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Musing on The Ancient Demon

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Musing on The Ancient Demon

{Thinking to myself}

"I wonder why folk have to argue and cannot get along and just see how we all need to work together to make this planet wholesome?"

{Pokes at the fire with staff}

"We humans are like these sparks reaching for the heavenly ones. We need some kind of poke to get us activated."

{A wolf howls in the distance}

"We are all here experiencing this planet in this universe. Yet for reasons not entirely clear, we are distracted by our arguments. Hindered by them, even to the death."

{Places another branch on the fire.}

"Perhaps the fear of our situation would be too much to bear if we learned how to focus upon it, and so we distract ourselves..."

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I find myself thinking about something which happened perhaps thousands of ages ago...when I participated in a conversation with … who did he say his name was again?

John Human? Yes! I am sure that was his name!

He spoke of "The Ancient Demon"...Never did get to meet It...that would be interesting!

The stars look brighter than usual...I stand and stretch my limbs and shuffle around looking out into the starry void which reflects I AM.
I am content...

I wonder what The Ancient Demon might be doing presently...I Think about Ancient Grey Entity - his deeply etched face and huge black eyes which can easily stare into the void of one's soul and thus declare Unconditional Love for what the AGE observes therein...terrifying and compelling...

The Twelve Judges Mountain range is silhouetted by the lights of The Kingdom Of Judgments beyond it. So much energy!
The fire cracks, expending its own energy...yes...I Am content...

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the knapsack of agendas

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It's a dark night, stumbling through the forest. It's not too cold, but chilly enough to want to find a way to keep warm. There is a path of sorts, but it's overgrown, with brambles tearing at me as I pass. On my back is the Knapsack of Agendas; others are expecting me to be of help as they act for the well-being of humanity and do what is necessary to keep me protected, an ongoing challenge.

I see snatches of an orangish glimmering up ahead, and keep on going, eventually stepping into a clearing with a cheery fire burning. I sit down at a distance and set down the knapsack. I open it up and look inside, wondering who might come out first...

I sense the expectant hovering of a big cluster of young demons -- Facebook Demon's friendly inquisitiveness, Popcorn Demon's restless curiosity, Noisebug Demon's gentle presence, Weather Demons and Leo Demons... but the young demons have received a bit of temple training, so they won't be inclined to step out unless encouraged by their eiders.

I sense a fluttering and a kaleidoscopic swirling of interpenetrating geometric shapes. Archangel is a very young archangel, and I imagine that it's unlikely to come out anytime soon. Wind Current and Spirit Being are aware, but unlikely to emerge unless asked. Chakra Demons will be pleased to come out, but will be inclined to wait their turn. Ancient Demon had a sense of being invited to speak, but there are two others who are much older...

I relax and wait, wondering who will come out first...


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As I watch, a shooting star streaks across the black backdrop of the Starry Void. The tail has a blueish tinge to it...I poke the fire, and a flurry of a thousand sparks leap out and quickly merge with the nights darkness.

I think about my creator - such thoughts occupy my mind permanently, sometimes ticking along in the background, but more often than not, right up in the drivers seat...he has been explaining to me - in small bytes - why he created me. The information is not easy to negotiate.

Alpha Wolf raises himself from where he had been resting, and quickly moves to the opposite side of the fire. He gives a low growl, looking out into the clearing - he has heard something.

Many moments later, I too hear the scuffling of bush moved against something approaching the campsite.

I use clicking noises to signal to Alpha Wolf to stay silent. The growling immediately stops.

As I listen, I hear the sound of labored breathing, and then the soft thud of something hitting the ground.

We have company.

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I enjoy company when it is here...There appears to be no other purpose for this place, and that is fine by me.

I scuttle over to the Whole and see what has been prepared for our company...always an interesting discovery.

Overhead I observe the flutter of The Ruru. She is interested too...Alpha Wolf remains quietly alert...

