human beings' universal corruption and decadence. Although thoughts of Sages in history shine lights of rationality, none of their thoughts can meet current people's mental and spiritual desire; although all religions make indelible contribution to the civilization of mankind, every existing religion has its limitation and can't guide current mankind.

A theory, a thought, we have to doubt it if it exists over a thousand year but can't bring peace to the world and can't bring joyfulness and happiness to the life.

A theory or, a thought, if it can't be accepted heart and soul, but be accepted by putting to use state apparatus, power and institution , inflammatory and fraudulent way or material lure; if it promises a bright future, but can't figure out the scene, we have to think deeply about the theory and thought.

A theory or, a thought, if it can't make people enjoy the happiness of this present life, if it thinks that only suffering can get otherworldly blessing, it is either pettifogging or irrational. Before everything is clear, firstly we should believe in science, truth and logical deduction; we believe that people standing at the peak of science is closest to truth.

Undeniable, the great soul surpasses science and space-time; their thoughts can't be accepted generally, which is the sad part of the great soul.

If the great soul can't bring humankind current happiness and future hope, its value is less than a rainfall.

Lifechanyuan is a place to gather great soul. The great soul isn't life from low life space and middle-level space but from supreme life space. Before the World War1, the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world and the Elysium world has sent million of supreme lives to Mortal World--the great soul.

Lifechanyuan is to tell these great souls that, instead of enjoying the joyfulness in Mortal World, you come to Mortal World is to explain the mystery of the universe, the essence of human life, to save people who have a rough time and to make people enjoy happiness and joyfulness in Mortal World.

You can never make transmigration in Mortal World again, because you will lose your nature and your way to home once you went through transmigration above three times.

The Greatest Creator loves and cares humankind. Before material prosperous and moral degeneration, he has to save people from disaster in case of resulting in the flooding tragedy of Noah era.

"When people have no fear of force, then great force descends upon them". We must make people know the meaning of these words.

Henry Van Dyke was an American author, educator, poet, playwright, and clergyman once said:" Men of privilege without power are waste material. Men of enlightenment without influence are the poorest kind of rubbish. Men of intellectual and moral and religious culture, who are not active forces for good in society, are not worth what is a cost to produce and keep them."

You are great soul with great thought. If you were a president and, only considered your own political party, group and private benefits rather than the benefits of the whole country, you couldn't be called a great soul; if you had university education, but don't service to humankind, you are not a great soul; if you get wealth from the world, but don't want to pay back to society, you would be an inferior soul; if you were an advanced official, only try hard to win promotion and to get rich and to make one's ancestor illustrious instead of bringing benefit to your citizens, you are also a inferior soul; if you don't make progress but lead a befuddled life when you make a little achievements, you aren't a great soul too.

Great soul among human beings should be taken to supreme life space; inferior soul among human beings must be taken to the low life space. Nobody wants to place the excrement of the toilet in the living room and place the good wines and dainty dishes in the toilet; even so the human beings, how about the order of the Greatest Creator? Only when the people around us are happier, the greatest soul can calm; only when we contribute our knowledge to human society selflessly, our soul is capable of getting into the supreme life space.

Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in; take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green. So you should open the window to the soul, and fix your vision onto further future.

For millions of years, human beings always feel their way in the confusion situation; they don't know there is always room for improvement. They suffer meaningless hardship, pain and sorrow. Because people don't know the mystery of life, they trample their own and other people's life; because they don't revere the Greatest Creator, they can but transmigrate again and again among the low life space; because there isn't a great sapiential guide, we have to follow the wrong guidance blindly. Hardly can people ask himself that, "what am I busy for? Is it significant to my life? What is the difference between myself and the onrushing worm?" people living on instinct, fame and emotion can but fall into the same old trap forever; the frog in the bottom of the well always thinks that, the place it lives is the ocean and sea, the sky it sees is the universe; people living on intelligence can have good view of thousand rivers and million mountains; however, people living on spiritual nature can pass through the limitation of the space and enjoy the infinite charming scene in boundless universe.

