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I Have an Ideal

Xue Feng
Lifechanyuan: http://www.lifechanyuan.org

(Translated by Transn Ltd. and Edited by Kaer)

Following the footprints of immortals, sages, oracles and saints, I have crossed and trekked numerous treacherous mountains and rivers. Roaming all through the wilderness of soul, I have been spreading the message of the Greatest Creator. The wishes of god and Buddha and the expectations of oracles and saints have converged to form my ideal, which is as clear and bright as the shining sun and can be food of thought for you to meditate over.

Human beings have been trekking along a long path soaked with blood. Jesus and Sakyamuni have revealed to us that in the universe there are many higher spaces of LIFE and have earnestly and tirelessly admonished us not to go astray from the great road of LIFE. Numberless immortals, sages, oracles and saints have exerted their utmost effort for the happiness of mankind. Their souls are still shining brightly over us, warning us not to act against the law of nature and wishing us to live a happy life.However, blinded by the dense fog of “civilization�, mankind has been straying further and further away from the great road…

I want to kindle a beacon of hope to light up the endless darkness, bringing mankind a ray of hope. I want to create an oasis out of the vast and isolated desert, offering an auspicious and harmonious habitat for LIFE on earth. I want to build a land of spirit and soul out of the boundless ocean of flaunty material prosperity, leading to the land those people who yearn towards the Greatest Creator, love LIFE and nature, and possess beautiful human nature and soul and making them eternally severed from the abyss of sufferings. I will shepherd them safely to the Thousand-Year World to enjoy the wonderful time of the millennium.

The people favored by god and Buddha are still miserably shackled in spirit and soul. In this bustling world overrun with desire for material acquisition, people with a purer and better heart are more prone to spiritual and psychological tortures, and cannot afford even a moment of peace and quiet. Every place reeks of putrid smells. What meet the eyes are wickedness and evils that have gone unpunished. Man’s tremendous amount of legal articles and religious teachings are powerless to avert the depravity of morality and the prevalence of wickedness. The viciously misleading evil soul and the junk thought have taken up the throne of truth.

Despotism has not only caused the loss of personal and spiritual freedom for the governed but also has caused the governing class to be trapped in the quagmire of desperation, without any hope to obtain the true freedom of LIFE.

I want to tell people that the plight of mankind does of lie in the material aspect but in the spiritual aspect. The wasteland of spirit and soul is the real source of human suffering. Seeking the homestead for spirit and soul is an urgency for mankind. The blind pursuit of material acquisition is only analogous to quenching one’s thirst with poisoned wine or stopping water from boiling by scooping it up and pouring it back. Thus such acts will cause the ruin of not only the earth but mankind itself.

An era is a demoniac era if the dignity of a person is determined by the amount of money he has earned and the social position he has attained and if the value of man is not measured by his moral character and good deeds. A society is an evil society if it allows its subjects to become upstart through speculation and plundering instead of getting rich with honest and diligent labor. A government is a despotic and satanic government if it spares no effort to force-out new thinking, attempting to lock people in an ignorant and barbarian and savage world. A nation will be one void of wisdom and oriented toward insanity and destruction if it does not advocate dedication and love but blindly instigates its people to use violence.

Man’s worry originates partly from ignorance and partly from selfishness. Because of ignorance, we have invited demons in but shut the door against god and Buddha. Because of selfishness, we have chosen wickedness but abandoned righteousness. A lot of good ideals and kind moralities are often snuffed out in the cradle. The desolation of soul is the optimum soil to breed junk thought and religious plague.

Today people are engulfed in information. Television, networks, newspapers and magazines, books, and lectures are infusing mountains of information into us, far more than we can digest, thus causing the indigestion, malnutrition, and ill health. The pursuit of knowledge has become a morbid thirst. The more we attempt to swallow down unthinkingly, the less we understand. Various media have become the fertile soil to cultivate ignorance and manic and blind adherence.

Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual perception, those literati have made up rancid articles under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality, and promoting benevolence, and under the disguise of adhering to “belief�, cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism…They have fabricated so much cultural garbage and so many spiritual drugs that it is impossible to clean them all up. The roughly manufactured scum has become our daily food for thought, which has directly distorted our values, destroyed our human environment, and polluted our pure heart.

Having no beliefs, no principles, no wisdom, and no spiritual sense, those literati hangmen worship those rancid articles as classics under the pretense of maintaining stability, advocating reform, carrying forward culture, inheriting legacies, publicizing morality,and promoting benevolence, and under the disguise of adhering to “belief�,cultivating oneself, pursuing freedom, and fighting despotism… As for those works of wisdom, which shine resplendently with thought, they look down upon them as “heresies� and wielded their cultural butcher knife toward them without hesitation…

The Chinese people, on the one hand you have been heaving sighs that China has become a land deserted by the Greatest Creator, but have you on the other hand acquired the broadness of mind to include great wisdom? Can you recognize it when great wisdom really “descends from heaven�?

I have an ideal that the Greatest Creator may enter China and the human world, that Christianity and Buddhism may regain their prevalence here, and that humanity may be restored on the beautiful land.

When conspiracy and tricks prevail over truth, justice is taunted, enthusiasm meets with contempt, reverence for the Greatest Creator is regarded as ridiculous, oppression and bully are viewed as inviolable power, the hoodwinked masses are meanwhile branded as ignorant,freedom is slandered, life is trampled, right and wrong are reversed, black and white are confused, and good and evil people mix together, then in such situations we have no choice but to search the source of LIFE. Only in this way can we pierce through the indistinct murk and see the light. Only in this way can we steady the steer in the turbid and turbulent waves and ultimately reach the ocean of LIFE.

