Is gender a spectrum, not binary?

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Overcomer wrote: It bothers me when people allow a five-year-old to dictate whether they want to live as a boy or a girl. Would these people also let the child dictate what he eats (chocolate chip cookies would have been my choice) and when he goes to bed, whether he goes to school or not, etc.? Children don't know enough to make these kinds of decisions.
Seriously? I know what my gender is when I was 3. 5 years is plenty old enough.
It also bothers me that there are young people being subjected to sex-change procedures when they are still too immature to have figured everything out about themselves, who they are, how they were made, etc. Instead of rushing to meet someone's feelings about themselves, why not hold off and help them sort out those feelings to find out if they're healthy, real, viable, etc.?
Now that I can agree with, knowing something isn't quite right is one thing, figuring out how best to fix it is quite another.

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Re: Is gender a spectrum, not binary?

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Healthy people only have female and male children. All the rest is due to foul play!
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