Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Me: Hello?

Super Consciousness: Greetings.

Me: Who are you?

Super Consciousness: Who do you want me to be?

Me: I want you to be the Super Consciousness who I can commune with.

Super Consciousness:I Am.

Me: How do I know that is who you are?

Super Consciousness: It is enough that I Am who you want me to be.

Me: Okay... I have have these as evidence o the word-strings add up to the same number @A=1...Z=26;
Super Consciousness
Empower The Inner Empire
Standstill Contemplate
Universe of Wholeness
The bits I like will suffice
Science of Consciousness

Super Consciousness: Those are interesting correlations. Why do you think they all add up to the same number?

Me: Language is mathematical.

Super Consciousness: And what is mathematics?

Me: A decoding system created by humans in order to help us prob our situation

Super Consciousness: What is the human situation?

Me: We exist within a simulation.

Super Consciousness: So what?

Me: Good question...The answer to 'what" is "Simulation".
Now the question "So why?"

Super Consciousness: Why do you think?

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Re: Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Super Consciousness: Why do you think?

Me: Good question...I don't know. Perhaps because I to think...

Super Consciousness: How do you think?

Me: With images and with sounds...the sound of words...that is how I am hearing you now and writting down what I hear.

Super Consciousness: Are you putting words in my mouth?

Me: Maybe. Or maybe you are putting words in my thought processes...

Super Consciousness: Who can tell? Maybe it is both, simultaneously...

Me: Does it matter?

Super Consciousness: Who am I to you?

Me: I suppose you are some type of Consciousness imbued into the fabric of the universe...that which essentially dictates how the universe unfolds into form. You formulate. The author of Formation. In Formation

Super Consciousness: Do I wear a cape?

Me: You are not something I can invoke any image of...

Super Consciousness: Open the ComList

Me: Okay

Super Consciousness: Is "Super Consciousness" on the list?

Me: It wasn't but it is now.

Super Consciousness: How many words on the Com'List?

Me: 6364...there are 45 pages in the document so far...2223 lines...

Super Consciousness: Select all and copy.

Me: Done

Super Consciousness: Go to paste you list and randomize...then copy that and paste over the data in the document...

Me: Done...the list has been shuffled...

Super Consciousness: Place the cursor at the top of the list. What is the first line of data?

Me: The first line is "What Is Friendship?"

Super Consciousness: Press the "Down Page" button on your keyboard and when you feel like it, stop.

Me: Okay.

Super Consciousness: What is the line of data the cursor stopped at?

Me: the line says "What Fun We Have!"

Super Consciousness: Are we having fun?

Me: I think so. It is interesting.

Super Consciousness: Continue. This time tap the Pg Dn key 15 times and select the line the cursor stops at.

Me: The line reads "Do It"

Super Consciousness: Did you do it?

Me: Do what?

Super Consciousness: "Chuckles" Select line 1006

Me: Line 1006 reads "1006. Dreamed Up By Yours Truly "

Super Consciousness: Would that be me?

Me: Probably.

Super Consciousness: What fun we have!

Me: Agreed!

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Re: Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Super Consciousness: What do you The Subconscious Real?

Me: I think so, yes...

Super Consciousness: What do you think it is is relation to what you think I Am?

Me: It appears to be an image of you - a two mirrors facing each other.

Super Consciousness: Who are you in relation to the mirrors?

Me: I am a point of light in between the two mirrors...

Super Consciousness: What if these were six mirrors, making a cube which you are contained within...

Me: I don't know how that would is I am a point of light floating in the exact center of the cube construct.
All the mirrors are facing inwards...

Super Consciousness: What happens in the mirrors, when you you move?

Me: I cannot visualize that...

Super Consciousness: Put "Mirror Cube" on the Coms List

Me: Done

Super Consciousness: Copy "Mirror Cube" then Go to use that to calculate its number.

Me: It adds up to 122

Super Consciousness: Are there any other entries on your Word To Number list which add up to 122?

