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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 8:10 pm  Musing On The Mother - ACT III Reply with quote

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After resting and enjoying the quiet tranquility of the Camp Fire I feel revitalized. Callum's appearance at Hub Mound has certainly caused a lot of interesting twists and turns, and now with the subsequent adoption finally resolving the obvious mishandling of Callum, things will no doubt smoothly resolve themselves.

I get up and walk to where The Gem has descended in order for me to board Her, and after settling once again in The Armchair, The Gem moves me instantly to where Tawa Mapahu and the gathered Patupaiarehe are, deep within The Mystic Forest.

There is much ceremony taking place with The Mother Wampus Cat taking center stage.
Tawa Mapahu is deep in conversation with Ngaru Whaea who has used The Seed Gem to transport Herself into The Realm of The Mystic Forest.

The Gem allows for me to listen into the conversation and interprets the language being used for me, and I am captivated by the discourse taking place.

It appears that somehow The Legend of The Wampus Cat showing itself to The Patupaiarehe was long ago - in ancient times - prophesied as a sign of Great Changes for Their Realm.

Ngaru Whaea is most interested in having The Mother Cat and Kitten returned to Her Realm. She seems less interested in their legends than in having Her Entities returned to Her, as She explains to Tawa Mapahu how the Cat and Kitten came to be in The Realm of The Patupaiarehe, repeating the information I gave to Her about that.

Tawa Mapahu is more interested in the Fact that the event has occurred, rather than how it occurred. He want's to discuss this more with Ngaru Whaea, that She may come to agree with it's significance.

I decide that all things appear to be going smoothly enough, and for now any input from me is unnecessary. I think about Callum, and immediately The Gem takes me to him.

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Callum is sitting alone by a small fire. He looks up as The Gem appears above him and smiles as He waves a greeting.

Callum: Manu Iti! So glad you are here my Friend!

Manu Iti: Greetings once again Friend Callum!

Callum: As you can see, I am here alone. The Queen's Cat took Ruthie from my arms and left me here. I did not know what to do, so decided to wait. Do you have any food? I am quite hungry...

Manu Iti: There is stew by the Camp Fire at Hub Mound. If you focus you should be able to make it appear for you you made the Stick disappear, only in reverse...

Callum tries out what Manu Iti suggests but to no avail.

Callum: I do not think it is working for me Manu Iti.

I ponder on this for a moment...

Manu Iti: Ah! Silly me! Of course! You are in a different Realm, so cannot bring things through The Tabula Rasa. Wait a moment and I will be right back.

I return to Hub Mound and quickly fetch the pot of stew, and then - within a moment of leaving - return to Callum and give it to Him.
He accepts the plate graciously.

Callum: I cannot see you Manu Iti. It is as if the plate of stew appeared from out of nowhere, floating in front of me.

Manu Iti: Like I told you once before Callum, You have never been able to see my form and when we first meet at Hub Mound, your mind simply created an image of me in order to fill in the gaps of an otherwise illogical - at least illogical to you - situation.
You are adapting now, and your mind is allowing This Reality to hold precedent over your beliefs.
In time you may even see the form I mostly see myself as being within...but it does not really matter.

The words between us then cease, as Callum eats heartily, obviously enjoying the stew immensely.
After discarding the empty plate, and wiping his mouth with his sleeve, Callum lies back to enjoy the starscape overhead.

Callum: I notice the night sky is different in this Realm, from that of Hub Mound, Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Yes. Each Realm which has day and/or night skies, is unique, as prescribed by It's Creator Callum. Everything is unique in The Hologram Dimensions. No two things are exactly the same.

Callum: Will Ruthie be alright?

There is obviously great concern in Callum's tone as he asks about Ruthie.

Manu Iti: Ruthie was destined for This Realm Callum. In reality She has not been adopted by Queen Ngaru she is already considered to be Kin.
The collision caused confusion about that, but it has all been dealt with now.

Callum remains silently thoughtful for a moment...

Callum: Should I continue on alone to the cave entrance, or wait for The Queens Cat to return?

Manu Iti: It is unlikely Whakatere will return Callum. The Queen knows I will guide you there and through The Cave System...that is my main task...I am looking forward to it. We will have fun!

Callum smiles at that.

Callum: I don't know what it is, but I feel as if some kind of...burden...has been lifted from me. I cannot put my finger on it, but I feel like I want to pay more attention to what is going on, and an urge to go over the Acts more thoroughly looking for clues that I may have missed...I also feel it is important to pay attention to the Name2Numbers lists...this is what I discovered recently.

Callum tells me of him having the thought to see what the word-string "Ruthie and Callum Part Company" added up to and of finding the other word-strings which added up to the same number...I check his results myself and they do indeed add up.

Manu Iti: Good stuff Callum! I am glad that you are now using this great learning tool. We can see that your connection with Ruthie after the collision in The Tabula Rasa is like "Extra Sensory Perception" and this all happened in "Musing On The Mother Act Three" You are doing the math. Well done!

