Subject: Hiking and backpacking!
I just recently completed a 1,600 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail, it took me 3.5 months and was beautiful.. Totally worth the pain... You'd wake up in the morning before light is out, and you can barely move because your feet are soo sore, put on cold wet and dirty socks and clothing, and then you carry a 40 pound backpack through 30 miles with perhaps a 4,000 feet elevation gain a day... Basically hiking from sea level to the top of Everest every week and a half, with a lot more horizontal miles... Loose all your weight, even though you eat like crazy, called "hiker hunger" by the through-hikers... You could be 7 days away from your next little mountain town, with only wilderness in front of you, of huge mountains, gigantic trees, and all of nature.

it was aswome... my first through-hike (though i only made it through 1,600 miles, ill finish the last 1,000 another year)... And im just planning my next backpacking tail to go through... In fact, there is a Christian pilgrimage trail in Spain called the Camino de Santiago that id love to go do.

Whoa! That's amazing!

Great accomplishment

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