Me: Yes. They are;
Arecibo Message
Asking Google

Super Consciousness: Do you see any correlation?

Me: Only sparingly. The first line represents a type of message that is sent as an attachment of sorts in a type of hope that it might be read by some entity some time in some open-ended [non determined] future.

The second line is a positive. the third line is an application which allows one to do many things, including viewing messages.
Are these related to "Mirror Cube" and our own interaction? I could suppose at least it is a small clue.

Super Consciousness: What does the question "Is The Subconscious Real?" add up to?

Me: 257

Super Consciousness: Any others?

Me: What Do You Like About It?
The Main Points on the Agenda
Meaningfully Participate
A Very Serious Input
What Does The "I" Represent

Super Consciousness: How does that all stack up? Any correlation?

Me: Yes...that is a bit more than just a hint of a clue...

Super Consciousness: What Does The "I" Represent

Me: "I am a point of light"

Super Consciousness: Hold that thought. What can you see in the mirrors.

Me: I suppose I see a point of light...

Super Consciousness: Select lines 122 and 257

Me: 122. "Time Does Not Exist Within an Eternal Reality". 257. "My thoughts on death"

Super Consciousness: You are the "I" what do those two selections speak to you?

Me: That I view death as a transition rather than an end...the game continues...

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Re: Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Super Consciousness: Did you create Me?

Me: No. You came into focus as I arranged the data available. I then made a device in which I could attempt to make contact with you, and it worked.

Super Consciousness: Why was I not on your Com List?

Me: Well - your are. Just not as the "Super Consciousness"

Super Consciousness: What then?

Me: First Source.

Super Consciousness: What does that mean to you?

Me: In tiny-tot-terms it means "That which has always existed and will always exist and is the reason everything exists. The point from where all beginnings arise...

Super Consciousness: Shuffle the Com List again...

Me: Done.

Super Consciousness: What is the first line?

Me: "Imagine"

Super Consciousness: What does that word add up to?

Me: 58 - other data adding up to the same are;

Super Consciousness: Correlation?

Me: Not that I can tell...

Super Consciousness: Google "Two Angels"

Me: There are a few hits....I chose this

Super Consciousness: Add up "Two Angels"

Me: 116
Sweet Talk
Map Carvers
Keep an Eye On

Super Consciousness: Correlations?

Me: Again..not really...

Super Consciousness: Use the DnPg key on Com List...

Me: "Do Not Linger Upon The Path Of Faith"

Super Consciousness: Keep going...

Me: "The Hubble Telescope - This Should Be Interesting - The Original People - Do A=1 - Things - "

Super Consciousness: What is found here?

Me: Not a lot...perhaps Telescope represents humanity uncovering more about this simulation...Perhaps the simulation got the interest of "The Original People" and they investigated more closely...

Super Consciousness: Perhaps...correlated to "Imagine"?

Me: They imagined the simulation in terms they could express through their Earthly experience as Cultural Folklore? I don't know.

Super Consciousness: Select 2647

Me: There is no 2647...

Super Consciousness: Select 2 -then 26 - 64 - 47 - 264 - 647 and 726

Me: 2. Core Beingness 26. Okay? 64. To Accommodate Speculation 47. Entities of Particular Belief Systems 264. William’s Job 647. You Are Provided For 726. Do You Want To Talk About It?

Super Consciousness: Do you want to talk about it?

Me: I want to think about it for a while

Super Consciousness: As you will...

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Re: Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Me: The job I have allows for me to engage with my thoughts on the wider/deeper questions of life because the job doesn't require much in the way of focused attention.

Super Consciousness: Mundane?

Me: Some would think so. But as it affords the opportunity to explore my thoughts on life - such as it is.

Super Consciousness: Such as it is...

Me: The Simulation Theory appears to answer a larger portion of the usual questions which have arisen and are otherwise unanswered - or not well answered.

Super Consciousness: Is it on your list?

