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seventil has been placed on probation

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seventil has been placed on probation for the following post: ... 797#187797
I'm almost shocked, Dave. You've changed a lot in the past year since we've last debated.

You know what the difference is? You've become openly hostile. I remember when you first came to the forums and we talked about intelligent design, creation science and evolution. I remember thinking to myself "hey, at least he can maintain a sense of logical discussion without letting emotions be a big part of his argument."

And now we have this. Your attitude here is something I would expect from a teenager.

I'll up the ante here and say this:

You are a Bible Hater.

Now, that doesn't mean you literally hate the Bible, of course - it's more of a metaphorical meaning or terminology. Also, it's my personal opinion. Perhaps it was just used on the west coast where I grew up. My oh my though - after reading through your tiring comments of late, you fit the bill perfectly. Back when I was a Christian, its what people used to call people that just hated anything to do with Christianity.

I picture you, in your grey wizard robe, calmly reading through the entire Bible, slowly and methodically - for the first time. You smoke a pipe and read every word carefully. At the end, you calmly make the decision that this text you have read is not true; after all, it tells the story of things that just don't happen in "Nature" as we know it. You then place this Bible in your neat stack of "insignificant", just on top of Green Eggs of Ham and soon to be followed by The Chronicles of Narnia. Tell me; is this an accurate story of your "enlightenment"?

You have no respect for what other people think. You classify the Bible as "myth" and then downgrade it to the same level as Beauty and the Beast; and you call yourself objective and open minded?

Your outright hostility and absolute NEED to justify your position and view on the Bible is exactly what's wrong with the world. You're the polar opposite to every fundamentalist Christian idiot that protests military funerals saying that it's God's punishment for embracing gays in our country. You're the black to their white; the extremist on the other side.

In all of your elegant and brutal arguments and trying to downplay the Bible as nothing more than a perverted story of half and quarter-truths and everyone believing this fanciful story is no better than a Nazi-esc robot drone of fundamentalist extremism and portraying yourself as the enlightened, free thinking and every tolerant scholar - you've failed miserably.

Anyway, I think that's enough personal attacks for now. If I don't at least get a suspension or something for that, I'll be surprised.
2000 token fine imposed.

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