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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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After Messaging Wiremu I call up The Symbol for the Main Egregore of The Patupaiarehe

Tawa Mapahu is the GrandFather of the Main Egregore - a symbolic position rather than a practical necessity, as The Patupaiarehe know one another's thoughts and have no need of formal hierarchy. I Message Him.

Manu Iti: Greetings Tawa Mapahu. I see The Patupaiarehe are converging upon something of interest...something I have been tracking for some time now...can you tell me why there is so much interest in this object?

Tawa Mapahu raises His arm to signal stillness and immediately all The Patupaiarehe throughout The Mystic Forest cease moving. I feel the thought of the whole group speak to me as One Voice.

Tawa Mapahu: Greetings Manu Iti. We move toward the signal, believing it to be coming from The Wampus Cat.

This information amazes me. The Wampus Cat is a highly regarded Being famous as a central aspect of Patupaiarehe Mythological Lore...often spoken of, but never seen...and there has never been a signature of a Wampus Cat - or even a footprint for that matter - in any part of the vast Mystic Forest, ever...so...it is a Wampus Cat I have been tracking?

Manu Iti: Well that is interesting Tawa Mapahu. I have been tracking this signal believing it could be coming from a Friend who was abandoned by his Creator. I have sent Master ColdFire to investigate and you should be seeing him presently.

Tawa Mapahu thanks me for my information and then signals The Patupaiarehe to move forward, and as one they proceed to do so. The closest of them are less than a click away...
I let Master ColdFire know of the developments and ask him for his eyes.

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I stand and stretch. I place my spike in the tree, thank it for its gift, drinking of its goodness. Water drips a little from my beard. I hold the spike in with one hand for Ruthie to drink of the wonderful tasting water, while wiping the water from the sides of my mouth and beard with the other.

Callum: What shall we do today, my friend?

Ruthie looks at me with a tilted head and then rubs against my leg closest her before scratching her claws against another tree nearby. She then curls into a ball and seems to settle in. I have Ruthie's answer.

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Wiremu Messages me, and asks me to keep him updated on the progress of the situation.

Master ColdFire grants my request and suddenly the screen displays what it is that he is seeing. I reduce this and place it to one side of the screen. Master ColdFire is now among the drift of Patupaiarehe heading toward the signals position and every moment there are more and more of them converging...

I engage The Message Generator, hoping to glean more clues as I continue to watch the event unfold.

The Message: Unconscious Mind Inertia Asking Politely Making Things Easier Plan Fearful Imaginations The Physical Universe The Fine Art of Not Being Offended Happiness
The Astral Body With The Assistance Of That Deep One Communication with the Deeper Levels of Self Shuussssh Friable All on The Same Page Energies Renewed
Science Projects Is There What Is Friendship Food For Thought Phenomenon Observed by Many Go Within and Find That Place Get Comfortable The Devil You Say The Unknown Knowable Solar System Believe You Me Now Here Interpretation
The Home Of The… GameMakers Personal Expression Of Appreciation Sweet Vibrations Dreaming Occupy The Causal Complexity of The World Time for Soul to Drive Mind In relation to eternity, 'when' is always a potential Inveterate The Moment
The Hologram of Deception Human Being Freedom in The Knowing Phantasma Independent Links And Symbols Perceived Obsolescence Konkachila Transposing Welcome Free To Choose Cautiously How can it be any other way Parchment See the Signs Without Warm Presence Welcome Exobots The Dolphins and Whales When The Dust Settles The Knowledge Of Action The Human Being Intelligence With Wisdom
Dilatory Make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible What’s The Problem The Love is within the Communion Love Takes One For The Team The Path Of Faith Children The Power Of Creation On The Right Track In Human Form Technique of Exchange Ubiquitous What Are Your Thoughts In The Spirit They Were Given Central Purpose
Commendably Recommendable You Are Watched Over Description Any Other Way Tired of the Nonsense Training Criticize With Kindness The Tribe Has Spoken Music
Chamber Twenty Three An Elder Race Eschatological Personal Participation With The One Delightful All Things Are In Order Placebo Effect Hot Wait For The Navigator to respond Night The School of Hard Knocks With Benefits Internet Monetary Pertinent Read Authenticity Callum's Eighth Point Coordinate Fire Points of Reference The Father Incantation What Is Found Here Assumption Shift Focus The Georgia Guidestones

The computer tells me I have an incoming Message from Wiremu...

