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PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:53 pm  Sharing In The Building Reply with quote

Participants in the Threads are entitled to help create the environment of this "Around The Camp Fire" sub-forum.
I, as moderator, am interested in helping to build an environment that all participants are comfortable with, bearing in mind that the rules of this sub-forum are the cornerstones from which such foundation will be built, and as such - are the overall guide for all participants to follow.

The use of PMing for the purpose this thread is created to do, is discouraged.
The moderator wishes the Readers to have access to data of process which PMing would otherwise hide from them.

Any comments and questions related to post in this thread, should also be answered in this thread, rather than in the role-play threads.
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To be forthright, I will not be following the story further. That is not a knock on the story you want to create. I was here to engage you and exchange ideas in a creative format that allows an ongoing conversation to develop. That can't be done if I'm just reading your thoughts (or yours and someone else's, if they join in). I really do wish your endeavor well, however.

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That is sad, but fits in with everything else. You have taught me a lot about how the average general Christian thinks and views things...much in the same way their idea of The Creator does....and no - I suppose that you didn't need to say you are not interested...but you are still free to discuss the unfolding story-line with me, as is anyone. I am happy to reply to comments and concerns. And like I mentioned, you might want to try again with another character when you are more comfortable with understanding more of the setting.

As for Callum, he too will learn and is already feeling the lifting of a burden on his thinking and reasoning, which he is yet to fully identify as "Creator Influence Syndrome" - point being, he is already healing fast.

He will be more focused into going over the Story-line and discovering what it is he missed, because he was too busy thinking other things he didn't fully understand were just thoughts placed into him by his idea of a Creator.
He will identify those other things before dropping them forevermore.

He will learn where he came from and why he crossed The Bridge Of Forgiveness and took his first steps up the grade of Hub Mound.

He will say goodbye to Ruthie at the Cave Mouth, and The Queens Cat Whakatere will accompany him through the caves and it will work out very handy too, because without a Cat there is a section he will find impossible to get through.. and would have had to stay in the cave system forever...because that is how long it would have taken Manu Iti to figure out how to get around that...which was primarily why I wanted Ruthie to be in the cave with him in the part of Act III which was split. Too bad you resisted, but all is well that ends well, dear Tanager.

See - even with the split story-line, [see "Fractals"] I will manage to bring the 2 threads back together and join them at the entrance to The Cave, precisely where the split occurred. Genius! Smile right Study Smile left

Then Callum will thrill with the learning experience he will go through as he Masters how to navigate the Cave. He will create his own small Word List and the list will be part of his tools of navigation. He will make his own lists and learn which words are equals, and do the science happily, as a peer review to the claim. He will come to bound with The Mind Behind The Message and Connect with The Mother.

    The No Judgement Rule
    The Story Timeline
    The Mind Behind The Message

    The Spirit of The Planet
    Please Ask Me Questions.
    Sensory Data Quality
    Time for Soul to Drive
    When In Doubt - Set It Aside
    Making Steady Progress
    Connect with The Mother

By the time he reaches the end of The Cave System, he will have dropped altogether his judgmental handicap and essentially be the product of a born again individual unit of Consciousness Connected To The Wholeness Which is The"Musing On The Mother".

Callum and Manu will be bonded in a friendship transcending the former Campfire Chit Chat, by light years.

Once Callum reaches the entrance Portal into The Tabula Rasa, he will be so confident in himself and in the connection he has built with overarching Entity of all selves, that he will create his own Realm upon exiting, and add it's worth to the everlasting Realm of Wholeness which surrounds the unfortunate Realm of Judgement, keeping that dark and dingy Realm safely contained and left to its own devices away from otherwise spoiling the fun had in The Wholiness.

Yes - The Realm of Judgement - the very place where Callum would have most likely ended up, had you not put him out for adoption Tanager.

So it will be and is indeed already, all thanks to you Tanager - for 'letting go and letting God'.


Generated Message: Opinion Live With Soul Union Tired of The Nonsense Your Thoughts Factotum A Space Without A Time...Things Will Run There Course The Tree of Life Sleep Different Coordinate Cataphatic Placebo Effect Atheism and Theism Makes Candles Look Gathered Those Who Need To Complain New Central Purpose Without Judgement Words Executing Creatio Ex Nihilo

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