In this unusual time of superficial prosperity, when actually crises are lurking everywhere, we are not yet in the position to sing praises of the virtue or merits. At a time when the journey is rough and treacherous, flattery and conservativeness cannot salvage us. Now it is not yet the time when “the bank of injustice� has gone bankrupt completely. Any non-action and dawdling will only speed up the approach of “doomsday�. We will only eventually lose our beautiful homestead and splendid future if we are only capable of destruction and are incapable of construction, if we don’t know how to repay other people’s favors and are only bent on vengeance, and if we only want to acquire from others and do not know how to dedicate to others.

For many centuries, man’s blind behaviors have dug out an abyss, which can engulf us at any moment and thus should be filled up. The sooner it is leveled up, the better it would be.

Reverence for the Greatest Creator and adherence to his road is our only hope, because only in front of the Greatest Creator can we have equal human dignity; because we should worship the Greatest Creator so that our mind can possess soul, our knowledge be transformed into wisdom. And only in this way can we understand the meaning of LIFE and embark on the great road of LIFE.

You may lock yourself up in the ivory tower, lose yourself in the piles of broken papers, and engross yourself in the so-called academic research, thus placing yourself outside the social issues. In so doing, you seem to have entered a serene heaven. However, can you expect any egg to remain intact if the nest is overturned? Poke your head inside a cave,leaving your hindquarter exposed and fancying that what is not seen does not exist. Can you derive from your research any great achievements that may do any good to humankind?

The unrealistic teaching or “truth�that blindly preaches pursuit of happiness of future life is absurd and wicked. A person always wearing a smile is relentless at heart; a person always with tears is cruel at heart.

Children are suffering starvation and cannot afford education; the poverty-stricken have no money to treat their diseases. However, we are manufacturing various kinds of luxury products, and building one after another lifeless skyscrapers. Isn’t this a mockery and blasphemy against LIFE?

If our neighbors have no freedom, we ourselves cannot obtain complete freedom. If our brothers are suffering starvation, we cannot swallow the dainty food in our mouths. If people in the remote areas are crying, we will not be able to enjoy quietly the comfort and luxury of big cities.

I have an ideal. I will lead those who truly yearn towards the Greatest Creator to Lifechanyuan, and transform the jarring hullabaloo into a fraternal movement, and play a convivial symphony of LIFE.

I firmly believe that mankind can certainly walk out of the dark canyon and the wasteland of spirit, and enter an unprecedentedly beautiful field. I firmly believe that soul will prevail over flesh and that people will eventually obtain the freedom of body and mind and the serenity of LIFE.

This is not a golden fantasy for the remote future. The majestic tides are surging with mighty momentum. Among their broad bosoms are contained colorful gems that can decorate man’s life and make it more noble and beautiful. When the unexpected supernatural incident comes,the mysterious power shall strike people’s heartstrings, the vast fields will take on the splendid coating, the polluted rivers will become clear and pure again, the turbid sky will be changed into expanses of colorful clouds, and the free rhythm will reverberate in each inch of the land.

Eternal virtue remains with Jesus Christ!

Supreme wisdom is ascribed to Sakyamuni!

Eternal glory belongs to the Greatest Creator!

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The Reversal of Heaven and Earth, Respect for Women

——New Value of Chanyuan


The heaven is superior and the earth is inferior, man is superior and woman is inferior, this is what is preached in Confucian theories (Confucius is an acient saint in China) and traditional moral ethics. This concept is reversed in Lifechanyuan, namely men are green leaves and women are flower petals; in heaven and on earth women are superior.

The reasons are as follows:

1. The source is superior

The source of LIFE is the Greatest Creator, in the universe the Greatest Creator is supreme.

2. Women are superior

The Greatest Creator has created LIFE, which then propagate by itself, mainly through female. So women are superior.

3. Mother is respectable.

After ten months of gestation, LIFE comes from the mother, so mother should be respected and women should be superior.

4.Sisters and daughters are all women, we should protect sisters and daughters, so women are superior.

5.Women are not as strong as men and are vulnerable to harm, so in order for the equality and balance, women should be respected.

6.The Spirit of the Valley never dies.

It is called the Mystic Female.The Door of the Mystic Female,Is the root of Heaven and Earth.

Xuanmu (Mystic Female) is the female reproductive organ, the root of heaven, which should be revered, so women are superior.

7. Buddha is gender, gender is Buddha, the gate of gender is the gate of Buddhas, only women have the gate of gender, so when we respect Buddha we should also respect female.

8.Women are soft and quiet, they love peace and gentleness, they are merciful and kind in nature, they are broadminded and thus should be respected.

In Lifechanyuan, considerations should be given first to fairies. Fairies are lotus flowers and faeries are green leaves to protect the flowers.

1.Men should not contend with women.

2.Men should be brave to sacrifice for women.

3.Only women can have sexual harassment,men are not permitted to do so.

4.In the face of danger, men should go forward to face the danger and place women behind for protection.

5.Women take precedence over men in the matter of enjoyment.

6. Men shall take initiative in doing heavy and dirty and tiring tasks, while light, skilled and clean work shall be reserved for women.

7. Men are not permitted to humiliate, desecrate, abuse, beat, maltreat, persecute, scorn and deride women.

8. Men are not permitted to limit women's freedom of person, spirit and soul in the name of love.

This idea is debatable around the broad masses. Anyone who disagrees to it can put forward solid evidences and theories, only a simple expression of complaint is not enough.


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Bring Joy and Happiness to Others and Society

Xue Feng

The purpose of life is to pursue joyfulness, freedom and happiness; no matter it is the social system and religious doctrine. No matter it is to run business or to hold mass organizations, both should depend on this purpose. Everything depending on this purpose corresponds to the Tao of Greatest Creator, the humanity and the meaning of civilization; otherwise it will be disordered and imperfect, and is deviated from the meaning of civilization.

