Philosophical thoughts.

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Philosophical thoughts.

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It's impossible to be the same as everyone else so just be yourself.

A continuous life is knowing that death is only an illusion.

I would rather live life without fearing death than live life fearing everything that causes death because I know for a fact that death is the doorway to eternal life.

There will be a time when money won't seem so important to a man.

Most thoughts we think with will never leave this earth but other thoughts will go on forever.

Eternity is only meant for the living so why do the dead bother with it.

It doesn't have to be dark because you think it's dark. It could very well be the light that you can't see.

It takes two for eternal life but one has to die first.

Sometimes the truth can hurt but a few lies will comfort you.

Eternal life isn't for everyone you see, it's for everyone you can't see.

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Re: Philosophical thoughts.

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