Don't lead a befuddled life in the low life space! Don't fight and grab in the worldly confusion! Don't sigh in the wrong thinking vortex! Don't destroy life and ultimately hurt yourself! The ship of lifechanyuan will take people possessing intelligence and spiritual nature to the ocean of the truth to enjoy the real pleasure of life.

The Greatest Creator is just, because he arrange procedure of place where people should go in future strictly depending on people's actions in Mortal World; people with higher spiritual nature can go to supreme life space, and people with lower spiritual nature must go to low life space.

Tao is just; because it records everybody's deeds forever. People, who follow the principle of the Greatest Creator and want to pursuing the truth, please contribute your talent and knowledge. Don't sigh for injustices around you! Don't crush out your intelligence and wisdom! Don't think you have no future! Don't hide at home to suffer! Your life wil release multicolored anima if only you seek for the Tao of the Greatest Creator.,then you will find out that you aren't the person you imagine, as long as you work hard, you will be loved by the Greatest Creator and the humankind!

The ship of new life is sailing. To people who want to follow the way of Jesus, Sakyamuni, Mohammed, LaoTzu and other sages, those who desire to explore the mystery of the time-space, those who want to go to supreme life space and want to have telepathy, please get on our ship now; Lifechanyuan will take you to an unimaginable, secret, boundless, wonderful, relaxed and happy, excited and desirable place, where is the proper place to place our life.

God is always with me, God will always be with you!

Jun 12, 2003

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Please Say Good Words as Much as You Can

Hundun Celestial
December 11, 2006
(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

The ancients said, “Just as bitter medicine cures sickness, so unpalatable advice benefits conduct”, this is half right, the other half should be “The favorable weather benefits the growth of grains, so good and sweet words benefit the affections”.

Lifechanyuan implements the latter half.

Nobody is perfect and flawless. Life is short, so why aim at each other’s flaws? Everyone has their unique advantages and shining characteristics and everyone has their bright spots that are worthy of being appreciated. If we point to other people’s flaws, those flaws will be enlarged, but if we appreciate other people’s advantages, then their advantages will be enlarged. In order to make people happy and joyful, I advocate being blind to other people’s flaws but to appreciate their bright spots instead. If we continue doing so for a long time, everyone will become kind and merciful, will have glorious hearts, and will be grateful and reasonable.

Therefore, in Lifechanyuan, please say good words as much as you can, as long as you do not mean to hurt people, you may say whatever you want. Humorous words, lively words, and wise words are all welcome, and as long as you can make others feel happy and pleasant, you will have earned merit.


Life is not easy! So many troubles and worries torture people and steal their smiles, so why, “add frost on snow” and make it worse when we get together? Without us, the earth would still rotate normally and other people would still live without any problems, so why should you make others unhappy?

I oppose being picky and nibbling and I oppose wrangling and arguing or teaching others wisdom I have gained (as if I am telling myself, I will not dare to do this in the future and I will correct this whenever I can). In all situations, if we have reasons, we state them, but we do not suggest that other people are unreasonable.

Lifechanyuan is the homeland for spirits and souls, to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere is our ideal and our expectation. The relationships among Chanyuan Celestials are the relationships of brothers and sisters, and relatives and lovers. We care and love each other, encourage and appreciate each other, we need to grow with encouragement and praise, but not hurt with arguments and criticism.

Dear guests, please understand that this is Lifechanyuan. We will spread such style to every corner of the world and create the Lifechanyuan era by following the principle of, “The favorable whether benefits the growth of grains, so good and sweet words benefit the affections”.

Therefore, if you are picky when you enter Lifechanyuan, and say this is not good or that is unsuitable, then you are surely not welcome here.

The world is big, so please be merciful and allow us to cultivate our own small fields in our own way.

Say good words as much as you can and just keep those picky and critical words to yourself.

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