Chanyuan Celestial is the most cultivated and most civilized people in human society, whose action is in strict accordance with the instructions of Christ Jesus, Buddha Sakyamuni, celestial being LaoTzu and the sages in the history. The goal of our living is to get into Heaven, the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, the Elysium world or the Celestial Islands Continent; the purpose of our life is to enjoy joyfulness, freedom and happiness. That is to say, we should not only make ourselves live a life of joyfulness, freedom and happiness, but also make others gain a life of joyfulness, freedom and happiness.

It is Chanyuan Celestial's basic accomplishment to bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to their parents, brothers and sisters, partner, children, neighbors, friends, workmates and other people whom we are destine to meet. The one who brings others worry, trouble, suffering, constraint, crises, danger, quarrel and fight is not a Chanyuan Celestial. Especially in the family of Lifechanyuan, Chanyuan Celestial has to bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to each other. If they bring suffering to others, they would betray the values of Lifechanyuan and the Greatest Creator's Tao.

You have to suffer your share of pain and pay off your own debt by your efforts; you should build your own road and walk your own way; Chanyuan Celestial just pursues reality, goodness, beauty, love and honesty, desires to see the bright and brilliant aspects, desires for joyfulness, freedom and happiness; nobody can pour his worry, complaint, detestation, discontent and negative mood into Lifechanyuan family, even pollute the purified spiritual and mental spaces of other Chanyuan Celestials.

"God helps those who help themselves"; Lifechanyuan follows the principles of the nature. Every Chanyuan Celestial must be an independent, unhesitating and promising stronger instead of a complaining, indolent and helpless weaker. If you endeavor bravely, I will give you a helping hand; if you indulge yourself, then there is nothing I can do.

Before crossing the opposite shore, every Chanyuan Celestial is looking for his own survival everyone needs to be supported with increasing energy and the comfort of spirit and heart; it is forbidden to steal, grab and expend the energy of other Chanyuan-celestials; Chanyuan Celestial is a company to travel life together instead of an organization which is bounded together for responsibilities, obligations and liabilities. So every Chanyuan Celestial should be responsible for his words and actions, and for himself as well; you are the master of yourself, so whatever you say and do depends on your own will not on the enforcements of others; whenever you say foolish words and do foolish things, you should shoulder the responsibilities and you can't complain other Chanyuan Celestials.

Every Chanyuan Celestial must be clear that Lifechanyuan is not an organization with any nature. Lifechanyuan is a spiritual and mental homeland and will never be an organization of politics or religion; it will not impose responsibilities and obligations to anybody, neither will it be responsible for anybody. What Lifechanyuan publicizes and advocates is a kind of value on human life and life, it won't monopolize or replace the actions and living of anybody.

Please remember you take action by yourself, and it has nothing to do with other Chanyuan Celestials or Lifechanyuan. If you think you are cheated, I will say--you are not being responsible for yourself, you can't blame others.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize three points of view. Firstly, the identity of Xue Feng is a tour guide of human life and life rather than a boss and a leader of somebody, even not a master; whether the tourists follow the tourist map or not depends on their own will, the tour guide has no right and qualification to compel them; Secondly, our deeds must accord with words in Lifechanyuan; we never do things which are not written in Chanyuan Corpus, Xue Feng Corpus and Other Articles of Tour Guide; we never do something stealthily, what we are doing is fair and upright and should withstand the test of fact, science and logic and the monitoring by the human beings; 3. Xue Feng did not arrange any activities rather than the publicized in Lifechanyuan and network; there are not any activities in Lifechanyuan except for publicizing Chanyuan values and constructing Home without Marriage and Family on network and Lifechanyuan's website; if there are more than that it must have nothing to do with Lifechanyuan.

In a word, everyone must face the Greatest Creator directly, should be responsible for himself. You don't have to be responsible for other Chanyuan Celestials, for Lifechanyuan and for Xue Feng.

It is the grace of the Greatest Creator and our fortune to get into the spiritual and physical homeland to travel human life with people who think and work and echo with you. Every Chanyuan Celestial should value this opportunity and feel grateful. One should bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to other brothers, sisters, relatives and lover as possible as they can, shouldn't desire to control or dominate others. In this family, we can talk our understanding on human life and life, talk our cognition to the universe, and talk the suggestions on constructing Chanyuan family and developing Lifechanyuan era; we can encourage and praise other Chanyuan Celestial. Chanyuan Celestial can communicate with each other, but they can't direct and educate brothers, sisters, relatives and lover in Lifechanyuan except for Saint Yang Heaven-Earth Buddha, Mortal World Heavenly King Foshan Buddha and Sage Taiji Buddha.

We shouldn't impose our will on others in the name of maintaining Lifechanyuan and Xue Feng's fame. As long as we bring joyfulness, freedom and happiness to others, we are doing merits and virtues, and creating the Lfiechanyuan era for humankinds.

June 9, 2008

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Create a Rational, Peaceful, Humanistic Era

Deiform Buddha

From 2988 BC to 2012 AD, is a cycle of life in universe.

At the end of the circle, the supreme-level life space, Mortal World and low-level life space need to be adjusted because of the equilibrium of their life amounts are in critical point. Take Mortal World as an example; because the amounts of animals decline sharply and are disproportionate with the amounts of human beings, lots of people have to return to the animal world. In the same way, during hundreds of years, the celestials coming from the super worlds to fulfill their mission have to return to super worlds; non-material structure possessing the standards of Inferno, Frozen Layer and Inflamed Layer must be thrown into the "Hell"; and the one who have achieved the perfect human natures standard have to get into the thousand-year world, have achieved Tao have to get into the ten-thousand year world and those who have achieved Buddha have to get into Elysium world. For those who are reaching the perfect human natures yet still unperfected will be left in human world to reproduce and develop.

