Are we ready?

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Are we ready?

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For decades, there's been talk about extra terrestrial visitors on Earth. For centuries prior, sightings have been reported - some of which were seen as religious activity and depicted in art.
Recently, the government of the USA released a 'report' about UFOs (now called, UAPs by many). The report was less than a dozen pages, which is odd for any overly wordy governing body, and released on a Friday afternoon, close to the end of the day (which is what's been done when they want to downplay the issue at hand).
There are some that say aliens are here to destroy us (which, if the case, would likely have happened a while ago).
Then there are those that say aliens are here to 'enlighten' us.
Either way, both camps seem to be sure that we, the public, are ready for this.

For discussion:

Is the population of the world, today, ready for the admittance and introduction of life from outside our planet or maybe even this universe or dimension?

Would the world mostly come together or would chaos take over?
Have a great, potentially godless, day!

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Re: Are we ready?

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Difflugia wrote: Mon Nov 01, 2021 6:43 pm
The Barbarian wrote: Mon Nov 01, 2021 6:24 pmThat did, in a simpler version happen in Hitchhiker's Guide; in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, bacteria from a destroyed alien ship colonized Earth and evolved into everything else, including humans.
There were no bacteria, but just energy from the explosion changing the landscape:
"Gently puts the pieces together and realizes that the explosion that killed the aliens was also the triggering event that caused life to begin on Earth."

Energy already existed in abundance in Adams' pre-biotic Earth. The debris from the explosion of the craft was the key. But on re-reading, I see that it doesn't explain exactly what it was that seeded the Earth with life.

Definitely not in the Hitchhiker's guide, though.

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Re: Are we ready?

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Post by mgb »

We are not ready. If these beings became public the pope would be expected to comment. Also the Dali Lama. The president etc. etc. What would they say? No matter what they said people would disagree: some are already saying they are demons. And the beings have a bad reputation with abductions and all that. So there would be mayhem.

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