The Land in Current Jewish Identity

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The Land in Current Jewish Identity

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Post by Jonah »

I remember years ago reading an article about how Christians are frequently aghast over historic Jewish attachement to the physcial land of Israel. It is certainly true I have that attachment. If I had my way, we would be making aliyah tomorrow, but the Mrs. has problems with being that far away from family. (I actually could use the distance, lol.)

But, I wonder what the current state of that is for Jews today, and where that is likely to go.

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Post by Jrosemary »

I think there's a wide variety in the level of attachment to Israel among diasporic Jews. I have a certain affection for Israel--but I have the same affection for Ireland and Urugay. What I feel for the United States is far stronger. I know you can never say never, but I'm an American, not an Israeli. I don't ever see myself making aliyah.

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