So much problems. So few soultions. Putting aside diferance.

To solve world problems

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So much problems. So few soultions. Putting aside diferance.

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Putting aside diferance if one belives in or does not belive in a God, let us here focus on the meny issues we face as a human race as a whole.


There are just too meny humans. We like to have sex. So, what can be done?


Inforced Contraception: You could place some sort of contaseptive into food/water, if it was made safe enough with scinece it could be done with little to no side effects other then no more babys unless you are given the antidote.

Pros: This would zero out population for the most part.
Cons: Who controls it? Who gets the antidote, when, where, why, how? Possible black market for food without contaceptives?



Reform is a lost idea in the united states - the laws just do not make sence, the punishment does not fit the crime and no one is learning there lession.


Elemate meny usless laws and change penalitys to reflect the crime. Repayment in goods/service to the hurt party(s) and/or public. If it is a violent crime (beating up someone, rape, murder, and so on) then actual jail with theripy and phycoligysts to see if drugs will help/change the person to not do that or to reform them so they will not do that.

No more marked for life crimes - meny people who goto jail in the usa are labeled excon for life - making getting a job hard or impossible even if there are laws that say this is not so, federal crimes meen you lose your ablity to vote as well - how does that make sence?

I can not find any cons to this idea, and am sure there is more reform to be made.



We suck at it in america. Japan is kicking butt. What the bleep?

Our socity just does not "care" about being smart, not like Japan, I do not know how to make it care, but clearly the school system has something we do not - our system is outdated, it is high time for a change.

The con - who pays for it? Well, tax does. Sigh. Also we should have free adult education and that would be a higher tax for that.


Speaking of tax....

Lets find a way to lower it - put the goverment to work, the goverment should be running one or more compinys to pay for its depts and its programs and salarys if the goverment does not do well, then it is there salarys that get cut, not our programs, this would make the goverment have a tight belt - no over laping duplacte programs that are unhelpfull or not used at all.


More problems and ideas to come I'm sure, just want to get them all lined up nice and neat.

The issue I always have is, okay - so i have ideas, what now? How do we put the ideas into operation - what next how do we really make a change in things?

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