The War Between Christianity and Humanism

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The War Between Christianity and Humanism

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In this chart, different topics are discussed. Here is a sample of what is in the chart:

Topic: Family
SECULAR HUMANISIT: Secular Humanists prefer to think of “family� in larger groups of perhaps unrelated people. Many secular humanists would affirm the legitimacy of same-sex marriages or civil unions. Many would deny the importance of fathers, encouraging "single parenting by choice." Many secular humanists trust schools more than parents to know what is best for children. Some humanists believe that the child’s first responsibility is to a representative of the state, not necessarily to the parents. (For example, humanists often support the right of a child to an abortion without parental consent.)

CHRISTIAN: Christians see the traditional family unit (father, mother, and children) as created by God to represent our relationship with Him. Christians believe that, with some exceptions (e.g., abusive parents), parents do a better job at raising children than government organizations. Christians believe children are to be responsible to and submissive to their parents (unless the parent is requiring the child to commit sin). Of course, Christians recognize the importance of foster parents and stepparents in family units.

QUESTION: Do I recognize my parents (or foster parents) as my primary caregivers, supporters, and authorities? Do I try to appeal to others in an attempt to bypass their authority?

According to this Christian website (and they don't differentiate between types of Christianity, in this chart, all Christians are lumped together) there is a WAR going on between these two "beliefs."

Questions for debate:

Do these differences rise to the level of a war?
Why do Christians think they are in a war with Humanists?
Why is it important for Christians to make enemies out of Humanists?
What should be corrected in this chart to make it true?

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Re: The War Between Christianity and Humanism

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[Replying to post 1 by suckka]

Christians believe we are in a spiritual war not a physical war. I don't have sources at hand for that but I think if someone does that it would be good to learn that perspective. Humanists, the people, are not the enemy just the philosophy. This website can be viewed as an example of waging war by allowing different ideologies to be discussed.

You can extrapolate to the wider discussions in society around free speech and how humanism seems to tend towards less free speech.
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