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Policy on reported posts

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Everyone is encouraged to freely report posts that you feel that are in violation of the rules. Moderators do not typically scout threads for rule violations, so we depend on members to report rule violations.

If you see a rule violation, the best thing to do is to report the post and to ignore it. Do not attempt to strike back or play the back seat moderator. Let a moderator handle the rule violation. To report a post, press on the ! button at the top right of the post. Then select the nature of the rule violation in the drop down. You can optionally add a comment to the report.

When a post is reported, all the moderators will be notified of the report. A moderator will then judge if the post is in violation of the rules. If it is not, the report will simply be cleared. Depending on the severity of the post, some sort of moderator intervention will take place. Usually it will be through a posting in that thread. Sometimes it will be through PM.

Though the moderators can see who made a report, under no circumstances will the reporter of a post be revealed to anyone outside the moderating team. So, if a report is made on one of your posts, don't bother to ask a moderator who reported it. What is more important is that a moderator has judged the post to be in violation of the rules, not what the reporter thinks.

When a post report is made, that post cannot be reported again. So, if you do not see a ! button on a post, it is either because it has already been reported or it is your own post (you are not able to report on your own post).

After a post report is cleared, it is possible to report on it again. But usually in this case it will just be cleared by a moderator.

If a moderator takes action on a rule violation, it is very important that nobody responds to the action publicly. However, anyone is free to contact a moderator privately about any moderator actions.

Currently, the only way to appeal a moderator decision is to privately communicate with the moderator. And if necessary, you can escalate it to an admin.

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