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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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Manu Iti: I read that you are concerned for Ruthie's well being and general state of mind Callum.
I would be happy to let Ngaru Whaea know of your concerns. Perhaps She would be kind enough to adopt Ruthie into The Realm of The Cats?

What do you think?

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As Manu Iti talks, I sense that I need to access the contents of Act III for a confusion on Manu Iti's part. I make a note to address his puzzlement later. After he finishes talking, I respond back:

Callum: I would love for Ruthie to remain with me, but she would like to stay in this area for awhile. I'm not sure where she came from or why she accompanied me here, but I want what is best for her and have a sense that I'll be fine without her.

Ruthie makes a sound that is a mix of a purr and a growl, which I've heard before in the past few days. It is as though I can read her thoughts, just know what she is thinking. I wonder why this is so, and what kind of connection it speaks of with us.

Callum: Ruthie has an independent spirit, however, so she is hesitant over what it means to be 'adopted' into this realm. She wonders what that would entail?

As I've been talking, I've reached the small clearing with a tree stump in the middle. I pull out the knapsack and examine its contents. Ruthie looks over my shoulder, very interested. I think she hopes there is some toy for her in it.

Callum: I also realize you are puzzled as to why I wondered what brought you to me. I do have the ability to immediately access the contents of Act III without a book, seeing through "The Tanager's eyes" as it were, but I do not always have to use that ability. On top of that, it can be very helpful to hear what I already think I understand put in a different way. Some nuance I never considered before might come to light that way.

As to the Bridge of Forgiveness, I do not remember crossing it. I remember hiking through mountains, streams, and forests, but not crossing any bridge of that type. I have memories that extend to other places, but I don't have any memory of how those places connect to this one, geographically. I didn't know it was a different place from what I now believe to be The Tanager's world.

Ruthie seems disappointed that no ball or small plaything was in the knapsack. I rub her head, which seems to slightly help take her mind off of it.

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Callum speaks freely of his concerns for Ruthie. He doesn't understand what Adoption is in relation to any offer which might be made by Ngaru Whaea regarding Ruthie.

He also tells me that he does not always access Act III of his own accord and relies upon his connection with The Tanager - and I suppose - how the data from the story-line is filtered through that reliance.

It seems to me to be a strange position to hold, but I suppose that as long as it does not lead to data being ignored regarding said story-line, that it needn't be seen as problematic.

I seem to recall something about adoption being mentioned in Act I...I make mental note to look it up...

Manu Iti: Yes Callum - I understand your concerns for Ruthies well-being.
Queen Ngaru Whaea is a capable Creator. Her Name literally means "Mother of The Cats" so the affinity is already established between Her and Ruthie...perhaps that is why Ruthie is interested in staying on in The Realm of The Cats...but if you are able to, please transmit to Ruthie that Queen Ngaru Whaea is One who is a Mother who wants to come alongside her children and help them live the best life possible. In fact, that they can only do so if they allow the Mother to come alongside.
Perhaps that may reduce Ruthies fears?

A bell sounds and Wiremu comes online.

Wiremu: I have found out more about Ruthie. It appears that She was a Creature of The Physical Universe who happened to have crossed over from that dimension and into the Tabula Rasa.

It appears that Ruthie was destined for The Realm of The Cats anyway, and it just so happened that at the exact moment The Tanager abandoned Callum, Callum entered the Tabular Rasa and He and Ruthie 'collided'...that's the best analogy I can come up with.
The ripple effect of The Collision cause a displacement and as Ruthie's projection was the stronger, She dragged Callum into The Realm of The Cats, and directly into the path of The Mother Wampus Cat and Her Kitten...the resulting collision displaced Mother Cat and Kitten, which in turn bounced them into the Tabula Rasa and they then followed the trail Callum had left, ending up at Hub Mound - or more specifically, the force of the collision put them on a trajectory which had them end up coming out into The Mystic Forest.

I think about the data Wiremu has shared...

Manu Iti: So that would explain why Callum and Ruthie have that connect - because they bonded when they collided in the Tabula Rasa...

Wiremu: It certainly sounds that way.

Manu Iti: I best get and see The Mother Of Cats ASAP

Wiremu: Rodger that! EZPZ!

Wiremu's image fades from The Screen and I read out to Callum, the information given to me, about Ruthie...