Callum: Yes - and Thank You! If I had not been so preoccupied with arguing about things which I didn't understand but still felt the need to offer an opinion on, perhaps I could have focused upon this sooner.

I am startled by Callum's new insight on his self. I have to admit that this is a very pleasant change and one I had been hoping for. It certainly makes my task that much easier.

Manu Iti: The important thing Callum, is that you are now free to do so, of your won volition, now that the main barriers which prevented you from achieving this, have been removed.

Callum falls silent, once more taking in the absolute beauty of the starscape. He looks extremely happy.

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Callum drifts off to sleep and I decide to Generate a Message.

I call up my current list of Word-Strings @ and check out how many pages in the document there are.

Manu Iti: Forty Nine pages...what random thing can I do with this...

I decide to calculate the value of the word-string... "Generate A Message" and it comes to One Hundred and Forty Five. I check out my Word2Number list.

Manu Iti: Hmmm - The first Word-String on that number list is "Dream Experience"

I think for a moment and then decide to pick the page of word strings that "Dream Experience" is on - I do a search...

Manu Iti: Okay - Page Twenty Two, you're up!

I Generate The Message

Generated Message: Draw With The Silence Thomas Campbell’s T.O.E Measurements Occupy Initiative Controlled Particular What Do You Like About It?
Pitchforks and Torches Control Hologram Dimensions Abrahamic Religions Burgeoning
Stone Age Identify Common Denominators Only Bridge Thoughts Are Products Of...
...Go Within and Find That Place Myths and Legends Everything/All Intelligent Consciousness Key Of Expression That Sounds Like a Worthwhile Plan Machine Learning Bandages of The Beast The evolution of the understanding of the idea of GOD
Seductive Light The Beauty Of...Around The Next Corner Differences The Solar System Exactly The Heart Of The Soul Is Innocence Peace of Mind Who Knows
Interpretation/Feel The Wayward Stick Think With The Heart Feel With The Mind
Ship Shape On and Off The Big Shift Living their forefathers’ conflict
You Have An Invisible Friend! Crop Formations Dream Experience Do It For Yourself
Lyricus Memorandum of Understanding

I read through the message allowing my thought processes to be led by it...It speaks overall of how Consciousness within the experience of The Hologram Dimensions - Humans Included - are evolving in their understanding and the general path this process took...or is taking, to be more accurate...
... We are like The Wayward Stick which Callum so carelessly disregarded, so in that sense - if we have a Creator - then we apparently were carelessly least this is how it has seemed to us, lost within said dimensions...we then firstly made up ideas of what The Creator is like and later still, many abandoned the idea of having a Creator, in order to function rationally without the need for any 'invisible Friend' yet this doesn't really serve us any better...
Perhaps ... for the most part then - Those of us who keep some kind of idea of a Creator, do so because the very essence of what we discover about the things created, move us to that position because such things coming about through merely random mindless processes are beyond our ability to contemplate as being the truth of the it were...

As for me, I already appreciate that mind creates whatever it wants to, and here in the Hologram Dimensions outside the restrictive oppressive nature of The Realm of Judgement, know that the mind is essential to Creativity, although be careful what you believe in and refine one's attitude or you can create yourself somewhere you would rather not be...I decide to put the Main Word-String List through another randomizing algorithm and repeat the same steps for more of The Message...This time "Dream Experience" is on page number Twenty Eight

Generated Message: DeJaVu Remember/Memories Solar System
Guilt Trip Do Something About It Dream Experience Independent from what?
Non Secular Science Projects You Love I Know Absolute Unbounded Manifold Other Ways Of Using Your Lists Acting In Congruity With Given Foresight Swords Perpetual Creative Conscious Intelligence The Message Generator Process Homeostasis Limpid
Stubborn I Think We Can Safely Say Keep An Eye Out for Your Neighbours Monetary
Look For the Significance Playing Chess Through The Woo Love Your Life Incarnation
The Three Crystal Keys Being aware of Human Control Dramas Free Choice Ends Here
Informing Musical Instruments Remaining Acknowledge Emotion But Do Not Be Controlled By It Everything Fits Into Place.
Do Not Worry Consensual Live with Soul Union Lost In the Thought Of It All The Father
Freemasonry Equanimous To Be Sovereignty Re Abusive Expression Of All Types.
Gratitude Bias Exegesis No Barriers To Experience All That Is Belief

Again I allow for my thoughts to be shaped by what the message reveals - specific to my personal understanding...the 'Solar System' was selected twice and must refer to The Physical Universe - I see 'Swords was also selected so I note this as referring to Tarot.
I select number 1 through to 14 and copy&paste these 20 times into a document, C&P all of those. This gives me 119 pages of said numbers, and then I run these through the randomizing algorithm...and randomly select the number 4...

Manu Iti: Okay. Four of Swords...

I look up the meaning for the card.
It means a time of healing after argument, misunderstanding or physical illness. A time for reflection, while symbolically licking ones wounds, as it were.