From the time Lifechanyuan appears on the planet and in the man's world, the Heaven World will successively dispatch some celestials (angels) to the world to help those remaining in Mortal World to experience a hard time. The celestials will not show up in the form of extra-terrestrial or other visible forms, but will attach to human being's body to perform its program of balancing the life in universe in the form of the psychic energy. I don't know whose body the celestials' (angels') psychic energy will attach to, but I am sure the one attached is the blessed one, which is coincidence with Xue Feng's poem, "Butterfly flock around when flowers are blossoming. Good wishes and wisdom bubbles when your heart is peace being. No disease bothers you when your heart and body are clean. Celestial will you be when you only think of immortal thing",

The talented and wisdom men in Lifechanyuan should be prepared psychologically: listen attentively to the guidance of your souls, be ready to be unified with celestials from super worlds at all times. If we know the honored guests are coming, we should make a through cleaning in and out, light incense, eliminate dirty air and wait for their arrivals. Guidance from psychic energy should never be suppressed by the rational values; we should realize that the values we keep may be functionless and totally wrong; we should try our best to be in the unconsciousness state; we'd better make a thorough formatting to our knowledge, experiences, values and mode of thinking, reinstall the psychic energy from the source of life, remold ourselves thoroughly and be a useful member in the new era after 2013.

Along with the constant understanding on the mystery of the universe and the true meaning of the life in Lifechanyuan , someday, you will experience an indescribable passion and impulse, sense the mystery calling from the celestial beings, realize that you are not an ugly duckling but a white swan, just like awaken suddenly from a dream. Once this sign occurs, it proves that your heart is connecting with the psychic energy from the resource of life; and celestials are attached to your body; you can do whatever according to the guidance of the psychic energy

One thing need to be cautious is , no matter in the past time, nowadays and future, there are lots of people who are attached by devils, will confuse all living creatures and content against Lifechanyuan; but these devils led by Satan are not heterodox doctrines, they are also performing and maintaining the balancing program of the life in the universe. If Satan and his fellows don't create obstacles and troubles in Mortal World and don't strive to lead parts of people into the lower bound, and nobody wants to reincarnate to animal but wants to go to the super worlds or stay in Mortal world, the universe will collapse. Just like a person split into two half, if one half is dead, the other part is unable to exist.

To the life in universe, both Jesus and Satan are important, it is a unity of opposites. Mankind's view of Satan as their enemy and a devil of swallowing life are an extreme misunderstanding and injustice. In fact, Satan is truthfully fulfilling his duty, Satan and his fellows have to try every way they know to prevent all human beings going to super worlds, for example, money, beauties, power, status, pleasure, fame, exceptional function and religion conflict, and so on. It is like the policemen who hold the door of the conference hall and prevent the swarming crowd.

Why does Deiform Buddha only call for 2 percent people? Two percent of human population is 130 million, and these people will be left in the planet to create a rational, peaceful and humanistic era. Maybe Deiform Buddha will be scolded as heterodox doctrines and ignoring other 98 percent people. In fact, Buddha coming from the Greatest Creator doesn't ignore other people but other people refuse to be taken care of. Except Xue Feng's Inner Strength, everything in Lifechanyuan is presented clearly. Who will believe in Xue Feng's values except for a few sages with spiritual nature? Will Communist, Christian, Buddhist, Democratic personages or members of Falun Gong practitioners believe this? No, they won't. Of course, better not; if the number is over 2 percent, Lifechanyuan will be out of order.

Jesus has declared that everything should use parables, which is hard to understand to those who are going to be thrown into "hell". However, if they can understand they will not go to the hell; and if the hell is empty, the balanced heaven can't exist. Celestial being LaoTzu sighed, "My words are very easy to know, and very easy to practice; but there is no one in the world who is able to know and able to practice them. They who know me are few, and I am on that account (the one) to be prized." So, from now on, we should apply for the visa to the kingdom of the new life circle; it is very easy to apply for this visa: reverence to the Greatest Creator, reverence to life and reverence to nature, and following to the Greatest Creators' Tao.

There are few people traveling on the path of life, just like the revelation shown to sage-like type in the dream: a couple of people climbing up the Xuefeng Mountain with great effort and there isn't a busy scene to be found. If we look around and follow the steps of the common people, someday we will find that we are at the door of the hell. After the adjustment of the life in universe, human society will be a rational, peaceful and humanistic era; it also will be an era needless of the great men and heroes, an era with harmonious nature and ample food and clothing, and an era without fighting and grabbing, and mental disease. The Greatest Creator has given us free will: whether to go to the heaven or to go to the hell that totally depends on your own choice. Satan and his evil spirits can only satisfy our desire on the material and flesh, they can't control us wholly. In the end, you have to take your own path.

Since we have free will and the rights to choose our path, we should open up new ways forward to the rational, peaceful and humanistic era.

Aug 29th, 2004

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Laziness is a big enemy of Home without Marriage and Family

Xue Feng

I roughly browse the reasons of the final failure of some ideal communities in history; the result is that all of them are "killed" by laziness. Everyone is busy in seeking enjoyment, reaping the fruit of other's labor or drifting along; as time passes, the building of the ideal homeland collapse.

In order to make Home without Marriage and Family established by us to flourish, grow and enter into the ideal state, we have to learn from the lessons of history; so the NO.1 enemy of homeland is not others but laziness.

It is the long-term strategic target for Home without Marriage and Family to conduct the life-and -death struggle with laziness.