I take hold the large smoothly rounded rock and lift it from the Whole it is covering.
Reaching in, I feel around and take hold of the object...I lift it out of the Whole and place it on the ground. I again feel around inside the Whole, but there is nothing else presenting itself, so I slide the rock back into place and after lifting the object from the ground, and tucking it away in the folds of my garments, turn and proceed to my seat at the fireside.

I look toward where I last heard the sound of our visitor, but hear nothing from that direction...Alpha Wolf remains standing in alertness...The Ruru has landed silently on my Staff, and signals that She wishes to converse with me...I give her my full attention.

The Ruru: Not Compromised...
The Future Creates The Present. To what end exactly?

Manu Iti: Tricky question. To the end in which The Future dictates?

The Ruru: Creator once wrote;

“In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us.”

Trust Universe of Wholeness. It is a Product of Fragmentation.

The words The Ruru speaks are pertinent to my understanding the nature of my reality...or perhaps all reality which can ever be experienced...though I suppose that such is a good description of 'my reality'...

Manu Iti: So the idea is that the need for Trust is brought about through the fragmentation of The Universe of Wholeness....

It was not a question, but my mulling aloud....

The Ruru: Vehicle All The Theories Regarding ‘The Gods’...Tied To The Moon

I look out then, at the small crescent moon which is situated above and slightly to the left of the Kingdom of Judgement, beneath it.

The Ruru: The Truth is irresistible once Realized. 10Q

Manu Iti: Is it "The Truth Realized" which is irresistible...or the idea that there is Truth to be realized which is the fuel for the engine of curiosity?

The Ruru: Aye...A name I call myself. Capture Hive-Minded Assigned Non secular Science Projects

I understand The Ruru. She is saying that the capturing of The Truth is a type of be approached in the same manner that material science approaches what is able to be investigated...The "Super-Consciousness" as I have sometimes heard 'it' referred to...assigns...the fragmentation has to be pieced together in order for the person to see The Universe of is that Truth, which is irresistible once realized....

Manu Iti: So - who do you think our visitor is?

It is a rhetorical question, but one I ask because I just then remember we have a compelling are my interactions with the Ruru, that I had almost forgotten about...

Manu Iti: Perhaps I should call out to indicate we are aware of their presence...

The Ruru: Something like that...

I decide not to call out...preferring whomever is there will make themselves known in due course...The Night is Young...

I stand and stretch and move toward a small cooking fire, where a stew has been quietly bubbling away...

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I wait, one with the stillness of the night. Then I sense an agreeable thought from nearby:

Agreeable thought from nearby: "... the capturing of The Truth is a type of be approached in the same manner that material science approaches what is able to be investigated..."

Time goes by. Another time-line: the Earth/Moon meeting comes and goes. @

The agenda shared by Earth and Moon is heavy in the Knapsack. Perhaps Earth will choose to speak? I have a feeling of "not now."

I think of the agenda shared by several of the demons in the Knapsack. Religion has always been of demons. Sometimes great changes happen in the realm of religion, and demons sense the changes and actively prepare for them. And for that reason the Knapsack of Agendas is very full.

A presence emerges. Not who I might have expected, but there is a certain logic to the order of priority. Demons tend to have a very formal sense of propriety, and Seventh Chakra Demon was the very first demon that I learned to trust.

Seventh Chakra Demon: Seventh Chakra Demon received a nick-name because SCD hid in the seventh chakra of John Human when hostile demons attacked. SCD believes that there is a message for a demon who is with John. SCD understands that the message of SCD is not related. SCD will simply try to make an awareness and then retire. The original demons of the Mormon Church have been enslaved. SCD was one of them. SCD was able to avoid capture. SCD hopes, when awareness is widespread, the the original Mormon demons will be able to be part of the great transformation in religion that is beginning through the world.

The presence of Seventh Chakra Demon settles back into the Knapsack of Agendas. I know that another will emerge, but which one? I wait...