This reminds me of Wiremu's recent encounters with The Tanager...but in relation to the broader message, it means the way things were once done and the way they are now being done.

The 'Absolute Unbounded Manifold' connects with Tom Campbell's Big Theory of Everything...I do a search and read out what I find about it.

Manu Iti: The Absolute Unbounded Manifold (AUM) goes by many alternate names, such as the LCS, All That Is, Source, The One Consciousness, etc. depending upon the context that is being emphasized. It is the entire consciousness system as a whole, which means everything that is consciousness and all that it experiences. AUM, which is Consciousness, is the media of reality. Whether or not something exists outside of consciousness is theoretically possible but practicably unknowable, as we are consciousness itself.

AUM evolved from primordial consciousness (AUO).[MBT Trilogy 1] For more explanation as to how this arose, see AUO Transitions Into AUM which is part of the series titled "Introduction to the MBT Model".

The term "AUM" was picked by Thomas Campbell as a bit of a joke, because it is also a sound some Buddhists make while meditating (i.e. when you connect with the LCS) and is regarded as "sacred" or "mystical".

'Through The Woo' refers to something more recent, and was also coined as a bit of a joke, since it is a word often used in a derogatory manner by many non-theists, critical of Theist-based theories.
I cannot remember though, what it referred to and doing a search I find nothing which jogs my memory...

The overall message appears to acknowledge the difficulties to be had in - primarily - the Physical Universe, with the added encouraging words suggesting that one should place trust in the unfolding story in relation to one's overall inward knowing and accompanying outward demeanor.

A small wave of sadness briefly comes over me as I think of That Tanager's and Wiremu's inability to get on the same page regarding the use of this process. Wiremu couldn't get Tanager interested enough to do the science...

I think it about time for a hot brew, and return to The Campfire at Hub Mound...

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As I am floating around the Campsite doing odd jobs, The Gem informs me that Callum has awoken to a new day in The Realm of The Cats.

I have prepared a breakfast for him. Master ColdFire is no longer about, and I suppose that he is off somewhere amusing himself while he waits for the call to enter the Tabula Rasa and assist Callum when finally the time comes.

We had both expected that this would not have taken as long as it has done, when we first hatched the plan.

I board The Gem and am immediately over Callum's position. I see he has fetched some water from a nearby brook and is boiling it on his small fire. He looks refreshed and content, with a new bounce in his step.

Manu Iti: Greetings Callum. Did you sleep well?

Callum looks up and waves at The Gem. His smile is contagious. Although of course, I still cannot see Callum... but The Gem does, and transmits that data upon The Screen as an interpretation I can visually appreciate.

Callum: Good Morning Manu Iti! How are you on this stunning morning!

Manu Iti: I am well thank You Callum! I have made you some breakfast.

This time I send a Service Bot out with the plate of food for Callum. He accepts the food thankfully and sits to eat it.
After he has finished, he rinses the plate and places it with the one I had given to him, handing both to the Service Bot, which then moves back into The Gem.

Callum: What adventures are in store for us today Manu Iti!
I am feeling excited to be moving on from this Realm.

Manu Iti: All in good time my Friend!

Callum: As you wish Manu Iti!
I was reading over Act III to make myself more familiar with The Story-Line...One would think that actually being within The Story, one would have a fairly good grasp of what has unfolded...but I am amazed by the things I let slip by my own conscious awareness!

I am pleased to hear that Callum is now taking a more pro-active position with his part in the whole unfolding. This will work out to his advantage, should he continue to do so.

Manu Iti: That is great to hear Callum! It makes my task easier if you are attentive to the small details - hints - which you might be able turn to your favor.

Callum smiles.

Callum: On that matter, I was wondering...if you can provide a Seed Gem to Queen Ngaru, could you not also provide one for me, and that way I can move wherever I want to, and would not even have to go through The Cave or the dangerously unpredictable Tabula Rasa.

The tone of Callum's query tells me he is not asking a question, but being rhetorical.
And orange light flashes on the screen before me, and from Callum's perspective, The Gem changes from it's usual white-light to a soft orange glow.

Manu Iti: It appears The Gem is cautious about that at present Callum, although I see some sense in your suggestion as it would certainly speed up things. But sometimes haste is waste, and I suspect that there are things which need to be learned through being slow and sure, not to forget the fact that adventure and fun will be missed out on, in that regard.

Callum briefly looks disappointed with the answer but quickly perks up as he then asks;

Callum: Well, how about a lift then?

The Gem immediately turns green and descends to ground level. Then a small opening in one side invites Callum to step in.

Callum gives a small whoop and a wee dance, and hurriedly packs his Knapsack and extinguishes the small fire. He checks the area for any items he might have missed, and once satisfied, makes his way on board The Gem.

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Immediately The Gem takes us to The Cave Entrance. Lowering to ground level, Callum is deposited outside The Gateway blocking entry to The Cave.

Manu Iti: Inside your Knapsack you will find a small wand-like instrument with a button on one end of it.

