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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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Manu Iti seems concerned for me. He is talking to me as though he feels something might be wrong with my head. He means well, of course.

Callum: I'm good.

I set about to start cooking the fish Ruthie caught for me. They are quite full of exotic and fulfilling tastes.

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As I sit in the armchair within The Gem, contemplating on The Generated Message, the screen in front of me is still zoomed in on The Creator of The Realm of Cats - Ngaru Whaea - as She appears to be conversing with the Clowder Colony of Cats surrounding Her.

Then, pointing in the direction before Her, The huge Tiger she sits upon begins to move forward at a gentle yet purposeful gait...I zoom out and find Callum's signature which I had tagged earlier on...and can see that if Ngaru Whaea continues on Her present course then it will lead straight to Callum's position.

I hear Callum telling me that he is 'good'.

I then decide to check how things are going in The Mystic Forest with The arrival of the Fabled Wampus Cats having attracted the devoted attention of The Patupaiarehe.

Immediately The Gem transports me to where The Patupaiarehe are gathered...and it appears that they are all on the move, with Tawa Mapahu leading the way and the Wampus Cat and Her Kitten following close on His heals. I zoom out to get a greater perspective and try to gauge where they are all heading...the only thing certain is that it is deeper into the vastness of The Mystic Forest.

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The Arrival of Ngaru Whaea

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Ngaru Whaea arrives at the location of Callum's makeshift campsite. She signals her Cats to surround the site and remain hidden.

Once they are in place, she makes her entrance - riding The Great Tiger up to where Callum is cooking fish on his campfire. She then lightly touches The Great Tigers head, signally Her to stop.

She then speaks.

Ngaru Whaea: Who are you and why are you in my Realm and where are the Mother Wampus Cat and Her Kitten. Speak Human Man and answer me what I have asked of you.

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As I sit at the fire, delighting in the fish before me, I hear a rustling through the branches of trees. And then I see her, a majestic being riding on a tiger, and grandly dressed. I instinctively stand and kneel before her. She quickly jumps to questions, stern and serious in her tone. I think to myself that more cordiality might better compliment her status and seeming strength.

Callum: I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I mean no trouble or disrespect. My name is Callum. As to how I got here, I have no idea. I was talking to one called Manu Iti by the place called The CampFire one moment and here the next. I was made to wait here for rescue, as I do not know the way back. As to the wampus cat, one female cat has become my companion this past fortnight or so. I know her as Ruthie, but do not know if she is the one you speak of or if she is a Wampus at all.

I have half a mind to keep on babbling out my thoughts, but the other half tells me to still myself and await her response.

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Ngaru Whaea studies Callum as he gives Her his answers. She looks bemused.
Finally Callum becomes silent and then the air is filled with the sound of thousands of Cats meowing.
She allows the sound to build for a moment and then raises her arm and immediately the meowing ceases.

An Owl Hoots.

Ngaru Whaea: My Name is Ngaru Whaea and you shouldn't be here...Callum...

She then looks over Callums head towards a mountain range far in the distance and points in that direction.

Ngaru Whaea:You must leave This Place.

The one called "Ruthie" should not be here either.

There are various sounds of Cats in answer to Ngaru Whaea's announcement, as a collective movement among all The Cats of The is an eerie awe inspiring, spine-shivering sound.

Ngaru Whaea: You - the one called "Ruthie" and you the one called "Callum" will follow the one called "Whakatere" and where She takes you, that is where you will both leave This Place.

Ngaru Whaea then focuses Her attention on the Cat called Whakatere approaching Her.

Ngaru Whaea: I Have Spoken

With that, Ngaru Whaea becomes silent and fixes Her gaze upon Callum and Ruthie.

Whakatere roars and then moves in the direction The Queen of The Cats points.

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Wiremu: Callum and Ruthie have been ordered out of The Realm Of Cats, by Queen-Creator Ngaru Whaea.

