Will be changing a few things.

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Will be changing a few things.

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I have become a Mod for Science and Technology and will be adding a few things such as:

1) Scientific Definitions - sticky If you have any that you are wondering about PM me I will do my best to add to list. Definitions will be divide by field/subject and will be asking those who have certain specialties to aid me in this endeavour. You will be able to direct reference this rather than searching the net. All will have multiple citations for reference and support validity.

2) Research notes - for those who love to research, a collection of science and technology references for inquiring minds. Will include papers, articles, debate snips of interest, and, direction of current fields.

3) Guest posts - I will contact and ask for commentary from experts on their work. I hope to get a few to sign up but may have to rely on relaying communications but will do my very best to validate creditably of source and post all relevant information towards.

4) Tech. talk - a place where techies both theist and atheist can just geek out on latest, technology and it's use. Open discussion free from beliefs only interests in technology.

Well that 's about it for now. If you wish to contribute please pm, I look forward to not just lively debates but open discussion and learning for all who have interest in science and technology. Once again if you feel you can contribute please PM I am in school full-time right now, so help will be appreciated. please be patient I will be first compiling definitions, first on list What is a science?.

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