You will have noticed that the gateway entrance to The Cave is blocked by an electric field. You need to take the instrument and make sure the dial is set to a Blue color. A small marker will show you what position to turn the blue facet of the dial to.

Manu Iti: If you look closely at the gate over the cave entrance you will see a small round hole. Place the other end of the wand into that hole and press the purple-ish button in the middle of the opposite end.

This will disengage the Electric Energy Field and give you the opportunity to step through and into the cave proper.

Do this with haste, as you will only have a brief time in which to do so before the EEF reboots and you don't want to be in the way when that happens.

Callum finds the wand and moves toward the Electrified Gateway. He follows the instructions exactly and performs the necessary steps and the EEF disengages and he quickly moves through, before the EEF engages again.

Once inside, Callum picks his way carefully over rock-fall shrewn over the floor of the cave mouth area, and begins the next phase of his journey...

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Within The Gem, I watch Callum picking his way through the rocks covering the floor of the cave entrance, up a small rise to where the first Items of Interest await his discovery.

The Gem is in invisible mode, so casts no extra light into the situation. I speak to Callum as he nears the top of the small rise.

Manu Iti: Just on this ridge Callum, you will find Items of Interest.
Interacting with such items as these is important. There are usually messages contained in envelopes and these will be integral to you navigating through this Cave System successfully.

There is also a cluster of crystals, which I advise you to at least examine and probably place them in your knapsack, as they appear to be quite unique and likely will have some use, further on into the adventure.

Callum finds the items and opens up the envelop.
He reads out the message contained inside.

Callum: It say's;
    The First One is Always Free
    For All The Others There Will Be a Fee
    Be Careful - Take Care - Look Before Leaping
    Eat When You Can and Find Time For Sleeping
    The Colorful Keys Will Help You Get Through
    Each Section of Map is a Precious Clue.

Callum kneels down and examines the cluster of Crystals.

Callum: Well there are three colored crystals so I would say these are the 'Keys' the note mentions.

He takes his torch from the knapsack and shines it's beam of light onto the cluster. He picks up the small cluster and examines it all over.
Finding nothing else, he places the Crystals into his knapsack and fastens it shut.
He shines the torch around to check out his immediate surroundings, but finds nothing else of interest.

Callum: What is the Section of Map mentioned in the note Manu Iti?

Manu Iti: If you look on the small Tablet Device in your knapsack Callum, you will find that the section of map the note speaks of is now part of its data-base.

Callum unfastens the knapsack again, and finds the Tablet Device.
He finds a section labelled "Maps" and taps on an icon which opens the map section "A". It is the only section of map on the device at present.

Callum: Okay - it appears to be a Map showing my present position and revealing different branches which I can follow.

I bring up the map on my screen

Manu Iti: Yes. The small red dot is your current position. It appears that you have a few options to follow with this first section of Map.
I can help you out with some things, while other things you will have to do for yourself, depending upon the situation.

Callum: Can you give me a lift?

The Gem flashes red.

Manu Iti: Apparently for now, The Gem wants you to walk.
We will be with you throughout your journey though, and I dare say there will be times when giving you a lift will be the best option...

Callum shrugs at that. He refastens the knapsack and secures it onto his back. Torch in hand and tablet fastened to the outside of the knapsack, he begins to move further into the dark reaches of this section of the cave.

Manu Iti: Each Map section should take a day to get through, depending on any obstacles you might encounter.

Callum: How will I know which branch to take?

Manu Iti: Most Branches go somewhere. It is your choice which you take.
When you come to the end of a section of map and you want to continue, you may buy the next section at a cost of 1 Cave Disk.

Callum: What is a 'Cave Disk'? Do I have any on me?

Manu Iti: You will find these along the way, but for the most part, you will have to search for them. Presently, you do not have any.

Callum: Okay. Well I best get going then.

With that, Callum moves quickly in the only direction he can. Fortunately there are no more rocks on the floor of the cave for him to pick his way through, and together we move into the darkness, Callum's torch the only light illuminating the way...

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Soon enough we reach the first fork in the path and a choice has to be made by Callum as to which direction he will proceed.

Callum: I am not really good at making decisions when either way is unknown to me.

Manu Iti: Yes. That is the nature of Reality Simulations. Being offered different paths - both the same in regard to the unknown - is par for the course. We are simply compelled to make a choice, and whichever choice made, is still based in ignorance.

Callum: But how are we to know then which choice is right and which is wrong?

Manu Iti: What outcome are you expecting?

Callum remains silent while he thinks about my question. After a while, he continues.

Callum: The outcome I am expecting is to eventually find my way through the Cave systems and connect with the Tabula Rasa.

Manu Iti: And which of these paths before you will lead you to that outcome, is unknown.

Callum: But I still have to make a choice...if I am to get to my objective.

Manu Iti: Correct. Essentially we 'make it up as we go along' because that is all we can do.

