Someone Tells You They're Trans

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Someone Tells You They're Trans

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"I am a trans woman." someone tells you. "I identify as a trans woman. I want to be accepted and treated the same as any other trans woman."

However, this person in question is not trans. They were born female and identify as female. However, they also identify as a trans woman. They didn't go through any transition or surgery, but, they say, they're willing to transition, and then transition back if it helps. They say they want acceptance as the trans person they are. They say they feel left out, ostracised, and abused because people have said to their face, no, you are not trans, you are cis. Words have meanings. What you are is called cis. What that other person is who started life as male and transitioned to female, is called trans. What you identify as in your sick head does not change reality. You clearly just want special rights and privileges. Go home.

But, they say, I do not identify as cis. Cis is a hurtful word to me. If I just wanted special rights and privileges I could just say I was trans and cut off my breasts and take testosterone, which I am willing to do. I could say I was non-binary and get the same thing. But neither of these things are the truth. The truth is that I was born female and I identify as a woman, but as a trans woman, not a cis woman. This is how I really feel. I feel like I already transitioned to get here.

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Re: Someone Tells You They're Trans

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Post by AgnosticBoy »

nobspeople wrote: Tue Mar 30, 2021 9:02 am Choose whom to respect you mean? If so, that's very true many, but not all, times. In this situation, so long as the 'fake' and 'real' trans persons are respectful to me, I will be respectful in return. The choice comes, not do to their gender identity, gender, height, weight, race, religion, etc, but how they treat me. The whole 'trans issue' is theirs, not mine.
If more people thought like you then perhaps there wouldn't be a need for all of these identities. But until we can settle the debate on discriminatory practices (including what counts as good or bad discrimination), then I think these labels would serve more to divide than to unite. For instance, if I'm in a work place or if I'm in charge of hiring new employees, then I'm not going to care what you identify as. I should only be caring about your qualifications and experience for the job.

On another note, I want to know what a consensus of medical experts would be for the scenario inn post #1. Would any of them agree to accept the person in the way that the identify as, or even entertain the idea of a sex change for that person? Personally, I'd only advise a sex change if there was a true case of sexual dysphoria going on. Perhaps there are some doctors who would do it regardless just to make a profit.
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Re: Someone Tells You They're Trans

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Why not just treat them like people?

That's all that's really necessary for most interactions with them.

And if one interested in doing something else, isn't that really one's own problem?

Just saying. It works for me.

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