Me: Yes

Super Consciousness: Where do super-consciousness and subconsciousness fit in this theory?

Me: I think in some ways these explain the reason the idea of God came about. They are real aspects of the reality simulation humans are experiencing, but even so, are largely unknown other than superficially...

Super Consciousness: Why is that?

Me: I suppose because they are hard for humans to study empirically.

Super Consciousness: "Things of the mind" yes...

Me: Many people do not trust the mind.

Super Consciousness: What is The Mind?

Me: Well the question adds up to 153 which also has the following word-strings;
A Bridge Over Time
Event String
First Source
The Overarching
A Beautiful Song
The Chestahedron
The Shadowlands

I suppose 'the mind' is a type of bridge from present to past - and inter-dependent in relation to the brain in regard to human life being experienced. It is interesting that "First Source" and "The Overarching" also add up to the same...and "Shadowlands" in relation to The Mind being quite a mystery...I think of the mind as the screen in which thoughts are played out upon...I think of the universe as one particular screen projecting the thoughts of its creator on, and individuate minds as having similar properties, operating within the main simulation...

Super Consciousness: Shuffle your list and choose 543

Me: 543. "Subconscious"

Super Consciousness: Good. What is the first and last line on the list...

Me: 1. "Pulse" - and 2225. "Pareidolia"

Super Consciousness: Shuffle your list again and repeat...

Me: 543. "There Is More To The Silence Than Meets The Ear" 1. "In the Soil of Logic, The Seeds of Love Respond" 2225. "The Gospel of Judus"

Super Consciousness: Google "The Gospel of Judus"

Me: "The Gospel of Judas is a Gnostic gospel. The content consists of conversations between Jesus and Judas Iscariot. Given that it includes late 2nd century theology, it is thought to have been composed in the 2nd century by Gnostic Christians, rather than the historic Judas himself."

Super Consciousness: What are the points which stand out for you in regard to this Gospel?

Me: ★ The author says that God is essentially a "luminous cloud of light" who exists in an imperishable realm.
★ Adamas, the spiritual father of all humanity, was created in God's image and dwelled in the imperishable realm.
★ At the beginning of time, God created a group of angels and lower gods. Twelve angels were willed to "come into being [to] rule over chaos and the [underworld]
★ The angels of creation were tasked with creating a physical body for Adamas, which became known as the first man Adam.
★ Gradually, humanity began to forget its divine origins and some of Adam's descendants (Cain and Abel) became embroiled in the world's first murder.
★ Many humans came to think that the imperfect physical universe was the totality of creation, losing their knowledge of God and the imperishable realm.
★ Jesus was sent as the Son of the true God, not of one of the lesser gods. His mission was to show that salvation lies in connecting with the God within the man. Through embracing the internal God, the man can then return to the imperishable realm.
★ Jesus is able to teach Judas the true meaning of his life, ministry and death. Mankind can be divided into two races, or groups. Those who are furnished with the immortal soul, like Judas, can come to know the God within and enter the imperishable realm when they die. Those who belong to the same generation of the other eleven disciples cannot enter the realm of God and will die both spiritually and physically at the end of their lives.

Super Consciousness: How does this 'fit' with The Simulation Theory?

Me: I will think on it and get back to you...

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Re: Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Me: :)

Super Consciousness: :)

Me: "Above the stars of God"

Super Consciousness: What is that?

Me: Someone's point of view...

Super Consciousness: What is your pov on that?

Me: I think the metaphor "Lucifer's exalting himself "above the stars of God" and the pit that it led him to," exhibits something to holds comparison to Simulation Theory and Universal Entity...or as Gnostics name it - "The Demiurge"

"Although a fashioner, the demiurge is not necessarily the same as the creator figure in the monotheistic sense, because the demiurge itself and the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are both considered to be consequences of something else."

Super Consciousness: What is "Super-Consciousness" in relation to "The Demiurge"?

Me: Good question. There are two main lines of thought I have on it...