Mani Iti: Greetings Wiremu

Wiremu: Greetings Manu Iti.

Mani Iti: It appears we have been - perhaps - tracking a Wampus Cat all this time...

Wiremu: Still interesting news...And another tid-bit of news you might not be aware of. The Entry Nine Event...

At first I am puzzled by what this numbered event Wiremu mentions signifies and then I realize he is referring to the Story-Line - I bring my copy of The Book of Musing On The Mother Act III up on screen and quickly find Entry Nine and read it...it is written by The Tanager and mentions Callum.

I am stunned...

Wiremu: The signal you were following was probably just The Wampus Cat and naturally The Patupaiarehe are interest in that.
We will have to see how this pans out.

I think about the situation developing...The signal turns out to be The Wampus Cat ...The Patupaiarehe are gathering en masse to see this mythological creature...Callum is expecting Master ColdFire soon but has the additional incoming Patupaiarehe to engage with... I notice something then...

Mani Iti: Callum say's that he has a "furry companion" Perhaps that is The Wampus Cat?

Wiremu: It is possible. We are best to wait until Master ColdFire gets to the Signal and see what is going on...

Mani Iti: It seems the best course of action...

Even as the words leave my mouth, Master ColdFire is converging with the Patupaiarehe, who in turn block his view of the scene ahead. A crowd is definitely gathering. I let Wiremu know that the view is blocked.

Wiremu: The Patupaiarehe are really The One Entity. Get Master ColdFire to seek out Tawa Mapahu and a path should clear for him to proceed, and we will see what is to be seen.

Mani Iti: Good Idea!

I contact both Master ColdFire and Tawa Mapahu and let them know, and a moment later the screen shows The Patupaiarehe in front of Master ColdFire suddenly part and become the boarders of a pathway he can follow to Tawa Mapahu.

I look over to Penny Tuppence and She is deeply engaged with The Gem, and appears not to be interested in these most recent events...

Soon a bold figure comes into view which without doubt is that of Tawa Mapuhu He motions for Master ColdFire to come closer. He then points in the direction of a small rise a few clacks away and motions for Master ColdFire to follow him...

As I watch through Master ColdFire's eyes, Tawa Mapuhu climbs the rise and begins to descend the other side, until they both reach the small flat clearing, and on the other side there is indeed, a Wampus Cat.

Tawa Mapuhu then carefully approaches the cat and I can see The Patupaiarehe merging from the tress on all sides...hundreds of them. Tawa Mapuhu then raises his arm and they all immediately stop.

Master ColdFire doesn't take his eyes off The Wampus Cat, and I see immediately that there is only the cat present...but then I notice a smaller Wampus cat - well barely a cat, more of a kitten really - come out from behind the larger one...

Tawa Mapuhu then speaks, but the language he uses is not one I have heard before.
His voice rings with a musical quality.

Tawa Mapuhu: Rahundarishta

There is a hush that follows and even the forest critters go silent. All heads then bow...

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So it appears once more our search for Callum has netted zero result. It is interesting that The Wampus Cat has been discovered to exist - such a majestic looking being! I am sure there will be more developments unfolding with that.

I let Master ColdFire know that I will continue the search for Callum in The Mystic Forest and that he is free to continue to engage with the goings on he is presently in the thick of, or begin to make his way back to Hub Mound, as he chooses.

Master ColdFire signals his intention to stay and then disengages the use of his eyes, and the scene disappears.

I set the computer to do a detailed scan of the rest of the vast area of The Mystic Forest which surrounds Hub Mound on all sides. That will take a long while to complete.
I then wonder if Callum was even placed within Mystic Forest as there are any number of forests further away from here in which he could have been placed.
The important thing is that by his accounts, he is happy enough and has a companion, which is helpful.