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Wiremu contacts me with interesting news.

Wiremu: I have adopted Callum from The Tanager. @

The news, while interesting, is not altogether unexpected.

Manu Iti: I see. Well things should hopefully start to flow more easily now that Callum is free from that influencing aspect of his psyche...

I do some calculations.

Manu Iti: We have increased our pace and should make the cave entrance before nightfall.

I wonder if the new situation has allowed for the flow to increase...I wonder about many things.

Manu Iti: I will let Callum know of this recent development...

Wiremu: I think it better for now that he does not know...I would like to observe any changes in his demeanor now that he is not so internally influenced by his Creator.

I think about that, and agree that there is no particular reason to inform Callum about this recent least this time it wasn't just outright abandonment on his Creators part.

Manu Iti: Okay. I will speak with Ngaru Whaea regarding Ruthie, and see if She will be amicable to adopting Ruthie and letting her stay in The Realm of Cats.

Wiremu: Very well.

Wiremu's face leaves The Screen and I check out Callum, zooming in on him for detail. He appears to be in good spirits and moving quickly...a lot more quickly than the sluggish manner in which he had been moving, since first coming into this Realm.
I then think about Ngaru Whaea and immediately the Gem takes me to where She is.

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Callum has been Adopted by Wiremu

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The Story Continues - The Flow Is On.

Callum feels different. Invigorated. As if - quite suddenly - a veil has been lifted and clarity ensured as a result.
He is flooded with memories previously hidden from his understanding since he awoke to find himself at the foot of Hub Mound.

He also finds that he is keen to access the Acts of Musing on The Mother, and a strong urge to look up some things Manu Iti had spoken of...but now is not the time, for Whakatere has increased the pace and he is almost jogging to keep up.

He glances at Ruthie...she looks tired, and so he swoops down and picks her up and she smooches him under the chin in gratitude.

Callum: Well my dear companion. It is good to know how we came to be so were bound for This Realm and our collision caused a connection which I feel I will carry with me even after we have parted company.

I think that I should be feeling sad at the prospect of you and I parting, but I don't. Rather I feel at peace with the help of the new understanding...and appreciation as well.

He looks ahead and sees the mountains looming before them...they are already in the foothills.

Manu Iti informs him that he will go and see Queen Ngaru Whaea and explain to Her about the collision in The Tabula Rasa and ask if She will accept Ruthie as one of Her own...Callum wipes away a tear that has found it's way onto his cheek. He does not know if it is his own or Ruthies. Perhaps it is from both.

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Manu Iti Engages with Queen Ngaru Whaea

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As I am thinking of The Cat Queen, The Gem transports me back to Her Realm and into Her abode. She appears to be in a trance.

Suddenly Her eyes open and She quickly looks around the room, as if She senses my presence there...and just as quickly She rises to Her feet and moves in my direction.

She moves so quickly and purposefully, that I am momentarily startled and The Gem responds to that by ejecting me from the Armchair and out into Ngaru Whaea's I hit the floor, I lose balance and end up face first before her feet.

Hands on hips, head slowly moving from side to side, The Queen of The Cats observes me as I rise, sheepishly grinning. She clicks Her tongue 5 times and then speaks.

Ngaru Whaea: Mani Iti. You are spying on me.

I quickly regain my composure

Manu Iti: We are all Observed By Many as you full well know Ngaru Whaea.

My ruse does not work...

Ngaru Whaea: You were spying on me Manu Iti. The question is 'why?'.
Your name has come up recently in relation to my missing Wampus Cat and Kitten. Tell me what you know about these events.

Manu Iti: Very well.

I explain as succinctly as possible the story as The Queen listens intently. After finishing, She invites me to be seated, pointing to a chair beside a desk, while She reclines on Her sofa.
Having sat down, I start to continue but She holds a finger up and signals me to hold that thought.

She then closes her eyes and in moments begins telling me that She sees through the eyes of the one called "Whakatere" and tells me what She is observing.

Ngaru Whaea: The one called Callum is The Human Male - I sensed his Christianity and ordered him gone. He appears to have been meandering - in no particular hurry to be departing my Realm He should already be within The Cave and making his way to The Realm Portal.

Manu Iti: He has been hesitant, but has now picked up the pace I have news regarding the one called "Ruthie".

