Debating Complentary roles in the Bible led to coming out Transgender

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Debating Complentary roles in the Bible led to coming out Transgender

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When I debated online with a new friend I met that way, back in the late 90s, about gender roles in the Bible, I explained it meant the spiritual roles of male and female. All of us have both sides or energies, as we are made in the image of God. Since God as Nature includes both male and female spiritually, so do we. The point is to make peace between these roles, regardless which we play. Some people end up more male dominant, like business leaders in charge, while others female dominant, and it depends on our spirit. Both men and women inherit traits from our mothers and fathers, and by honorimg both sides of our families and spirit, we bring out the best strengths in ourselves and each other, while forgiving and correcting the worst faults and weaknesses. Yes, male and female are created differently by design, and so are individuals where our spiritual process and patterns shape us and our relations. I told my online friend that Christianity was about forgiveness, healing and reconciling. Male and female are made one in harmony, regardless what roles we play or which are dominant. Judging and punishing didn't help with that process. I even mentioned there were gay Christians, and a church nearby in Montrose with LGBT outreach. When the issue came up, why were some people born LGBT, I answered it could be spiritual karma, that the gay Christians cite the Scriptures some eunuchs are made by God in the womb and some by man. I explained that generational conflicts or abuses not forgiven in the past and healed could cause some of these conditions to manifest in future generations until we learn unconditional love. And forgiveness through Christ Jesus as the central symbol of the collective process of breaking the cycle of sin and karmic suffering that is otherwise passed down generationally, as sins of the father revisited on the sons. My friend thought all Christians condemned "cross dressing" and denounced any nonchristian beliefs or groups as wrong. By the time we got past the Christian bashing, my friend felt embraced by the love of God for the first time after letting go of resentment and fear of judgment. I thought the debate would end there. But my friend went even further, and came out Transgender. I couldn't see that coming from across the ocean at a computer screen, reading this. But my friend was in tears of joy, and was able to work with family and friends who were surprised as well as this newfound joy instead of constant unhappiness from repression and resentment that was finally let go after a lifetime of suppression. So coming to accept and love people for their true spiritual nature, forgiving conflicts so we can resolve and heal them, helps all people whether LGBT or traditional heterosexual to make peace inside and out and be ourselves. To be true to ourselves and relationships, regardless of conditions. And help others to do the same.

Link to Yahoo article debating these roles as male dominant being literal only:

Links to Christian spiritual healing:

And testimony on applying generational healing to unwanted sexual attractions or orientation

Link to article on Milo who is going through spiritual healing for reparative therapy:

Link to David Berkowitz, former Son of Sam, now sharing his healing testimony through his online ministry Son of Hope:

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Re: Debating Complentary roles in the Bible led to coming out Transgender

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Are you just preaching or is there some issue for debate?
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Re: Debating Complentary roles in the Bible led to coming out Transgender

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