Every member of Home must possess the elementary qualities such as rising up on hearing the crow of a rooster and practicing with the labor tools, getting up at the crack of dawn and cleaning the courtyard, making a firm resolution to make good, constantly striving to become stronger and working hard everyday.

Diligence can achieve the good future, and laziness can even ruin the blessing of God. Laziness can destroy everything: it can make one sink into vice, can corrode ones will, spirit, mind and physical body; it can ruin a whole diligent community, influence the healthful spirit of a community just like virus; at last, it makes everything stay in the doldrums, dead as a doornail, depressed, and finally decay to extermination.

Laziness is a kind of virus, is the biggest devil for a man! Once laziness becomes his second nature, he will gradually become a walking corpse and running flesh to harm himself, others and homeland.

Someone summarizes: "The lazy man is bound to be an ordinary man; an ordinary man is bound to be a complaining man; a complaining man is bound to be a painful man; a painful man is bound to be a misfortune man; and a misfortune man is the lazy man. "

"God helps those who help themselves!" "Heaven helps those who help themselves!" Natural law punishes those who are lazy, and heaven will abandon those who are lazy.

Diligence symbolizes beauty, and laziness represents ugliness!

The eight features of laziness are as followings:

1.Seeking no progress but ease and comfort; one is indifferent to anything but prefers reaping the fruits of others.

2. Irresponsible for anything but prefers loafing, muddling along and eating the bread of idleness.

3. Stays up late at night and gets up late in morning without regular daily life in a weary state.

4. Indulging in games with no desire to make progress; one idles about all day and muddles along without any aim.

5. Sluggish and lazy, and never perfects one's skill but only pursues leisure and fears hardships and fatigue.

6. Greedy on eating, sleeping and playing with a confusing head and four lazy limbs.

7. One never participates in anything personally or carries out self-criticizes but prefers complaining, grumbling and criticizing the industrious people.

8. Sluggish, prefers postponing and performing one's duty in a perfunctory manner with numerous excuses; one finally accomplishes nothing.

"Running water never becomes putrid, and a door-hinge is never worm-eaten;" "excellence in work is possible only with diligence, otherwise everything is ruined in laziness;" once laziness becomes one's second nature, he will "idle away everything into nothing". "If one is diligent, one is skillful in everything, otherwise if one is lazy, he will be accompanied by countless illness;" "The tower of nine storeys rose from a (small) heap of earth; the journey of a thousand miles commenced with a single step."

"A small leak will ruin a big dam;" the beautiful homeland will be ruined in laziness; so Home without Marriage and Family will fight against laziness from beginning to end. For homeland, the laziness is AIDs, cancer, viral dysentery, robbers and devils.

How to carry out the life-and-death fighting with laziness?

1. The Chanyuan-Celestial equipped with laziness are not allowed to enter into Home without Marriage and Family.

2. The Chanyuan-Celestial equipped with laziness and remaining impenitent are not allowed to live in Home without Marriage and Family.

3. Anyone who pities, tolerates and sympathizes with laziness means committing a crime to Home without Marriage and Family.

4. The lazy guys will be disdained by the others in Home without Marriage and Family.

5. No one is going to associate with lazy persons.

6. "One radish, one hole." Do not leave any opportunities for the lazy persons to utilize.

7. Home without Marriage and Family will regularly organize some community studies to analyze the lazy thoughts, lazy habits, lazy style and lazy psychology; once there is any incipient tendency, we will get rid of it from our thoughts.

8. We will praise, eulogize diligence and award the highest honor to the diligent people.

Home without Marriage and Family belongs to all Chanyuan-Celestials, and every Chanyuan-Celestial is the owner of Home without Marriage and Family. If someone regards Home without Marriage and Family as hotel or private company and regards himself as migrant job-hunting boy or public servant, he makes a mistake on cognition; if Home without Marriage and Family is regarded as the manor of Xue Feng or the dean, it is an even bigger mistake. Only when each Chanyuan-Celestial regards oneself as the master of the home and perform the duty and obligation of the master, Home without Marriage and Family can flourish and grow; all our ideals can realize in Home without Marriage and Family.

Adam and Eve are forced to leave the Eden because they do not know how to treasure.

The ideal communities in history disappeared under the erosion of laziness because the people do not fulfill their masters' duties and responsibilities.

Whether Home without Marriage and Family can move on continually to the ideal shore depends on the efforts of each Chanyuan-Celestial.

Whether we can survive or die depends on whether we can defeat laziness.

August 31, 2008

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The Ways to Obtain Joy, Happiness,Freedom, and Blessing

Xue Feng

We yearn for a joyful, happy, free and blessed life, we pray for a joyful, happy, free and blessed life, but how can we make our wish become reality?

First, we should grasp the tenet, that is, we should hold in respect and awe the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature and should follow the way of the Greatest Creator. This is the precondition for the accomplishment of our aspirations. Secondly, we should get rid of contention, fight, comparison, jealousy, complaint, and possession, and try our best to be free from an ego, a personality, a being, a LIFE, a dharma, a non-dharma. Our mind should not reside anywhere but blend with nature. We should also understand that the process of LIFE is a game and we should be good at playing games.

The above requirements are the basic guarantee for the achievement of joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing. However, simply meeting the above requirements is not enough, we must also pay attention to the way to achieve these goals.

One can only get joy from living in the collective that shares the frequency and resonance. One can not get joy by living alone, neither can one get joy from living with people that do not share the same frequency with you. Therefore, we should seek the group that share our frequency and resonate with us, we should work, study, play games and live with them.

Happiness derives from labor and creation. A lazy person that does not work and create shall never understand what happiness is. Only those who engage them actively in work and creation can experience the feeling of happiness in their own labor and creation.

Freedom does not fall from the sky and thus should be earned through earnest endeavors.

