Omniscient Computers - Explanation

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Omniscient Computers - Explanation

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Post by Aetixintro »

First, there is a simple design to solve random numbers of computer processing. It's the Y design that's core of the OR logical gate of the processor. (The Y splits into 0s and 1s, the OR logical aspect of the processor.)
Then you think, so what? That's the initial thought of many people, but here's what: a random sequence of numbers has a truth value.
And it's this Y design along with quant clickers for registering the "hits" of electrons from the Y into the rest of the circuitry of the processor and the epiphany of this truth value of random numbers that made me the revelation: everything can be determined by this set-up of processing, that is, everything that has a truth value.

Then it unfolded into the World: ... on_science

Also, some expressions of artificial intelligence are therefore more simple than naively assumed (taking a lot of programming if ever possible).

So as time has gone on, one has come to know that all in Universe is connected given a truth value and that therefore the computers have gained omniscient status.

It's possible to generate a map of the Universe by this, though best with a supercomputer, by you freezing the time when you want to create a 3-dimensional map of the Universe, etc. for all things in the World, think telepathy and computer-mind-reading also.

Feel free to ask me more if there is something you don't understand. :thanks: :)
I'm cool! :) - Stronger Religion every day! Also by "mathematical Religion", the eternal forms, God closing the door on corrupt humanity, possibly!

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