Millennium (90s TV Show)

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Millennium (90s TV Show)

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Post by Dimmesdale »

I recently watched the first season of Millennium (1996-1998), starring Lance Henriksen. I found it to be good but not great. Definitely worth watching though, and I love the atmospheric quality of it.

It has some interesting themes revolving around religious ideas of justice and horror, among other things. I like the fact that it doesn't dismiss evil as something purely psychological, that the show at least hints at a deeper metaphysical component. I like the way the protagonist (Frank Black) probes into the minds of criminals with such a cool and detached, yet firm and determined outlook. Altogether I think that people who aren't easily disturbed can benefit and learn a lot from watching this show, as it goes deep and isn't afraid of tackling the uglier and more sinister aspects of human nature, while couching it in terms of the familiar (Black's loving family life - an odd juxtaposition that doesn't always works, but is interesting...).

A recommend.

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Re: Millennium (90s TV Show)

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Post by Shaohao »

Oh my! That is a blast from the past! You just unlocked a little door in my memory. That was a great show indeed. I remember it vaguely but I distinctly remember liking it a lot so it definitely calls for a re-watch. Do you know where I can catch it? Man, Frank Black was a fantastically written character!

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