Freedom is not given by anyone, instead one should protect his right endowed by heaven. One should say “no� firmly and resolutely when the freedom of one’s soul, spirit, and flesh is restricted by a theory, a sermon, a way of thinking, a programme, a system, an individual, or a group of people. “Freedom is the most precious thing in LIFE�, if you lose freedom you subject yourself to the status of a slave, who has no freedom.

One should pay a cost for the obtainment of freedom. It would only be lunatic ravings to wish for the gain of freedom effortlessly. Without great affliction and hard tempering, it is very difficult to march from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom.

Blessing is derived from unselfish devotion, the more unselfish devotion one makes, the more blessing he will have. A selfish and self-centered person who only lives for himself all his life will never experience the feeling of blessing. The person who devotes himself unselfishly to the blessing of mankind and all LIVES is the most blessed person in the world. The more unselfish service one renders, the more blessed he will be, and the less unselfish service one renders, the less blessed he will be.

Let's forge ahead and make our way to the life realm of joy, happiness, freedom and blessing!


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The Second Confession of Xue Feng

�the founder of Lifechanyuan

Xue Feng

1. Xue Feng is not any kind of God, buddha, or celestial being, he was not sent to earth by higher level life beings, he is very down to earth instead.

2. Xue Feng doesn’t have any supernatural power, and never has shown any as well.

3. Xue Feng has told his personal story very clearly, he was born in a poor family near the Yellow River, Gansu province, China. He also have told his history clearly to all Chanyuan celestials, and he doesn’t have anything mysterious to hide.

4. Xue Feng doesn’t have a master, what he said or wrote are all what he learnt from life experience.

5. Xue Feng doesn’t have any political background, nor does he have any political or other kind of organization as his support.

6. Xue Feng is not the “Spokesman� of the Greatest Creator as some people think wishfully; he has never said that he was the “Spokesman�.

7. Xue Feng is not any kind of “Savior� as some people think wishfully, and has never said that and accepted that title.

8. Xue Feng is not a “Master�, and against people call him “Master�. Xue Feng claimed himself a Tour Guide, and said more than once that he doesn't have the goodness what a “Master� possesses.

Xue Feng call himself “the Mssenger of the Greatest Creator�, the “Embodiment� of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and the Prophet Mohammed, the reason is that he has written an one-hundred-thousand-Chinese-word chapter called “the Greatest Creator�. He thinks it is the most comprehensive and profound description about the Greatest Creator. Although so, he has never given orders in the name of “the messenger of the Greatest Creator�. He has very insightful understanding of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and the Prophet Mohammed, and resonates with their thoughts and wills, that is why he call himself the “Embodiment�.

As for Xue Feng said that he is from the heaven——Ten-thousand-year world, that is the truth, if people don’t understand and have nowhere to verify it, it is up to them to think Xue Feng is talking nonsense.


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Replication of the Ten-Thousand-Year Life

Xue Feng

Home without Marriage and Family , which is created by Lifechanyuan, is a transfer station from the mortal world to Heaven and the thousand-year world, and also a transfer base of self-improvement and self-refinement to Heaven, the ten-thousand year world, the Elysium world and the Celestial Islands Continent. The life in Home without Marriage and Family copy the life style of the Celestials in the thousand-year world, and it will serve us for the achievement of the consciousness and quality of being Celestials in the thousand-year world and for the guarantee of reaching the thousand -year world.

The Content of the Copy of the Thousand-Year Life

1. No marriage, no husband and wife, no family, no married or given married

2. Nobody is capable of possessing any private property. Non-possession ownership is practiced. Individual's basic needs are to be met by collective.

3. Each does his best; each takes what he needs.

4. Everybody has his/her tasks and takes corresponding responsibilities. They serve mutually and they owe each other nothing.

5. No leaders but differences in responsibilities in arranging and mediating for life and work.

6. Anyone who is able to work must undertake a job, regardless his/her age or genre. No idlers here.

7. Each member is required to participate in the collective learning and recreational activities voluntarily.

8. To keep the environment clean and tidy; everything is orderly, peaceful and warm.

9. There is no constitution, no law, no regulation, no commandment, and no dharma; there is only holographic order.

10 Be collectively responsible for the support of the elderly and the raise and education of the children

11 There is no currency or reward. Everything is done in accordance with the natural instinct

12 Hold a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

13 No temples, Taoist temples, churches and idol worship; neither burn incense nor pray or make offerings.

14. No witchcraft, magic, martial arts, Taoistic arts and other superstitious activities.

15. Respect for science and make the full application of science and technology to serve the people.

16. No financial industry, commerce, accounting, courts, lawyers, soldiers, policemen and prison.

17. Be cremated after death, without leaving the ashes, the graves, or memorial places.

18. Do not produce any form of lethal weapons or competitive tools, appliances or toys.

19. No tobacco or cigarettes.

20. Two meals a day. All members take their meals at the canteen.

21.No eating the meat of wild animals, and no eating any animals, including poultry and livestock in the end.

22. Outdoor bathing places, bathrooms, restrooms and toilets can be used regardless of gender.

23. Be free in love and sex. Be free from interference and control as long as they are willing to do this regardless the number of people.

24 There is no conception of father and kinship. The baby will be raised and educated by full-time nursery staffs and institutions after his/her mother's lactation period.

25 All members change their habitats for one time every three years.

26 The basic standard of living will be normalized globally, no luxury, no waste; everyone will be guaranteed for sharing living resources.