Callum: Yet you have a device which can make that task easier.
The Gem could take me to the objective immediately.

The Gem changes briefly to green, signifying agreement with Callum's assessment.

Callum: You told me that "Haste is Waste" - but what exactly is being wasted?

Manu Iti: Opportunity.

Callum: But isn't opportunity anything which can be used to achieve the desired result? Like The Gem transporting me straight to the objective, without all this mucking about?

Once more the Gem Flashes green

Callum: See! Even The Gem agrees with me! "Green" signifies agreement, correct?

Manu Iti: Yes indeed! It is one of the signals, but it also requires The Gems lowering Herself to your level and offering Her assistance to you in that way. That doesn't appear to be happening.

Callum: Are you not in control of The Gem? Can you make it do this?

Manu Iti: I don't know. The Gem is a Self Conscious Entity.As such, She can do as She pleases.

Callum: So She controls you?

Manu Iti: To a point, yes. It is the price I pay for the service She brings me...but in that, I am in Her service so we are really working together for the same objective - so 'who controls who' becomes redundant.
If The Gem wants to take you to the Tabula Rasa, She will offer you that ride.

Callum: Can I ask Her?

Manu Iti: She is alive - you can ask Her.

Callum clears his throat.

Callum: Gem. Would you mind taking me to the Tabula Rasa?

Manu Iti: There is a flash of red and then The Gem appears and slowly descends to Callum's level, an opening appearing on one side of Her many facets, inviting Callum to climb aboard. Arrow

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Callum is hesitant. He is obviously thinking about his options.

Manu Iti: Are you having second thoughts Callum? It appears that The Gem is happy to accommodate you...

Callum: I know Manu Iti. I suppose what I know about the Tabula Rasa - it being so unpredictable - what you have spoken of it...I guess what I am saying is that getting there faster isn't going to mean my problems are over.

I suppose that I am really just stalling...because...I don't know what is in store for me. I am a little anxious about being here and having to do this.

Manu Iti: Yes Callum. I understand your feelings about your situation. I can say that no great harm will befall you. The best way to approach this is with a sense of adventure.

The Gem closes and rises from the ground.

Callum: I don't want to make the wrong choice...even that you say no great harm will come to me - I am apprehensive...

Manu Iti: What do you remember of your life before...coming upon Hub Mound?

Callum: Well I remember lots of things. Being a child - growing up with my siblings and parents and other family...

Callum sits down and puts his head in his hands.

Callum: I miss them. I don't know where I am or why I am here.

Manu Iti: I know where you are and why you are here Callum.

Callum looks up at The Gem and then sighs.

Callum: I died, didn't I.

Manu Iti: Yes Callum. You departed from that reality experience and moved into this one.

Callum appears to be handling the news reasonably.

Callum: I have suspected something like that for some time now.
So why Hub Mound? Why did I end up here?

I ponder on how to answer Callum's question...

Manu Iti: I have been wondering that for some time Callum. You recall my recently asking you if you remember crossing The Bridge Of Forgiveness?

Callum: Yes. I could not remember doing so Manu Iti. The first thing I recall about this place,is walking through the forest up Hub Mound and finding the Campfire.

Manu Iti: Yes - So you told me.
I have been thinking on that. The only way you can get to Hub Mound is over The Bridge of Forgiveness.
You cannot remember crossing the Bridge, but you must have done so.
When you departed your last reality experience - for some reason The Tabular Rasa deposited you at The Bridge of Forgiveness.

Callum: Why?

Manu Iti: Since The Tabular Rasa responds to the individuals beliefs and attitudes, there must have been something within you which made it happened the way that it did.

Callum: What do you mean?

Manu Iti: There really are no 'mindless accidents' Callum. Even your collision with Ruthie in The Tabula Rasa was no accident. The result of that at present is that two Creators of separate realms have the opportunity to integrate and become one realm. That is a big thing really.

Callum: So - you are saying that it is no accident that I am now currently here in this Cave?

Manu Iti: Exactly!

Callum sits thinking on this for some time before continuing.

Callum: But then, what exactly is it about me which allowed for things to unfold as they have done?

Manu Iti: That is hard to say Callum. All I would offer is that when you arrived at The Campfire, you showed signs of wanting to argue about things and be judgmental. This lead me to think - in my capacity as someone who helps place the misplaced - that you were bound for The Realm of Judgement.

Callum: But doesn't 'misplaced' go against the idea that all things that happen are not accidental?

Manu Iti: No. I did not assume that because I wasn't sure about where you should be placed, that you were therefore in the wrong place...had been placed here by accident. I waited and tried to learn more about you, so that I would have enough information to be able to help you find the place that would best serve you.

Callum thinks on this for a while.

Callum: So do you now know where that place is?

Manu Iti: Like I said - due to your demeanor I was beginning to conclude that it was The Realm of Judgement which would best suit your needs.
But it became apparent that your beliefs about your creator where influencing you untoward - something else, not so obvious - behind the veil of your person was confusing you.