I decide to Use The Message Generator and then investigate The Gem more thoroughly as I have not had the opportunity to do so, since it arrived in The First Hut.

The Message: EZPZ Antic Inspection Description Training Understanding Things Will Run There Course Productive Keeping Things In Perspective Free To Choose Entheogen Hiraeth Funny Nonetheless Arcana Innermost Untrue Data Especially You Are Watched Over Perpetually William Plays Music The Right Tool For The Job Discussing the data Intelligent Directions Faster Than Light Invisible Pink Unicorn Dualic Energies Weak An Elder Race Exploring Fractal Paths In an environment which is able to perceive this Universal Balance and Harmony Universe of Wholeness This Should Be Interesting Friable Do this Explain
Look For the Significance What Is Friendship Infinitely Infinitesimal The Georgia Guidestones Communication Techniques Hint It is Found Within The Experience of Self Discover Gift Something In The Way Of It All Please ask me questions Creation Of A New Universe Here Everything – All Real Together To Be Continued The Future Creates The Present As Above So Below Evaluate The Bridge of Condemnation Puzzles/Mysteries... The Significance If we Judge, we will be Judged. *Wink* Eat Smart Phone Shift Focus I Think – Therefore – Who Do I Think I Am Intuition Interesting Data Expression Of Appreciation The Face of God You Are Watched Over Perpetually Breasts Teaching Sort It Out Trust the Process Lots More Eternal Loop Divine Purpose Untrue Spiral ♥ The Word and List Strings Collective Consciousness
A Beautiful Song Returning the Compliment Training Joining Astral Surface Scratching Compass Existence End Of Chapter Accept Reasons For Angry Energy -
Key Of Expression Manifestation A Life Sentence Ending in a Death Sentence Imaginative Realities In Training For… Science Projects I Think – Therefore – Who Do I Think I Am We Can Do Magic! The Underlying Mechanics Cleaning Up The Mess Beauty Strong Fastidious Infinite Quantum Zen As An Elemental Principle
"Lessons All 'Round" Beaming Out Beaming In Tetragrammaton Mothership Links And Symbols Friendship Write a Book What Is The Point Overall T-Shirts Micro Reflections of a Macro Reality Multidimensional Beingness Mind Densification
Mission GodMagic Put That Fire Out One Whom Ought Be Inwardly Known Cyborg Anthropology The Body of God Soul Carrier Memories To what end exactly It Is Our Nature Source Codes Fifth Force The Bridge of Forgiveness As Well As That Eternal Loop Fun/Joy Awake Opens eyes after having thought about it Sort It Out Inordinately The Point Benefit of the Doubt Meditate/Think Communication Techniques Sovereign Integral Perspective
    “In thinking more about that truly unknown thing called the sub or unconscious aspect of ourselves, I found myself thinking that we are to it, what our shadow is to us.”~William

The Life Essence is Sovereign and Integral Windows of Opportunity Mixture…And Loving That Knowing… Intelligent Directions Sagacious Mantra Inalienable A Purpose Believe You Me Solving Mathematical Problems The Hubble Telescope
In The Team of the Collective Write a Book The Police Have One For Me 'everybody wants to rule the world' Fearful Imaginations Soon The Plateau of The Same Page
Tired of the Nonsense Those who need to complain Fastidious Confident Science and Spirituality Description Text2Num

    The Trap of Assumption
    The Right Tool For The Job
    It Is One Of Those Things
    Suppression Matrix
    Compass of Divine Insight
    Science and Spirituality

Even The Shadows Intimacy All Information Is Channelled 10Q

Wiremu then messages me to let me know he is working on an overview of his interpretations of The Message within Act III and will send his document when finished.

Wiremu sent the document and I decided to place it in "Notes Relating to Threads" section.

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I awake once again, with the cat curled up next to me. When I went to sleep last night it was small, even resting on my chest. Now it is much bigger, but unmistakeably the same cat. Luckily it lay next to me rather than on me in this state.

