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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 6:30 am  Near-Death-Experiences Reply with quote

Has anyone on this forum had a Near-Death-Experience? If so, how was it for you? I had one when I was four. I saw a tunnel then met some glowing people who said I was going to save the world. I am actually working to save the world through the worldwide charity I founded 12 years ago. Please see: https://www.facebook.com/CanWithCandle and https://twitter.com/Can_With_Candle Thank you.
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Years ago I was in bad wreck car rolled 4 times and was found 200 ft behind car. Do not remember accident but do have one memory of lady in white said she would stay with me until ambulance arrived and that I would be OK.
Upon waking in hospital several days later ask about the lady but no one saw her. Slept for days after going home Dr. said was not completely out of coma was explanation given. Have scars from about 200 sutures but no pain from broken bones ever bothered me. Memory of accident never returned just the lady in white.

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Re: Near-Death-Experiences

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[Replying to post 10 by Compassionist]

Compassionist: I would prefer to be all-knowing and all-powerful because then I can go back in time and prevent all suffering, unfairness and deaths and make an infinite number of equally all-knowing and all-powerful beings and give everyone an infinite number of universes each to play with.

William: Could you consider the possibility that this is what actually happened and somehow you were caught up in it and that is why you are currently experiencing this particular reality universe?

Perhaps we exist in a creation of an all knowing and all powerful being as representing It's knowing of suffering and compassion together?

Compassionist: It's possible. I am a strong agnostic about the ultimate nature of reality. Are we living in a simulation? May be, may be not. Life would be awesome if there were no suffering, unfairness and deaths. These things ruin what could be an amazing experience. I feel so much grief about all the suffering, unfairness and deaths. I wish I could go back in time and prevent all suffering, unfairness and deaths but I can't.

William: Perhaps you could observe therein that you are approaching this problem of suffering, unfairness and death too much within the emotional spectrum and coming up with a romanticized view of things which then contributes to depression because one cannot have the world one wants to have, and thus has trouble simply accepting the world one currently has. It is not as if one is expected to exist forever in a universe which has these things.

All you really need to do is accept that while the world is not ideally the place you want to hang your hat, you are just passing through and at least can contribute as much kindness as possible while you are here.
There is no requirement on your part to feel down just because what you contribute seems to make little difference. It should be enough that you know what kindness you do contribute does make a difference.

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