The Queen signals her interest. I tell her of the collision between Ruthie and Callum in The Tabula Rasa. She nods with understanding.

Ngaru Whaea: I feel Ruthie's fondness for this Human. I understand why this connection between her and The Human has happened.

Manu Iti: It appears Callum senses that Ruthie belongs you agree?

The Queen opens her eyes to look at me.

Ngaru Whaea: This is my Realm. It is for all Cats.

Manu Iti: So we agree that Ruthie can stay here?

Ngaru Whaea ponders on this and then suddenly stands.

Ngaru Whaea: Can you take me to The Mystic Forest? To where The Mother Cat and Kitten are.

I am momentarily confused by The Queens sudden change of subject....

Ngaru Whaea: I have spoken with Tawa Mapahu on several occasions now. He is interesting and I would like to meet him. Can you take me there?

As I wonder on how to reply, The Gem suddenly becomes visible, and one section of its present geometrical shape opens up, as it did for me when in The First Hut.

The Queen raises her eyebrows...I smile...

Manu Iti: Apparently I can take you there, yes.

Still looking at The Gem, Ngaru Whaea say's something under Her breath and then looks at me.

After many moments of this, The Queen then turns from me and reclines once more on Her sofa.

Ngaru Whaea: I think for the present Manu Iti, I shall remain here and think about things a little more. Can you come if I call you?

Manu Iti: Of course Dear Queen Of The Cats. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am...

I smile lavishly...

Ngaru Whaea: Alright then - I accept Ruthie is part of my Realm and I am therefore Her Mother. You may go now, Manu Iti.

With that, another opening appears in The Gem, and I quickly move into it, and see the outline of a comfortable friend...ah - The Armchair! I head immediately to it and sit.
As I do, I hear Ngaru Whaea's voice and the screen shows a closeup of Her face....

Ngaru Whaea: Oh - and by the way Manu. Do not feel anymore that you need to spy on me.

I remain silent and zoom out a bit in order to see Her whole form reclining before me.

Ngaru Whaea: I know you are still here Manu Iti!

With that, I think of Master ColdFire, and am immediately taken to Hub Mound.

I see Master ColdFire kicking back relaxing in the Campfire, as it gives of beautiful blue flames... The Gem descends slowly and - reaching ground level - opens a doorway. I disembark and join him, happy to be back.

There is much to ponder upon. I decide that I would like to sit by The Campfire and enjoy my thoughts while eating stew and scones...and maybe afterwards, having a pipe.

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Ruthie is Taken from Callum

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Some time has gone by, after eating and relaxing and enjoying my thoughts, suddenly I get an Idea. Maybe it is the effect of The 'Erb but "whatever", I inwardly shrug.

Looking up at The Gem, suspended a clacks distance above us, I ask Her a question...

Manu Iti: Gem. Is it possible for Ngaru Whaea to have a Gem of Her own? That way She does not have to depend on Us to take Her places She needs to be...

The Gem Responds by changing from the White-Light She normally is, To a Green Light.

I intuit that as being a "yes" -

Manu Iti: Can We do this now?

Immediately The Gem descends until She is just hovering a fract above the grassy nub. A panel opens and - getting up, I proceed towards it.

Manu Iti: We will be right back, Master ColdFire!

Faster than light, we are back in Ngaru Whaea's pallor, and I see She is still reclined on Her sofa. She looks up from what She was doing and speaks.

Ngaru Whaea: What is it now Manu Iti? And is there not a bell you can ring before you come barging in?

I chuckle.

Manu Iti: Sorry Milady. Won't happen again!
We have come with news, so I though I would catch you while the iron was still hot.

After slightly too much pause, I realize The Queen is waiting for me to continue...I too am waiting...

Manu Iti: Gem?

Gem responds to my one-word question, by opening a portal in Her side and allowing a Seed-Gem to float from within and out into The Cat Queens Chamber.

The Seed-Gem floats over to The Queen as She sits up on her sofa, a delighted look on Her face.

Then, in a flash I find myself back over The CampFire, with The Gem gently descending to let me get back to what I had been doing, beside The CampFire.

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Whakatere stops suddenly and Callum - almost jogging right behind - nearly crashes into the Giant Cat before him.