Callum: I'm sure you would like me to walk with you today, Ruthie, but I need to wait here for Master ColdFire, I believe. It will make it easier to be found and returned.

Ruthie purrs and rubs her great head against my own. She then licks my head.

Callum: I do think we could go for another swim in the pond over to the west, though. I wonder if you can catch another fish or four for us.

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Penny Tuppence floats over to me and signals that The Gem wishes to converse with me. I am surprised and think the distraction is timely.
I turn to face The Gem.

Manu Iti: Ah - Greetings.

There is a pause as The Gem shape-shifts into the form of a Chestahedron, - growing substantially before my eyes...and then a panel slides aside to reveal a doorway...

An inviting sound issues from within The Gem...I am puzzled but it is a clear invitation for me to enter into It.

I decide that perhaps this is how The Gem is able to communicate with me, by my entering into it - and decide that I want to do so, and turn to Penny Tuppence to ask her if She would like to join us, and She simply moves through the doorway in answer to my unspoken question.

I follow.

Inside The Gem is a comfortable looking Armchair, which is illuminated by a soft blue beam of a spotlight. I can see Penny floating beside The Armchair, waiting for me to sit.

I float over to The Armchair and sit. It feels alive and adjusts to the shape of the back-side of my form.

As soon as I am seated, a voice sounds out - but heard by me as coming from both from an external and an internal source - simultaneously

The Gem: Where to, Navigator?

I am confused by this but quickly adjust. I think of Master ColdFire and Tawa Mapahu and as soon as I do, I see them standing beneath my position, which has opened up as if I am floating in the sky just above them - just me, and The Armchair and Penny Tuppence.

I look around me and see the Starscape above, and the Mystic Forest stretching out in all directions. I see the vast numbers of The Patupaiarehe gathered around on all sides of the small clearing where The Wampus Cat and Kitten are...

The shock of this sudden change in situation takes me by surprise and I think of the relative comfort of The First Hut and suddenly I am there again, only still seated and floating above where the Computer Screen is situated. I can see it clearly, with the information I was working on still up.

I think of The Campfire, and yes! I immediately find myself hovering above it, looking down at the empty benches around its blue-green coldfire flames reaching up toward me.

I look down at The Armchair. My arms upon its armrests, and sets of colorful glowing symbols positioned where my fingertips can reach them with ease.

I am amazed at this new event as I come to the swift realization that The Gem is some kind of travelling device. I want to take it for a ride, and no sooner do I think this, and I am speeding off over the landscapes and away from Hub Mound, heading in a southerly direction, at a swift pace - but not so swift that the landscape beneath me becomes a blur, and I easily recognize many of the features as I move over them.

I decide to just keep the heading and see where it takes me, enjoying the ride and taking everything in. The Sensation Is Thrilling...And Freeing...

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As I am thoroughly enjoying my new experience I find myself thinking about Callum...and how The Gem might be a good way to help find him.

As I think this, one of the symbols on the armrests begins to flash a bright green color and without even thinking I touch its glassy surface and immediately a screen appears in front of me which has the words;

A Familiar Expression. Just what can this tool do...

I notice another Symbol On The Armrest begin to flash.

It reminds me of a cat, which reminds me of The Wampus Cat...and a vague niggling memory of something recent which I can't Put My Finger On.

Again a symbol flashes on the Armrest and I touch it with my finger...

This time the screen displays an object I am unfamiliar with...

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I then think that Wiremu might be able to help me here and wonder how I might contact him.

Manu Iti: Gem. Am I able to get in contact with Wiremu while here?

This time a symbol on the other Armrest begins to flash along with the unknown symbol...I touch them both...

Wiremu: Greetings Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Greetings Wiremu...I am within The Gem.

Wiremu: Good to hear, Manu Iti. I was concerned you were being distracted too much with your efforts to locate Callum

Manu Iti: Indeed! Had I known that I could use The Gem as a travelling device, I would have sorted it sooner. I have some information for you.