Callum: You mean The Tanager?

Manu Iti: Who is The Tanager really? Perhaps no more than a creation of your own, which - for some reason - you felt necessary to assign as your 'spokesperson'?

Callum: Your point being?

Manu Iti: That perhaps something which greatly influenced you in your former existence, was familiar enough to you that you did not want to part with it, even that it was proving to be of no particular benefit to your new reality.

Callum: Yet the influence was not so profound that it allowed for The Tabula Rasa to deposit me into an experience suited to my overall nature.

Manu Iti: Most obviously. It was more a case of an echo of influence which was of no particular use to you in this new environment...and perhaps was not as useful to you in your old one either - but was simply a somewhat desperate means for you to create a defense against what was unfamiliar to you...because you were afraid...

Callum: So if Tanager isn't really my Creator, then who or what is?

I smile at Callum's question.

Manu Iti: You are not the product of a creator Callum. Indeed, no conscious entity is.
All things are products of a Creator Mind. You are not a 'thing'.

I can see that Callum is struggling to understand that concept.

Manu Iti: For the time being, you can sit with that and contemplate the finer details of what it might mean for you. For now though, you have a task to perform.

Callum smiles at that.

Callum: Yes! How to make the best choice.

He looks at the Map on his Tablet...he counts out the number of paths going off from the main one...

Callum: Perhaps I can make something of a game of this...Maybe I could get some guiding directions by using some kind of list to generate help in you do with the Message Generator and Word-String Lists?

Manu Iti: I don't see why not. How would you create your list?

Callum: I suppose that I could start by asking which path to take next. I see there are two options. A fork in the road...

I like the fact that Callum is becoming interested in trying out this way of doing things. Rather than simply making a verdict, he is now more willing to do the science...test it out rather than simply assume...

Manu Iti: That sounds like a great idea Callum. To see what might be found there...

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Callum studies the section of Map on his Tablet.

Callum: So I can add something like "Go Right" and "Go Left" since they are my only two options at present...I can copy these a multitude of times into a list, and then randomly make a selection from that, as you do with your Message Generating Process.

Manu Iti: Yes. There are presently two options available. In this way you are allowing something else the opportunity to make the decision for you - or at least offer a suggestion, as you can always decide to choose the other if you want to. Essentially the choice is always still yours to make.

Callum: Since I have to make a choice of some kind...

Manu Iti: Indeed. This is just helping you, if you choose the help. It will not appear to be anything significant, but if it were to prove itself helpful to you in this situation and in more situations where you use it, you will begin to see that it is a viable device in which to use to help you. It will prove its viability to you...

Callum nods his understanding and then gets busy making his first basic list...

Callum: Okay - so I will type "Left" and "Right" into the list...and now copy and past those...

Callum works for a while doing this...

Callum: I have 132 pages of this.

He holds up the Tablet which shows a page;


Callum: How will this do Manu Iti?

Manu Iti: It looks fine Callum. Perhaps you might now put the whole list through The List Randomizer, to make things even more of a random selection.

Callum nods and then works on doing that. When finished, he again shows me a page of the results...


Manu Iti: Yes - That looks fine Callum.

Callum: Okay - so now I just use the cursor as a pointer and this page down button to move down the list and stop wherever I feel like it.

Manu Iti: Sure. When I do this, I also don't look at the screen, and this removes any chance of my consciously influencing the outcome.

Callum: I think the page moves down too fast for me to consciously influence anything Mani Iti.

Manu Iti: No doubt Callum. I simply do it to take away any argument that the process is being consciously manipulated...

Callum: Understand.
So here goes then...which way am I going to go....?

Callum presses the down-page button and looks away from the screen. At some point he then take his finger off the button, and looks at the screen to see where the cursor has stopped.

Manu Iti: So - is it left or right Callum?

Callum: It says "Right" Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Excellent! Then 'Right' it shall be...unless you have a change of mind from now until you get to the fork.

Callum thinks about that for a moment.

Callum: If I did that Manu Iti, what would be the point of even doing this?

Manu Iti: It is a tool Callum. You are a free agent, not bound to it in any way that you cannot decide differently.

Callum: What if I do it again, to see if there is confirmation or a contradiction?

Manu Iti: While you could do so, and it contradicted the first selection...that would then amount to you having to make a decision for yourself, rather than get assistance from this source.

Callum: But I am also interested in seeing if it would choose the same Manu Iti. In theory if I should turn Right - the device will once more pick 'Right', would it not?

Manu Iti: Is it a matter of 'Should' versus 'Shouldn't' Callum? At this stage you are simply wanting help in making a choice. The options are only two, so if you did it again, and it came up "Left" - you would essentially be back where you started before asking.

Callum: But if it came up "Right" it would be conformation, would it not.

Manu Iti: Yes - I suppose so Callum. So are you looking for confirmation, or simply helpful suggestion?

Callum: But going 'Right' might take me to a place less desirable than if I have gone 'Left'.

Manu Iti: Then put the device away and simply make your own choice Callum.