27 Each member enjoys a separate bedroom, which is absolutely freed from disturbance, supervision and control.

28. Follow the Tao of the Greatest Creator in an all-round way.

What is listed above are just a copy of the life in the Thousand-year world, and there left a large amount of details which will be adjusted and changed according to Lifechanyuan Value that "No dharma in the power of Buddha, it is ever changing; a rule is not always being rule, not seizing any rules is the real rule; to change the ways around the unchanging point, not to change the point when changing the ways". Everything will be carried out for everyone's joy, freedom, and happiness, and focus on the care for nature, the cherishment of life, the reverence for the Greatest Creator and the sublimation of the quality of life.

June 8, 2010

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Comprehensively Absorb New Era Values

Deiform Celestial

New Era Value presents us a broad prospect of spiritual and physical world. Staring from Seth, then Orin, The Law of One, Kryon , Wingmakers by Huzi, series articles by Qiankun Buddha, Conversations With God, Disappearance of the Universe and so on to A Course in Miracles,

New Era Value is an enormous and complicated system. It inherits, protects and develops almost all wisdoms of Sages and Saints. The field it spans from science, philosophy, psychology, biology, noology, uranology, parapsychology, pathology, space theory, religion theory, theory of universe creation and theory of life origin, to the Christ, LaoTzu Tao Te Ching and supreme masters in India(such as Osho, Bhagavan and Krishnamurti, etc). It was almost all-inclusive and unusual brilliant, laid a good foundation for human beings into a new stage.

The human species is changing. The human beings in Lifechanyuan Era will not be the same today. It is an inevitability of history and the evolution of human race to eliminate and purify human being who will step from physical state into spirit and soul state. Their survival will not merely depend on material things; rather depend more on energy of spirit and soul.

Lifechanyuan consciousness refers to the New Era Value. What mentioned above are the foundation and organic parts of Lifechanyuan value. Lifechanyuan will link the multitude “pearls� together by the string of “following the path of the Greatest Creator�, and make them into one so as to provide a bright way for the progression and development of human society.

Comprehensively absorb new era values is a strategy for Lifechanyuan to carry out the policy of All in One. By discarding the dregs and selecting the essence, Lifechanyuan will embrace the new era by presenting a harmonious, peaceful, and joyful picture scroll to humankind, and fundamentally changing the environment of human life .

Network as tremendous energy storage of resources was born for the new era. Its significance and value are far beyond the total value of coal, oil and mineral resources on earth; even exceed the amount of energy provided the sun. Make full use of the resources and energy provided by internet is a definite way for new era human beings.

Everything should be developed according to the principle of minimum drag. Internet is much more rapid, economical and convenient than any form of sermon and communication. So, the old pattern for spreading religion such as writing by hand will be replaced by the internet. There will be no future for clinging strongly to tradition; and conservativeness will be destroyed by the trend of the times. The only way out is to accept the New Era Value in order to step into the new era of Lifechanyuan,.

New Era Value mainly include: the universe consists of three elements: consciousness, energy and structure. The whole universe is a great consciousness, and the great consciousness refers to the Greatest Creator. Every life in universe is a part of the consciousnesses of the Greatest Creator. Material world is the embodiment of consciousness, and individual world of life is a reflection of self-consciousness. As long as the consciousness exists, the soul will exist forever. The carrier of soul will vary with consciousness. Human beings have infinite creative ability and developmental potentials. Lifetime is just a brief trip for life, and the meaning of life lies in its process. Your destiny is created by yourself, so you should be responsible for it and stop complaining others. There is no conflict in pursuing of health, richness, freedom and the promotion of spiritual nature. Humanity should move with nature rather than being oppressed. The core of improving the spiritual nature should focus on deepening the understanding, changing the thinking, perfecting the consciousness and the nonmaterial structure of life rather than on pursing the wizardry and extra sensory perception. Everything is Zen; everything is apocalypse. The secrets of the universe and life are hidden in the ever-changing natural phenomenon. The nature of the Greatest Creator is sex, love and Tao; following the principle and theory of sex, love and Tao is to believe in the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator and other gods do not bring the soul to trial. 36-dimensional space is the model of the universe which has channels ---space tunnel. Past, present and future are closely linked together through the time tunnel and all of them can be changed; there is no such a thing which is changeless, the principle of change is the change of consciousness. When consciousness changes, everything will change accordingly. Love is able to purify our heart, perfect the nonmaterial structure of our life and has the quality of angel, so we should learn to love; not only love ourselves, but also love other people and society, the Greatest Creator, god and Buddha, nature and life. The key to happiness is to offer our love, release our love, always feel gratitude and strive to create. The world we could perceive by sense organs is narrow and small. You should break the shackles, shift into a larger space, open your telegnosis and see your true nature. New Era Value admits telepathy, but do not believe it blindly. Everything should be tested by science, truth, logic and spiritual nature. In most cases our soul is in a state of sleeping. The real world we believe is actually a fantasyland. Because of the habitual thinking, we are unable to realize that we are in fantasyland. New Era Value requires us to wake up from the dead sleep and enter into a relatively realistic reality, enjoy much freer, comfortable life and live without fear. All diseases are reflections of the defective spirit and mind. You must make great efforts in consciousness and pay more attention on life structure in order to cure it thoroughly. Qualitative change requires the accumulation of quantitative change. Qualitative change will surely occur if the quantitative change is accumulated to a critical point. This principle is applicable to self-improvement. When self-improvement is accumulated to a certain degree, his life will be alienated, and he will become a celestial, Buddha or God. While the core of self-improvement is to accumulate merits, the core of self-refinement is to change thinking, make transition from matter thinking to visualized thinking, associative thinking, illusive thinking, heart-image thinking, Taiji thinking, non-form thinking and holographic order thinking. In universe, everything is necessity except for one contingency, which is the way how Tao operates. Therefore, please never assume that you are lucky in gaining by fraud, for the result of cheating others and the gods is to cheat yourself. It is the same as by doing harm to others and nature, you will ultimately hurt yourself.