After sitting, Whakatere does not move for a long while, and appears to Callum to be staring directly at the base of tallest mountain in the range. The one directly ahead which they have been heading toward since leaving at The Queen's Order. The dust caused by the small groups abrupt stop, has already settled,

Callum quite bravely walks around The Great Cat, Ruthie still carried within the cradle of his arms.

Callum: "I would never have done this before. What is going on?"

He pushes his new found bravery even further as he then bends in front of Whakatere's large face, almost going nose to nose, all the while looking for signs of life within The Beasts Eyes...and while he does this, Whakatere's eyes suddenly change and focus on Callum's own eyes, and Callum jumps back, letting out a small squeal of surprise, and firmly lands on his tush.

Again, there is a pause while the dust settles.

Callum decides to break the silence between them.

Callum: I am sorry for getting into your space big fellow.

Callum is embarrassed for not remembering the name The Queen called Her Cat, before ordering him to follow it.

Whakatere simply walks up to where Callum is sitting in the dirt, and sticks Her nose right into Callum's chest area, nudging aside his cradled arms and gently grabbing Ruthie with Her mouth, She lifts Ruthie up and steps back, and then turns around and starts to jog away in the direction they had come from, each giant stride taking them further away from where Callum still sits, a surprised look on his face.

Callum is truly on his own for the first time he opened his eyes to this Realm.

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As I sit by the Campfire thinking on recent events, I find myself smiling at the way things work out.
Regardless of circumstance, one is always in a story, and There Are Myriad Stories Happening Within The Main Story. I add that phrase to the main Word-String List.

Sometimes - and even often - we can easily miss aspects of our own story-line and this then allows for the possibility of going off on an otherwise Unnecessary Tangent.

Manu Iti: "Unnecessary Tangents" eh Master ColdFire!
Like the Wayward Stick and now perhaps also with Callum.

Master ColdFire nods and smiles.

Manu Iti: Although admittedly, while something may appear unnecessary, to begin with, it proves itself to be utterly necessary as the story-line to tell what is and what isn't in some circumstances...perhaps one might as well assume that whatever unfolds in somehow necessary.

I decide to generate another message. I take out my portable Message Generator. It is the same as the one I placed in the knapsack I left for Callum to find in the old tree stump. I wonder if Callum has had the opportunity to use his yet....and then suppose that he is too busy right now with making his way to The Cave entrance...

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With Whakatere having removed Ruthie from Callums possession, and then leaving Callum on his own, Callum remains sitting where he fell, as emotions surge up from within at the feeling of separation from his companion Ruthie.

Then suddenly Callum feels an almost physical sensation of an internal shift going on within him, and he forces himself to stand up and survey his situation.

He looks toward the mountain and wonders if he should continue toward it on his own, but the dusk of the days end is showing itself, so he decides to find fuel to make a small fire. He is tired and hungry and feeling somewhat vulnerable. After building his fire, he feels more comfortable. He decides to call on Manu Iti

Callum: Are you here Manu Iti?

After many moments have passed with no reply forthcoming, Callum searches his knapsack. The first stars are twinkling and the sun has almost disappeared below the horizon.
Callum finds an electronic tablet device in the knapsack and turns it on. He feels that whatever was preventing him from being interested in Manu Iti's words and numbers lists, and Generated Messages, has fallen by the wayside and decides it might be worthwhile to do the science to see if there may well be something to it after all. Perhaps his hesitancy to do so up to now, was acting as a barrier he had placed there as a way of not having to look...or perhaps with everything that has been going on with him since he found himself at the base of Hub Mound, has not allowed for a good opportunity to focus on doing the science.

He decides to put in the word-string "Ruthie and Callum Part Company" to see if there are any other word-strings adding up to the same numerical result...

Callum: Well that is interesting!

Callum finds 3 other entries under that number value...he reads them out loud.

Callum: Extra Sensory Perception
Solving Mathematical problems
Musing On The Mother Act Three

Perhaps there is something to this stuff after all.

He curiosity piqued, Callum continues use the calculator, adding word-strings relevant to his journey and is surprised by the results forthcoming. They almost appear to be clues to an unfolding puzzle and certainly take his mind off his hunger and at being alone. It is an enjoyable distraction, if indeed it can be considered a distraction.

Somewhere close by, an Owl hoots...

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