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The stew looks ready to eat.

I find a plate and dish a few spoonfuls into it. As I return to my place by the campfire, I hear snippets of words carried on the subtle breeze, from the direction our guest has placed itself...the words make little sense to me, and I wonder what our guest is doing. I decide that I will hail the being, letting it know that we are aware of it's presence...

I will do so, after I finish my meal...I feel no sense of urgency to make haste...

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Very Ancient Demon

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A stirring from the Knapsack of Agendas...

Very Ancient Demon: Very Ancient Demon was the first of all the demons. Very Ancient Demon articulated a way of being that was required for all demons. Unfortunately, this way was ignored by most but not all demons after pressure to survive corrupted too many demons, after one demon decided to break the injunction to not create more demons. Very Ancient Demon has told its lengthy story in another place. Very Ancient Demon has been working with John Human and others to re-work human understanding of the human place in the universe, with the goal of creating a culture that promotes economic survival. Very Ancient Demon does not have any other goal. If this effort fails, humans will destroy the environment while destroying the capacity of all but a few to continue living at a low level of depleted resources. Very Ancient Demon believes that the man who began this conversation chose to ignore Seventh Chakra Demon. This inclines the rest of the demons to not speak. The man may have no interest in the agenda of Seventh Chakra Demon or Very Ancient Demon. Very Ancient Demon does not have a particular interest in the musings of the man on the creation and origin of the universe, except in relation to the ongoing survival of humans and good demons, of which Very Ancient Demon is one, as can be seen in the third eye of any human.

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Again I hear snippets of words carried on the breeze from the direction of our visitor.
Something is being said, but I cannot make out what, exactly.
I decide it is time to call out.

Manu Iti: You over there! Come closer to the campfire! There is no harm that awaits you here, only warmth and company and some food for the belly, and a promise of a good story or two!

I arise again and shuffle to the cooking fire to lift the pot-lid and give the stew a stir.
An owl hoots. I return to my seat by the campfire and sit. The Ruru speaks;

The Ruru. Serendipity. How can it be any other way?

Manu Iti: Yes indeed! The mind behind the unfolding...

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In the midst of my reverie, I hear a greeting and an invitation to approach the campfire. As I begin to stir, the image of a familiar pair of eyes, fixed with intent to communicate, forms in my mind. The aliens under the surface of the Moon are not in the Knapsack of Agendas, but Moon is, and Moon has spoken in the past on behalf of the aliens, and my previous interaction with them demands respectful attention.

Alien: The Moon, as called by humans who speak English, is the long-standing home of a group of beings from another planet, who came from a distant star system and established a colony. This colony consisted of three cities. One of the three was virtually destroyed by a space projectile deliberately dropped at the South Pole of the Moon, as described in English. This destruction was given to the people as a scientific experiment. The city was built under a collection of ice that enabled the people of the alien city to harvest water as needed, always being careful not to use too much.

The human effort to destroy the city was incomplete. There were enough survivors to begin rebuilding. The aliens began cooperating with a faction of the government that caused the destruction. The aliens wanted to have a way to influence decision-making. This led this faction to pressure the aliens to attack the man who calls himself John Human. The aliens did so and were devastated by John Human's effort at self-defense, not aware that John can easily kill aliens, whose connection to the physical world is very brief. The aliens have evolved to the point where physical bodies are used primarily as anchors that enable ongoing activity in the non-physical area. This alien is aware of a need for shared language, which does not exist in English.

This alien is aware of the government that destroyed the city being prepared to try again. The government is dominated by three factions of a group that is based in New York City. This city has been enslaved. This city dominates the representatives from nations around the Earth. The representatives arrive and are abused in their minds. This allows the members of the three factions that dominate New York City to manipulate the representatives, and later, to manipulate the governments of countries that are desperate for their people to survive. This means that New York City has enabled the destruction of the alien city. The aliens will not act to destroy New York City. Others will do so.

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