The Karamazov Brothers, Fyodor Dostoevsky

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The Karamazov Brothers, Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Aiming for a free flow style of debate, a few starter topics to get it up and running but ideally everything is game in this debate, as I'm still reading the novel, I'm gonna aim a lot of my posts at the earlier parts so to begin we can start at chapter 5, the debate over Ivan's article regarding religion and politics.

During this Chapter Ivan explains that the Church (meaning Christianity, not any specific church or denomination) should and will inevitably encompass the state, all states and that this should be the goal of Christianity. Not for the Church to occupy a portion of the state or to stand separate to the state all together but for the state to become a part of the church, or the church itself. It is enumerated by Father Paissy that this is "a divine promise" that the Church should rule and instruct the whole world.

Does this view fit into modern Christian thought? As the debate continues what are your thoughts on the matter?
Religion feels to me a little like a Nigerian Prince scam. The "offer" is illegitimate, the "request" is unreasonable and the source is dubious, in fact, Nigeria doesn't even have a royal family.

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What do you think, micatala? Can God forgive the things that people do to each other? What would give Him the right?

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