Evolutionary Astrology

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Evolutionary Astrology

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Evolutionary astrology is a school of astrological study and practice positing that we have leftover business from past lives (symbolized by the South Node of the Moon) that needs to be taken care of before we can successfully work on our individual purpose and lessons to learn in this lifetime (symbolized by the North Node of the Moon). Evolutionary astrology posits that the condition of the planet Pluto in a person's horoscope correlates with the soul purpose underlying the "to-do list" symbolized by the Nodes of the Moon in an individual's horoscope.

The website of the "School of Evolutionary Astrology" is here: http://schoolofevolutionaryastrology.com/

The website of leading evolutionary astrologer Maurice Fernandez is here: https://mauricefernandez.com/

Does evolutionary astrology work? How does one go about inquiring into such a question?

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Re: Evolutionary Astrology

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I know that astrology is a very precise science. I have always been attracted to such directions, which help a person to know themselves. And yes, I really believe that predictions and astrology help you learn a lot about yourself and discover some talents that we do not notice in everyday life. People were eager to learn about what the future held for them, at all times. Almost everyone wants to know what exactly will happen to them in the future. Everyone hopes that misfortune will pass them by, and good luck and success will accompany them throughout their lives. Like centuries ago, today Tarot cards are used to predict the future. I became interested in this topic and decided that I wanted to study the tarot. My assistant was thetarot.guru and I really think it helped me develop some brain abilities that help me make decisions.

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Re: Evolutionary Astrology

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Sounds interesting! I wonder how many users who are engaged in astrology?

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Re: Evolutionary Astrology

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barbartleus wrote: Tue May 17, 2022 5:30 am Thanks for sharing

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