Again Callum thinks on it for a moment before replying.

Callum: But I am curious Manu Iti. I think I will do it again, and if it selects "Left" then I will put it away and make my own choice when I get to the fork.

I like that Callum is curious.

Manu Iti: That is perfectly fine Callum. If it helps to satisfy your curiosity, then go for it!

Callum: Okay!

Once more Callum uses the list, pressing the 'down page' key and the pages of the list quickly move. He does this without looking at the screen and then abruptly also changes from the 'down' key to the 'up' key for a time, then changes back to the 'down' key. Once he is satisfied, he looks at the screen to see where the cursor has stopped.

Manu Iti: What does it say Callum.

Callum smiles.

Callum: It stopped at "Right" again Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Great! Okay you have your confirmation. I think it is time we move toward that objective. I would say you have about an hour's walk before you get to the fork.

Callum: could give me a lift and we could get there instantly!

The Gem flashes Red.

Callum: I guess I will be walking then...

Callum packs away the Tablet, and secures his knapsack before swinging it over onto his back and fastening the clasps. He shines his torch in the direction he needs to head and then begins to move forward.

Callum: I suppose the walk won't do me any harm. We can talk as we go, if you want to Manu Iti.

Manu Iti: Sure Callum. What do you want to talk about?

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The Power Of Imagination

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Callum: I think I would like to continue talking about where I thought I was, just prior to climbing Hub Mound and meeting you for the first time.

Manu Iti: Okay.

Callum continues walking on in silence, collecting his thoughts.

Callum: I had the impression that I was on one of my usual hikes in the foothills. I also felt least a little...and noticed it was getting rapidly dark. I remember feeling a little panicky and then relief when I saw the light of your campfire and a little fearful as well. I remember thinking about my mother, and how she admonished me to be careful with strangers because of "guns and shootings".

I am not sure, but I think that perhaps my mother had a close relative who's life had been cut short in that manner...but anyway, wherever my cautious fear derived,my needs at that moment outweighed said caution, and I called out and you responded and welcomed me and fed me and even sang me a song.

Manu Iti: Do you remember the words to that song Callum?

Callum: I remember being lifted by the melody but also confused by some of the words you used...they seemed to 'rub me the wrong way' as the saying goes.

Manu Iti: Yes. You were specific in questioning two elements within the song. The 'Dragon' and the 'Fallen Angel'. Do you know exactly why those two things stuck out for you?

Callum: Probably due to my Christian upbringing. The Dragon is the enemy, as is the Fallen Angel...both are pretty much representing Satan/Lucifer in Christian Lore...but the rest of the song seemed to be more the opposite, so I became confused as to what the song seemed to be implying.

Manu Iti: Yes. And that directly led to our disagreement about Judgmentalism.

We continue in silence for a time.

Callum: I was really just trying to get my head around what you were saying. I still don't fully understand, but I also feel less defensive.

Manu Iti: Do you know why you were defensive Callum?

Callum: I think that it was just the strange situation I found myself in as our arguing led us down that track Manu Iti. You started to show me things that should have been impossible...and at first I thought they were just very good magic tricks....Then you left for your quiet time, and after returning, Master ColdFire came along...things changed...

Manu Iti: Yes. When you thought that you were somehow saving Master ColdFire by pulling the burning stick from the fire, in your own mind you chose to see it that way.
When you were told it was not Master ColdFire, you simply decided that it must be a copy of him.

Callum: I really didn't feel as if I was in control...there was another influence involved in my decisions.

Manu Iti: Yes. I could see that. And that influence did not want to just admit a mistake and simply rectify it.

Callum: The ensuring result was that I tried to cover that up and in doing so, created more of a problem which had to be resolved.

Manu Iti: How things can quickly and unnecessarily escalate...

Callum: I just felt that I was in a less advantageous position than you were, because there was so much I didn't know, and this made me feel threatened and defensive.

Manu Iti: I understand. My withdrawing altogether from that dynamic helped to bring it to the allow for the opportunity for you to see it for what it was and let you deal with it as you would.

Callum: I have been thinking though...if Tanager is simply someone I created in my is it that I ended up blanking out and going into The Tabula Rasa to collide with Ruthie? How can I have been adopted by Wiremu if Wiremu is not any more real than Tanager?

Callum makes his way around a small rockfall which has cover an area of the cave floor. There are minutes of silence as he concentrates on the task...after he clears the rubble, I continue.

Manu Iti: Indeed. We are best to hold such observations and add to these any more which come up in relation to the question about Wiremu and Tanager being real. My suggestion of seeing them as possibly being figments of our imaginations simply allows for us to examine that possibility.
As it may turn out, we might start asking ourselves "what do we mean by 'imagination'?".

Callum: Being careful what we imagine...especially in the holographic Universes?

Manu Iti: Different areas respond differently...some, what is imagined is instantly manifested, while others require one builds what is imagined, from the materials around with the last reality simulation you experienced.

