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Discuss physical fitness and healthy living / eating

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Health and Fitness

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Post by Goose »

Okay so I'm into fitness and healthy eating BIG time. Yes, I'm even one of those nerds that track body fat percentage. :eyebrow:

Over the last three years I've lost about 40lbs and feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel great.

I'd love to hear about your workout routines, tips for eating, and any personal stories regarding positive things you have done to improve your health and fitness.

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Re: Health and Fitness

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Post by fncbear »

Congratulations on your weight loss. You have done so well. We are very proud of you!

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Re: Health and Fitness

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Post by woodtick »

Hey Z,

Thanks for telling us what you do do to stay healthy. You do well at 75.

I'm 66, 6' tall, and about 200 pounds, and Id like to get down to 190-195. It sure is difficult losing those last few pounds to achieve a good healthy weight.

I'm not into 'gym' fitness, I'd rather do things like work in the garden, I still turn wrenches, go biking, hiking, fishing, and like to work hard like help a local farmer with haying, etc.

I'm currently living with someone who has a severe food addiction. The fridge is so packed full that things fall out when I open the door and things go bad every week. I often look for something knowing it's in there but often can't find what we're looking for. The cupboards are PACKED and there's a room full of food in the house that has lots of stuff that's outdated. Last year I spent a few hours cleaning out her fridge. I took out about 10-15 pounds of outdated dairy like cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, feta, etc. Yesterday she threw out two bags of store bought lettuce and cukes. I bet she spends close to $1,000 a month on food for 2 people, and we have a 25x50 garden.

I don't want to offend her but I can't stop her from buying multiples of things (esp. perishables) we already have, that I typically don't eat. The bad is I feel I should eat it to prevent them from going bad. Ex. I don't like eating 'luncheon' meat and asked her NOT to buy any for me, but keeps buying it, three pounds last week. She fly's through the grocery store throwing stuff in the cart and buys the same foods over and over again, 3 of these - 4 of these - etc. I bet we throw away $50.00 of food a month.

I've never lived around a person with a food obsession and quite honestly it bothers and saddens me quite a lot. She's 5'4'', over 300 pounds, and mounds her plate right up. She eats twice as much as I do and even that is too much for me.

It's not easy talking to her about this. I don't like offending and hurting people, but I don't think she'd ever change because she's 68 and has been like this all her adult life. It's just very difficult for me to take charge of my own health living with someone who has a severe food addiction.

My goal is to get under 195 pounds 'this summer' and when my work mission is done here at this house - move on.

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Re: Health and Fitness

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Post by chelayn256 »

It's important to be in shape!

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