Wiremu: Fire away!

I send Wiremu the unfamiliar image which appeared on the screen.

Wiremu: Hmmm - that appears to be a very old printer...

Manu Iti: What was it used for?

Wiremu: Making books and other messages...putting symbols onto a screen...

I think about that in relation to the symbol I touched which made the image appear before me.

Manu Iti: I think I am Having To Learn a Whole Other Language - The Gem is helping me to learn it...

Wiremu: That should be fun for you!

I send Wiremu an image of the symbol...

Manu Iti: This is the symbol I touched which then produced the image.

Wiremu: Well now that you know what the image is of...

Manu Iti: So it has to do with making messages...Perhaps the Message Generator?

Wiremu: More than Likely. Perhaps anything to do with The Messages Generated...

I wonder about that - and recall my niggly feeling then remember some mention of Cats.
I touch the Messages Generator symbol again but nothing happens.

Manu Iti: Gem. How do I recall the generated messages?

Another symbol flashes along with the Message Generator Symbol...

I touch both symbols and the screen before me gives me options reading all Generated Messages which have taken place in The Musing On The Mother Acts and I press the Cat Symbol along with the Search Symbol and the results instantly appear.

Manu Iti: Cats

I then read out the text connected with this...

Manu Iti: Belay Through Others Cats The Wider Reality "Lessons All 'Round"

I hear Wiremu chuckling.

Manu Iti: What is it Wiremu?

Wiremu: Perhaps The Message is saying that we have been distracted and finding Callum has to do with your present situation in The Gem - "The Wider Reality" you are flying over...it is about Cats, but outside of Hub Mound.

I think this is a good guess and ask The Gem to show me any realms nearby, specific to Cats.

Another Symbol flashes on the armrest.

It looks like a map ... I touch that and the Cat Symbol together and immediately the screen shows the nearest Cat-related Realm to Hub Mound, as well as history on the Realm and its Creator.

Wiremu: It appears you have some work to do, as have I. Keep me informed - I am but a moment away.

Manu Iti: Will do Wiremu!

I read the information on the screen...The Realm of Cats began to form through the beliefs of a Creator - a Human female who had suffered greatly at the hands of some nutty religion and had been burned alive as a Witch, along with her beloved Cats.

Upon ending up in the Tabula Rasa after her death experience, she began to seek out a Realm she believed in and in doing so, Created The Realm of Cats, and gave many of them wings as well. There were no Human Beings in Her Realm...The Creator herself retained the form of a Human Woman, but she had the head of a Cat and the tail as well. Quite fetching really.

Her Name is "Athsiradnhar" I try to say it aloud, but can't get my tongue around it...I think I will pay Her realm a visit...and no sooner thought, than we are there...

Manu Iti: Well now - this should be interesting. Now how to get a fix on any Callum-like signals, Gem?

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This time 3 symbols begin to flash on the Armrests.

So I have a symbol which looks like a Human, The Map Symbol and studying the third symbol...what do we have here?

The Gold part appears to be an arrow pointing down to a Blue area with light in it...so "Find Human in...Realm!

I touch all three symbols in succession and the screen before me then shows that The Gem is searching for a Human Signal in this Realm I am presently occupied within.
This Is My Kind Of Fun!

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Immediately a signal is detected and The Gem takes us to that position.

Observing the landscape beneath me, I see a Majestic Wampus Cat swimming in a large pond. He has what appears to be a fish in his maw. I zoom in for a closer look. Yes that is a fish alright!

Zooming out I scan my eye around the area for any sign of Callum...It will be difficult to spot a sign of him, since I cannot see him as a form anyway...I then decide that perhaps the best option is to hail him.

Mani Iti: Gem. I would like to call out to Callum...is there a way in which to hail him from here?

The "Generate Message" symbol flashes on the Armrest along with another symbol which I take to mean "Voice" and another which I am not sure about. I touch them all and then say something...

Mani Iti: Errmm...Greetings Callum - this is your Friend, Manu Iti.
Can you hear me?

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