I bring up a copy of Act III and read what took place.

Manu Iti: He has a bit of a journey ahead of him...

I bring up a map and trace a straight-line trajectory which goes of to a distant mountain.

Manu Iti: What do you suppose is there?

Wiremu: I would say that somewhere hidden there is a Portal connecting to The Tabula Rasa, and this is where they will be led to and will have to enter...

I ponder on the complications of this...

Manu Iti: If Callum goes into The Tabula Rasa he will almost certainly become lost. I can track him of course, but we both know how unpredictable the Tabula Rasa is...

Wiremu: Yes - We also need to return the Wampus Cat and her Kitten back to The Realm of Cats.

Manu Iti: At present Tawa Mapahu is leading them deeper into the Mystic Forest. I am monitoring them as we speak.
I will have a word with Him, to see what can be done to return them to Ngaru Whaea

Wiremu: That Sounds Like a Worthwhile Plan. [_/]

Manu Iti: Looking at the mapped trajectory of Callum's assumed path, I see he has at least 30 or so clicks to reach the foothills of the mountain.
I will try and find exactly where the Portal is, after I have spoken with Tawa Mapahu..

I sign off and get busy - there is never a dull moment for me, and now that I have The Gem, my task is greatly eased.

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I speak with Tawa Mapahu, explaining to Him as to how the Wampus Cat and Kitten arrived in The Mystic Forest and how we will have to find a way to return them to The Queen-Creator of The Realm of Cats.

Tawa Mapahu nods with understanding. He then explains to me that the Legends of The Patupaiarehe regarding the Wampus Cat are significant and the appearance of the Cat and Kitten are not an accident and signify great changes - perhaps the merging of the two Realms...that is big news.

Tawa Mapahu suggests that I contact Ngaru Whaea to inform Her of the whereabouts of the missing Cat and Kitten and to suggest to Her that a meeting take place in order to discuss the returning of the Cats.

I think the idea has merit and contact Wiremu giving him the particulars.

Manu Iti: So what do you think it an appropriate thing that I contact Ngaru Whaea and let her know her Cat and Kitten are safe and see how we might be able to arrange their return to Her Realm?

Wiremu is quick to answer my question.

Wiremu: Yes - I think it is appropriate but that we should hold off doing so for the time being, until we can learn a little more...

As I wonder what more Wiremu thinks we might learn, he continues...

Wiremu: It may be best to wait until Callum has reached The Portal into The Tabula Rasa before we approach Ngaru Whaea, to make sure he has left The Realm of Cats...

Manu Iti: Yes - about that, I have been wondering if there is another option for Callum to take...he would become hopelessly lost if he went into The Tabula Rasa on his own...perhaps I should ask Master ColdFire if He would mind meeting Callum at The Portal and guiding him back to Hub Mound...

Wiremu: That is an excellent idea.

I message Master ColdFire and he immediately leaves the Company of The Patupaiarehe and begins his long journey back to Hub Mound. From there he can enter The Tabula Rasa and make his way to the Portal to meet with Callum.

Manu Iti: Master ColdFire is on His way Wiremu. It will take a while for him to make the journey...I will go to where Callum presently is and keep Him company.

Wiremu: Very well. Perhaps it is time for another Generated Message.

Edit to add link to Generated Message. @

I agree, and then focus my thought on Callum and instantly The Gem moves me to his location...

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As Ruthie and I move through the spruce woods, I sense a bit of sadness on her part. I can tell that Ruthie would love to stay behind, learn more of these cats, learn whether she could have a life amongst these fellow cats. She has fear over where we are going, of difficulties of being a minority. She seems to let out a whimpering sigh, but then nuzzles against my hand and begins to gently purr.

I see the foothills 20 miles or so in the direction she is leading me. I wonder what awaits me out there. After another thirty minutes or so of walking I see Manu Iti's ship return in the sky above. I wonder what Manu Iti has thought of this trip.

