“He wants to shut me up”

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“He wants to shut me up”

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So says

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"Kent Hovind,
the Alabama evangelist and owner of Conecuh County’s Dinosaur Adventure Land, was arrested last Friday on a domestic violence charge after his wife claimed the pastor bodyslammed her, according to court records filed Thursday.

Hovind, who is known as “Dr. Dino” and has nearly 185,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, allegedly injured his wife, Cindi Lincoln, by bodyslamming her, sending her to the emergency room in late 2020, according to an order of protection Lincoln filed July 19 against Hovind.

“He wants to shut me up,” Lincoln wrote in explaining why she fears the evangelist. “He is dependent upon public opinion for his livelyhood [sic.] .... fear he will kill me to shut me up.”

Lincoln also claimed Hovind sent his “right-hand man” to her rental property to threaten her and that he trashed the property the next day.

Hovind was arrested July 30 on third-degree domestic violence, records showed, and he was released from the Conecuh County Jail after posting $1,000 bond.

Hovind spent nine years in federal prison on financial-related offenses, including structuring bank withdrawals and failing to file tax returns."



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Re: “He wants to shut me up”

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Post by Purple Knight »

You can kind of tell what sort of person this man is from how he debates.

I'm not actually saying everyone who uses insults is a bad person, or even wrong (I have a thread on how ad hominem shouldn't be a fallacy). But there's a very dominant maliciousness here that makes me think this man wants to demean and thereby assume the superior position and ridicule because he wants to hit Genetically Modified Skeptic. I don't think "Whack an Atheist Wednesday" sounds as cute as he wants it to sound. I sense a real aggression in him. Kent Hovind just seems to me like a generally nasty person.

(Start at 4:37 if you want to jump right in.)

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