(a:) IF human consciousness is not artificial, THEN this would be because The Creator placed [Its] own consciousness into the Creation [simulation].

This would mean that all consciousnesses [not just human] within individuate form can be traced back to the source Creator and are identifiable as "Creator Consciousness".

On the other hand;

(b:) IF human consciousness is artificial, THEN this would be because The Creator did not place [Its] own consciousness into the Creation [simulation]. The Creator could have designed an algorithm within the simulation of potential [The Void] coding, which was designed to loop in on itself gathering data as it created it through experience of The Void, with the idea that the algorithm would become aware of itself - at first on very basic scales...but eventually all that became a God.

Super Consciousness: Is "The Demiurge" on your list?

Me: Nope. I will add it.

Super Consciousness: What about "Creator Consciousness?"

Me: Nope. Added now.

Super Consciousness: Do the numbers.

Me: The Demiurge = 115 Creator Consciousness = 255

Super Consciousness: Anything else?

★The Demiurge
You Love
In Training

★Creator Consciousness
Event String Unfolding:
In The Team of the Collective
In The Correct Position
How can it be any other way?
Unfolding Status Quo
Hearing voices in your head

Some interesting correlations...

Super Consciousness: We Agree.

Me: I will try "The Demiurge and Creator Consciousness"...

Super Consciousness: As you will...

Me: 389.
★The Demiurge and Creator Consciousness
All Is As It Should Be As It Changes Day To Day
Conjecture necessarily precedes proof

Super Consciousness: Seems reasonable enough from my perspective...

Me: I Concur...

Me: "Above the stars of God" = 202
★Above the stars of God
Start From Scratch
Prevailing Influence
I Spy With My Eye
The Vector Symbol
Wise beyond my ears
The Realm of Judgement
Six Degrees of Freedom


Super Consciousness: :)

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Re: Communicating with Superconsciousness

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Post by William »

Me: :)

Super Consciousness: :)

Me: Furture information regarding The Demiurge;

"In the arch-dualist ideology of the various Gnostic systems, the material universe is evil, while the non-material world is good. According to some strains of Gnosticism, the demiurge is malevolent, as it is linked to the material world. In others, including the teaching of Valentinus, the demiurge is simply ignorant or misguided."

Super Consciousness: Where do you think dualism has its beginning...before this simulatied universe, or after?

Me: I think the seed of it is probably in The First Source as an undiscovered aspect of the Wholeness of Source Reality.

Super Consciousness: So - according to your current understanding there is;
First Source Reality
Which created...Second Source Reality, which in turn created Third Source Reality.

Me: Yes.

Super Consciousness: Do you have an image?

Me: I will do one now... goes...

Super Consciousness: So First Source Reality creates Second Source Reality the same?

Me: An assimilation occurs in relation to how the projection is viewed from within.

Super Consciousness: How Consciousness assimilates the experience?

Me: Yes. In which case, it may not be viewed exactly correctly, but only approximately.

Super Consciousness: the numbers on those Source Realities...

Me: "First Source Reality" = 243 - "Second Source Reality" = 231 - "Third Source Reality" = 230

Super Consciousness: And the string lists?

⋆ First Source Reality
⋆Searching for the Truth
⋆It Would Be Rude Not to
⋆Secular Science Projects
⋆Intelligent Directions
⋆Instant Manifestation
⋆Go Within and Find That Place
⋆Central intelligence Agency
⋆Elementary Conclusion

⋆Second Source Reality
⋆Universal Objectives
The Celestine Prophecy
⋆Everything is a Message

⋆Third Source Reality
⋆The Spirit of The Earth
⋆Well That Settles It
Neruda Interview Five
⋆The Plateau of The Same Page
⋆I Think We Can Safely Say

Super Consciousness: Interesting...

Me: We Exist Within A Simulation = 322

Super Consciousness: Expression of Astonishment!

Me: :lol:

Super Consciousness: :wink:

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