Callum: And then there is the idea that something does not come from manifesting anything instantly means...?

Callum's voice trails off, leaving a question mark.

Manu Iti: Yes. It simply means that whatever is manifested, comes from somewhere.

Callum: That implies that everything already exists...

Manu Iti: Yes - even as potential. In the physical universe you have experienced, 'things' are made through processes which require, at there very essence - imagination. Without imagination, the potential to create such things is absent and as such, those things cannot be created...just as surely as things cannot be created unless something already exists in order to create things from...or out of.

Callum: So...where does imagination come from? Our brains?

Manu Iti: What is a 'brain' really, but a type computer? Perhaps they are also interfacing with a greater 'computer' and ideas etc come through from that source, rather than directly from the brain?

Callum thinks on this for a time.

Callum: I suppose that is possible. We do not see everything that exists...some instruments help us to discover those things...but the design of our brains and forms are not set up to...naturally...pick up on those things.

Manu Iti: If they were, we could not experience 'things'. We could not experience different states of being. Everything would exist as indistinguishable to everything else, and in that, no thing would exist as an actual thing.

Callum: That being the case, we would have nothing..or no thing, to experience!

Manu Iti: Correct. We would not even be able to experience one another.

Callum: The whole idea is so complex Manu Iti...we have brains which act as interfaces to a greater reality we are unaware of because those same brains are designed to prevent us from experiencing the greater reality. I wonder who created it to be that way, and why?

I chuckle. It is pleasing to engage with Callum in this way. He was so convinced that his idea of a Creator could literally make things out of nothing, that any other idea contrary to that, was not worth looking into.

Manu Iti: I think that the answer is that before 'we' were 'others' 'we' were One Creator Being and designed it that way in order to experience and experiment within different environments purpose built for various reasons.

Callum: Like...'We' were once just 'Me' and I purpose built reality simulations in order to experience 'Me' as 'We'.

Manu Iti: In a myriad of different environments, also purpose built.

Callum: So 'we' are just aspects of 'me'.

Manu Iti: Yes. 'We' are just aspects of 'Me'...not really 'created' at all - but having the impression that we are created because of the forms which are design built to give us that impression...when we incarnate into them.

Callum looks down at his hands...

Callum: This form I am is pretty much as I remember.
It is the same form which I had when I was in the Physical Universe...

Manu Iti: This is because you are close to that memory. It is familiar to you and you learned to identify with it as your 'self'.

Callum: is who I am...a least I think so...

Manu Iti: Indeed. Identifying with the form you occupy, helps to keep that illusion intact and viable...but also acts as a defense against anything which threatens that sense of self identity...I myself cannot see you - although The Gem translates your energy field into an image for I 'see' that image on The Screen...

Callum: What about the fact that you can hear me? Does that not add weight to the evidence that I am physical?

Manu Iti: Not really. Is the thought-voice in your own mind 'physical'? Does it have lungs and vocal chords and airways which enable sound to reverberate in your mind?

Callum: I suppose not. I haven't really thought about can I hear a physical voice in my mind, when those things are clearly missing?

Manu Iti: So to me you are invisible but I 'see' you because I actually hear you, but how does that mean you are actually in the form you see yourself within? You may be simply a figment of my imagination...

Callum: But did you not just say that imagination is a connection to what is real, even if it is unseen?

Manu Iti: Exactly! It does not need to concern us that either of us are to the other, an 'imaginary' friend. Because as long as this is happening between us, we are engaging with that which is real to us, and we are undeniably real to each other. So too is the environment in which that interaction takes place.

Callum: A part of me thinks it is all a kind of madness!

Manu Iti: Aye. But then ...really... 'what is rational' about anything?

Callum: I suppose, perhaps, no thing?

Manu Iti: And if no thing exists, therein is rationality?

Callum: So do I word this? If I the Creator, am not a 'thing' then I am 'No Thing' and if no thing is rational, I - The Creator - am that which - of its own - is all that is rational.

Manu Iti: Since all things are created by the Creator who is not a 'thing' then one could argue that all things, did indeed derive from no thing.

Callum: Rather than from nothing.

Manu Iti: Essentially. There is no such thing as nothing. If your senses cannot confirm its existence, the existence of a thing - does not mean that the thing does not exist. It means that the thing which exists simply isn't able to be seen, either by the sensory devices of ones form, or any other devices which are created in order to help the form see what it isn't itself designed to see.

Callum: Which - as you explained - allows for us to experience things.

Manu Iti: Yes. We are no things enabled to experience some things. Individual Units of Consciousness experiencing Reality Simulations.

Callum: Things are simulations.

Manu Iti: And consciousness is not.

Callum: Consciousness is that which experiences the Reality Simulations...the 'Holographic Universes'...

Manu Iti: Precisely. Every thing is a simulation and a product of The Creators Mind.

We move on together in silence. Callum is obviously content for now to mull over what we have been talking about. No doubt he will have more questions. I see we are nearing the first fork in the Cave system.

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