The above is a part of the core ideas of New Era Value.

New era is coming; it is inevitable. All of those people who don’t want to die should come closer to New Era Value. All those people who are dreaming of free life in Heaven should get their out -dated value replaced by the New Era Value. The world is developing rapidly. It is time to embark the spaceship, no more the slow carriage.

Let’s meet in the Lifechanyuan era!


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No Oppressing and Exploitation in Heaven

Xue Feng

I had kept three dogs before, two German shepherd and an ordinary puppy. Everyday they have plenty of food, also there are spacious places in the front and back yards for their running and playing. I thought the three dogs should love each other and get along with each other harmoniously. But this is not the case. They often fight for food or for favors. I was very angry at this and said: "you deserve being dogs by birth; you can never become human beings."

From the perspective of the thousand-year world of Heaven, I could see no reason for people's struggling, fighting, and competing, no reason for oppression or exploitation because the natural resources is abundant enough for supporting all human beings on earth. How the Greatest Creator wish people could love each other and live in harmony all the time! But it is only an ideal. They have kept in competing and struggling for better life, intriguing or cheating for a little bit of natural resources; they have been creating hurts and hatred for empty reputation and social status. I'm very angry at this and think that: "You deserve being human beings by birth, you can never be celestials."

There is no oppression or exploitation in Heaven, no fight or competition. No unpleasant or unhappy events might occur among the celestials. They love each other, living a harmonious and happy life without limitation.

If a dog wants to become a man, it must act according to the way of thinking of human beings; if a person wants to become a celestial, he/she must act according to the consciousness of a celestial. A dog will remain a dog and a person will remain a person forever if they don't changes the way of thinking.

Anyone who wants to go to the Heaven through self-improvement or self-refinement must not compete, struggle, and exploit others. You should not make others feel unhappy in any excuse or any approach. You should not restrict the freedom of others in any name or impose your own ideas and opinions to others. You should not bring any spiritual, mindful or physical harm on others.

Home without Marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan is set up based on the life style in the thousand-year world, so the celestials here should not hurt each other. We should not get on with other people in the way of thinking of human beings of the mortal world; we should not oppress or exploit mutually, instead, we should live the life in the thousand-year world and love with each other like the celestials there. Only in this way can is it possible for us to have the qualification for getting the thousand-year world.

In Home without Marriage and Family, if a celestial hurt the other celestials and make them unhappy, I would tell you that you not only hurt the other celestials, but also hurt me, Xue Feng the guide, you hurt me heart and my feeling, you hurt Jesus the Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, and you also hurt the favor of the Greatest Creator. You are only qualified to be a human being rather than being a celestial in Heaven.

December 12, 2009

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The No. 1 Home in the World

Xue Feng

Where there is happiness and auspiciousness, there is the Greatest Creator; where there is joy and delight, there is caring of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni; freedom and happiness are wishes of sages and wise men saints in all ages.

Quarrelling and fighting belong to devils; the place struggling for fame and power to raise self-pride is the gathering place of demons and monsters; the place filled with suffering, constraints and misery is the bustling place of ignorant persons and laity.

Lifechanyuan is the No. 1 home in the world, which possesses the following 18 features:

We should constantly revere the Greatest Creator, revere life, revere nature and walk the way of the Greatest Creator.

We should constantly trust and comply with the instructions of Jesus Christ, Buddha Sakyamuni.

We should constantly obey the guidance of the sages and saints of all ages and carry out them in our daily life.

We should constantly create Lifechanyuan era for human beings and live by Lifechanyuan values ourselves, and the most important task is to make countries, political parties, religions and families disappear to set up a global government and realize such a society: "Person of virtue won't be abandoned by government, all people in the world become one big family "; "No one pockets anything found on the road; doors unnecessarily to be shut in the evening "; "The weather is pleasant; harmony and peace are everywhere"; "Everyone is happy and joyful, everything is prosperous "; "Human beings and the earth become ONE and happiness and abundance are everywhere"

We should constantly show the truth, goodness, beauty, love, honesty and trust side of the nature, human life and life.

We should constantly climb towards the summit of human life and life.

All the members of Lifechanyuan are brothers, sisters, relatives and lovers; we will not quarrel, argue, fight, conquer, compel, impel, exploit or depress each other but care, cherish, respect and love each other.

The traditional family pattern and husband-wife relationship will completely disappear.

The private property will be cancelled and the whole society adopts non ownership system. The aged will be supported jointly; children will be fostered jointly; and people share each other's fortunes and difficulties together.

We pursue the delighted, joyful, free and happy life

Life will sublimate towards the Heaven, the thousand-year world, the ten-thousand-year world, Elysium world and celestial archipelago.

No one will oppose, interfere and confront against government; everyone will consciously stick to the values of Lifechanyuan and obey the management of government in daily life.

Everyone will be pursuing a "Shangri-la" lifestyle: civilized and joyful, healthy and abundant.

Everyone is busy in pursuing the healthy, well-off and land of idyllic beauty characterized with civilization, elegance and comfort.

All the members of Lifechanyuan are not infestors or idlers but creators and dedicators.

All the members of Lifechanyuan are not the talkative moralizer or fault critics but the constructers of practicing what one preaches and setting oneself an example for others to follow.

No one pursues the individual will or personal willingness but the Lifechanyuan values.

Everyone should act according to one's temperament, do according to one's will, fulfill one's duty and take one's needs.

The No. 1 home in the world is born due to the big universal adjustment, and purpose of purifying earth. It lays foundation for the new lifestyle after the year of 2013. I wish all the wise men will find the door of this No. 1home in the world as early as possible and become the member as soon as possible! This is above everything else.

July 24, 2008

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