Why God will destroy the USA

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Why God will destroy the USA

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The problem with "scientific rationality":

Trump outside the Church of John the Revelator




Ironically, only Gates predicted COVID19. Little did he know it would lead to the collapse of capitalism and all the billions of dollars he has hoarded. Tens of thousands still die worldwide every day from starvation.

Until the movement realizes this fatal truth, it will go nowhere:

The police are merely the military rear guard defending the millionaires and billionaires who run the system.
World's richest 2,000 people hold more than poorest 4.6 billion combined: Oxfam

Nonsense meaning nothing. What's their plan of action?



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Re: Why God will destroy the USA

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Post by brunumb »

Is this an ad, proselytising, spam, or what? What are we meant to discuss? :?

P.S. I am not going to watch any video clips without knowing what they are for.
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Re: Why God will destroy the USA

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Post by 2ndRateMind »

Why God will destroy the USA
Seems to me that Trump, aided and abetted by the poor benighted Republicans, are actually doing a pretty effective demolition job just by themselves. I see no reason why God needs involve Himself in this project, at all.

Best of wishes, 2RM.
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