Callum: Hello, once again, my friend. Looks like we've been kicked out and am on the move. What brings you here?

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Callum sees The Gem and calls out to me. He wonders what brings me to him, which surprises me because he told me that he had immediate mental access to Act III - perhaps the recent events have distracted him...

Manu Iti: Yes my friend - we are up to date with the unfolding story. I have come to keep you company on your journey...

Long story short then - You are no longer directly in the Realm of The Hub of Hologram Dimensions. You are within a neighboring adjunction, created by an Entity who has spoken to you through the form of Ngagu Whaea
How you got here is something of a mystery I am trying to resolve, but you are required to assist me in returning you to Hub Mound - or if not there - then at least somewhere to your liking.

I pause to do some calculations and then continue;

Manu Iti: My task - for now - is to lead you and Ruthie @ to The Portal created when Ngaru Whaea exited The Tabula Rasa and created The Realm of The Cats.
The Portal Itself is deeeeeeep within a cave.

I touch a symbol on the Armrest and The Gem becomes invisible to any observing It.
I then think of a place a click away in a straight line towards where Callum is heading, and scope the area...I see something which might be useful...I find various items of which I want to give to Callum, so as to bolster his chances of learning things...I touch another symbol after asking The Gem and a Delivery Bot floats into sight from apparently 'nowhere' and I give It the items and instructions and watch as it moves away and disappears - as if into an unseen mist...then I see it reappear on the ground outside The Gem and move towards Its objective.

Once The Delivery Bot finishes Its task, I move The Gem a couple of clacks straight up from the clearing and zoom in on the small group lead by The Big Cat Whakatere. They are on course....

Manu Iti: If you keep moving in a straight direction, about a click from here you will come to a small clearing, and will see an old tree-stump...find the hole in the tree-stump and inside that, you will discover a small knapsack with some items inside it which you might find useful, including a Name2Number Calculator and list builder.
There is also a torch which you will need when you go into the cave entrance Whakatere takes you to.

Manu Iti: While I remember, I have been meaning to ask you if you remember crossing The Bridge of Forgiveness when you first climbed up Hub Mound and found my Campsite? ...When does your memory of being in The Hub of Hologram Dimensions begin for you?

At that moment I suddenly remember something I have been meaning to ask Callum, and take the opportunity to do so;

As I think of The Bridge of Forgiveness, I immediate find myself hovering over it as The Gem responds to my thought. It is almost an invisible structure, and it would take dedicated resolve to cross it, stepping out into the unknown over a deep canyon...that is how it appears from one end - The Gem then positions itself at the other end and the bridge looks well made - solid in structure - with the mountainous background inviting a different kind of adventure for any whom would pass over it from this direction.

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Wiremu messages me.

Wiremu: I see you have made contact with Callum.

Manu Iti: Yes. He seems in good spirits.

Wiremu: He is concerned with the emotional well-being of Ruthie.

Manu Iti: It appears that Ruthie is not recognized as a Creation of Ngaru Whaea's, so must also leave the Realm.
Where did Ruthie come from, if not The Realm of The Cats? It seems like a strange coincidence.

Wiremu: I am working on finding out more on that.

I check my copy of Act III and read what it has to say about Ruthie.

Manu Iti: Oh I see. Callum is concerned for Ruthie and feels that Ruthie would love to stay behind, learn more of the cats, learn whether she could have a life within The Realm of The Cats. Ruthie has fear over where they are going.

Wiremu: Yes. It may be a good time for you to approach Ngaru Whaea and tell her what has happened and why we think it happened...and see if She would be amicable to the idea of Adopting Ruthie.

Manu Iti: Okay. That sounds like a great idea.

Wiremu: I will let you know if I have any updates on data relevant to Ruthie.

Manu Iti: Excellent!

I check The Realm Map to see where Ngaru Whaea is situated. It appears that She has returned to Her Main Abode.

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