The Dying Has To Stop

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The Dying Has To Stop

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I had never heard this man (William J. Barber ll) preach before. He certainly is a powerful orator. He uses a text from Amos 5 that could have been written for American society today. It fits perfectly. Even non-believers can benefit from a listen to it as he addresses the issue of racism throughout American history and as it stands today. His sermon is entitled The Dying Has to Stop. Interestingly, it was a friend in Australia who sent me the link.

I was also impressed by the woman who signed the sermon. That must have been a challenge!

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Re: The Dying Has To Stop

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[Replying to Overcomer in post #1]

I don't want to watch the sermon at the moment but I wonder, is Rev Barber concerned about the black people in Chicago and in other places who are murdered in gun violence mostly committed by other black people? Or does he mention David Dorn, retired police chief of St. Louis who was murdered by looters? Or David Patrick Underwood who was assinated in the performance of his duties securing a federal building? Or the 8 year old girl in Atlanta who was murdered by BLM thugs who opened fire on her family's car for the "crime" of approaching a barricade then trying to turn around near that BLM barricade? That was near the ruins of that burned down Wendy's.

Yeah, the dying, and the killing's got to stop. All of it.
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