Added code to prevent timeouts while composing a post

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Added code to prevent timeouts while composing a post

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Post by otseng »

Before, if you compose a post for more than 30 minutes, it would require you to relogin and you would lose what you composed. I added some code where it should never timeout if the screen remains on. If your computer goes into sleep mode for more than 30 minutes, it will lose the connection and timeout.

Another way to retrieve a long post that was lost due to a timeout is to go here:

Any new topic, reply, or PM will be automatically saved every minute if it is longer than 500 characters. Any short posts will not be automatically saved.

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Post by ttruscott »

I wrote post 6 of Is Faith a stepping stone to truth? then let it sit for hours...when I hit submit it took me to a login page then after I submitted that, it took me to my post but the reply box was empty. I back paged till I found the reply box with my post in it and hit submit and it took.
PCE Theology as I see it...

We had an existence with a free will in Sheol before the creation of the physical universe. Here we chose to be able to become holy or to be eternally evil in YHWH's sight. Then the physical universe was created and all sinners were sent to earth.

This theology debunks the need to base Christianity upon the blasphemy of creating us in Adam's sin.

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Re: Added code to prevent timeouts while composing a post

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Post by tam »

[Replying to post 1 by otseng]

Oh cool!

Thank you for that.

I do what Ted said he does when my post times out. I learned that trick on another forum when we were having the same problem.

Peace to you both!

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